Whispers Of Anguish

Whispers Of Anguish

By:  EternityCloud   Ongoing
Language: English
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Dylan kincziller is a Cruel, Gracious Charismatic Vampire Crown prince, From the most, dominant and formidable"Akeldama" Clan, Lailah Reyes is a cute ordinary college girl who likes to play around. In an incident, she was saved by the vampire lord the next moment she said - Rule#1| Extra love affairs aren't allowed" Rule#2 "You'll only be there for me" Rule#3 "We go on a date twice a month Lailah is fascinated by the fantasy books that she always reads and watches way too many supernatural shows, that evening when she was in grave danger a handsome vampire who had just entered the human realm saved her. She was neither afraid nor she ran away from there, she couldn't believe what she saw Lailah had always wished her life to be like the Female lead in those fantasy novels. In excitement, she quickly set 3 ground rules for him she decided to pursue him no matter what it takes. Let's tag along with them to witness her sweet proposals and his harsh rejections Let's tag along with them to witness her sweet proposals and his harsh rejections follow them in their happiness and grief to express your love and support. The cover picture is not made by me credits go to its owner

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    6 chapters
    Angel of death?
    one month ago .....I still remember the incident and wonder if I can meet him again or was it just a dream/ illusion (flash back) Organizing college events is so tiring, I lost the time track, It's almost 10pm and yet here I am alone and hungry, I grabbed my dinner from the fast food stall and I munched it as I walked along the subway. Wandering alone & tired, I looked around for a place to relax but could find nothing. I felt something go past, A Scream? Sense? Light? What was it?The drifting air carried a sense of terror, Street lights flickered for a while and busted one after the other until the place was left with anything but a ray of light.I could feel danger lurking all over the area, I wanted to run but how could I? Darkness hovered over the place, What's happening? I questioned myself Is somebody summoning a Demon from the underground world? I whispered to myself. "Haha! What am I thinking? C'mon this is neither
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    sacrifice shall set thee free
    1 month later.....Happy Birthday Lailah" Cheers and applause fulfilled the room,  A beautifully decorated cake that looked delicious and lovely presents, not to forget the loud music and crazy dances. A surprise party was arranged for me on my 18th birthday. I'm not a party animal but just to make my friends feel happy, I joined the occasion. After a while, when I could no longer handle it I excused myself from that place Exiting the back gate I let out a long sigh. Wow, that was a hella lot to handle. Wanting to breathe some fresh air, I walked around. In front of me was a small grove. It was past midnight, unsure of what to do. I stood at the entrance of the grove,  "Man, I wish not to go back again! I want to relax." standing there I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.The gusting breeze brought my eyes open,Where was I? Concentrating through the darkness, Discomfort brushed over me as I came to re
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    Illusion or reality
    Laila! Laila!" I could hear similar voices screaming my name, I recognized them, I'm so desperate to answer them, tell them where I'm, but fear clawed my throat. I struggled to get up, tears rolled down my eyes. I wanted someone to help me, get out of this hell and look around at the lady and her innocent child. Their bodies started evaporating and In no time the air embraced them and drifted away. At this point, I knew what real terror was." Oh my God! What the hell," yelled a voice. I looked in the direction to see Emma and Tyler running towards me.Tyler soon lifted me from the ground and held me in his arms, Emma came and squatted before me. They both had a terrible look on their faces, their eyes widen in horror, "L-Lai....la" Emma's voice was numb with shock, she caressed my cheek, tears trickled down her eyes, I could tell that she'd been crying for a long time and her eyes were swollen. Tyler did nothing, he was just staring at me in disbelief, h
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    Horror follows you
    The first ray of dawn seeped into my room, the slanting beam of the sunlight lit my room the faint chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in, the rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky, piercing sound of the alarm clock brought me back from the dead sleep, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I got out of the bed and walked down the carpeted stairs tickled my tired feet. A mild aroma of baking bread filled my nostrils, the clean and slightly sweet fragrance somehow smelled warm My lips curled into a faint smile, licking my lips I entered the kitchen place to find Emma topping the strawberries on a perfectly sliced bread with lip-smacking bread spread on it, Side to it was a plate of scrambled eggs decorated with spring onions and thinly sliced tomatoes accompanied by a glass of almond milk with a jar of freshly baked butter cookies...."Haa~ I clapped my hands in excitement ..." Benefits of having a chef friend""Yeah...yeah, better than
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    Mysterious painting
    The warmth of just setting sun, and the calmness of beautiful evening relaxed my nerves. I inhaled deeply and let go of all my anxiety, with the setting sun I felt a new hope born in me, as my heart whispered in joy.||Escaping the sunset's red, the blushing wind drifted around, crossing the vast and furious Oceans, Came a dream knocking alone,                                            Let the hue of darkness be gone,            Let again the peace of hearts be born.||Walking through the pavement, I looked around to see the Little kids enjoying their life with no worries and fear. looking at the joy and the priceless smile on their faces, reminded me of my childhood."wasn't I a troublemaker, each day mommy was called by the class teacher to report on me, My naughtiness was always at its peak. I still remember spreading a rumor, about being able to see God, by scratching their tongue to bleed. The very next day around 70% of kids, attended
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    Are you blushing?
     I reached my home in no time I threw the front door open as soon as the door closes behind me I sink into the floor, my legs pain running my body parts screamed in anguish, I felt feverish or was my body burning after gathering a little energy I got up and walked towards my room, the heat in my body torture me to death I convince myself to take a cold showerAs the first drop of water comes in contact with my bare skin I could feel the steam release from my body, I surely took a long bathe then ever after changing into my comfortables, I didn't even care to have a dinner Instead I get ready for bed, but my racing heart won't let me sleep my eyes refuse to let go what they saw through the painting,I almost escaped a heart attack when my phone started ringing all of the sudden. I swallowed hard and reached for the phone. I noticed an unknown number but whoever it was I wanted someone to talk to right at this moment to avoid the horror that's dwelling insi
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