The Billionaire's Superstar Wife

The Billionaire's Superstar Wife

By:  Natie   Updated just now
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Blurb: Ethan Carter is a billionaire with a hidden secret. He's allergic to all women except his mother. At least that's what he thought until he met Amelia Scott, a famous celebrity. In a strange case of mistaken identity, they ended up sharing a night of passion. Ethan does everything in his power to find Amelia and keep her by his side, for she was his saving grace. To his shock, she looked him in the eye and said, “I'll never love you.” Will Ethan succeed in his mission to melt Amelia's icy-heart? Will Amelia break her own rules and fall in love with Ethan? This is a spin-off novel from my other book, Forced marriage: Dear wife, you can't escape me. It can be read as a stand alone but you can check out the first book if you would be interested.

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60 chapters
01~ Mistaken identity
Ethan Carter pinched his nose with his thumb and index finger, groaning in frustration as he approached the elevator to head to his suite on the top-most floor of the intercontinental hotel.He was just from attending a business dinner banquet that left him exhausted so he decided to spend the night at the hotel instead of going to his penthouse.At the age of 30, he was already a successful businessman who took over as CEO of the CT group when his father retired five years ago. The company being a multi-billion dollar company had a lot of workers hence, Ethan felt like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. He had to work hard to not disappoint his employees or his father.On the surface, Ethan was one of the perfect eligible bachelors in the city. He was a handsome young man with a buzz-cut hairstyle that gave him a masculine look. A light beard traced his well-defined jawline and his well-built body was to die for.He was every girl’s d
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02~ Night of passion
Amelia Scott was a famous celebrity in Country B. She had released a lot of famous songs since her debut years ago. It could be said that she was successful in her career.At 28, she was worth a few million dollars but she didn’t do well in the relationship department.The thing was, Amelia never believed in love. Her motto was, ‘don’t fall in love, once you do, you lose.’ She thought love turned people into slaves and made them blind. Just like how her best friend Rita Jones was duped by her boyfriend and he stole her company because she was blindly in love.Her friend’s experience made Amelia believe she was right to stay away from commitment. She was into one-night stands and often disguised herself when linking up with a new hook-up for some wild sex.Tonight was no different. After confirming her appointment, Amelia put on a blonde fringe wig and left her apartment for the intercontinental hotel. She often found her hook
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03~ What I want I get
On a fine Monday morning, in a big conference room at the CT group, Ethan Carter sat at the head of the table absentmindedly staring at the manager giving a presentation in front.Ethan appeared like he was listening but his mind was in turmoil. Different kinds of emotions kept swirling in his heart, anger, pain, denial, and self-doubt. He couldn’t understand how bad he could have been for the woman he had sex with over the weekend to run away the moment she woke up.‘I did it well right?’ He questioned himself as he recalled how the woman kept writhing and moaning under him. She clearly enjoyed it as much as he did.‘But why did she run away?’ It baffled him so much such that two days later, the question was still on his mind, haunting him.When Ethan was suddenly seduced in the strange woman’s room, he was shocked and terrified. He wondered what was happening but what made him not push the lady away was because she wa
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04~ Be my date
“What?” Amelia exclaimed the moment she heard what Ethan said.“It’s shocking, isn’t it? So many women want to be with me but…..” Ethan trailed and then added, “I couldn’t believe it myself but it is what it is. I want you.”Amelia raised her eyebrows wondering where Ethan’s confidence was coming from. ‘Is it because he’s filthy rich, handsome, and sexy that he thinks every lady will fall at his feet when he wants?’“You’re hot… but I’ll have to say no. sorry.”“Yes, I’m hot and you’re sorry…. Wait.. what?!” Ethan narrowed his eyes when what Amelia said sank in.He was very confident that after knowing who he was, she would happily jump into his arms but surprisingly, she said no. Ethan felt like a hand was squeezing his heart.‘Why would she say no?’ He was confused. What was not to l
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05~ I'll never love you
Four months later…“I see you walking down the street- ahhhh!” Amelia groaned for the umpteenth time. She was trying to record her new song in the studio but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. It had been like that for the last four months.Feeling frustrated she took off her headphones and left the recording studio. Turning to Julian she shrieked, “I fucking give up!”“Amy.. what’s wrong? You’ve been like this for the past four months. Talk to me,” Julian said after running after Amelia.“I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Amelia said. She had been feeling guilty since the night of the launch. Ethan looked hurt by her words but Amelia thought it was for the best. It wasn’t right to string him along when she knew she would never fall in love with him. She was incapable of loving someone romantically.Amelia left the studio but cold water was sudde
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Authors note
Hello lovely readers. My pen name is Natie and this is my 4th book on this platform. It's a spin-off novel from Forced marriage: Dear wife you can't escape me. Although I mention some characters from that book, this one can be read as a stand-alone. Do check it out if you would be interested and let me know what you think on the main page by clicking on any part of the page and then you click on the 3 dots on the right. Click about this book, go to the bottom and leave a comment. It really helps the book and me the author.  If you like werewolf stories, you can check out my other book, The Alpha's Rejection. Your comments and gems motivate me to improve and write better stories.  Let me know what you think of this one. Love you all.
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06~ Conditions
Ethan Carter had been miserable in the past four months. He couldn’t forget Amelia Scott at all and he thought it was funny since they just had one encounter for her to have such an effect on him. He thought everything was going well until after the company launch, Amelia asked him to leave her alone. When she pleaded with him to stay away from her, he couldn’t deny it, her words stung and the pain he felt showed on his usually expressionless face. ‘Does she hate me that much?’ He thought to himself. But knowing her bad mood was caused by himself, he just couldn’t bring himself to hold on to her, even if he needed her. For some unknown reason, he didn’t want to be the reason she was sad. He couldn’t be selfish, or so he thought. Ethan buried himself in work for four months, taking on more projects to keep him busy. He hoped he could work himself to exhaustion so that he didn’t have time to think about Amelia and mop around. He was busy working
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07~ I'll give it to you
The next day at the CT group, Ethan Carter was smiling to himself from ear to ear. He kept replaying the scene when Amelia snapped at him for adding the last condition to the contract. She was so upset that she immediately left and went to her room. Ethan thought she looked cute trying to be fierce. “Sir.. sir?” Ethan’s train of thoughts was cut off by Josh who had been trying to get his attention for a while now. Upset at being interrupted, Ethan glared at his assistant, “yes?” “Um... It’s almost time for the appointment at the civic center. Should I send a car for madam?” Josh asked. “Yes…..” Ethan trailed then said after having second thoughts. “I’ll go and pick her up myself. I heard women love thoughtful men.” Josh was dumbfounded. Of all the years he had worked for Ethan that was the first time he heard him speak so fondly of women. It was more frightening to find him smiling to himself like a fool. “Didn’t you hear what
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08~ No love between us
Amelia watched in horror as Ethan’s face magnified in front of her agonizingly slow. She was about to push him away when he stopped just a few inches away from her face and then smirked. ‘He smirked! The nerve..’ Amelia thought before furrowing her brows. Her furious expression earned a chuckle from Ethan. He raised his hand and brushed his thumb along Amelia’s lips and raised it, acting to show her. “You had a smear of chocolate on your lips,” Ethan said and did something that completely threw Amelia off. He placed his thumb into his mouth and sucked on it. A pounding that had recently become familiar to Amelia was felt between her thighs; she squeezed her walls and thought, ‘Damn, is he seducing me?’ The chocolate on h
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09~ A matter of time
“Seriously? Just kiss the girl!!” Amelia’s groan could be heard reverberating in the mansion. She was watching a romantic k-drama on the television in the sitting area. She was lying on a one-seat couch with her legs hanging over the armchair. “Oh gosh! So dumb! Why do you keep rejecting him when you like him?” Amelia complained when the female lead in the drama rejected the male lead. The way they kept fighting with each other frustrated Amelia but she was still hooked. Each ending of an episode made her want to know what would happen next so she wound up watching the series the whole day. It was a first for Amelia. Staying home with no worries and just binge-watching dramas was a nice experience since she was always so busy with her demanding career. She munched on some snacks that Ethan had brought for her and
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