The Alpha In Her Dreams

The Alpha In Her Dreams

By:  Felicia R. Tobve  Ongoing
Language: English
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Whenever she closes her eyes, she can feel him. His amber eyes glaring back at her brown chocolate eyes, his fingers crawling on her skin making her shiver. She loved how he made her feel, she yearned for more and more but whenever she opened her eyes, she panted like she has been running a marathon, sweating profusely. Her silky nightie soaked not only with sweat but her wetness, her pantie more damper than ever. One unexpected day, she saw 'his amber eyes glaring back at her brown chocolate eyes' but not in her dreams, in broad daylight. Not only his eyes were visible but the whole of him. Time stopped. But... she saw something else in his amber eyes, an evil glint and the powerful scent that engulfed him made her skin crawl with fear making her remember the bitter past she had.

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12 chapters
Extract~ "Do you think you're worth standing in front of me woman?" He almost growled at her. His voice was hard and cold.  She shivered, snapping her mouth shut.  "Speak or get out!" This time he growled and she flinched. His eyes held no emotions, the coldness in his eyes increased her heartbeat. His voice was hard and deep, like a lion king.  "Please—" she snapped her mouth shut again.  He took slow steady steps towards her like a predator and she took a step back making her back hit the wall. He stood an inch away from her, his breath fanning her face, "You're not worth being my Luna. You'll never be my Luna. I'm rejecting you as my Luna! I will never accept a weak human like you as my mate! I hate that you look like her but you're not her!" The door slammed and she whimpered.  His words pierced like an arrow, tears gushed d
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Her Past.
She woke up panting again, like she always does every morning when the sun peeps through her window. Her body filled with sweat, not only that but she was soaking wet. She saw them again like every other night, his amber eyes. It was weird how her body reacted to his invisible touches. She awkwardly loved how his amber orbs glared down on her brown ones, making her shiver.  Her nipples stood fully erected in her silky nightie. She moaned softly, biting her lower lip when her finger found its way on her sensitive nub.  “No Accalia,” she whispered to herself, slipping out of bed. Her knee hit the bedside table and she groaned in pain, her attention was caught by the shattering of glasses on the floor.  “No!” She yelled, sagging down, ignoring the pain on her knee. Her parents' picture frame fell and the glass shielding it broke. A tear slipped out her eye, how could she be so irrespon
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Strange Feelings.
Mrs McCain saw the fear in her eyes, she knew that Accalia was going to decline the offer. She didn't want that to happen, she wouldn't let it happen. Accalia only locked herself in her room, she would hear her sob sometimes but Accalia never told her anything, until now.  “You are going to attend the interview tomorrow right?” Jane asked while Accalia said nothing.  Accalia swallowed a lump on her throat, the name of the company gave her strange feelings, she couldn't understand whether it was happiness or fear.  Strange feelings.  “I-i can't go Mrs McCain. I-i don't think I feel comfortable stepping outside the house alone,” Accalia stammered, looking down on her plate of breakfast.  “Until when, Lia? You can't keep on hiding anymore, you have to be strong for yourself. It's like a new beginning, try it and see where it len
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His Guilt.
She took one step forward, followed by another one and took a deep breath just like Jackson had asked her to do.  “Miss— McCain?” Ephraim asked glaring at the woman standing before him with her head bowed down. ‘Pretty.’ He thought, scrutinising her. She was curved in all the right places, her brown chocolate eyes shimmering with fear and her long black hair made her even more beautiful. He licked his lips, he had already imagined sinking his razor sharpened fangs in her naked exposed beautiful pale neck. But the aura around her felt strange to him, something wasn't right. He wasn't good at determining that kind of stuff because he was a vampire.  “Please have a seat Miss McCain,” Ephraim said with a smile.  Accalia nodded slightly and took a seat, facing down. She couldn't find herself looking him in the eyes.  &ldquo
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Anchor's Fury.
Daminor went for a long run like he always does after the full moon. His ears twitched, and he smelt it, something was following him and it was huge.  He flipped and sank his claws into the big wolf's neck.  “A.. Alpha I-it's me...” Anchor coughed out.  “How could you sneak up on me like that, Anchor?" Daminor groaned, loosening his grip on Anchor's black furred neck.  Anchor shifted back to his human form, breathing heavily.  “Sorry Daminor, I didn't mean to sneak up on you.” “I want to be alone.” Daminor groaned, looking away from him.  Anchor sighed sadly. His best friend wasn't this cold before they lost everything. He wasn't this isolated before, he no longer shared his feelings with him anymore and it pained him deeply.  “I came h
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His Anger.
Accalia furrowed her brows in confusion, wondering whether Jane was just foolish around or what. She clearly remembers that she failed to answer any of the questions in the interview. She ran off in tears.    “I don't understand Mrs McCain. I failed to answer any of the questions that man asked me back there.” She bowed her head in shame.    “To be honest I don't know why but hey! Let's look on the brighter side here, you got the job Lia. This is a huge opportunity for you. I'm sure that they must have seen the potential in you and that's why they chose you. Look, it's mail for you.” Jane handed her the mail.    Accalia read everything that was written in the mail. She couldn't believe her eyes, Jane was right about everything, they indeed chose her as the CEO’s secretary but her questions remained u
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Invisible Touches.
Chapter 7 : Invisible Touches. It was morning and Accalia woke up from her wet dreams again. She saw him again, his amber eyes were brighter and he had touched her once again, but it was different, everything felt so real. This time she felt her back lying on something soft, and he rained kisses on all of her body, she found herself moaning for him for the umpteenth time with no shame. No matter how many times she tried, his face remained invisible to her. “Let me see you just once, please...” Accalia pleaded with a soft moan as his invisible tongue found its way onto her sensitive spot. He gave her immense pleasure by suckling her continuously. “P-please...” she moaned again. “You will see me soon, Accalia, very soon.” His voice was hard and deep. The way her name rolled out of his mouth turned her on more and more. ‘Soon’. “S-stop please...I-i can't take it please stop.” Accalia cried out as waves of escasty pushed through. “You can and you will, just take a deep breath for m
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The Alpha's Mate!
Chapter 8: The Alpha's Mate! Anchor's steps came to halt upon seeing Accalia glaring back at him. He felt it. He sensed it. The Alpha's Mate! But... How could this have been? She carried Daminor's scent and aura even though they've never met before. He wasn't sure what was going on but the girl was his Alpha's mate, he smelt him all over her and to top it off she looked very familiar to someone but an older version. She looked like an older version of Leia but she couldn't have been her, Leia was a strong she-wolf and she had died in front of his eyes, whereas he smelt pain, vulnerability and misery in the lady standing before him. What exactly was happening? Fate was playing a brutal game on his Alpha. Why would he be mated to a human who looked like his past love? Everything was wrong, he knew that Daminor would only hate the girl and nothing else. Rejection. Accalia stared at the strange man before her, he was huge and his gaze gave her goosebumps. Her heart started running
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His Inner Demon (BADARLPH)
The rogues surrounded the Anchor, Dysemy and the Alpha king. “I don't see your leader anywhere. Does this mean he's scared of us? I've always thought that Callan was nothing but just a sick bastard and a coward. He should be the one to face us,” Anchor growled furiously. “We can say he had better things to do,” the rogue who's name was Dakar answered with a smirk on his face, he was Callan's right hand man more like his beta. Alpha Daminor stood there silently but his eyes changed colour and they all noticed his fury. His hidden dark wolf was furious and he wanted ‘Out!’‘LET ME OUT SO THAT I CAN FINISH THEM, NOW DAMINOR!’ His dark wolf screamed from the inside. ‘Not now Badarlph, let me fight them without you,’ Daminor responded to his inner dark wolf. He knew that if he could let Badarlph take over his body, he might never be able to get control again and he would surely kill everyone, including his best friend and Dysemy. He needed Badarlph but he couldn't let him take over, he
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Her Heartbeat.
* * LYCAN * * Anchor's heartbeat increased. Badarlph knew about their mate but Daminor didn't know. Badarlph has always been ruthless, he hated humans more than Daminor did but for some reason he was soft hearted towards their mate, something that Daminor will never do. Leia was his only mate and nothing was going to change. “What are you thinking about? Do you know something about this?” His Alpha asked. “Why would I know anything about this Daminor? Badarlph is your inner wolf not mine.” The beta shrugged in response. “Daminor I have to go back to the human world. The foreigners are coming by tomorrow, I have to be there to attend the meeting. Ephraim won't be able to handle this all by himself, he needs me.” Anchor groaned, his wound was twitching. “You are not in the right state to walk around nor the transformer. You need to heal first, Anchor.”“How are we going to receive the foreigners? This is a huge deal to us, we can not lose this. I'm going to have a fine Daminor. You
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