Mated to the twin Alphas

Mated to the twin Alphas

By:  Cynthia Chris  Completed
Language: English
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"Mira as part of the treaty negotiations with the bright moon pack, I have agreed to a marriage alliance. You, Mira Parker, will marry the Alpha's first son, Nicholas Den on the next full moon". Mira has been waiting to find her mate for years, their pack is the weakest and most vulnerable of the other packs in America. Mira's world turned upside down after her 18th birthday when her parents broke the shocking news to her of being arranged to marry the first son of Alpha Den, the Alpha of the strongest pack in America. Her pack needed the protection of a stronger and larger pack, so the political alliance will ensure their safety and survival. What could be worse than her being arranged to marry Nicholas Den, the ruthless, cruel, womanizer, and heartless future Alpha of the bright moon pack? A total stranger that she knew nothing about apart, from what the rumors describe him to be. Will Mira have a happy marriage like other people? or, what if it turns out, that there are a lot of even worse things.

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82 chapters
Chapter One,(Werewolves)
A werewolf is also known as a lycanthrope (" wolf-man"), is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction. Werewolves are shape-shifting creatures with unusual speed, strength, reflexes, and senses. They can be like other supernatural creatures, a werewolf is known for having extraordinary abilities. They have super senses of sight, smell, and hearing. Furthermore, werewolves are very fast and have speedy healing abilities. A werewolf can share its thoughts with other werewolves. Wolves have 42 teeth, they have four toes with claws in an oval shape, they mate for life. A litter of wolves is usually 4 to 6 pups. The pups are born deaf and blind with bright blue eyes, a pack of wolves can range from 2 to over 30 wolves but it depends. Wolves can run at 36 to 38 MPH. However, a werewolf cannot be killed by silver crosses or holy water like va
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Chapter Two(The birthday Shopping)
Mira's Pov: I am Mira Parker, the daughter of the Alpha of the Crystal Mountain pack. We are the weakest pack in America, we are larger than before, but a lot of pack members left the pack, claiming they don't want to be called weakly because they are from the Crystal Mountain pack. But from my discovery, I heard that our pack was among the strongest pack in America before, my father got married to my mother, but the reasons behind this mystery, I don't know. I have always longed to restore our pack's dignity. I always say that to my parents and my elder sisters who care about nothing in this world apart from fashion, but except for our pack being smaller in size and being declared the weakest, still, we all live in peace and harmony. I have two sisters, although they are older than me. I am stronger than them, except Khole but they are more beautiful than me. I am just a plain girl with a small breast and butt. I don't like showing off because there Is nothing for me to show off
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Chapter Three(The birthday)
Mira's Pov: Khloe entered the car and wanted to start the car without Vivian, I looked at her from the back and found that she was determined to leave Vivian behind. I then asked her without minding the atmosphere. "Khloe, take it easy, are we leaving without Vivian?" . . . She glared at me before stopping the car. I wonder if she will rule our pack with this behavior of hers but Vivian won't come out now, she is always the first person to finish dressing up and still comes out late, I don't even understand that girl. I was still thinking when she opened the front door and entered smiling like an idiot despite the atmosphere being suffocating and Khloe's aura choking us. "Hey Khloe we know you are the future alpha but please reduce your aura before you ruin my makeup". Vivian said to Khloe, making me roll my eyes at her for saying the last part, like seriously we are choking but all she thinks is her makeup. Khloe reduced her aura and relaxed back to the seat, did she do tha
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Chapter Four ( The Shocking News)
Mira's Pov: " But why father? Why arranged marriage?" I asked my father, heartbroken. Who does arrange marriage these days, it is arcadic. "Mira, our pack is the weakest among these Americans," my father said sternly to me. I don't understand what the pack being the weakest has to do with this trauma that I found myself into. "Father, what does the pack being the weakest have to do with this arrangement?" I asked my father. "Our pack can be threatened by any other packs, they might want to challenge me for my Alpha position and this pack," he said to me. But let me get it straight, my father wants me to get married because of the pack, I can't believe it. "Hey pull yourself together, we just can't conclude now, and besides though it looks like is true, we need to know the reasons," heaven said too calmly, I know she was trying to console me, and is fucking working, I need to calm my nerves. "But father we can challenge any pack and you can't assume such a thing," I told my fa
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Chapter Five(The new pack)
Mira's Pov: After packing my clothes in only one bag, since I don't own many clothes, I packed the ones that still looked presentable. I cleaned up to remove the sweat caused by the run I had with heaven some minutes ago. Once am through, I turned and look at Sandra who gave me a small smile and a thumb up by telling me how strong and loving I am, I mutter thanks to her for her help and encouragement before closing the door behind me and ascending the stairs with my suitcase to the parking spot where all my family members were waiting for me. I noticed a red Lamborghini behind the car is my father and one huge man in his forties discussing if I am not mistaken it is the beta of the bright moon pack, so he has finally arrived to pick me up. . . . "And here comes the bride, my loving daughter," my father said to the beta, making him and my family members turn around, they were all looking at me with pity and even the beta made me feel scared. "Is Nicholas that bad or scary?" I ha
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Chapter Six ( Meeting the Alpha and the Luna)
Mira's Pov: I continued the walk down the lane with the beta until we reached a room. The room was closed with a big giant door. According to the beta, it is their dining room where the alpha, luna, and other rank members await my return. I swallowed hard, and still my breath before gesturing for the beta to go ahead and open the door, he gave me a small smile before pushing the door wide open. "She looks so beautiful in person, then in pictures," a woman around her fifties scream at the top of her voice filling the once quiet room with her scream when smiling genuinely at me, yes this smile is genuine and very contagious, I gave her a small smile when staring at them all confusingly. . . . "Oh! Silly me… let me introduce myself," she said to me after noticing my confused state, I smile at her again, God damn it this woman is fucking beautiful, she still looks young and fresh. She doesn't look her age, you can't know her age if you see her, because she looks younger than he
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Chapter Seven(Making new friend)
Mira's Pov: I was awoken from my deep slumber by a knock, I used the pillow to cover my head when telling Khloe to stop the sound that she was disturbing me. "Miss, please open the door, the breakfast is ready," an ecstatic voice said from the locked door making me jump out of the bed like seriously I thought I was in my old room in our packhouse. I scratched my head and grumpy sign but the sound continued coming from the door. "Miss, are you ok?" The person asked me, I am sure she is an omega but she has an amazing voice. I was still enjoying that heavenly voice when she interrupted me. "Miss, please can you open the door. Miss, are you well? Why are you not responding please?" She continued asking me, and I was there enjoying the voice and smiling at her caring nature. She reminds me of my sister Vivian, her caring nature. The event of yesterday came rushing into my head, tears stung my eyes but I insist on not shading any more tears for something that I can't reverse but wait
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Chapter Eight(Meeting my mate)
Mira's Pov: We both snapped our heads to the door where the sound was coming from, she instantly stood up and composed herself, from the look of things she kind of looked scared does it mean she might know who was at the door. "What is it, do you have any idea who might be the person at the door?" I asked her, she nodded her head positively at me. "I am sure that the person is the head maid," she said looking scared. Why is she always scared of small things? "But what is she doing here?" I asked her ignoring the sound coming from the locked door, she glanced at me before answering me. " Maybe she was here to know why you haven't come down for breakfast and what I was doing in your room for this long without bringing you down for morning food," she mumbled looking down. I brushed her shoulder to calm her nerves before walking to the door, I unlocked the door, and the supposed head maid tries to slap the person that opens the door but her hand hung in the air when she saw that it
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Chapter Nine(The Rejection)
Mira's Pov: My stomach flips as I stare at the Greek God standing in front of me. He is incredibly alluring with short black jet hair, strong jawlines, and athletic slimness in his body as his shirt hugs his body. He is drop-dead gorgeous, I stifled the urge to run into his hands and mark him as mine. My eyes tingled with amusement as I muttered the word "Mate," I tried taking a step forward but he took a step back as he eyed me up and down with a look of disgust. This is not the first impression I want to leave on my mate, the look on his face and the way he stares at me as if the moon goddess made a mistake fucking hurt me. I peered at myself to know if I was wearing the wrong clothes, I tried taking a step forward again but he stopped me. "What do you think you are doing?" He snarled at me causing me to stop at my track. "We are mates," I said to him. "Are you from this pack," he asked me with an authorized tone. He speaks with authority and a powerful aura revolves around him
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Chapter Ten(The pain)
Third-person Pov: It has been three days since the incident, and Mira has not been herself. It hurts her that her once quiet life has turned 180 degrees in seconds, not only was she arranged to marry a total stranger and a man that he knew nothing about but also the moon goddess has blessed her with a mate that didn't want her. Even after staying here for four days, Mira hasn't seen her supposed husband. The last thing she wants now is to meet her husband but she can't avoid it for long since their marriage ceremony is in two days from now. Leaving her self-centered mate and getting married to another sickens her and makes her feel nauseous. "Ouch…" she groans, as she feels pain shoot through her head even though it has been three days since her mate injured her, her head still hurts her like crazy. She locks herself for the past few days to avoid her mate or her demon husband. She caresses her scalp before swiveling to the other side of the bed. Her lips looked dry, and she had dark
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