Must Date The Bad Boy

Must Date The Bad Boy

By:  beckybree  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You're more exciting than I expected” Alex whispered behind me, his voice sending hot shivers down my spine and I gulped down on my saliva. “W - W - What do you want from me” I stammered while asking him the question, he laughed out before turning me to face him. “I want you, all of you. You will be my new toy” He said, staring deep into my eyes and I could feel my heart beating fast. He did something that I could never forget in my lifetime, something that would make me the target of every girl present in the school. He took a few steps away from me before drawing the attention of everyone present in the cafeteria. “Announcement everyone, starting from today, Katherine is my girl. No one is allowed to go near her or harm her, if you have a problem with that come face me” with that he walked out of the cafeteria left me alone to face the glaring eyes of the ladies. Katherine Thrones is a good girl, has good grades, and is amazing at everything she does, living her life as quietly as possible until one day, she bumps into the shoulder of Alexander Walter, the bad boy, the player, and the troubles maker of the school. The captain of the football team. What happens when Alexander decided to focus his attention on the quiet geek girl Katherine and make her his play toy. Will Katherine fall victim to his trap or will the table be turned around?

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19 Chapters
How it started
Prologue     Have you wondered what it feels like for the famous arrogant playboy in school to have your interest at hand? that’s my case. A quiet geek like me trying my best to live through my college days having the best grades and graduating as the best graduating medical student in the school, all was to be achieved low-key.    The formation of my focus was lost when I coincidentally, No—accidentally met Alexander Walter by bumping his shoulder with mine; In all my attempts and reattempt to avoid his presence and existence, it all was In vain. Alas to myself; Why does it have to be the rudest and most troublesome man? The promiscuous one per se, with all the warnings from folks, I couldn’t manage to avoid and escape him, how faith arranged everything. Why wasn't it someone else, why must it be Alexander Walter?         “I – I – I am sorry,” I apologized softly look
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{katherine Thrones}The blaring sound of the alarm woke me up from my sleep, checking the time it was 5 am. I am duty-bound to help with the house chores, today, my sheer intention is to make the best breakfast ever tasted. My eyes reached an enlarged photo of myself. My name is Katherine thrones, I am eighteen years old, living under the single parenting of my Mom. My dad abandoned us when I was four, leaving my mum to take care of me alone. She used to be a stay-at-home mum but when my dad left she had to get herself some job to help sponsor my academics and upkeep. I have been living in hell ever since dad left, I was being pressured by mum to study so hard that I would end up being a well-developed girl and have a well-paid job and I won’t have to depend on any man to get myself income. With that, my leisure time was always interrupted, I don’t engage in any social events, not
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{Katherine} ‘Katherine Thrones please come to the chancellor's office,' the voice on the intercom announced for the third time.   Mrs. Jones was lecturing us about the structures of humans, she was our anatomy lecturer and I loved everything about her, especially her teaching methods. It was well understood and she gives a theoretical explanation too. “Miss Thrones you heard the announcement, you are needed,” Mrs. Jones said and I frowned, having to miss this class means extra studies for me and also borrowing my friend’s notebook. I got up slowly from my seat as I sluggishly walked towards the door of the classroom, hoping for Mrs. Jones to tell me to answer the call after her class but she said nothing and I knew she wasn’t going to call me back and I needed to hurry up and meet the chancellor so that I can come back to the class before it was over. <
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{Katherine Thrones}When the honk of the truck dad had rented interrupted what I was doing at 10 o’clock in the morning, I hurried out of the house, a smile on my face, to greet the driver.“Good day, sir.” I greeted him with a bright smile on my face.“Good morning, ma’am. I’m guessing you’re Kathrine Thrones?” I nodded as he handed me a card with my name and address on it. “Whew, I’m happy. I thought I was lost for a second. I’m here to transport your belongings to your apartment,” he stated politely, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the way he talked. He sounded French but had a Turkish accent, which made his English sound different from other French and Turkish people I’d met.I showed him where my boxes and luggage were, and he started taking them out while rushing upstairs to finish packing up the remainder of my belongings.Mum wasn’t there; she had l
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Katherine Throne}The sound of my phone ringing jars me up from my sleep, and I grope around the bed for it with my eyes closed. When I finally found it, I brought it closer to my face to see the caller, and seeing my mother’s name shown on the phone screen, I jumped out of bed. I knew I was in big trouble because I forgot to call her the day before to let her know I had arrived safely and I was now settled in. I knew she’d nag me about it, and I needed to prepare my body, mind, and spirit for the harsh words she’d fire at me.When I got out of bed, I went straight to the living room so I wouldn't wake Kate, who is still sleeping peacefully, probably in her dream world.“Good morning, Mum.” I greeted the instant I answered the phone.“Good morning? Really? Is there anything about this morning that is genuinely good? It’s 8 a.m., and I called you all night, but you didn’t return my calls. Is it too difficult
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{Katherine}Dinner with Dad and his wife was even better than I thought it would be, they both received me with love. Rachel, Dad’s new wife, was lovely and treated me as if I were her daughter; kind of like the version of mum I never had.  She asked about school and if it was hard for me, and also how I was doing. I found it easy opening up to her, telling her how I wanted to live a free life, free of the pressure, and doing things that didn’t benefit me. She smiled and told me that things would get better soon and that I should hang in there a little longer. Rachel told me that dad had been extremely happy when he saw me in his office that day and that he didn’t let her rest a single day when I accepted his invitation to have dinner with them. She also told me of the room he had prepared for me in case I came over. “Your father said you’d be staying the night. I’m glad be
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ALEXANDERThey were at it again. There wasn’t a day that went by that my parents didn’t argue about unimportant matters.They must have forgotten they had a child who could pick up on their bad behavior. I wished they’d just get a divorce and move on with their separate lives.I mostly blamed them for how I turned out.Growing up, they didn’t care how I did at home, I was always left alone with the maids and a nanny who would take care of my needs. They were indifferent about my grades or anything else going on at school. All they cared about was going on business trips to different countries. Their time at home was spent exchanging unpleasant words with one another.I grew up with no idea what it was like to be loved by my parents or what was the meaning of love. My nanny was the only one who ever showed me love, but I found out that to be a lie when she sexually assaulted me.I cried and told my parents about it several times, but they dismissed it as me making up stories to get th
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KATHERINE THRONESThis was not how I had imagined my day going: running into Alexander Xander Walter, an absolute nightmare and the last person I ever wanted to run into at school. I locked my gaze on his retreating back, just moments after he declared me his toy in front of his friends. I didn’t say anything because no matter what I said to him, he would say something to refute it.Was this how my peaceful life was going to end in a single day because I had bumped into him?I’m not going to be one of those girls on his list. It will never happen!My attention was drawn to the buzzing of my phone. I checked it, and as soon as I saw Katie’s name, I remembered that I was supposed to have a test. It was 7:30 a.m. already. I cursed aloud and dashed back toward the class, this time taking care not to collide with anyone.When I arrived at the class, there was no lecturer in sight, and nothing on the board indicated that the test had taken place.I exhaled a sigh of relief and looked aroun
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KATHRINE THRONESWhat just happened?Everything seemed like magic to me; it felt unreal but I knew it was. I’d just been thrown into a situation from which I couldn’t get out. Alexander had just told the entire school that I was his.How do I get away from this, especially from his maniacs vying for his attention? Why the hell did he leave those girls who had been waiting for an opportunity and choose me, someone who couldn’t care less about him or how famous he was?All eyes were on me. He succeeded in ruining both my lunch as well as my peace at college. Nothing I could say right now would convince them; they’d all think I was making an excuse for being bounced. My presence here was not going to help either. I’d better get out of here before someone throws their food at me out of disgust. I was about to leave after dropping the tray on the table when I was pulled back by my shirt, face to face with the girl who the maniac was always seen with almost every day.Everyone thought they
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KATHERINE THRONES“Katie, this is insane. I can’t believe I’m listening to this. I almost got beaten up by his minions today, but you want me to be his fake girlfriend. No way in hell am I doing this! I had thought about it several times and it still didn’t make sense to me.I was trying to live a completely quiet life, finish my degree, and then leave. Get a job or work at Dad’s company, which he offered but I haven’t accepted yet until he tells me what happened between Mum and him and why they separated. Everything was already in place for me, and now she wanted me to get involved in a drama that didn't concern me.I couldn’t picture myself with Alexander, no matter how she worded it. Everything about him disgusted me: his attitude, his personality, the way he slept around, and then having girls chase after him as if he were a deity. He was trouble I should avoid, and that’s exactly what I was going to do.“Come on, Katherine, it’s won’t be difficult. Remember how you said you wante
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