Wedding Day

Wedding Day

By:  ItsHazlenut  Ongoing
Language: English
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Letting go of something that has never been yours in the first place would be the toughest decision Bea would make in her life. All she did was love, yet it never crossed her that doing so would only cause pain to others. "I have never been happy!" Her world crumbled as the man of her life begged and knelt on his knees, not to offer a ring but to ask for his freedom. Bea met Evan just as when she had lost all hope in love. An architect who is eager to renovate her heart, which has been abandoned. He never fails to make her realize the actual meaning of true love, something she never felt. Evan is ready to make her wedding dream a reality. But just as when she is about to accept his proposal, her dark past chases her in horror. She promised herself that she'll never hurt anyone, ever again. So, the best thing she could do was to escape. Will fate be forever cruel to her? Or what if fate becomes considerate and lets them collide again? Will Bea fight in the name of love and be the queen in the aisle?

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47 Chapters
Author's note:Hello there reader's, I hope you enjoy the roller coaster life of the characters in the story. You may comment about your ideas, reactions, and critiques about the story so that I'll be able to enhance my skills in writing. Enjoy!DISCLAIMER:This is a work of fiction. Names, places, and events are all solely from the author's imagination. Any similarities of a real person, living or dead are purely coincidental.We all want a magical, ecstatic and exquisite church wedding. You're just thirteen yet you're already dreaming and planning your wedding day with the man of your life. Wearing the most elegant white bridal gown with a medium slit at the back, starting from the shoulder to an inch higher from your waist.  The gown must fit your body to flaunt those curves. Hiring the best make-up artist in town to do the miracle. You are the queen. You are the star. Your parents will walk with you on the ais
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Chapter 1
"Austin, wake up! it's already eight, you'll be late for work."Bea was about to leave for work when she finds Austin was still sound asleep inbed. She gently shakes his shoulder to wake him up."hmm"Austin answered in a groan. She tried to pull the blankets away from him, but he yanked them back."Austin!"She tried calling him once more as Austin acts a bit naughty.Bea walked towards the bed and sat near him after putting on hershoes. Austin encircled her waist with his left arm and rested his face on her lap.They've been dating for 2 years and are now 2 months engage,&n
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Chapter 2
Today is Sunday. Bea and Austin were supposed to be having lunch at a friend's house, Alphabette's. Austin, on the other hand, was unable to attend due to work obligations. It was his first week at DV company, but he spent all of his time at work. They handed me one of their big projects, so I have to give my best for this. Austin explained when she complained about him returning home late.She pressed the doorbell located at the upper right side of the gate. Alphabette opened the gate and welcomed Bea with smiles."Bea! Come in."Alphabette said signaling Bea to go inside."Alphabette! Hello, there baby."Bea greeted her friend excite
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Chapter 3
Evan had lost interest in going out after his encounter with Bea. He just wants to be at home, in his room, doing nothing. His feeling isn't as strong as they could be, yet he feels hurt knowing that she's engaged."Evan!"Evan get up from bed when he heard his mom's voice outside her room."Evan, I know you're inside your room, open the door now.""Coming!"He answered back. What again? He is not in the mood to fight with her mom about senseless things. Not now that he is being emo. Evan opened the door and let her mom inside the room."What are you doing in my house mom?"He asked as his eyebrows curled up. Her mother walked straight to his bed and sat down, whilst Evanremained at the door's frame."I came here wishing to see the woman you are talking about last time I called you."Her mom is
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Chapter 4
Bea's chance to receive the promotion she's been hoping for has finally arrived. After the previous general manager resigned, the position had been vacant for weeks. She is regarded as one of the candidates for the role. She worked hard for this and can't let an opportunity like this slip away.Bea got up early and made all of the necessary preparations for her upcoming presentation. However, things do not go as planned; her car's tire flattens, and she has little time to fix it."The heck! Of all days, why now?"Urgh. She tries to book an Uber but there's no available nearby. Austin left early so she had no choice but to take the subway. It was a rush hour and the ticket line was too long. She kept checking her wristwatch and she still had time though."Be patient Bea, you'll go there on time."She tries to calm herself. Despite the fact that the train was ove
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Chapter 5
After hours of traveling, Evan finally arrived at his destination, a private island. There are no public boats available to go on that island, making it difficult to travel."I would like to take this project." Evan pointed out."Are you sure Evan?"His father asked, a bit confused by his sudden suggestion."I want to take it."Weeks have been too hectic lately and when he saw a picture of the island whilst going through the pending projects, he got the urge to take it. Work on it."The location is not advisable for you to work on. There are no ships or boats all the way there."His father said as he took away the papers in his hands. That's solely the reason why he chooses this project, he wants to go somewhere far away."I am no longer a child Dad! And also, I can borrow my friend's ship to send me there."Referri
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Chapter 6
As the daylight breaks, Evan hurriedly packed his things, already decided to leave the island. For him ghosts are superficial but due to the incident last night, it's appropriate to leave."The owner's wife jumps off from the rooftop. It was believed that her spirits linger around the house."He could hear her sister talking in his head. He didn't care, all he wants was to travel away from the noise and find peace yet he can't deny the fact that he somehow feels the uneasiness in the mansion.He carried his backpack and stepped out of the room quietly. He walks down the stairs as quietly as he could or he might attract a bad spirit with just a bit of sound. Holding his breath, motioning to open the main door, he looks around to see if there is someone outside yet he sees none. He let go of his breath and stepped outside. After locking the door, he suddenly froze when he heard someone whimper."Uh!"It was like a woman who's having a hard time, crying and was like asking for help.'Is
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Chapter 7
Bea planned on spending her time on the island alone when she left. It never occurred to her that she might meet Evan here. Evan of all people, why does it have to be him? The world's indeed small.She keep pinching her pinky finger, realizing what he had done. She just threw a spoon at Evan. She can't forget how his face darkened when he exited the room. "Oh god, Bea!"She blurted out in annoyance to herself. "It is unintentional, it is just an act of adrenaline rush."She tried consoling herself. She straightened her back when the door opened and saw Evan with a blank face. In his right hand is a new spoon.'Is he mad?'For a short while, their gazes locked, but Bea averted her gaze. Her heart is racing too fast. She can't focus on what to do next.She watched him walk near the table and took the bowl of porridge."Eat this."He handed her the bowl. "Uhm.""I cooked this for you. C'mon, let me feed you."He said in a monotone. Evan sat next to her and took a spoonful of food and
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Chapter 8
Evan is busy observing and studying the whole structure of the mansion from the outside. It gives an aura of the history when the country had been seized by the Spaniards. The entire structure is beautifully-designed. It had many arches and curves dominating aesthetics. They also used a terracotta roof tiles. Though, some part of it was already damaged since no one is taking care of it to maintain its beauty. Evan lists down everything he observed for the renovation, planning to make it a bit modern without removing its Spanish look."Evan."He faced Bea who is walking toward him. She was dressed in a white t-shirt with a 'vote for congresswoman Salazar's embossed on it and a shaded circle with a number seven on its side. She tucked it into her high-waisted denim shorts, flaunting its long and smooth legs. Not even a single scar can be seen. Her shoulder-length loose hair is hung behind her right ear."Are you campaigning?"He asks suppressing his laughter."What?"Her eyebrows wrink
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Chapter 9
It seems like Evan can't focus on drawing. He had been playing with the pencil in his hands for hours and thinking of what to draw yet the paper is still blank. Being an architect had always been his all-time dream, he enjoys making his ideas into reality. Well, he came from a family of architects and engineers, and no doubt he always tops in school. His mom is an architect whilst his father is an engineer, such a perfect couple, isn't it? Her sister is an engineer as well. "Urgh."He continued to play with the pencil in his hands and tried to focus yet his mind is filled with Bea's angelic face. Evan got out of his room and went straight to the right corridor. In the end, you'll see shelves of books. A button to open the door is located at the very edge of the bookshelves. He rotated it and heard a click, indicating that it was successfully opened. When he walked in, he was greeted by an empty room. A grand piano draped in white cloth sits in the center.Spider webs are scattered
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