Violets and Ash

Violets and Ash

By:  Jane Doe  Updated just now
Language: English
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At ten years old, Violet stumbled into the Cedar Grove Pack covered in wounds and malnourished from walking for four days. With her memory shattered, she’s taken in and raised by the pack doctor. Nine years later fate takes Violet across the country, to the wealthiest pack in the world. Soon the walls she constructed around herself, and that harrowing night will be threatened. A face from her past set’s things in motion, his smoky eyes risk sending her to her knees. Flashbacks, blackouts, and secrets steeped in lies, prove to Violet that the past always comes back to haunt you.

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111 Chapters
Chapter 1
They said it was raining when I stumbled into town, past the boarders so poorly protected even a critically wounded ten-year-old could slip through. I had been walking for hours. I was told my feet were blistered and bloody with wounds that reappeared faster than they could heal, but that they paled in comparison to the thick slices covering my body. I couldn’t remember the pain, or the song they had said I’d been singing. I couldn’t remember the feeling of the rain on my face, or the mud in between my toes. The widow who had taken me in while I was sick and healing, who had begged her Luna and Alpha to take me off her hands once the night terrors and outbursts became too much, I couldn’t remember her either. My first memory began with him. The tender eyed doctor with the curly hair and friendly smile. I had giggled when his glasses slid off his nose and fell into my lap. Elijah was the first person who didn’t treat me like a problem in need of solvin
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Chapter 2
I tossed my backpack on the kitchen table, the numerous pins attached rattled as they bumped into one another. There was always a small pang of disappointment when I made it back home from a hectic night at Jeb’s to find Elijah’s car still missing from the driveway. Most of the houses in town were styled after cabins, and all had massive fireplaces built for the harsh winters. The cold and I had a love hate relationship, which is why Elijah made sure we were always stocked up on wood and I made sure we had plenty of hot cocoa. He spent a good portion of his time at the tiny clinic that was always understaffed and overpopulated. I used to tag along when I was a kid, back when he would do house visits. It had taken one particularly nasty family, who refused to have the cursed child step into their home for me to realize how uncomfortable I made people. Elijah stopped taking house calls that day, and I stopped asking to see more of his job. He was the on
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Chapter 3
The moment Sylvia’s driver picked us up from the airport, I was determined to soak everything in. We drove through a bustling city, where the buildings were towers plucked from story books, so high that they kissed the clouds that surrounded them. People walked on pristine sidewalks free of cracks or holes, most with briefcases or cellphones pressed to their ears. Traffic thickened and thinned, becoming smoother when the two lanes we drove down opened up into four. It was at this point the trees began to multiply into densely packed forests, and the magnificent buildings grew scarce. During the drive I snagged Elijah’s phone and looked at the first map I could get my hands on. The Nightfall pack was named for the starry sky that overlooked the bowl-shaped valley it rested in, and was known for its Redwood trees, which stood taller than any other in the world. We drifted into a town where the buildings looked shiny and new. There were plenty of expensi
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Chapter 4
I rounded the corner and appeared in the dining hall just in time to spot Elijah and the woman who I’d only seen in photographs. For half a second, they were wrapped up in their own world. One of his hands came to rest on hers as he said something that made them both laugh. Elijah had been right when he said the camera didn’t do her justice. His phone couldn’t capture the bounciness of her glossy brown hair, or the beauty mark above her perfectly symmetrical lips. If it weren’t for the charcoal pants suit that fit her slender figure as though it had been tailored for it—which it probably had, I would’ve thought she were a model and not the Luna of an entire pack. “Ah, there she is.” Elijah’s eyes lit up as he spotted me at the other end of the table, hovering just a few feet from the doorway. When Sylvia turned to face me, he gave me a look that said he knew exactly where I had been and what I’d been up to. “Sylvia this is Violet.” “I’ve been looking
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Chapter 5
‘We’re actually doing this, Lacey. We’re going to college. Did you see how proud Elijah looked?’ I laughed, spinning in place while some obscure pop song trickled from my phone. ‘This is all he’s ever wanted for us…but you know we can’t back out now, right?’ She replied, and her uncertainty caused the first crack in my giddy exterior. I sucked in a breath, held it for seven seconds and exhaled just like my old therapist taught me. Even now I could see his face, speckled with deep lines and pock marks, that flap of greasy white hair over his head. Those long, drawn-out meetings where I talked about my feelings and lack of memories were my primary motivation to act normal. So long as I took my daily cocktail of medication and went to my bi-weekly appointments there was no need for a grueling three sessions a week. ‘We’re not going to back out.’ I insisted, determined to ride out this euphoric high for as long as possible. My romance novel infect
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Chapter 6
I carried the consequences of my past on my shoulders for years. I’d tiptoe downstairs and to fumble with the lock on the front door for a couple minutes before curling up in bed. That was what I considered a good night, and thankfully they happened rather frequently. Last night, however, wasn’t one of them. My stomach was full but the conversation I had with Norma left me feeling anxious and jittery. I needed to make sure the doors were locked, that the house was secure from the inside out. It was an urge I no longer questioned, and one I’d stopped fighting years ago. The lock on my bedroom door was wrong. It felt too flat between my fingers, nothing like the heavy thud of the deadbolt that was on the front door of our cabin—the same kind downstairs. This one was one of those cheap locks that stuck out from the doorknob like a button. Even the click it made was wrong. I face planted in my bed hours later, swallowed whole by exhaustion
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Chapter 7
Her frame seemed even smaller from a distance and was swimming in the billowing fabric of her muumuu. Even with Lacey shouting ‘abandon ship’ in my head as she urged me to flee like a gazelle, there was nowhere for me to run. Norma’s face was impassive as she asked, “…you do this kind of thing often, child?” “No, of course not.” The lie came out much too fast and yanked my voice up an octave or two. Instead piecing together it’s shattered remains, I went into damage control mode. “I mean—only when I’m stressed…or in a new place.” “Both of which you currently are.” “Right…” I swallowed as embarrassment heated my face. “Look, I—" “This isn’t you freaking out about going to the University is it?” She asked, and just a hint of accent peeked through. “No, not at all.” I stammered. “It’s something I’ve done back at the old house. Look, Elijah knows about it. He and Sylvia have so much going on…I just didn’t want him to worry about me, especi
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Chapter 8
“I suppose that leaves us with one last question. Is this something you can handle, Violet?” “The Cedar Grove Pack has never been my home, and I’m never going back.” I dropped my twinkling smile and let her see how serious I truly was. They’d sooner find me packing a bag in the middle of the night than willingly stepping back into that claustrophobic nightmare. “Good, then on that note if you could open the bag in your hands, please.” As it turns out, I’d been wrong. The lacey bra within the boutique bag was my first official test. “I had my assistant pick it out. She’s an expert with this sort of thing. One look at you and that scrap of polyester you wear, and she knew your size. Elijah should be charged with neglect for allowing you to wear it a day longer, but as intelligent as the man is he truly is horrible with children—and even worse with teenage girls, it seems.” Sylvia waved a hand dismissively, like having her assistant rummage through my cl
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Chapter 9
As I waited within the lunch line, I couldn’t help but scan the Dining Hall. There were rows upon rows of padded booths, each one pristine and new. Circular tables, much like the ones you’d see in a public school, filled the empty spaces. From afar, close to the wall of spotless glass that overlooked the back half of the courtyard, I could make out a salad and fruit bar. With a tray in my hands, I steered past the busiest part of the Dining Hall and towards the one empty table nestled in the back of the room. The Lobster Risotto and Chipotle Garlic Seaweed Butter spewed an interesting assortment of scents into the air. Each one was a different colored shred of silk, weaving around one another until their shades muddied and turned into something new. As I approached the table, I realized I’d been wrong. There was a single person perched on one of the round seats, an Asian girl with granite eyes and choppy layered hair. When she turned her head to stare me down
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Chapter 10
A feminine gasp to my left threatened to pull my attention away from him…away from my mate. Just hearing the words in my head, seeing them unravel in the way he smiled—it was all so surreal, so idyllic. I should’ve listened to the girl, maybe then I would’ve been better prepared. The fact that I tuned into their hushed conversations seconds too late would forever weigh on my mind. “Hael’s back early?” “Something must’ve happened between him and Mykelle…” “Can you believe it?” “Does that mean he’s finally single?” Voices both male and female overlapped one another, growing steadily with excitement while my own seemed to falter and plummet. Cold realization took its place. I’d already caught his scent in the lunchroom, when his friend heckled me for eating a cupcake. It reminded me of salty waves, of the earth after a long, harsh rain. Before I could question why our bond hadn’t snapped into place back in the lunc
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