The Rejected Doctor

The Rejected Doctor

By:  Darcel  Completed
Language: English
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Arielle Grey was 18 years old when she got her heart broken as her supposed mate, Leon Walker, rejects her. Now she is 23, and an accomplished doctor moving to her new Pack, the Redding Pack. There, she hopes to find herself again, and a new chance at love. When that chance presents itself in toe form of the stubborn Alpha Richard Well, will she ba able to find her happy ending? What happens, when Leon once again, decides to come back into her life? What challenges will she face in this battlefield called love?

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183 Chapters
Arielle’s POVMy world was shattered that day, and the joy I imagined I would feel when I met him was nothing but a dream.His voice was not raised at me, yet I could feel the intent to wound me in his words. And, oh, did they hurt. Leon was nothing if not effective, and it showed now more than ever.“I never loved you, Arielle,” he said, not for the first time. He was trying to convince me to let go, but I could not. My tears streamed down my cheeks like twin rivers. I could not breathe, and my knees felt weak.I reached for him, clinging to his arm and begging him, with everything I had, not to say those words again. It was far too much for me to bear. It was a nightmare.He shook his arm from mine, and I
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Arielle’s POVI enjoyed the warmth as the sun streamed in through the car window. It was barely 10am, yet the sun was high up in the sky already. I loved it – this part of the country really suited me. I enjoyed the sun, and summer all year-round.The driver made a turn onto a smaller road, and I could see the gate of the pack compound right in front of us. My lips turned up in a smile, despite my anxiety. This was a new place after all.We passed through the gates after a few moments. One of the guards had asked for my name and I gave it, “Arielle Grey,” and only seconds passed before we were finally let through.Another minute or so passed before the car stopped in front of a large house.As I exited
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Richard’s POVThe work never ends.I sat in my study having a quick rest, having drawn the curtains. It seemed that I never had enough time in the day to complete my work, and it had led me to staying up all night dealing with paperwork, again.I sighed, rubbing my eyes, which were sensitive at this moment. Being Alpha was definitely not for the faint of heart.Unfortunately, it seemed that rest was evading me. Thankfully, I still had a bit more time to fit in a power nap, before I met with the council that afternoon.My nose twitched as I recognised my Beta’s distinct scent. A second later, I heard his knock on the door, and I shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep. Hopefully, Darren would see that and walk away q
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Richard’s POV:“What do you want?” was the first thing I could think to ask. Being sleep-deprived was not a good feeling, and the hot shower I had helped to loosen my stiff muscles, thus worsening my drowsiness.I could see Elise flinch as I practically snapped the question at her, whilst moving to my closet to pick out and wear something suitable for bed. I removed the towel from my waist unceremoniously, and I could feel her eyes rake over my naked bottom half like she had never seen it before. I felt a tinge of frustration and anger right then; she had not answered my question.“Elise,” I ground out, “if you have nothing worthwhile to say, then please get out. I don’t have time for you or your antics today.” I finished putting on the cotton pyjama pants, turning to
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Arielle’s POV:I had finally finished unpacking.Sighing with a feeling of triumph filling me, I looked around my new room. There was a sense of belonging that I had begun to have now, and me fully unpacking was a sign of settling down, finally.Ever since I left my precious pack for medical school, I had become a nomad of sorts. I never unpacked my things fully, always ready to move at the last second. I did not do this consciously, but it now dawned on me that I was avoiding settling down before.Now, I was ready – ready to settle into my life in this new pack, and for all the possibilities that lay before me.A hope bloomed inside my chest, making me feel warm on the inside and grin like an idiot on the outside
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Chapter 6
Richard’s POV:It was a new day, and I had finally awoken after forcing myself to get some rest the previous day. I had managed to also finalise my plans to send Elise to the Everneal pack as the main delegate on my behalf. She had not been pleased when she had heard it from me the previous evening, when I had called her into my study just a little while after I had forced her out of my room.Now, as I was pacing the length of the large study, my mind was focused on other important pack matters I had to deal with, specifically those to do with our growing relationship with the neighbouring packs.Before, when my father was Alpha, the Redding pack was not as powerful as we are now. We were a small pack, and our territories were just the same as well. However, now that we were expanding our territories and our influence, the neighbouring packs have now looked to us as a threat, and that has been a big problem we have been dealing with.As Alpha, it was the top priority to work on.I was
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Chapter 7
Arielle’s POV:I sighed, shaking my head as I continued to check through the patient file, before opening to a new page to update the records of today’s visit. When I had finished updating the file, I then placed the file in the compartment for my assistant-slash-receptionist, Daisy, to return to their proper place. Then, I continued with another patient file, which sat atop a pile of paperwork that I had to sigh again at, before turning away.Suddenly I heard loud noises outside the door of the medic room I was currently in. My brows furrowed as I heard what sounded like Beta Darren’s voice. Was everything alright.My questions were answered promptly when the door banged open which made me stand up in alert, wolf instincts prepared to defend. The familiar scent of a pack member calmed me down as Darren was the one who stumbled in. My relief didn’t last for long as the scent of panic reached me and to my surprise by his side was a man I had not seen before, who he was struggling to ho
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Chapter 8
Arielle’s POV:I quickly pulled my arm off him. I felt my hackles rise as high as my eyebrows also did. I was still gaping at him, stunned by his behaviour. What was his problem? Why was he acting so damn stubborn?Shaking my head, I tried to come back to my senses. Focus Arielle, I thought grimly, putting on my stern Dr Arielle Grey face. He would not intimidate me, if that was what he was trying to do."Well as the healer of this pack and currently in charge of your health, I do." I snarked back, unable to help myself.I was rubbing my hand lightly now, having taken it away from his grip. His grip wasn't strong but somehow I could feel it is pressure like a lick of flame burning my skin.I could not help a shiver as I tried to center myself. He may be handsome and your Alpha, but he is clearly disrespecting your station, I told myself, shaking my head.Unable to process my feelings at the moment I turned back, aiming for the shelves. His voice stopped me in my tracks "I hope you hav
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Chapter 9
Arielle’s POV:“So, how are you finding the pack so far?” Darren asked me.The both of us were taking a walk as the sun was waning, leaving orange-red hues in the sky. It was beautiful, and a lovely way for me to end the day.Hours after Alpha Richard left unceremoniously, the friendly Beta Darren had come back looking for him, and had let me on my way back from a short break. I told him of Richard’s exit hours ago, and he seemed to calm down, deciding to postpone his meeting with him, instead offering to walk me home. That small walk turned into an impromptu tour as we enjoyed the fresh air.I shoved my hands into the pockets of my black pants as a cold wind breezed through.“It's all good, I’m coping I guess and everyone has been so nice to me so far.” I replied honestly. This pack was truly good to me. Despite being a new member, they were all so welcoming and trusting. Yet I shoved my mind off thinking of the one person I met who has been the absolute opposite.Darren brightened
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Chapter 10
Arielle’s POV:With my mind made up, I finished the files with quick order, and soon after, left the hospital and set out. It did take me some time to recall Darren’s direction to wherever the house was. I was still so horribly bad with directions, but I just had to recall what he had said about the main pack house aka Alpha Richard’s home.“It’s the largest house once you turn the corner of the street up there. Just don’t take the trails through the forest, you could get lost if you don’t know them too well,” he had said, after he gave me the tour of the compound the previous day.I found the house easily, to my relief – goddess knows that I did not want to be stuck and have to ask for directions from someone who might be incredibly rude about it, just like my first night here. Not to mention, it was just horribly embarrassing for me to continually get lost.I easily passed by the guards, after confirming who I was to thm, and I climbed up the steps to the front porch, before reachin
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