Mrs. Noah's Boy

Mrs. Noah's Boy

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The newly wedded Mrs. Noah has a mission. It is okay to say she married her husband because she needs a ladder to his cute celebrity nephew-Cyrus. Getting married to Mr. Noah, crystal the curvy and hot bride get a step closer to being with her all time crush- her husband’s twenty-one years old nephew.

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Crystal let out a heavy sigh as her friends dronned on behind her, making her more anxious about the event that was drawing close. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, while her thoughts were on how to go about her upcoming wedding. A weight on her shoulder made her flinch and come back to her senses. She exhaled and turned around on her seat, then smiled at her curly haired friend who had what she recognized to be her veil in her other hand. "What are you thinking about?" Martha, her friend asked. Crystal smiled. "It's nothing. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm actually getting married." Trisha, her other friend jumped out of the queen sized bed in the middle of the room and jogged up to them, smiling brightly. "Remember when you said you would never get married because you haven't met your mister right and all?" Trisha teased, and poked Crystal in the forehead. Crystal swatted her hand away f
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The reception of her wedding was bustling. The guests were in every corner of the place, talking, drinking, eating and having fun. With her husband out of sight, Crystal strolled around, welcoming the guests that she recognized. After a while, her friends circled her, with wine glasses in their hands. "One of us is now a Mrs... Who will be next?" Martha asked, with a giggle. "Well, none of us caught the bouquet," Trisha said. Martha scoffed. "I really don't believe in that catching the bouquet stuff. Besides, between the both of us, you are the one with a boyfriend. You guys have been dating for three years, isn't it time he puts a ring on that finger? It's beginning to wrinkle." Crystal covered her mouth and laughed softly. She was glad that she had her friends with her, at least she had a real reason to laugh and enjoy her wedding. "So, are you ready for your wedding night?" Trisha asked, and wiggled her arched eyebrows.
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Once the dawn of a new day broke, Crystal snapped her eyes open. She sighed with a smile, and rolled over on her back. She stretched her arms above her head, then dropped them before rolling on her side. She grinned at the sight of her snoring husband. He laid on his back, shirtless with his legs wide open and arms splayed in different directions. Events of last night filled her memory, making her chuckle.Last night... After changing into red lace lingerie, she brushed her long blonde hair and admired herself in the mirror. She always felt confident in her curvy body, and she knew how many times her body had attracted men and women, which made her so sure that it would work on Cyrus. With a wink at her reflection, she stepped out of the bathroom and into the room. "Hello, Mr. Noah," she said in a sultry voice, and watched as James' jaw slackened at the sight of her. She ran her hands from her thigh to her chest, then she cupped her breasts. "Do
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"You two are home so fast," James' mother, Theresa, asked as soon as Crystal got down from their SUV. "Yeah, what happened? James told us about the whole wedding night issue. Are you sure everything is alright?" Regina, James' step sister and mother to Cyrus asked as she walked out of the house to meet them. "I'm really tired... We both are, and we need to rest. Maybe we can talk about this later," James said, and brushed past everyone. Crystal ignored the looks they gave her, and looked around, searching for Cyrus. She peeped at the balconies and sighed when she saw no signs of him. "Why don't you go lay down. Whenever you wake up, they'll be food ready," Regina said, and took her luggage from her. Crystal smiled at her father-in-law when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Come, let's go in," he said, and they walked into the mansion. As soon as she entered the house with the rest of her new family members, she sa
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The next day, Crystal changed from her day outfit into a red bikini right after her husband left the mansion with his father for work. The only people around were her grandmother in-law, her mother-in-law and most importantly, Cyrus who was already at the pool swimming. Once she was fine with her choice of clothing, she wore a robe over her bikini and brushed her long hair. She grabbed her sunglasses and a glass of wine, then made her way to the back of the mansion. Crystal waved at Cyrus when he swam up to get some air. She took off the sunglasses, and sat down on one of the lounge chairs. She crossed her legs and sat in an elegant manner, then smiled at the handsome man. She watched as he came out of the pool and she bit her lip at the way the droplets of water trickled down his tan skin, and hard abs. She gulped when she saw how his trunks stuck to his skin and she cursed at the fact that she could not see how hard or soft his cock was behind the trunks.
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Crystal walked into the bedroom she shared with her husband after a long afternoon at the pool. She came to a stop when she saw her husband sitting on their bed, using his laptop with some documents scattered close to him. She looked towards the window that faced the swimming pool and mentally wondered if he had come home when she had been flirting with Cyrus. When he raised his head and smiled at her, Crystal forced a smile on her face and crossed the room. She stood beside the bed, and ignored the way James eyed her bikini covered body. "When did you get back?" "An hour ago... I saw you at the pool and damn, I was tempted to join you but I had urgent work to do," he said, then took the laptop off his lap, followed by the folded blanket on his lap too. "Since I'm done now, why don't you come sit on my lap. I missed you." Crystal had an instant foresight. She knew something intimate was bound to happen between her and James. The few th
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Crystal slowly turned towards the direction of the voice of her husband. She looked past his shoulder and saw that he had been walking out of his parents' room in the mansion. She exhaled in relief and came closer to him. "What?" She asked with confused masking her face. "You said something about someone being into you." Crystal smiled and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She pecked his lips and nibbled on her bottom lip, while giving him a sultry look. "I just remembered that you are making me a nice meal, and it actually is a romantic gesture, hence my words about you being into me," Crystal replied, and giggled when he nuzzled her neck. "Of course I am so into you. You are a beautiful woman, so beautiful that you could pass off as a goddess. My goddess," James said against her neck. "You two are disgusting," came Cyrus's deep voice. At the sound of his voice, Crystal moved away from her husband and stood stiffl
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As soon as everyone was done with the table, Crystal helped Theresa with the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. After she was done, she started walking out of the kitchen, only to be held back by the woman. "I hope everything is fine between my son and you? I know this marriage was so sudden. As a woman, I understand how perfect we want our marriages to be," Theresa said and Crystal smiled. "James and I are fine. We are just getting used to this marriage thing. It's all new to me," she said and hugged the woman for some seconds. "If I need any advice, I'll let you know... By the way, do you know where James could be?" "I think he's upstairs in his room. He said something about work. I can't believe that man is actually working when he's supposed to be on a work leave. I hope you distract him from work, Crystal," she said in a cheery voice and walked away. Crystal sighed with a roll of her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. She wondered
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Crystal had barely slept last night. Her thoughts had been filled with Cyrus and the woman he had brought to the house. It shattered her heart and made her feel so teary. She had to hold herself from crying, to avoid any questions from James or anyone. It ached her heart, which made her realize that her attempts to get his attention were failing. She felt disrespected, even though he did it unintentionally. At the same time, she felt bad for scolding him without a better reason. It made her wonder what he thought when she said those words. With a sigh, Crystal rolled onto her back and stared at the chandelier hanging on the ceiling of the bedroom she shared with James. She turned her head towards James who was fast asleep, snoring softly. She began to imagine that it was Cyrus she shared her bed with, but she knew it would never happen. James started to move on the bed before he opened his eyes. She watched him sit up and turn on the be
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Once they had boarded their plane, Crystal started walking out of the airport with the anger from before still resonating inside of her. She needed to call James even though he was in the middle of whatever business meeting he had. He had no right to speak for her in ways she never wanted to even thought about. As she marched towards the parking lot, she heard Cyrus calling out to her but she ignored. She felt his large hand grip her elbow then he spun her around, almost making her land on him. “What is it, Cyrus?” She asked through gritted teeth. “Look, I know you’re not in a good mood but at least watch where you’re going. You almost got in front of a moving car,” Cyrus said and looked past her head. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked behind her. There was a sports car with its angry owner glaring straight at her. She waved apolitically and stepped out of the way. “Thanks,” she muttered and started walking towards their parked SUV.
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