It All Started With A DARE

It All Started With A DARE

By:  Seunpeace  Ongoing
Language: English
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Well, who said a Nerd couldn't be a fierce, stubborn, cold-hearted, arrogant and a lover of baggy trousers and crop tops... All these attributed to Jade, a newly transferred student in Crimson Heights high school, to complete her finals. Being a Nerdy bookworm gave no one their right to tamper and dare mess with her, this got her into many fights in her previous school before she got transferred to this new school. She tried as much to be ignorant to everyone who crosses her path to avoid trouble, but that was quite difficult when she was pushed to the wall most times. Meet, Kayden, the popular cocky, arrogant billionaire son whose father owns the largest multi-billionaire corporation in Canada. He is handsome and tall, making all girls in school desire him. Guess what happens when two arrogant people collide... Chaos right? What happens when Jade decided to go for a house night party organized by her mates after being dragged in school by the crazy cheerleader, Athena, and Jade was dared to KISS Kayden? Aissh! That's when the whole trouble even started. Warning: Contains Violence, triggering emotions and Matured Scenes.

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66 Chapters
“Hey, mum! Dad!!” I shouted, running down the stairs with one strap of my school bag hanging on my shoulder without even breathing heavily.I rushed into the dining room and picked toasted bread from Dad's plate.“Hey! I was just about to enjoy that,” My dad grumbled with a snap, while I smiled teasingly at him.“Good morning, Dearie,” My mum greeted, wiping the water off her hands with the blue napkin as she walked over to dad and placed the napkin neatly on the table.“Ready for school?” She asked, scanning me over with her eyes.“Yep,” I answered biting a small portion of the toasted bread before chewing then adjusted my rectangular framed silver eyeglasses.“When will you get to dress like a girl?” Dad asked me while I rolled my eyes.Honestly, there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing. Oversized baggie gray trousers and black gray crop hoodie jacket were just okay for me and definitely my style.“Dad, there's nothing wrong with the way I'm dressing,” I told him, finally finishi
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JADE's POV.❥❥I've used almost three days in this school and so far so good, I haven't gotten any problem from anyone except for the near-to-be one, I almost encountered with those girls on my first day. I waited patiently for the class to end as the bell came ringing, and I hurriedly packed my books into my bag and waited for the teacher who taught us Finance to leave the class before I made any move.It was break time as the students began chattering among themselves while I just stared at them.Too bad, I hadn't made any friends, since no one bothered to come to meet me even after having to introduce myself to the whole class as instructed by the English teacher… Even in my previous school, I had no friends. I was always to myself.I was sitting at the extreme end of the class, which was good for me because no one would bother to disturb me. Likewise, I will just stay mute there like I don't exist in the class and go back to my dear home without having any issues.The teacher had
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JADE's POV.❥❥I was taking a book from my locker when I felt someone behind me as I closed my eyes, breathing in before opening my eyes and continued searching for my morning subject notebook.“Hey!” I heard a deep voice say behind me and when I didn't answer him he leaned on the side of my locker, I glanced at him and noticed he looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where.“Do you just decide not to talk to anyone or what?” He asked when I didn't say anything and still, I didn't reply to him.“I'm Kayden, what's your name?” He asked, making me close the door of my locker in frustration with a bang, making him jolt back slightly with a peal of alluring laughter as I held my books in my hands and faced him squarely as he smirked at me.I blinked my eyes staring at this handsome tall guy staring at me, he was the kind of exact guy I always fantasized about.You know, every girl thinks about how their dream guy should be, I also had my fantasies too about a person I would like to fal
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JADE's POV.I was eating my sauced spaghetti in peace when the girl with the same gray eyes as mine who I'm starting to get curious about knowing her name approached me with a tray of food in her hands followed up by her three friends as I clearly remembered the blonde girl among them as they all stared at me disgustingly while I gave the gray eye's girl a suspicious look guessing she has to be the gang leader of those girls behind her.I wondered what was going on and why they were disrupting my peace when I decided to ignore them and continued eating since they didn't look ready to say anything on time, especially the gray eye girl gazing venomously at me.I saw she and Kayden walk in the class earlier together, and no one needed to tell me the two were a thing.No wonder, I kept thinking of where else I saw Kayden's face, he was among the group of guys when I got to push this bitch head to the ground yesterday.It was an excellent thing, I cut him off with his conversation earlier
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I continued with my punishment the next day, immediately after I got to school, and started picking dirt that littered the whole school.I saw no sign of Athena and I least cared about where she was, I wasn't going to report that she didn't partake of the punishment. It was completely none of my business.I finished my task by noon after everyone had gone back to class during break making sure I was not the center of attention by everyone, and headed straight to the class, feeling tired and exhausted.Everyone was chattering and making noise and when they noticed my presence they all got quiet staring at me while they whispered among themselves, I ignored them and began making my way towards my seat.I glanced to the side and saw Athena sitting on her seat, with her legs crossed on her table and her three friends laughing and speaking with her as she smirked at me while I annoyingly dragged my gaze from her face and went to my seat.I got to my seat and the terrible sight got me choke
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The bell rang for closing as everyone scurried out of the class, I didn't feel like going home earlier, so I waited a bit in class while everyone scooted out. Kayden stood up, purposely brushing my shoulder with his hand as I shot him a sharp scrutinizing gaze while he smirked in return then gave me a wink.I almost blushed, staring at him, thank God I had rolled my eyes and looked down at my book, after realizing he was out of class. I suddenly remembered that I'm supposed to say a 'Thank you,' to the girl who risked reporting Athena and her friends.Honestly, she should have kept her mouth shut… I had a bad feeling those nasty girls won't let her go scot-free.I scanned the entire class with my eyes and noticed she wasn't in class, so, I stood up packed my books into my bag, and headed out of the classroom.Likewise, I decided to have some little exercise to myself, wondering where the basketball court was as I started walking, glancing everywhere as the school began to get quiet an
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I parked my blue bike at its spot in school as I backed my school bag properly, and wrapped my hands firmly around my bag straps.I yawned a bit slightly as I began walking towards the school building when I bumped into someone again, I shot up my gaze to the person.“We meet again,” Kayden's deep voice echoed in my ears while I frowned at him.“Are you making this a habit to be coming in my way, so, I will bump into you?” I sneered at him while he smirked.“If you are looking for my attention, then you are terribly failing at it,” I spat at him as his countenance fell as he growled at me and then made a funny expression on his face.“Me? Your attention?” He scoffed, eyeing me as he let out a taunting smirk, while I just stared at him.“You think I want your attention?”“That will be the last thing I'll ever want to do, Jade,” He smirked, making me shoot him a surprised look.'My name!''How did he?' I thought curiously.“How did you know my name?” I asked him nervously… I haven't kep
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“Me?” I anxiously asked the P. E teacher, while every other eye was fixed on me.“Yes, you!” He confirmed, I swallowed the lump in my throat when I turned my gaze to Kayden who was staring at me, with a slight smirk on his face.“She?” Athena asked annoyingly as she glared at me.“Yes, do you have a problem with it?” The young man asked her while she sneered at him.“She can't even barely meet with Kayden,” Athena scoffed, shifting her gaze to mine while I frowned at her.“We will know when she races with him,” The man, who seemed not to be interested in what she was saying anymore, replied curtly.Athena huffed and started walking closer to me, I didn't move from my spot, ready for any crazy attitude she was about to display.“You!” She started pointing her finger toward me while I jeered at her.'Crazy bitch!' I thought, knowing, she would be telling me not to get to her boyfriend.“I see you are trying in every possible way to get closer to Kayden, but let me tell you one thing,” Sh
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I had changed into my casual clothes and was walking down the hallway, when I saw Athena and her gangs approaching my way, and I sighed distressed, feeling the aura of trouble in the air.I tried to balance my right foot on the floor and walk normally, but I still felt light pains soaring through me.Athena gave me an unsympathetic look and scoffed as she and her minions got closer to me.I tried to ignore them and be invincible, but they blocked my path, the four of the girls crossed their arms over their chest and each of them gave me a smug look.I wheezed out, a bit annoyed, and gaze up to Athena's face. “Please, excuse me!” I said in a calm voice while Athena scoffed at me, rolling her eyes at me, her friends gave me a sneer look then they giggled evilly among themselves.“You bitch!” Athena started, moving forward and closer to me.“Please, excuse me!” One of her friends mimicked my voice irritatingly with that croaky voice of hers, my voice doesn't even sound that way, for cryi
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“These books!” I groaned annoyingly trying to arrange the mess I created in my locker. It was break time, and I tried to act like everything is going well, when it's not.The pains in my ankle has subsided, and I'm able to walk smoothly without wincing by placing my right foot on the ground.Still, fighting with my scattered books in my locker, I heard some girls talking besides me.“Do you hear about the house party Brandon is hosting soon?” One of them said.“Yeah! I'm so excited about it,”“Kayden will be there too, it's just bad his tigress girlfriend will be around,” The second girl muttered.I stopped with what I was doing immediately hearing on the mention of a party and Athena being referred to as the tigress girlfriend.'Hmm! A house party!' I thought and suddenly smirk.I will make sure Athena is going to take back on here words, I'm not a social personin fact, I never attended a party before in my life, maybe it's time for me to crawl out of my cage a bit.Furthermore, I co
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