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A near miss tragedy bonded Janet and Danielle as best friends forever. However, when a silly and fun bet between friends that involves Jayden, a no nonsense CEO son of a big wig politician was made to bring Janet out of her shy, good girl next door shell turns into a love triangle. Will their friendship stand a test of time? Or will all be fair in love and war?

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71 Chapters
It all started as a bet. Danielle and Janet are best friends for life. One was very rich and the latter is from a low income family. How did they meet and become friends? Eight years ago. There was a terrible storm in the area called The Main. The main is neither a slum nor a highbrow area, but the area is not particularly well developed, the land and rent was affordable and most low income earners settled there. Danielle was driving, drunk! Very drunk. She was returning from her high school (Secondary School) secret graduation party organized by the rich spoilt son of Senator Dinomel on a beach at a secluded private resort owned by his dad. Even though her friends warned her that it was too late and she was too drunk, she should consider staying the night or waiting for the bus organized for some of the other students to drop her off at home, she wouldn’t listen to anyone, she insist on driving home herself. It was around 11pm and the road was in a terrible state, coupled with
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Chapter 1 Present Day
Danielle was in a daze, looking at the boss with lust and twinkle in her eyes. She was so lost in her lustful thoughts that the boss had to snap his fingers to catch her attention, she jerked back to reality. He looked at her weird behavior with a tiny frown, handed the file back to her and said – “Go and give it to the accountant and make sure you follow it up, I don’t want any delay in processing the order”. She answered – “Yes sir, right away, do you need anything else?” He looked at her sternly. And she quickly left his office. She closed the door and whispered- “oh my God! He is so hot!” She walked back to her work station with a big smile thinking of only one thing, how she will easily win the bet. Janet on the other hand was at her place of work worried about the pile of files on her desk and if she will be able to meet the deadline given by the clients. She doesn’t have much time to think of anything else, and the bet, she has totally forgotten about it. The Bet Danielle an
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Chapter 2 The Club
Quiddox Club At the club, the girls along with some other friends were drinking, dancing and having fun, when DJ Dodoskky paused the loud music and announced – “Happy people, hope you are having fun” Club goers chorused – “Yeessss” The DJ went on – “We have a beautiful damsel, amongst us tonight, but note guys, she is not in distress and today happens to be her birthday, the next song is dedicated to her”. He paused for effect, played a whoop whoop sort of sound and said "Happy birthday Danielle, you know you are one of my favorite humans, enjoy the song" Danielle’s favorite song came on, and she screamed “Yass!” She started jumping up and down. She was gyrating to the song as she screamed – “You are the best Dodoskky” . They were still dancing when some guys walked into the club. Danielle saw her boss amongst them and stopped dancing. She called the attention of Bibiana and Tokunbo and pointed towards her boss while talking to them. Jayden was complaining to his friends that h
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Chapter 3 Fired!
The weekend was a breeze. Danielle was inside her big closet dressing up, wondering if she should just stay home and avoid the obvious or go to work. But she can’t just resist seeing the boss. She applied a bright red lipstick, smacked her lips and examined her appearance in the mirror with some slight poses. She smiled and said to herself – "Oh well, even if he does fire me, I can still work on my bet, it will be so easy". She looked at herself in the mirror again and shook her head – “Nah” and decided to change into something a little bit more sexier. She chose a Olive colored tight hugging dress that stopped mid thigh and put on a Burgundy blazer to make it look and scream sexy professional. She Picked up her purse and car keys and left her room. Downstairs she asked the maid where her parents were, the maid replied – “Small madam good morning, dem don commot, dem talk say make I tell you say, if your oga pursue you, make u go for intafew for this card” she handed her a compliment
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Chapter 4 Bernard Resort
Janet kept her word and took the girls out as a compensation for missing the birthday night out at Quiddox. But she warned them not to order anything too expensive as she can’t afford to lose her whole salary, since they all refused to go to the place she chose and would rather come to a high end location. “Ohhh Bernard Resort, I have missed you. It’s been so long we were here” exclaimed Tokunbo. Danielle doesn't like any serene ambience and can't help but complain “ This place is always boring, I don’t miss it a bit, no guys, no party, the bar and the view is the only nice thing they have got going on for them here, you know how I hate quiet and serene environments” Bibiana dismissed her complaints “It’s not every time we want gra gra, jaga jaga, sometimes peace and quiet, nice conversation and good cocktails” Danielle still not convinced said “Whatever” Janet looked at her friends bickering and sighed “I am already pitying my ATM card…Lord! Take the wheels” They were all stil
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Chapter 5 Unexpected Call
Janet lay on her bed smiling and looking at the ceiling but not actually focusing on anything. When she came back home she said hi to everyone, when she checked in on Damon and she noticed that he seemed restless, she felt he may be in pain. But her mom told her not to fret, "He is just uncomfortable having to lay on the same position all the time, he will be fine". Janet wasn't convinced, she was still worried and tried to convince her mom that perhaps they should go back to the hospital. Her mom won't have any of it so she had no choice but to come to her room to rest after having small talks with her parents. But now that she remembered Jayden, she couldn't stop smiling. Thinking of the way he smiled at her while squinting his sexy eyes as if she was a silly little thing. Her smile deepened and she felt silly, she haven't done anything like that before and she felt like she has become quiet as mischievous as Danielle for even daring to walk up to a total stranger, a hot one at th
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Chapter 6 Smitten
Jayden checked the time and was surprised. "Wow! I didn't know I could talk this much on the phone, my battery is almost empty" He felt kind of happy, contented as if he has just won a lottery and he doesn't even know why. He just knew he enjoyed talking to Janet a lot. Although he can't figure out what the bet entails, he guessed that any girl or group of girls that throw themselves at him in the next few days will probably be her friends. He was thinking of ways to make the bet even more interesting for them, but he could not stop himself from yawning. He was feeling tired from his friends shenanigans at the resort. He wanted to watch the highlights of the news but the feeling of tiredness prevailed and thus he decided to retire to his room. He stood up from the sofa in his living room, picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. He is so used to using one of his two phones to control most of his electrical appliances, but his phone is red, the battery is almost down. He
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Chapter 7 His Number
Danielle was sleeping in. When she got back home late the night before, she barely made it to her room before she slept off. Danielle went to the club with her friend Mike as soon as she got home from Bernard resort. When the limo dropped her off at home the day before, she stepped in and was about so go check out the latest movies on Netflux when her friend Mike called her and told her he was bored. Mike asked if she could come out to blow off some steam at a new night club that just launched last week. Danielle agreed quickly as she also prefer to dance, have fun and drink than to stay home watching TV. So she quickly took the small elevator to her floor. Danielle went straight to her room, took a quick shower, walked into her closet and changed into a sexy shimmery sequin dress. She put on light makeup as fast as she could, pulled her hair into a quick messy Ponytail and ran out. On her way out, her mom saw her leaving in a hurry. She called out to her but she didn’t seem to he
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Chapter 8 He called back
Danielle was feeling gloomy and cursing her luck. “I just got his number with so much difficulty only to get blocked” She blamed herself for her present predicament. “If only I didn’t call him impulsively, he is obviously moody in the morning. I should have waited and called later. I was too excited” Sighed. Danielle sat down and was wondering if she should get a new number and call him later or find a way to make him unblock her number. “How do I even get him to unblock my number? I can’t even reach him” She hit her forehead lightly with her fingers. Her face lit up as she thought of an idea, but she quickly cancelled it. “No I can’t use mum’s number, she will grill me about him to death” She faked a shiver. “Oh, I know, I will use the mansion's landline and wish to God that nosy PA doesn’t snitch on me” She was quiet happy with her decision when her phone rang. Her eyes widened like two big saucers “He called back?” Danielle was so happy she made a victory gesture “Yess!” She qui
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Chapter 9 BFFs
'Hey beautiful!" Janet rushed into Johnson's masculine room that now looks like a mini playpen because Damon had to move from grandma's room, so Johnson can take care of him personally.Danielle turned around from Damon while peeling a chuppa sweet "Hey, yourself""oh my! So many toys and sweet stuffs. Damon, you have to share with aunty""No I won't!" Damon replied with a pout.Everyone bursted out laughing. "Damon be a good boy now and allow aunty to have at least one cupcake""Aunty, last week you were complaining of your waist and how your jean doesn't fit anymore.""...""So consider it a blessing that I refuse to share my goodies with you""Dam dam is this a new way to be stingy" Janet feigning shocked."No aunty, if you eat pastries or sweets then your face will be so chubby you won't get a boyfriend"Danielle couldn't help but laugh while pinching his cheeks "You are so cute Damon, who told you that chubby girls don't get boyfriends?""Aunty Ramo our neighbor, she said to her
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