The Mob Boss's Revenge

The Mob Boss's Revenge

By:  Faith Adore  Completed
Language: English
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"Leave my office, Fremantle," he snapped me out of my dazed state and feeling my cheeks redden due to unshed tears, embarrassment and built up anger, I picked my dress and panties and then turned to go. "Wear the dress, Fremantle." "You can't be the only one to enjoy my nude body, Mr. Castile. I'm generous, so I think everyone should get a share." I said and then walked out of his office. He didn't stop me. But five steps later, I heard his voice over the house speaker. "All security exit the third floor immediately." ** Fremantle had never met anyone like him before. He was the direct opposite of her, the type of men her mother warned her about. But how could she stay away from a man who made her panties wet on the first day? She really should've listened to her mother.. Eron never imagined someone like her existed. He wanted her as his, but he also had a feud to take care of against her family. Which would dominate in the end? Love or Vendetta? R 18+

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72 Chapters
Frema Turning the sign of the restaurant to closed, I couldn't help but sigh in relief. "Let's go, Riley, I could really use some sleep right now." I said, rubbing my forehead as I felt a headache kicking in."You're such a fucking sloth sometimes," Riley grunted, and I ignored her, heading for my BMW.Feeling tired, I tossed the key to my best friend, flashing her an apologetic smile as she glared at me. Soon enough, she got to her house and I had to drive my lazy butt home."I don't get you sometimes, bitch," Riley started and I raised a brow. "Your dad owns a fucking company earning over millions in one fucking month, and your mom runs half of their parents' company. How the hell are you working?" She asked for probably the hundredth time and I groaned."Can we talk about this tomorrow? I need sleep like a baby needs her lollipop." I said, opening the door and signalling her to get out. She rolled her eyes at me and got out anyway, swaying her thin hips just too spite me.I chuc
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Eron"Stop being grumpy, man. We didn't lose everything, we still have —""We don't have anything, Liam! We couldn't close such a simple deal! Do you know how hard I've worked for it? I was totally embarrassed in that board room. Even my father looked very disappointed in me." I spat, loosening my tie as I kept pacing around."Yeah, your dad looked pretty disappointed but you closed three deals in two weeks now. This one might be one of the biggest but I believe everything happens for a reason. Come on, man. Okay, how about we go out to eat? At Kimmy's palace? I really loved their food the last time." Liam proposed and my brow raised."How is eating supposed to make me feel better?" I questioned. Liam shrugged."We could look at some beautiful waitresses.." I laughed. "You like a waitress there?" "You can't blame me. She looks different." Liam stated, shrugging."Wait. Like like, or under the sheets obsession?" Liam rolled his eyes. "I just met her once, man. Of course I haven't de
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FremaHe was looking over at us like we were fresh meat. It freaked me out but I maintained eye contact. Willing myself not to chicken out. Arsen stared directly at him too, as confused as I was. How can a person have so much hatred in his eyes?Suddenly, he stood up abruptly and hastily left the restaurant. I looked over to Liam. He avoided my gaze and wrote a cheque for the meal, sliding it on the table."Liam.." I started.He finally looked at me and gave a half assed smile, leaving the restaurant as well."Who's that?" Arsen asked."I don't really know. He's creepy, right? And he's grumpy too. This is the second time he's been here. His name is.. Eron." I explained. He sighed."This is why you have to resign, Frem.""I will, in three days time. That's when I have to go back to college."Arsen rolled his eyes. "I don't get why you even have to work. Dad is like, bastardly rich.. we don't have to lift a finger if we don't want to.""But you're working.""For dad. There's a differen
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Frema"Get up bitch, we're going to a party!" Riley suddenly yelled and I narrowed my eyes at her."What the hell, Riles, I'm bomb ass tired, the least you could do is leave me alone." I said, frowning at my own cuss words."Get. Up., You fucking sloth. Arsen needs me at a party and I'm not going alone. You learned how to cuss, might as well learn how to party too." She said, giving me a pointed look."Arsen? Come on, Riles, you know how my brother is, he's gonna get mad if he sees me at any party." I said reasonably and she bit down at her lip, deep in thought."You know what? I'll handle Arsen. Now get your ass up and let's go to the fucking party." She said, dragging me to the closet."Okay! Okay! I'm going! Stop dragging me around like a pig," I said, and she let go of me, grinning."I promise you'll thank me later, babes." She said and dug into my closet, searching for a dress or whatever.I rolled my eyes and picked out a Jean Bumshort Jumpsuit and a matching jean jacket. She b
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FremaI woke up on an extremely soft mattress and I sat up, wondering where I was. Last thing I remember was that I was talking to Arsen and then he went off, mad at me and then a guy.. A guy fucking abducted me!"Where am I?! I want to get out of here!" I screamed, hoping there was someone out there. In a few minutes, the door flew open and I saw him.Eron bloody Castile. In all his Armani god glory."What the-- how are you part of this?" I asked, utterly confused."Oh I'm not part, dear, I'm the mastermind behind everything." He said calmly and my eyes widened a fraction."What the hell, Eron?! This is kidnapping, you know that right?" I snapped and he chuckled deeply.How erotic."Believe me when I say I've done worse, Princesa. Welcome to my world." He said and I almost broke in tears. No. No, I can't be weak right now.. I can't."W-what do you mean?" I managed to ask. His eyes softened as he spoke the next words to me,"It means you're my property now, Princesa." He said with su
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Frema"Wake up you fucking sloth." I rolled to my other side, shielding my ears from Riley's annoying voice as it gradually faded. "Leave me alone, Riley." I cried lowly, expecting a cold bucket of water on my body any momemt. When I felt nothing after some minutes, I opened my eyes slowly and looked around.Then it hit me.Abducted.River green eyes.Hard biceps.Poker face.Greek god looks.Eron Castile."Ugh. FML on the highest level." I muttered to myself and the sudden life threatening need for my usual early morning coffee struck me causing my head to spin."I. Need. Coffee." I said sleepily and trudged my feet to the door, unlocking it and starting my quest for coffee. And food.Getting to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and took out a carton of milk, gulping down the content all at once."Still not coffee.." I muttered to myself again and then started making my coffee. I gulped everything at once too and as soon as I did that, my eyes shot open and I finally remembered last
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Frema"I.." I muttered as his hand gripped my hip roughly."Shhh." He shushed and pulled away from the kiss. "You're going to suck me off like the little puttana you are, Fremantle. And you're going to take me in so deep. Deeper than you've ever taken anything. Get down." He commanded and my cheeks flushed red in anger so I slapped him. Hard."I'm not a whore, Eron Castile. You're in the mafia right? That's why you don't want me to know what you do. You speak Spanish and Italian at the same time so you think you have power over all the women in this world, but guess what? You can't own me, you dumb fuck. Enjoy." I ranted​, squatting down almost immediately and pulling down his zipper. I pushed it lower and dragged down his boxer briefs, gasping as his erect cock sprung out, almost slapping my face.I looked up at him, trying to keep my confidence as his intense eyes stayed fixated on me. I gulped and wrapped my fingers around his cock. I didn't need to be told what to do because as ho
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FREMAIt was now five days since the heart wrecking episode and I kept to myself. Well, mostly. Liam was always there to piss me off. Right now, I was dancing to James Arthur's "Empty space", and even as sweat poured down my body, my hips kept rotating and rocking the hell out of the music."I'm alone in my bed,And looking for love in this stranger's bed,But I don't think I'll find it,'Cause only you could fill this empty space.." My voice was high pitched and no doubt a pity, but I couldn't care less as I sang my heart out."What is your plan, guttana? To pull my house down with your croaking?" I heard Eron speak and I turned abruptly, too fast, almost breaking my neck. There he was, in all his sex god glory, clad in an all black attire consisting of a simple collar shirt, with the first three buttons unbuttoned and black trousers. His shoes were equally black. He looked devilishly handsome, and could be easily tagged as the most breathtaking figure alive. He had started growing
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FREMATwo weeks had passed since well.. Eron fucked me.I inhaled deeply as I tried to focus on what my home tutor was saying. Apparently since I have been kidnapped, I can't go to college anymore. So Eron bloody Castile got me a home tutor. How nice, right?".. I think I'm losing your attention, hija." The Spanish lady, obviously in her forties said. I rolled my eyes."For the hundredth time Miss Elizabeth Warren, I'm not your fucking child." I said, irritated. She nodded, looking hurt. Dramatic daughterofa--"Lesson's over, Miss Warren. You can leave now." I heard his voice behind me and I tensed, feeling my cheeks heat up as memories of the moment we shared flooded my thoughts."Okay, Mr. Castile. I'll take my leave now. Goodbye, hija." She said and I felt like killing her. I'm not your child, woman!Meanwhile, I turned to Eron, smiling innocently,"Um.. Welcome daddy." I said, making sure he understood the underlying tone in my words. His jaw clenched.Success, I thought."My off
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FREMAI tried pulling down the hem of my dress, frowning in distaste at the much skin that showed off. It was a rose gold strapless gown with gold cut off sequences at the sides. It stopped barely above my mid thigh and revealed too much flesh. My ass wasn't something I could hide. I applied minimum makeup and curled my hair properly. I knew I looked amazing even without being told by anyone. "Ready?" I heard Liam's voice from the door. I grabbed my clutch from the dresser table and answered,"Ready."The door opened and he entered."M****a." He cussed, and I smirked. Time to go home, baby. _Eron stood, his back facing me as my heels clicked loudly against the marbled floor. He turned after a while and I could swear his eyes darkened as they raked painstakingly slowly over my body. I felt hot under his gaze and I also very much wanted to jump his bones right there.Crap.One could cut the tension with a fucking knife."Where the fuck do you think you're going?" His voice came out
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