The Kind Villain: A Legend of Woof-Woof

The Kind Villain: A Legend of Woof-Woof

By:  _OtaKwen  Ongoing
Language: English
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What if a werewolf apparition left a bite mark on you? Hessuel, a humble guy, lives a life of discrimination because of his dark skin. Foolish civil knights bullied him. That incident turns the table of his daily life: his werewolf power reawakened after he was bitten by a ghost. He coincidentally met a badass enchantress named Dandeline who can help him with his uncle’s quest: to find his ghost mate. Unfamiliar with the supernaturals, he grabbed that opportunity to learn from her how to howl with no grammatical errors. Hessuel's path is toward the mate, but his heart is toward the enchantress the longer they stay together. But promises turn into betrayal. Love turned into hatred. The hero became the villain as he was fated to a dead mate.

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96 Chapters
(S1) Chapter 1: Little Devil
This story is a werewolf romance-comedy. 3 seasons in one book. Contains mature contents of violence and sex. Discrimination, abuse, etc. that might trigger negative emotion are not tolerated but will play a part in the story. A reader's discretion is advised :) NOTICE: If you subscribed to this book before January 30, 2023, please unsubscribe then subscribe again to apply the changes made. Thank you! (This is a temporary note) … … (HESSUEL’S point of view) She’s so beautiful… The moon. I was helplessly staring at it while I’m lying down on the dried leaves of the burning forest. All my bruises knocked me down. ‘Twas all vague in my vision. That there was a woman crying and holding me dearly. She’s facing against the light of the moon, making it difficult to see her face. The last thing I knew… was her gentle kiss on my lips. ☪ ✧ ✧ That was 13 years ago. "Your favorite veggies are on the road~! Buy it or miss it~!" It's my daily line in selling the vegetables. This is my da
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(S1) Chapter 2: Price Stab
I ran while pushing the unloaded cart. My other hand carries today's salary and I'm excited to present it to my uncle! I made a jubilant entrance into the garden. "Uncle Cor~! I got referrals today and an incredible increase in salary than yesterday! What would be our celebration?" He's wearing an apron while removing the resin of the pear squash. And he looked at me, his eyes widened. "Why are you soaked!? And the smell! What happened to you!?" he screeched. "The scoffers poured this on me. They do it often." He strips my upper cloth and dries me with a towel. "You shouldn't be accustomed to this humiliation. At least try to defend yourself. Don't let them daunt you every day!" I'm giggling from the way he talks. "I will next time if that will smoothen your wrinkles." "How could you be so happy with your situation? I knew there's something wrong with the way that you were created," he murmured. He’s my uncle, Cormelio. "I'm just happy because you care." "Hmph. Give me that.
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(S1) Chapter 3: Errand
I wasn't able to stop him anymore as he walked like a cat straightway to those guys. My feet remain at the threshold of the blacksmith shop to do as he brags: watch him. "Excuse me," he started, "are you the owner of this slave? If not, you, therefore, have no right to do what you please against him." One of them responded irreverently, "We're not. And hey, old man, just mind your own walk and denture instead of someone else's business." My fists formed. I can endure their satire but not for someone I cherish. Cormelio talks back, "I will if you stick your nose out of this kid and my nephew." "Who the hell is that?" Another guy barks, "His slave vendor." Their chortle disturbs anyone who passes by. In my sight, they are grown-ass coconut brains—unable to recognize whom they're talking to. "People like you are worse than slaves. What you're doing is illegal for none of you are the owner of this slave. Any kind of humiliation towards a slave is reserved to their owners. So mind
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(S1) Chapter 4: Silver Wolf
The smell of potent stink took me back to my senses! I'm lying on the same bed in the garden. But right at this moment, something is different. I dislike the smell of flowers! I cough one after another while itching my nose. My steps spontaneously run towards the outside. I grasp on the fences while relieving my nose and throat with the fresh air. And when I touched my forehead, I felt the tightness in my nails and found out the reason why. Everything about the incident last night is vivid in my memories. The moon... the sensation underwater... The ghost… I thought it was just a dream. My nails grew longer, sharper. I tested scratching the fence and it left a deep mark, effortless. My body feels lighter—and that's not a bad thing. I looked at the path beside our farm and found a villager passing by with a wagon. The sound of the wheel, even at least one hundred meters away, is clear to my hearing. "Weird..." It was the first word I uttered this day but I covered my mouth when I f
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(S1) Chapter 5: Long Hair
Cormelio never has to realize something from these guys. It's them. It feels like my head was shaken when that fist from the giant guy blew on my nose! The two men locking my arms were thrown into the handcart with me. The rest of the guys murmured praises for the tall man. The two left my side while I'm cringing my nose and lying on the handcart. The man stood with his legs both on my sides and showered me with more punches. I made sure that my training with Cormelio is useful. My arms cover my head from the intense and heavy punches that shake my head, bump on the wood, and nothing but brute beating. Every hit depicts hostility to avenge an accomplice. And I believe that's acceptable. It's my right to avenge myself then. The tall man ceased and was startled after having sight of me. His fists are swelling and shuddering, the unfathomable reaction on his face is adorable. Without a glimpse of hesitation, my uppercut attack met his chin. He was pushed backward, rolled, and fell fro
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(S1) Chapter 6: Under Arrest
"He suffered from blood loss," the nurse lady informed after the aid. Cormelio's wounds are wrapped with bandages, deep cuts have cotton wool for the prevention of bleeding. Just the sight of how pale he is makes my legs shudder. I almost lost him. His life is still in danger. I remember every word he told me earlier. And I don't think I can live on my own. My knowledge is still out of the league. "We need to fill him with blood again," the nurse indicated, "or else, his heart will suffer and die." I extended my right arm. "I'm—" ["You can't."] I halted when I heard the resonating voice again. This time, I look at Acro who's perching on top of the pendulum in this dark room. And her eyes are directly looking at me. Then some thought came into my mind. I can't donate my blood to a human for I am a werewolf. That doesn't prove the logic without experimentation but I prefer not to involve Cormelio with such. I reason out, "I'm not allowed to be his donor. I wasn't capable of selli
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(S1) Chapter 7: Metropolis
I don't have the coat with me! That's not really surprising for my power is unleashed and lively. But I have to retrieve it. The only problem ahead is its whereabouts. And I can't show myself like this in the crowd. When returning slides into my thoughts, I knew somehow that it was absolutely late. Good thing, I saw the archer on a window of the tower fired at me and I was able to dodge. The arrow pierced onto the roof and I lost balance when I lifted a leg; I stumbled, rolled down the roof, and fell into a pile of laundry. A lady on the ground squeals when I ruin her space and cause a clutter. Her hands are on her chest while the wet bed sheet is within her clenches. "I'm sorry—!" She shrieks even more after landing sight on me. I'm supposed to ask her for the exit but her mouth isn't in good condition to spill assistance. I run away into these narrow and congested pathways outside the houses as fast as a silver wolf can—seven steps in a click of a clock. Someone wearing a hood
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(S1) Chapter 8: Jar
"I saw your actions towards a slave... Your kind adherence with the innocent girl's corpse," she preceded. “Why would you do that to a stranger?” “... Why not? She needed help. And it didn’t come when she needed it the most, she never should have suffered harassment from those vile knights.” “How did you know?” “I had those contusions before.” "Oh, right… I’m sorry. You have no stigma of mistreating dark-skinned people, do you? I deemed that you can help me save my enslaved niece." "Me? But what can I do?" "You have the power to defeat Mraz. You do it and I'll stop his nefarious laws." Her arms fold in accordance with her grimace expression. "Several months ago, people in my town went missing and most of them are from dark-skinned families, including my niece. Enslaving people of that color was enforced in Plandreas and Lanbarc metropolises. That's when I knew why my niece was missing. "Dark-skinned people commenced a riot but that increased the number of slaves being sold thr
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(S1) Chapter 9: Tower
"The last?" I muttered after him. "You might be. Are you expecting to meet your similitude? I believe we've already given the demise of your race." He's mocking me, it's my thoughts on the matter. But I find it reasonable. I already knew the sore brutality of silver wolves like me. "Then... you shall do the same to me? Sir, I have another reason why I need to meet you." "Freedom for the slaves? Yes. The knights informed me about your petition. But would you mind guessing why we enforce this law?" He leaned his arms on the bars with an overweening stance. "It's because of you. We know you're hiding under that color. And all we've been doing is to pull the rat out of its hiding. And the long wait is over." "Are you talking about me? I'm a werewolf, not a rat." "Don't make me laugh." "Your only interest is me but you involve people who look like me. You've been casting your hostility with uncertainty, making you unworthy of your headship. Perhaps all you do is dictate your will f
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(S1) Chapter 10: The Delta
"I know how to tame dogs," she boasts. She lifts her right hand up and above her skin is a huge orb of light spinning in the air. We all looked at it as the light imitated the glow and image of the moon. As always and have been, the beauty of it is mesmerizing, stunning… soothing… But my fascination ended harshly when I was slapped on the face. "You're awake now?" Dandeline asked. I blinked rapidly at her. “Aw,” I said, and when I looked at the werewolves, all of them were flabbergasted and spacing out on the sight of the moon Dandeline made. "Oh, so, it's your way of taming? Hypnotizing?" I pointed a finger at the moon. "Let's hurry!" She pulled me on my coat again to run away while the werewolves were deluded. “Wait! I want to try to slap them if it’ll work the same as mine—.” “It will!” We're running down another spiral stair, the space is slim and dark but the noon light through the window spares the burden. We halted in the middle of the path when I smell the fur again c
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