Maddox, The Broken Alpha

Maddox, The Broken Alpha

By:  Abigail Phillips  Updated just now
Language: English
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We've all read the books where the alphas mate is hurt or gets kidnapped and the alpha saves the mate. What happens when it's the other way around. What happens when it's the strong Alpha that gets kidnapped instead and something so traumatic happens to him that it completely breaks him and his Luna has to save him. Once she saves him will he be the same person, will she be able to heal him and fix the broken person he is now. *** This is book 3 of, "A Broken Alpha" ** can't be read as a stand alone.Maddox comes from a family with special abilities. Maddox is the alpha of the Night Wolves Pack. He became Alpha at the age of 18. Maddox grew up with a happy life with his family at the Midnight Moon pack. Maddox was full of life, had a funny sense of humor and loved to joke and play pranks. Addison is Maddox's mate. She is a witch but not just any witch, she's rare, she's an enchanted witch.When Maddox and Addison fully mate and complete the mating ritual she becomes the strongest witch there is.However things take a turn for the worst when a good friend of alpha Ace who was the old Alpha of the Night Wolf Pack, seeks revenge for the death of Ace who was killed by the Midnight Moon pack.He manages kidnap Maddox and does something to him that completely breaks him.Finn is treated horribly by his pack. He's abused and used, made as the packs slave. He dreams of the day he finds mate. He wishes his mate would find him and rescue him from the helpful he lives in. What happens when he finds his mate and his mate wants nothing to do with him.

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    Chapter 1
    Maddox's POV Oh my gosh I can't wait to get home, I'm practically bouncing in my seat as the packhouse finally comes into view.My name is Maddox and I just turned 18 Three days ago.My parents are both males, my father who was the previous Alpha is Thaddeus and my dad his mate is Aiden.My older brother Reid is now the current Alpha of our pack the Midnight Moon pack.I have a twin sister Isabel we call Izzy.My dad and his twin sister were what they called the magical twins. They were born with special abilities, special powers. My dad passed on those powers to us three kids. My sister and I since we're twins, our powers are connected, the further apart we are the weaker our powers get. But Addison's grandmother had these special crystals blessed by her coven. As long as Addison and I both wear our crystal it connects us so our powers aren't as weak when we're separated.My older brother Reid is the strongest of us three. Since he's not a twin he doesn't need anyone to enhance his
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    Chapter 2
    Maddox's POV The anticipation of seeing her is almost eating me alive. I haven't seen her in 7 months, seven long damn months! I can't believe how much I miss her and I can't even feel the full mate bond yet. I left before I turned 18. And as much as I miss her and love her already I can't imagine it could possibly be more. But I know it's going to be, I can't help but wonder how much stronger it's going to feel the moment I see her, the moment I feel the full effect of the mate bond. I see the pack house getting closer and closer and it's taking everything in me not to jump out of the car while it's moving and run up there. I feel like I can't breathe the moment I see her dart out the front door. Her beautiful long waist length black hair flowing in the wind behind her as she sprints down the driveway. I can see it in her face, I can see how desperate she wants to see me. My father screeches to a halt as I start opening the door and leap from it before the wheels fully stop movin
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    Chapter 3
    Maddox's POV I stand in front of the door and look both ways as I type in the passcode on the door. I slipped in backwards shutting the door behind me and let out of breath. I turn around smiling as my eyes roam the room. I quickly walk over to the desk and set my bag down before pulling everything out. I pulled the bag out of the garbage can then quickly start pulling the desk drawers out and dumping them into the garbage can before placing them back in the desk. Once I had all the drawers emptied except for the one that's locked on the bottom I quickly grab a couple cans of tough stuff and start squirting it inside of each drawer. I sat there smiling as I watched this crap expand. I quickly closed it and moved on to the next drawer until I had them all filled. Next I grabbed the crazy glue and flip the laptop over then proceeded to squirt as much as I could all over the bottom before pressing it to the desk for a few seconds. Satisfied I moved on to the phone, then the stapler,
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    Chapter 4
    Damien's POV "No!.. Don't even!" I said glaring at Xavier as I held baby coal in my arms while waddling to the nursery like I had a stick up my ass. He looked at me sorrowful meanwhile I'm cursing Celine the moon goddess. Celine, I swear I'm making a mold of that cock and taking it with me when I come see you. I'm shoving it right up your fucking ass so you can see what it feels like! I say in my head then winced when I took another step and felt a sharp pain in my ass. "Oh now you're just messing with me!" I say glaring at her. Well, imagining I'm glaring at her. But pause and watch Theo walk past as if nothing happened.... This little shit's not even limping! How in the hell is that even possible? I literally watched Xavier fuck the shit out of him before he fucked the shit out of me. And here I can barely walk and this little turd is walking past me as if nothing happened! I swallow hard then try to gather myself and walk like a man... like he just did but after two steps y
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    Chapter 5
    Maddox's POV "Hey new Alpha jerk!" Noah says as he comes up behind me and slaps his hand on my shoulder. "Hey penis breath!" I say smirking at him. He glares at me before pushing me away. I about died and almost keeled over laughing when I noticed he cupped his hand to his mouth before breathing into it and sniffing it when he didn't think I was looking. His head quickly snapped in my direction as I was bent over holding my stomach while laughing uncontrollably. He growled at me before storming away. "Maddox, come here." My brother hollered out to me. I walked over to where he was standing with my father and dad. My dad quickly wraps his arms around me as if he's just seen me for the first time since I've been back. "Goddess Maddox, I missed you so much! My dad says as he squeezes the life out of me. I laugh as I pat his back. "Dad you just see me a few hours ago. I said still laughing. I know but I just really missed you! He says smiling as he pulls away from the hug. "So
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    Chapter 6
    ***** Warning, bxb sex scene ***** Reid's POV I wrap my arms around Sid laughing after he climbed off of Noah. He turned around in my arms and looked at me. I watched as his eyes turned mischief before jumping into my arms, wrapping his arms and legs around me. He quickly dove his face into my neck before sinking his fangs in. Since he feeds from me so often it no longer hurts. Instead it's instant pleasure. I moan as I feel the pleasure as it instantly starts coursing through my body. I grip him tighter then slap his ass as I struggle to control myself and not take him right here in front of everyone. I quickly make my way to our bedroom and slam the door shut before thrusting him against the wall. I moan when I feel his tongue as it brushes against my skin while he sucks and feeds from me He whimpers as he rolls his hips, pressing his hard cock against mine. I thrust my hips forward pressing my throbbing cock against his firmly. He retracts his fangs and gasp before leaning
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    Chapter 7
    Maddox's pov I hold Addison's hand as we approach the gate. I look over and smile at her then give her hand a gentle squeeze as I noticed how nervous she looks. I can feel it through the bond how nervous she is as well. "Don't worry love, everything's going to be okay." I say trying to make her feel better. We drive down the long drive before we come out of the dense tree line and I can see the pack house come into view in the distance. As we get closer I can see all the work that's been done. I can see new homes that have been built, I can see all the new flowers lining the drive as we get closer to the pack house. The packhouse looks nothing like it did before. I can see the new siding, new roof and new edition on the left side. It almost looks as if they tore it down and put a new one up. All the new landscaping and flowers along the front. Off to the left is a giant park with new playground equipment for the pups. I park in front of the pack house and turn the car off then t
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    Chapter 8 Matthew
    Matthew's POVThe day of Isabel's birthdayI groan as I pulled the fourth shirt off.I feel so nervous, I need to find the right shirt. I go back into my closet and start flicking through my shirts.I grabbed three more and walk back into the bedroom. I put the first one on and immediately take it right back off and toss it onto the bed.I grabbed the second one which was a solid black button down. I leave the top three buttons undone so you can see my chest then roll the sleeves up and push them up to my elbows. I grab a white gold necklace, then look in the mirror once more. I run my hands over the shirt before trying to make sure my hair is perfect.I close my eyes and take a deep breath in before letting it out.I can't believe it's finally here, the day she turns 18.... The day she can finally feel the mate bond, the day she can truly feel I'm her mate.It's been 25 years since I turned 18.25 years without a mate.It's almost unheard of to go that long without finding your mate.
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    Chapter 9
    Matthew's POV (Three days before Maddox came home,The day of Isabel's birthday) I parked the car then take a deep breath in before slowly letting it out. I reach over and grab her birthday gift and the flowers. I get out of the car and run my hand down my shirt again making sure it's not wrinkly. I slipped the little box in my pants pocket then look at my reflection in the window trying to make sure my hair is not a mess. Goddess why am I so nervous! My nerves are shot, my heart is pounding out of my chest, my hands are shaky and my palms are sweaty. I wipe my palms on my pants as I shift the flowers between hands. I shake my head and take another deep breath in before slowly letting it out and begin to walk toward the side of the pack house where everyone is gathered for her birthday. I take several steps away from the car and into the grass but stop when I see her sitting on a log near the fire. She looks sad from here and I can't help but wonder why. For some reason I get thi
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    Chapter 10
    Matthew's POVI don't know why but I feel like a teenage boy getting ready to show his girlfriend his bedroom for the first time.I chew on the inside of my cheek nervously as I watch her walk through the front door of the pack house.I know Isabel and her brothers were here once, but only Reid, Xander and Marcus went inside.And even then, so much has changed since then. It's not the dark dingy hell hole this place used to be when my father ran it.I was actually quite proud of myself and how well I turn this place around. The once ran down pack was now blooming with life.The pack house had a complete facelift inside and out.I actually helped other pack members plant the gardens out front. I helped clear out all the brush from the rundown playground and had a whole new play set put in.But I watched nervously as she looked around as we drove through. I couldn't tell what she was thinking. I kept glancing at her quietly every now and then wondering what she was thinking. Starting to
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