Return to take revenge on the evil billionaire

Return to take revenge on the evil billionaire

By:  Laverne  Completed
Language: English
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Vera has a beautiful love for Saki, but something bad happens that forces her to leave him. Years later, Vera transforms back to the side to silently take revenge on the person who ruined her life. In fact, Elias is the one who loves Vera more than her own life. The two gradually lead a happy life, when an accident occurs. Then where will the two go? We invite you to follow along.

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226 Chapters
Chapter 1: Strange man
In the room, there was only a faint light shining down on the body of the girl lying motionless, surrounded by a torn white dress that must have been violently torn by someone. Her jet-black hair was a mess, even her hands were restrained by a tie, but she didn't know it because she was in a coma, not knowing that her beautiful path was being watched by someone's eyes. Elias's hand reached out to touch the girl's pure, smooth face, long fingers stroking along her chin down to her collarbone. The soft sensation transmitted from his fingertips made him pause for a moment, as if enjoying an unusual sensation that no one had ever experienced before."Um." Because of someone's movement, Vera involuntarily groaned softly, and thanks to that, she gradually regained consciousness. The first thing she saw was a throbbing headache, even her body aching causing her forehead to wrinkle. Not stopping there what she was most afraid of was that there was a hand moving on her body, she reflexively sh
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Chapter 2: Life is destroyed
Hearing Saki say that Vera was relieved, he made her think that he regretted getting married to her. On the contrary, her face was redder because of that sentence, just one more day, the two of them officially belonged to each other, then he saw her so much that he didn't want to look like now."Just for tonight. Let's go home." Vera was embarrassed by those hands and eyes, although the two have been in love for 3 years, they only stopped at holding hands or kissing on the lips."Let me." Saki opened the car door and took her shirt, her eyes lovingly on Vera's shoulder, and finally, her fingers touched her cheek once more with affection. "Only for tonight. I'll have to be beautiful tomorrow when I come to pick you up.""You mean I'm not pretty normally?" Vera pretended to be sulky and asked, then stared at Saki again and countered: "Don't sleep too late, otherwise people will see the groom with dark circles coming to pick up the bride.""Okay. I'll sleep early tonight to pick up my b
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Chapter 3: Quick face-to-face
3 years laterA girl walks out from the airport, she looks at the sky of S city. It's been 3 years since that night when she returns, she will make the person who ruined her life that year pay the price, have to do it for him. life is not equal to death. Every day when she wakes up, Vera always reminds herself to try to do good work, to create a firm foothold in society, to have a strong influence. That made it easier for her to take revenge and today she did.Vera rented a room at the hotel, just after taking a shower, she received a phone call from the corporation telling her to go to the square to listen to the conference. Maybe it'll be of some use to you while you're here?Of course Vera did not refuse or willingly obey, she always took every opportunity that came. So she quickly got ready, put on a black dress, matching jewelry with the dress and of course indispensable black high heel sandals, seeing that everything was done, she took a car to the place of the meeting beau
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Chapter 4: The same place met three times
Vera was calm on the outside, but in her mind she couldn't hear a word from Elias, it was so sudden and fast that she hadn't prepared for this situation.Suddenly, Vera felt that a pair of eyes were looking at her, when she reached that eye, she was slightly startled, the man was looking at her. Didn't he recognize her already? She should get out of here first and figure it out later, but now that she's here, sooner or later she'll fall into his hands again.Thinking to make Vera take out her phone from her purse as if someone was calling, she stood up to open the door to leave, a voice that was neither fast nor slow directed at her making all attention focus on her."I'm going to invite someone up here to interact with me. Yes, I've seen one very quickly. The girl in the black dress, please come up here." Elias discovered that everyone was listening to him, except for that girl. He wanted to test a few questions to see if she was in the industry or just came here for another purpose
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Chapter 5: Being teased by a little girl
"Has anyone told you that you're shameless?" Vera dodged and asked another question.Once again Elias was told directly to the face by this new girl, as if he had already dealt with others, it was funny that he and Vera were not like that, but it was also funny that she asked so directly. It seems that she is an honest person who dares to ask, dare to accept.His hand reached out, pulling her closer to him. "You're the first. Let's go." Regardless of whether Vera agreed to go with her or not, Elias still pulled her into the car that had just arrived."Where are you taking me? I called the police." Vera no longer had a calm expression, but instead looked around as the car rolled.Elias's lips involuntarily curved up because of that lovely act of Vera, when he first met him, he was not afraid of heaven or earth, he was so confident despite people looking at him, now in the car he is like a scared little cat eaten by a tiger. If he didn't see far and wide, he would have sent her to the h
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Chapter 6: Busy man
The girl was sleeping soundly on the bed, her straight nose rose and fell with each breath, and her red, plump lips were extremely lovely. But the ringing of the phone ruined sleep and the charm that few people see.Vera's eyebrows were tightly knitted, someone had called her early in the morning, she hadn't slept for a long time when she returned to the country with the time zone difference with the other party. Speaking out, people thought she was honorable, pretending that she had already arranged this and that after three days in a foreign country, but honestly she couldn't adapt on the first day. However, no one understood and blatantly called.It took Vera very hard to follow her senses and press the right blue phone, she brought it close to her ear, and said in a languid voice: "I'm Vera Echanox, listen.""Are you still sleeping? What time is it over there?" The person who spoke in English asked.In fact, Vera is Pakistani, when she heard that voice, plus English, she immediate
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Chapter 7: Stomach growls faster than mouth
Wait until you see someone out, of course Vera can't miss this opportunity. She quickly ran to Elias, her eyes filled with resentment that made someone difficult to understand."Seeing me walking like that?" Look how cold she is. It's just for work, if it doesn't take long to come here to meet the person she hates. Looking at Elias' expression, she asked suspiciously: "Are you still angry about last night? Ugh, what kind of man is that."It's hard to please someone with anger than that of a girl, whoever marries him and gets his eyes on him is really bad luck for eight generations.Vera doesn't know that Elias is amused by her different personality from everyone else. Rather, she was trying to get attention, easy to work with and easy to get revenge on. That's what they call a double job."Haven't you missed me since we just met?" Although she didn't like Vera's sometimes unyielding, even hard of hearing, Elias couldn't even ask that question. And he knew his question was completely i
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Chapter 8: The sinister man
Vera aimed for the weekend to call Elias because she had heard from the staff that he was only free on this day, she would use that to make an appointment with him to be sure. Click on the number and wait for the other end to pick up the phone.After waiting for a long time, Vera thought that Elias would not answer the phone when she was about to hang up the other end of the line."Hi, I'm Vera who met you the other day." Without such an introduction, Elias might not know who she is, so it's better to be sure."What 's up?" Of course he recognized Vera, he just couldn't act cheerfully, that would make it easier for her to bully him.Knowing that she had a new call, but still opened her mouth to ask that question, she also raised her hand in surrender. But I need people, not people need me, so you have to lower your ego a bit first."Oh, I want to make an appointment to discuss the cooperation of those two companies." Telling this story not only benefits her company, but everyone benef
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Chapter 9: Not only sinister but also talkative
"You may not believe it, but I haven't told anyone this yet. You're already beautiful, but when you're angry, you're even more beautiful. How did I meet you so late?" Elias laughed out loud when he saw Vera angry, he never thought a girl would make him so happy. The fatigue of the past week of work immediately disappeared, he really wanted to let this girl stay by his side forever. If it's other girls, it's simple, they just need a flick of the hand and they run after her, but with this girl, he wants to cherish and use his sincerity to get her."You dare to laugh again." Vera was furious, a person who was supposed to be cold in the eyes of others burst into laughter so easily at her. Did they make a mistake or was it because they were so afraid of Elias that they saw it, he was not only sinister but also fake."Okay okay. I don't laugh anymore." Elias tried not to laugh, but the corners of his mouth twitched.Suddenly Elias felt like these two were in love. He must have hit harder.V
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Chapter 10: Refusing to stay for a meal
"You let me think and let you know later, okay?" Vera didn't know how to say it properly, so she made an appointment for the nearest day, she was afraid she would decide now if it was too soon that it would be embarrassing to say it again. It is best to still make an appointment, if it is okay, it will not be counted later.For this kind of thing Elias knew that Vera couldn't think for a moment, it took a certain time to make the best decision, the more she did that, the more he appreciated her. His eyes on people never seem to be wrong."You just think about it carefully. If you have a result, then let me know in an hour, then we can talk about work." In the marketplace for many years, Elias knew when to be thin and when to be firm, and with Vera he should speak more softly.Vera once again didn't know what to say when Elias readily agreed. There's nothing more here, you should go home. Thinking that made Vera get up, picked up the bag, unfortunately let it fall, the things in the ba
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