Your life time, my love

Your life time, my love

By:  tunhan2803  Ongoing
Language: English
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When I was 4, I met this guy. When I was 12, were together 8 years When I was 14, I foolishly discovered that I had loved him for a long time. When I was 17, we were a couple. When I was 18, we were a long way apart. I hope it's still you in the next life. Again, when I am 18, I finally met you. In my life, I admit I will lose to your hands.

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5 Chapters
The darkness
nn"I ran into someone today, like... you was here before." A long, long time later, until the owner of that sentence was completely out of sight, I quietly stepped out from the darkness, silently looking at the stele in front of me. Above is a picture of a girl, at first sight quite young, with a bent smile on her lips. This is probably the person he loves, the last sentence was told to her as well. For a moment, the cause and effect of everything seemed to be going through my head, slowly as if riding a horse to see flowers, until the last minute the details suddenly became clear, and it seemed to be faster. The last image I saw was only a faint and distant figure of that person, so far away that I wanted to reach out and reach for it, but I could not help but give up...*** "How are you doing at work?" My mother said from the kitchen, she was having trouble arranging the food on the table, and by the way asked me a little about my new job."All right." I sat down,
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The ring
I think it's still a good idea to explain a bit about my unusual nature, so I took a deep breath, choosing the right words. "I'm sorry about what happened last night." I didn't dare look him in the eye, afraid that he would discover something was wrong, so I turned my eyes in a different direction. "Because... you appear to be a friend of mine." "The whole name?" His voice was so soft that I couldn't hear his thoughts, but when I looked up into his eyes, I could clearly see what he was thinking. You looking at me with a look 'let me see how much more you can say.' I was momentarily speechless, but the javelin had to go with the javelin, so I had to close my eyes and say it wasn't bad. Believe it or not, I admit that when in front of him I couldn't think of any more convincing reasons, my mind was so confused that I couldn't find another reason. He didn't say anything, but his eyes were fixed on me as if he was studying something, momentarily numbing me, as if he we
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My name is Le An
When I was dreaming with my head on the desk, the weak sunlight outside the window shone through and stuck on me, not at all dazzling, but on the contrary, brought a warm feeling that was hard to put into words. Like the embrace of this person for so long..."Le An." The teacher's call drew me from my crazy thoughts, I rose rapidly, finding my empty head, my mouth began to stutter. Mr. Nam is the toughest man in school, and by the time my eyes met, I knew my life had ended. Of course, as I expected, less than a minute later, the professor became angry, began to teach me thousands of "ethics" and then let me sit down. My head still hum with the teacher's voice as it bounces, incapable of absorbing anything else. Today is class seemed to have earned nothing, I didn't even bother to come home, I had to sit at school and wander around for a while. Because my house is not far from the university, there is no need to stay in the dormitory, which was convenient at
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To Duong
Sitting for a while longer I made up an excuse to get into my room, not any longer. It was also at this moment that I realized something that 'as long as my heart is still fluttering, I just need to look at it for a long time and wish to be with me.' It has already been so long, I thought it would sink into the past, thought time would vanish, and finally discovered that it was always present in my mind. As you are always in my heart, reigning in my heart, filled with sorrow. Like one day of that year, when I was seventeen, when the last sunset of the day faded and merged with the horizon, on the school's rooftop, where my young girl's heart was full of love and enthusiasm. Precisely engraved with the name of To Duong. I want to be with him, want to appear in his growing up process, only regret all the memories of the love story between him and me forever stopping in that year. Those thoughts made me sit blankly in front of the desk for a long time, countless images
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It reminds me of our public handshakes, hugs in public, his protection and concern that make so many people jealous of me, or just a bright, righteous look, no afraid or worried about something. Everything is a thing of the past, as a small secret which I have hidden in the depths of my heart, only I remember. It also proves that we liked each other like this. For the moment, seeing you again is sufficient, I ask nothing more. In the days that followed, I mainly avoided going to the company, often under the pretex of being busy reviewing and shortening my probationary period. Everybody thinks I care about my notes, but I know that's not the case. In the meantime, you and I barely see each other, which is of course what I want, otherwise why should I pretend I am still so busy? Everything would probably remain the same, if it hadn't happened that day. It was as though it had completely changed my life and the life of To Duong. It was a beautiful sunny day, bec
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