HUNJI: A Broken Wolf & the last witch of Andora - Book 4

HUNJI: A Broken Wolf & the last witch of Andora - Book 4

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***Completed*** can be read as a standalone book. please note posted chapters are currently unedited.Knight of the queen or not, I am the expendable one, the one that shouldn’t be here, and the one that shouldn’t be alive. By all accounts, I should have died 13 years ago. A question I always ask myself, every time my eyes open: why am I still alive? Why did the gods let that old priestess find me so many moons ago and bring me back from the dead? Why did they allow me to live?I still wonder what my role is in this story and believe me there is more to this story than any of us know. I can feel it, see it unfolding, almost taste it. The last three years have just been a prelude to something bigger, something yet unseen and unknown. Lamia and Mathias may be the main characters, but we all had a role, an important part to play. Unfortunately, the script of our lives had been hidden away or maybe it just hasn’t been written yet.****Sent on a quest by his beloved Queen Lamia; Hunji finds himself back at the beginning. The place where his old life ended, and where the goddess granted him a second chance. On the hunt for a witch, Hunji must face his past - A past that left him broken. When the goddess breathed new life into him, he took an oath to serve her. Now that promise is being tested.He has survived his past but it's the future that threatens to turn his world upside down. That and the little witch who he was sent to find, protect and bring home; is hellbent on throwing a curve ball at every plan he had.

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54 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Andora
HUNJI Day 3 of the quest I had been given by our Queen, Lamia: To find the witch Morgan, Finnegan’s sister, and bring her home. I was already a day behind, the truck I had been given by the now Alpha Jasper of Bhakhil, broke down yesterday morning. Causing me to run in wolf form, find a cave in the foothills of the Andora mountain range and rest for the night. At first light I shifted into my wolf, letting Ruda lead the way, once again. Some hours later, well into the late afternoon, we had made our way to the first city, only a couple of hundred miles outside the capital where the Megaron was situated in Bozgvol. I shifted back into my human form behind a house on the outskirts and threw on the loose pair of pants I had stuffed in my backpack, fastening the retractable vest that held my swords. It had been years since I had traveled through Andora, 9 to be exact. Andora was a beautiful and rich country, surrounded by a border of low-laying mountains rich with quartz. most structur
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Chapter 2 – A Young Prince
14 YEARS AGO – Hunji 18 years old HUNJI I woke up in bed alone. Disappointed that Divya’s side of the bed was cold yet again. Huffing out in annoyance at her absence, I threw back the covers getting out of bed. I had initially woken with a smile on my face. But that insanely happy feeling diminished once I discovered, and not for the first time my mate’s spot was empty. I met Divya six months ago, a few weeks after I had turned 18, and was visiting Ishmel, a city outside of the capital of the kingdom Eririat. She was the daughter of lord Bijan, the Alpha of that city, and my father had been invited to talk politics, among other things. He had insisted my older brother Rostam and I accompany him. ‘It is good rapport and when you become king you will need these connections and the backing of the noble packs’ is what he had said to us. An outsider would think he was a good father bringing his sons to important meetings and teaching them how to be good leaders so early on. If only they
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Chapter 3 – A Familiar scent
HUNJI The next day I wake early and begin making my way to the capital. I managed to pay a man who was commuting to Bozgvol, who just so happened to be staying at the same inn I was. He was traveling there in hopes to trade his goods for a big payday to help his wife and soon-be-born child. So, I know the few gold coins I gave him would be welcomed. I throw my pack and swords in the back of the truck and climb in the front seat with him. “Where ya heading too young man?” He asks as he pulls out onto the dusty road. The old truck bounced and spewed out a dark cloud of fumes behind us. “To Bozgvol,” I reply, offering him little more. I wasn’t interested in making small talk. He wasn’t doing me a favor. Quite the opposite. I had done him a favor by paying him handsomely for a ride. I didn’t pay him for the conversation. I sigh at my own rudeness and offer him a smile even though his eyes are on the road. “I’m heading to the Megaron. I’m looking for someone.” I give him a little more t
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Chapter 4 – A Prince's Heartbreak
14 YEARS AGO HUNJI A week ago, Divya told me she wanted to go home. That she needed a break. She hadn’t given me a date when she was leaving, nor had she specified how long she had planned on being away. The taste of ash sat heavily on my tongue and my wolf’s mood of disappointment mirrored my own, causing a deep and dark ache in my chest. The last three nights she was here, she had slept in a different room. I had woken in the middle of the night to a feeling of burning that spread across my skin from head to toe. It was short-lived and I put it down to anxiety and the impending departure of my mate. Still, the situation left me feeling… less. “Did she leave?” I looked up at Rostam and nodded then bowed my head back down. It had only been a few days since Divya had gone back to her parent’s home. My wolf and I missed her like crazy already. We were already feeling empty without her. The sense of loss; weighed heavily on our hearts and minds She kissed my cheek before climbing int
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Chapter 5 – Freedom
MORGAN "Gods be all mighty girl! We have to get you out of here!” "What! Margarita, what is going on?" I look at the older woman who has been serving me since I was 16, maybe even before that. "King Panja’s army has infiltrated our streets, they came two days ago," she says unlocking the door to my room that has been my cell for the past 8 years. A major upgrade from the stone room my mother and I were shoved into one night when I was a small child. A night I will never forget. it was the same night they discovered I was not a shifter. I was all Witch. I watched Margarita flit to my closet and dresser, a knapsack in her hands. Frantically, she opened my drawers and shoved clothing items into the bag she had in her hand. "Come on get up! Don't just sit there. Get your shoes on girl!" She pauses her actions to give me a stern look. The lines across her forehead begin to soften, and she takes a seat on the edge of the bed next to me - Taking my hands in hers, and giving me a weak smi
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Chapter 6 – The Witch
HUNJI “Tell me more about this quest your Queen sent you on. You said her brother lives. Will, Finnigan come to claim his father’s title?” It was early morning and as I remembered Tristan ScarClaw was ever the talker. I had never been much for idle conversation and gossip. At least when he knew me. “Here,” I said grabbing the diary from the bag I was gathering and tossing it to him. “You can read it in your carriage.” He looked it over, turning the leather-bound book and inspecting it. “It belonged to Orion’s woman, Shayna. The eldest daughter of the late Vargr. This is how we knew where Finn’s sister was last known to be.” I had already filled Tristan in on why I had come back to this continent and what happened in the kingdom of Bhakhil. He was completely intrigued by King Kellen and his mate’s story. I had told him of how Orion had fallen and talked in detail about Queen Lamia and her mate, King Mathias. My old friend had greedily absorbed all the details with interest and expres
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Chapter 7 – Into the Unknown
MORGAN No sooner had the mysterious man rubbed his scent all over me and stepped away, the sound of gnashing teeth and menacing growls was upon us. I grabbed for his hand - scared to be left alone. What did these wolves want, where was Margarita? I didn't know if they had left her dead, lying injured or if - no, I couldn't think like that. This man would help me get out of here then I could find Margarita and Gregorio. Everything would be fine. "I won't leave you." He promised, removing my hand from his arm. The conviction in his voice and the promise of his words had me believing him. ‘Trust him,’ the familiar voice whispered to me - easing my questionable choice of whether I could or shouldn’t. And I did. For some unknown reason - I trusted this man. That was until I peeked around the alcove and watched him shift so fast - into a Wolf. Much bigger than the others with a shiny deep dark brown coat. His fur was the color of the purest chocolate Gregorio used to bring me. He made q
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Chapter 8 – Who Are you?
MORGAN I came to know the impeccably dressed slender man with blond hair and pale eyes – the one whose carriage we rode in and was in fact a werecat! As Tristan ScarClaw. I had never met a werecat before and was intrigued. I had only read about them. And really what a name! – Like, just wow. His name reminded me of a strong male character from a romance series I was reading. Rich, powerful, handsome, and saving the damsel in distress. I could tell he was wealthy by the way his home was lavishly decorated. Margarita always brought me magazines that showcased the latest trends in the city and on the market. From clothing to furniture and jewelry. I wasn’t allowed to read the local paper. My father didn’t want me to know what was going on in the outside world, but Margarita and Gregorio would always tell me the latest gossip or what was being said about King Orion. “So, what’s it like being a werecat?” I ask Tristan stupidly. He chuckles at my idiocy “What it’s like being a witch?”
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Chapter 9 – Punishable Crimes
14 YEARS AGO HUNJI I woke with a start. My body was heavy like it had been crushed by a boulder. I rubbed my eyes and then my temples, trying to piece together what had happened to me. I reached out for my wolf, but he was quiet and nowhere to be found in my head. “Good you are awake.” I glanced around looking for the owner of the voice and found my father seated in a lounge chair, the shadows of the night hiding him. He leans forward bracing his arms on his knees and resting his chin on his knuckles. His dark hair catches the moonlight making it look almost blue. It dawns on me that I am in my room. I hadn’t left for Ishmel yet. And I hadn’t seen Divya yet, it was all a horrible bad dream. “I had the worst dream, ever.” I groan, laying back still trying to gather my wits. “What are you doing here father?” I ask him. It’s not like him to be in here, especially not this late at night. It was a strange occurrence and had me feeling a little on edge. “It was no dream Kian,” He start
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Chapter 10 – Detour
HUNJI “Because I have no use for your gift of sight nor any other great gift the gods have bestowed upon you.” I leaned back in my chair, waiting to see if she would tell us or not. I wouldn’t blame the witch if she didn’t trust us enough. In her position, I don’t think I would trust us either. I took her in, thoroughly, as she sat and pondered whether she could trust the two strange shifters males. She is beautiful, even if her face was swollen and bruised. I could still see her delicate features underneath the harsh blue marks on her face. Her skin, so pale, reminded me of the moon’s light and the ivory tusks of the elephants in the Bashenstan jungle. Her white-blond hair was long and braided - the color of snow under the blazing sun of the Mint mountains. Rosy cheeks were rounded and childlike. Her turned-up dainty nose over her pouty thick lips – thicker now because of her carelessness, still couldn’t hide her beauty. My eyes wandered lower, to the swell of her breasts that squa
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