My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance

My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance

By:  Moonlight Muse  Completed
Language: English
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They say there is a fine line between love and hate, but where does one end and the other begin? When does something so pure become something so toxic that even you yourself cannot fathom when things changed? This story starts on the day that my parents were killed. That was the day that I felt like my entire life had ended. If only I knew then that it was only the beginning of the storm I would be made to endure. Struggling to grasp onto the threads of my unravelling life, I found comfort in the arms of someone I didn’t truly know. His dangerously handsome looks and his lethal allure consumed me, and, despite my every instinct, I fell. He became my world, the very air I needed to breathe, the only one that I thought I could rely on... but then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. When the truth of my very existence and reality was revealed, he cast me aside and lit my world ablaze, leaving me to burn in the flames of his hatred. Even then, we were still intertwined together by one fate. My name is Yileyna De’Lacor, and this is my story. For updates, character aesthetics and more follow me on author.muse on IG and author muse on

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Yileyna De’Lacor feels that her world is being destroyed when she witness her parents’death. However, it’s just the beginning of a nightmare. The rest of life let Yileyna feels hopeless, there is no one to love her and protect her without any conditions. She encounters him at the moment when she loses all of hope in life. He is the most handsome man that she has witnessed. Although she didn’t know about him, she still could find hope from his hug and consolation. However, it’s when she gradually trusts him that she is burnt in the flames of his vengeance, what’s their story? Read My Alpha's Betrayal: Burning In The Flames Of His Vengeance.

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151 Chapters
1. The White Dove
*** There was no love nor emotions in the eyes of the man before me… only the flames of hatred burning brightly, consuming them. "Tell me… what are we?" I asked softly. The pain in my body was suffocating and no matter how strong I tried to remain, I couldn’t keep the pain from my voice. "Nothing more than Heaven and Hell." His voice was equally cold, destroying the last of my resolve. "Then kill me." I whispered hoarsely, trying to ignore the pain of betrayal that was tearing me up from within. A ruthless smirk graced his handsome face, his fingers curling under my chin and making the sparks from his touch rush through me; pleasurable, yet equally painful. He was so close… yet so far away… "That would be far too easy… but I assure you, when I'm done with you, you’ll wish you were never born." "You don’t mean that…" "Watch me." He turned away, pushing me to the ground roughly, "Burn her." My heart sank, my head hanging as the pain of his rejection tore through me. Even when I
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2. Down By The Coast
YILEYNA Two months had passed since the night of the massacre, but the horrors of that attack still haunted the dreams of many. We lost thirty-four people that night, and another seven later on due to fatal injuries. What hurt the most was I knew Dad left the safety of the walls for me, to protect me and to make sure I was safe, and with his death, I lost Mom too. True mates who have marked one another will die together. A lot has changed since then, people look at me with contempt and hatred. I knew they blamed me for the loss of their Beta couple, but I blamed myself too. It was my fault. "The cheek that she’s showing her face here…" One of the two women who walked past us muttered. I smiled sadly, not bothering to look back at them. I don’t think they realised that they may have lost their Beta couple, but I lost my parents. The familiar painful hold on my chest returned and I swallowed hard, trying to focus on the destination we were heading towards. Charlene turned, glarin
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3. The Alpha King
YILEYNASurprisingly, Theon said nothing to Charlene when she returned, not even casting her a glance as we made our way back towards the castle. We split up, with Theon escorting Charlene to her room whilst I headed to my own quarters, the Beta quarters. A place that was so empty since Mom and Dad were gone.I quickly showered before pulling on a navy fitted top, black pants and boots, before I pulled my wet hair back into a ponytail.I exited my room and almost knocked into Theon, who was leaning against the wall."Goddess!" I gasped, jumping back, my heart thumping. "You scared me.""For someone so audacious, I didn’t know anything could scare you." He replied emotionlessly."What’s life if you don’t live it at full throttle?" I replied, making sure the door was locked before we both fell in step."Let me guess, not living, simply existing?" He raised his eyebrow."Are you mocking me?""I’m glad you figured it out." He whispered huskily, leaning down.My heart skipped a beat as our
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4. My Worth
YILEYNA Last night’s events were fresh on my mind, along with Alpha Andres’s and Theon’s parting words, I hadn't even been able to thank him for helping fix my arm. Something that I could have done myself, but it’s a lot easier when you’re not the one snapping your bones back into place. I hadn't shifted yet, so I didn’t heal as fast as those who had. I had woken up with Theon’s words playing on my mind and an ache between my legs that begged for only one man's touch. As much as I was sure I could find a man to satiate the hunger, I didn’t want just anyone. I had changed and come out to one of the smaller, less frequently used training fields. No one really came this far out often, and since the pack had in a way shunned me, I felt more comfortable training out here alone. Rain had fallen heavily all through the night and it was still ongoing. The ground beneath my feet was muddy and my boots were completely covered in it. Squelching with every move I made as I punched the tree rep
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5. A Hot Brew
YILEYNA The rain continued to beat down upon us, washing away most of the mud that had splashed in my face. He reached up, brushing my dirty hair back from my face, my eyes fluttered shut under his touch, a touch that I welcomed… A wave of relief washed over me. Theon was many things; mocking, aloof, cold and arrogant, but he was not a monster. "It seems you can’t stay out of trouble for even a moment." He murmured quietly before his eyes sharply snapped to the two men who stood a mere few feet away. "You should leave, don’t interfere where it’s not your business." Nikolai’s cocky voice came from behind. The gold flash in Theon’s eyes made my heart skip a beat, even if the rest of his face remained emotionless, the anger I saw in those eyes… for me. My stomach fluttered, before Theon moved me behind him. "As warriors of the pack, it’s a nice example to set." "This has nothing to do with you. Leave. You saw nothing." Kyson added coldly. I stared at the back of Theon’s head as I
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6. Two Questions
YILEYNA I quickly turned away, my cheeks burning as I gulped the rest of the coffee down. I felt him move away, so I quickly placed my mug down and stood up, trying not to groan at the ache in my muscles. I slid my arms out of the shirt, holding it firmly as I twisted it around, sliding my arms back in and buttoned it up. I turned back towards him, his arms now spread over the top of the couch as he glared into the fire, his brows creased in concentration. “Thanks for saving me.” I remarked gratefully, tugging at the sleeves of the shirt and stared down at the ground. I surely must look a sight in these oversize pants and shirt. Now, what do I do? I sat down on the small couch and pulled my knees up against my chest, feeling exhausted. “You may not have been at their level, but you shouldn’t push yourself to that extent where you cannot even defend yourself, especially somewhere secluded.” “Hmm, I didn’t think that would happen, I just thought to train… I'm lacking in far more t
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7. A Word Of Warning
YILEYNA His words stung. Was he saying that although Mom and Dad said I was theirs, there had been rumours… Meaning there was something there… I looked into the Alpha’s hard emotionless eyes, feeling very alone. Sure, he was our Alpha, his job was to take care of his pack, his city… and as King, his responsibilities were far more than that but if even for a second I thought I’d get any compassion from him, I was wrong. “I understand, Alpha, and that brings me to my second question; is it true that another will take my place as future Beta?” He leaned back on one hand, eating his sliced apple as he looked up at the sky. “I need a Beta now, soon. I can’t wait for a wolf less pup to shift to take that position. I'm afraid, yes, I will be choosing another.” His eyes fell on me once more and I did my best to remain emotionless despite the pain in my chest. I bowed my head trying to force a polite smile. “I understand Alpha, will I be given at least some time to prove-” “To prove wha
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8. Pushing Our Limits
YILEYNA The following morning dawned clear yet cold. The sun was shining, deceptive of the temperature outside. Great, the weather was getting worse as winter approached. I had just bathed and was towelling my hair dry as I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my room. I paused, tilting my head as I observed my body. An hourglass body, with larger breasts than average. With the light of the sun shining through the window, the water that clung to my body almost look like little crystals clinging to me. Creamy smooth skin that Charlene always said looked breathtakingly flawless. Curvy hips that irked me as they indeed reminded me of the Omegas. And thighs far thicker than the lean ones I was used to seeing on most werewolf women. I sighed, turning away from my reflection and tossing my towel aside. Today was the day Charlene was going to begin her training, perhaps I could also pick up on some of the stuff that Theon would teach her. I grabbed some black leather pants, sque
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9. The River
YILEYNA "She wins, right?" Charlene’s tired yet happy voice came, snapping us both out of our trance. "We’re taking a break." Theon’s cold reply came, turning away swiftly as he walked off down towards the water. My heart was thumping as the moment played out. "O M Geeeeee!" Charlene hissed, grabbing my arm, her eyes wide as she stared at me. I blinked, trying to focus on what was happening. "What?" I whispered. "You two had a moment." She hissed, her eyes alight with excitement. My cheeks burned and I rolled my eyes. "We didn’t, I bit his ear." I pouted. "Umm Leyna… Do you think you could have gotten that close without him noticing? He was far too distracted by you and that growl… it sounded more possessive and one of approval than an angry one. Ok, she had officially lost her mind. I rolled my eyes again, shaking my head. "Stop rolling your eyes before they vanish into the back of your head!" She hissed. Yeah, then I’ll be wolf less and eye less… I shook my head trying
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10. His Rage
YILEYNA The moment we returned to the palace Theon had told one of the other royal guards to escort Charlene to the healers for a check over. “Don’t I need to go…” A withering glare made me go quiet. I needed a healer too… “She needs to be checked ov-” “Take care of yourself first, princess.” Theon’s icy reply came, cutting Charlene off. I exchanged looks with Charlene but neither of us spoke knowing that if he told the king what happened… we were entirely screwed. All the way back Charlene had kept on saying it was her fault and she was ready to take the responsibility, but Theon had ignored her. I knew she was trying to drill it into him that I had nothing to do with it. But I did… I should have been more responsible. “I can walk.” I declared as we headed towards my quarters. He came to a sudden stop, not even looking at me and dropped me, making me gasp as I landed hard on my ass on the floor. Pain jolted up my side making my eyes sting with tears. Goddess… “Walk then.”
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