Accidental Mommy of The Billionaire's Heir

Accidental Mommy of The Billionaire's Heir

By:  Ayanfelord  Completed
Language: English
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Seth Allen had never had any luck with women when it comes to love and marriage. Soon, he became tired of his lonely life and decided to get a surrogate mother to carry his child. All of Isabella's life, she never had any luck with men. All they always seem to want from her was just sex. Already tired of the disappointments, she decided that she was going for an insemination using an unknown sperm donor. The hospital made a mistake and Isabella carried the child of Seth. Neither of them was ready to let go of the baby. All they were left with was to live together so that they could decide how to solve the mess. Would they be able to get past their experience and shed their insecurities for the sake of their future?

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153 Chapters
The breakup/ heartbreak.
Isabella Rogers glanced at the watch wrapped around her wrist, tapping her finger on the table with each passing second. Kevin was late again. He had become obsessively late the past few days that she wasn't sure they were dating anymore. Fumbling for her phone, she shot him another text. 'What's going on, Kevin? We were supposed to have lunch together!'She glared at the device in her hand, brown feline eyes flashing in anger and slumped against her chair. The milk tea she had ordered because it was his favourite had become cold, and so had her freshly baked muffins. The cafe was toasty and warm, a contrast to the cold November weather that prevailed in Los Angeles. And yet, Isabella felt blistered. As if she had been left in the snow for too long. Pretty ironic since it doesn't snow in LA, she thought wistfully. When she had met Kevin a few months ago, it had seemed as if there was hope for her. That not all the men in her life would turn out to be mindless humans and sex-driven
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The sex lord.
Seth Allen lazily opened his pretty green eyes and stared at the white ceiling. The spiral designs on it were intricately carved into the POP. Beautiful white walls surrounded him and pale sunlight filtered through the linen golden curtains, telling him it was morning. A purring sound distracted him from ogling the room he was in and his eyes fell on the woman sprawled beside him. Her back was turned to him, pale and flawless and pretty brown hair spilt all over it. Oh, She's still here. He stared at her, racking his brain in confusion. He couldn't recall all the details surrounding how they had met. What was her name again? Fiona? Florence? Just how much had he drunk the night before? He had gone to the bar, as was his usual way of ending a hectic day. After signing papers, finalizing deals and making sure his father's company didn't go down in ashes, he needed a drink. And a woman to ease the pressure. Groaning, he raised himself on his elbows and sat up, stretching his body. E
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Their first meeting.
"You're really doing this?" Nate asked his best friend as they alighted the vehicle. The sun overhead was pale and barely warmed the air around them. He shivered and followed after Seth who took long determined strides towards the Clinic. Benson's IVF clinic was well known for its reproductive and fertility services. They stood tall and proud, with white hospital walls that smelled like disinfectant. Seth scrunched his face as he walked in, trying to allow his nose to adjust to the horrid hospital smell. He, like pretty much all normal people out there, hated hospitals. The smell, the memory, the sick people, a shudder rippled through him as he thought about them. "Seth?" Nate called behind him looking rather befuddled. He chuckled. He would be confused too if his friend woke him suddenly with a call asking him to accompany him to a darned fertilization clinic."I mean this, man." He explained, feeling pretty energetic at the thought. Seth's plan was simple. He would donate his sp
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Life of a pregnant woman.
"OMG, Anna! Look!" Isabella squealed, standing before the mirror in nothing but her underwear. Her belly looked a little like it had bloated over the past six months and she couldn't help but flaunt it. "Awww, look at that baby bulge. It's adorable." Anna gushed from the phone she held in her hands. "You'll look like an elephant in a few days. You're happy with that?"Isabella rolled her eyes, giggling. "Yes. I'm fine with it, you pessimist. I can't wait to meet him or her."Anna grunted. "Sure, yeah. If the sperm they used didn't come from bigfoot."What the heck?"Anna, I'm having a wonderful day. Don't ruin it," Isabella warned, glaring at her phone screen. Her best friend sighed and nodded. "Sorry. I'm just really worried about you. There's so much risk attached to this, Isa. A simple mistake and you could end up with some genetically weird baby."Isabella hummed, eyeing her baby bump in the mirror. After several repeated cycles and spending almost all her life savings on each in
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Threatened miscarriage
Seth Allen stared at the wide-open doors of Benson IVF clinic, in apprehension and worry. It had been six solid months since he last stepped within the wide hospital walls. His knuckles turned white from gripping the steering wheel too tight. It wasn't that he was ashamed to go in. Heck, he had walked in proudly, happy about the thought of having a bouncing, healthy child. And for the first month, he had waited earnestly for a call from the clinic, telling him they had found a surrogate for him. At least that would've put his mother at rest. But he had gotten nothing. Neither a call nor a text. In the weeks that followed, he slowly forgot. It wasn't his fault, he had a company to run. Thousands of employees at Allen and Sons depended on him for their daily bread. He had been thoroughly busy, setting up a new branch in New Zealand. Signing a partnership contract that would help put his company on the front lines, doing charity, and getting laid in between. He had forgotten all about
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The safety of the baby first.
Isabella's eyes widened in horror as she took in the reddish-brown liquid that trailed down her legs. A sharp pain struck her abdomen again and she gasped in pain clutching her swollen belly. "No. No, no!" She looked at the shocked doctor who stood frozen. "What's happening? What's happening to my baby?!"The doctor seemed to wake up at her scream and lunged into action. "I need a stretcher! Clear out the emergency ward right now!" The woman yelled, visibly shaking. She glanced at the pregnant woman who was hunched over and then at the man who looked confused."What's wrong with her? Is the baby coming out?" Seth asked, hating that he sounded foolish. Numbers and accounting he could work with, but a pregnant woman looking like she would pass out? What the heck was he supposed to do about it? He took a few steps hesitantly towards her and patted her back. "There, there?""Don't touch me!" Isabella hissed, glaring at him fiercely. "Whoa." He reared back,surprised. "I'm trying to comfo
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"Get away from me, you arrogant man," Isabella screamed and immediately regretted the action as she felt a slight pain in her stomach. That reminded her of what had happened earlier and she held Seth's arm immediately, forgetting her hatred for him. "Please tell me my baby is fine." She pleaded with him.The first thought on Seth's mind was to make her pay for her rude behavior towards him. But then, he remembered that she could fall into another panic mood and truly lose the baby. This means that he would forever remain fatherless. According to the doctor who had attended to him at the time he had the accident, he had only a 10% chance of ever healing and fathering a child. Which means no chance at all to him."You're fine and so is the baby. Just stop screaming because I hate it." He finally answered her. He watched as she relaxed visibly and he scoffed. What was the score with her anyway?"Now that that is out of the way, can you get out of my room?" Isabella hissed at him.Just as
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Isabella had spent almost a week at the hospital and not once had she seen the man who claimed to want his baby. While she was grateful for his absence, she thought about how badly that reflected on the man if she was to judge him by his words and actions. Besides, why was he suddenly back after almost seven months? Where had he been since then? Why hadn't he bothered about the sperm? Why now of all times? The more she thought about it, the more confused she got about the whole situation.One thing she knew however was the fact that she was sure the man would be back. If not soon, then it would be later. She has to find a way to keep herself and her baby away from him."Who knows if he didn't come because he already knew how long I would be here?" She asked herself."Who are you talking about?"The sudden voice startled Isabella and she looked up out of fear. She relaxed when she saw that it was only the female doctor who had been taking care of her."Good afternoon." She greeted the
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Seth Allen walked into Benson's IVF clinic with a huge smile pasted on his face. Yes, he was happy because he finally came to the best decision that would make the stubborn woman give his child to him as soon as she gives birth. He petted the cheque for three million dollars in his chest pocket and smiled again.Nate might think that the woman was stubborn and had no price or ways to make her submit but he didn't think that was. Every poor person out there has a price and that price is always money. It just depends on the individual to know the price that could bring them to their feet.He knew how true that thought of his was since this was not the first time he had gone through the same route to have his wish done. And at all the other times, those people had let go of whatever integrity they had and they had accepted the deal he brought to them. So, why wouldn't she?"Let me see how she refuses to accept this cheque that would forever change her generation." He muttered to himself j
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Isabella felt lighter now that she didn't have to be tense, thinking about the appearance of the man called Seth. She chuckled loudly as she thought about how he would be fuming from his mouth the moment he realized she had disappeared from him. The way he would feel knowing that she had just cut him off from her baby's life permanently.As if her baby shared in the joke, she felt a kick."I know, right? Honey, that man is just plain stupid." She rested her hands on her tummy as she spoke."Why do all pregnant women do this?" A man chuckled to his walking colleague as they passed by Isabella. "Even my wife would spend hours talking to our unborn daughter."Isabella smiled to herself. Of course, pregnant women would do that since the action allowed them to feel very close to their child. It was sort of like creating a mother and child bonding moment."Especially when it's just the two of us, right?" She asked her child again and laughed when she felt another light kick.The peaceful mo
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