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Avyanna had been judged and criticized her whole life as a werewolf. If it wasn't her extremely dark skin, it was her unusually tall height. If it wasn't her size, it was her hair color. Avyanna was able to pull through because of her father's love and her best friend's support. Avyanna's father's death hurt her mentally and damaged her ego, leaving her uninterested in the Alpha title. This made her spiteful brother happy as she was no longer interested. Things changed when she got her powers and kept having disturbing dreams. Alcinder, Avyanna's best friend was pronounced mateless for life as his wolf was missing. On reaching puberty, he could not transform into a wolf, even with his strong wolf genes. His wolf was either born different or non-existent, as said by the pack's healer. Elektra(Avyanna and Alcinder's best friend), is a healer and a white magician. After receiving her gift, she dedicated her life to helping her friends get their life in order. Their life is thrown into more chaos as Alcinder's aunt, Velda, and vampire mate, Salvatore brings an army to destroy all the packs of Alparos.

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19 Chapters
Chapter one: The dream that haunts us
Avyanna “I was tied and seated in the middle of a dark room, panting and sweating profusely. My heart was pounding rigorously and I felt dizzy. I was bound by ropes that had spikes, it punctured my wrists, neck, and my stomach. I could barely breathe and I couldn't sync with my wolf. She was whimpering and howling in pain. There were shadows in the corner of the room whispering and uttering all forms of profanity at me, calling me despicable names. The more I pleaded, the more the ropes tightened. I bared my fangs and screamed for help. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw a ray of light, it looked heavenly. My father came out of it and behind him were all the packs in the United States of Alparo, together as one. He led them through the light. As my father approached me, I felt this new surge of energy in me. I charred the ropes that bound me and healed myself of my wounds that were formerly bleeding and my clothes that were torn transformed into a white glowing dress. My father
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Chapter Two: The Murder of Williams
Seven years ago “Avvy berry! Can you get me the gardening trowel? I need to plant these seeds, the weather is perfect for it. Alpha Williams loved his garden, he spent hours beautifying his lovely flowers. Today, he was going to plant white roses. He had been gardening with Avyanna but she got distracted when her favorite TV show started. “I'll be there in a minute, Dad! Animal predators have just begun”. Avyanna yelled from the sitting room. She went to the garage, grabbed the trowels and a pair of gloves, and rushed back to her dad. “Where's Angus? He promised he'd help with the flowers today. It's exhausting”. “He locked his room and put the DO NOT DISTURB sign, I think he's playing video games”. Avyanna replied as quickly as she could while standing on her toes peeping at the Tv from the windows. “You know what? Since you've been helping me all weekend while your mother and brother did nothing about it, you could go watch your TV show. When I need something, I'll call out to
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Chapter Three: Finding the Wolf
Six years agoAlcinderLuke, the son of my Father's Beta has been able to transform into a wolf since we were twelve. I am fifteen and unable to do the same. I do not understand why this has to happen to me. I was beginning to have some sort of hope since the day of Elektra's vision, but why is it taking so long. I am the next in line to be Alpha. Do not forsake me, the moon goddess. I have been trained my whole life for this only to be a failure. It isn't fair.“Alcinder! Your father requests your presence at the council room”. Someone announced behind the door whilst knocking.“immediately!”.A summons to the council room is either a good or bad thing. My inability to transform has been of great worry to my parents and the entire council as a whole. I am certain that some of them are grateful for my failures as they have been eyeing the title. I grab my black shirt and throw it over my grey sweatshirt, arranging my hair in the mirror. What's the use of being 5'11 at fifteen, havin
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Chapter Four: Angus's confrontation and Velda's Manipulation
AvyannaFour years agoI was gonna be late for school again even with the fact that I hadn't slept at all. My life was going so great. How many thirteen-year-olds have insomnia and have to take pills to sleep?. How many? Maybe numerous, but none that I know of. My wolf, vesta growled, she needed rest. I had been overworking her since we had synced.I hurried downstairs because Elektra must have been waiting for me. I scurried past my brother who was getting out, we hardly talked to each other. I threw early morning greetings at my uncle Stefan(the stand-in Alpha). I disliked him, and so did my wolf. I didn't care about being Alpha or Omega. I just wanted to live like a normal depressed teenage wolf.School passed in a blur, but it did a good job depressing me the more. My school and classmates wouldn't let me be like it was a crime to be chubby or dark-skinned. I was weird, so what?. They are all the same and honestly, that's what's more spooky.I find it disgusting that the human ra
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Chapter Five: The gift
Four years ago Alcinder I had been running for an hour after the confrontation with Velda. I headed home as the night was approaching. I freshened up and headed for the dining table and found the pack healer sitting there. I am sure that it is my missing wolf. I sat by the right side of my dad in between my mom and dad acting as if nothing happened. “Good evening Dad, good evening Mom”. I kissed my mom on her cheek. My aunt and her mate were already seated with her children. I barely spoke with my spooky cousins even though we were in the same age range. Everyone was quiet, behaving like they didn't notice that the prophet wasn't there. My mom gave my hand a gentle squeeze. “The healer has something to tell you, Alcinder”. My Dad said coldly. Why couldn't they ever tell me things in private? My issues are always tabled before these fake households. “We have tried our best to locate your wolf but it is to no avail, we believe the problem is from within you”. The healer announced
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The Gift(continued)
The Four years ago continues...AvyannaI couldn't sleep because of excitement and confusion. I wasn't tired and depressed like I always did every morning, there was a new surge of energy in me. I felt refreshed.The weather was beautifully cold and I wasn't prepared to bathe in that ice water. My mother would never let me use the water heater or the electric stove, I don't know what I did to that witch.I got into the bathroom and took off my clothes. Just then, I heard a banging on the door.“someone is inside already”. I half yelled.“Get your ugly black ass out of there!”. Angus bellowed.I could sense hitting the door, kicking it.Vesta was angry and I was getting annoyed by his childish demeanor.“I just got in here minutes ago, I will soon be done if you let me bathe in peace, Angus!”. I was yelling back.He could be such an asshole sometimes, I wonder how we are related, talk more of being twins.I could hear him blabbing at my mum, but that didn't bother me. I was trying to p
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The saga of Velda
There is something about hating someone. The one doing the hating often gets more hurt than the person hated. Hatred gives you emotional pain, it punishes your heart and makes you bitter, clouding your sense of judgement. Velda was bitter, always vicious, and bloodthirsty from a tender age. She was the twin of Alcinder's Father. She felt betrayed and unloved by her parents. She felt invincible. Velda became rebellious believing that she wasn't allowed to be Alpha because she was female. However, on their 21st birthday, an opportunity was given for her battle for the title of Alpha of which she failed woefully. It was a free and fair fight on a cold night on top of the mountains of Alparo before the full moon. Velda was unsatisfied and felt that the moon goddess wasn't on her side, that she was being ganged up on and opposed because of her gender.Velda almost went rogue, she was powerful and had learned spell casting.She got mated to an ancient Vampire named Salvatore, fell in love
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chapter eight: Eighteen and what?
Present DayAvyannaMy Alarm wouldn't just go off. It kept ringing and ringing and ringing. “Urgh!!!!!!!! Let me sleep, you despicable monster of a clock”. I am very sure that my Alarm was sent to me from Hell. I am also sure she just rolled her eyes at me and called me a lazy ass.“Don't talk to me, Mister handsome Clock.”.I looked around my room and it was a mess. My clothes littered the whole room, on the bookshelves, on my study table, and on the bed, I slept on.I mentally cursed at myself. I was hungry and tired. The fight with my mother yesterday didn't help me at all. Why could she just love me with all my oddities?I know that sometimes I am unbearable and.. hard to deal with, but she doesn't make it easy for me to love her too.Why did you die, Father?First things first, This room needed one hell of a makeover. I can't believe the fact that I had not cleaned my room for two weeks, Elektra would kill me and what would Alcinder think of me.He loves me too much. As a Fri
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Chapter Nine
AvyannaThe person behind the door kept banging on it repeatedly and left after he got tired. Why couldn't they do it here? Must it be to the hearing of everyone else?. I can't help but hate my mother. She was to protect me from all this chaos and pain but she's the one dragging me into. She adds salt to my injuries.Alcinder and Elektra sat side by side with me. I am tired of their constant display of apathy towards me. Right now, I don't care about their opinion of me. I have a gift I am proud no matter the consequences. I believe I was given this gift for a reason.“Let's go here what the healer has to say?”.“Are you sure?”. Alcinder asked. He creased his brow in worry.I got up and arranged my grey sweatpants and threw on black polo then smoother my massive curly silver hair with my hands. My palms were sweaty and I was beginning to feel nauseous.Hand in hand we went down the stairs to the living room.The whole place was decorated with a spiderman theme. Urgh! Like he was s
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Chapter Ten
After Elektra had left, I arranged my room and dressed up. Today we were finalizing our arrangements for prom. I am finally leaving High school for good. The feeling was immeasurable. I am uncertain about how things are gonna turn out for me, but I'm stronger now.I am no longer that frail, and timid girl that needed pills to think and sleep.I packed my hair in a sleek ponytail, letting it cascade down my back in massive curls. I was finally letting my silver hair grow, no longer tinting it black.I wore my red leather pants with a black leather jacket and a white under-b-bodice. Making a good statement was what I was out for.My lips glowed and I smelt like lavender.Another Monday, My Last Monday in high school. Woohoo!As I stepped out to meet Alcinder and Elektra who had been waiting for me outside as they did for the past few years, their expressions were priceless.Alcinder choked on his coffee, while Elektra lifted her brows and mouthed a damn!The confidence I felt was portr
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