Promised to the Mafia Boss

Promised to the Mafia Boss

By:  Lin Daniels  Ongoing
Language: English
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Olivia Carter has always known that she'd one day be promised to a man who would hold enough power to protect the dynasty her father has built. What she didn't know was, was that her father would promise her to playboy extraordinaire Mason "Silk" Rossi. Silk is everything she despises in a man. Womanizer, arrogant, pompous and so infuriating! What he doesn't know is that two can play that game, and she might be known as Princess, but she knows how to get her hands dirty. If he thought she was going to sit by like a dutiful wife and let him have all the glory and power, he thought wrong. She might be Princess, but she's no pushover. So strap on your gun holsters, and lets go on a ride that's exciting and exhilarating!

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6 Chapters
One-The Promise
SILK I don't know what the hell I'm doing on the South coast of Mexico. It's certainly not to party. No, I've been summoned. Summoned by the Capo of the infamous Luiz cartel. I've never done business with them because Luiz himself has to invite you to do business with him and I've certainly never been invited. But if you do get summoned, you have no choice but to go. Fernando Luiz is not a man you deny. Deny him and your business will crumble. You will slowly see all your money disappear, your contacts vanished into thin air, and I'm a man who loves my money. I've worked hard to get mine and there is no way I'm going to let anyone destroy what I've built. Not even by Fernando Luiz himself. So here I'm standing, a buff guy digging up my ass for concealed weapons. "Find anything yet?" I ask him, my voice bored. Buff guy looks at me with murder in his eyes. I also don't want to be killed, at least not today, so I shut my trap. "You're done." He says gruffly. Did they really
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Two-The Threat
SILK "Sorry, you want me to what?" Out of all the things I thought he was calling me here for today, I could never have fathomed that would come out of his mouth. I thought maybe he'd ask to get into the arms industry with me, or ask me to join the cartel or something, but to take over his company? He chuckles as if he didn't just said what he said. "Are you shocked? I told you I'm getting old, and I would like to enjoy the time I have left with my exquisite wife." The man is just full of revelations today and this time I swallow a mouthful of the liquor because I must be dreaming and soon I will wake up and laugh at myself at the absurdity of it all. "You don't even know me." I must be really funny to the most successful Capo ever known, because he throws his head back and laughs heartily. I take another swig of the alcohol because he must be joking. The Luiz cartel stretches over continents, it's connected in ways even I cannot imagine. "Do you really think I would
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SILK I must look at Fernando Luiz like he's crazy, my mouth open in shock. Just this morning my best friend and I discussed how we can pick up chicks tonight at the hotel we're staying at. Now this man is telling me I should marry his daughter. I don't even want to get married. And I don't even know who the hell his daugter is. She could be ugly for all I know and he said frolicking and fornication are out of the picture now. How the hell am I supposed to just agree to take on a wife? "No, that's not going to happen." I shake my head. "As you know, I live a certain lifestyle, a wife doesn't fit into that, I'm sorry." "But we just agreed that you will leave that life behind!" Luiz says jovially. "And I can't just give my company over to you for fun." "I never asked for your company." I remind him. "I admire the legacy that you've built, I think you're a great businessman and maybe I came over here to somehow do business with you, but a wife? That's out of the question for me." A
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Four-Not him!
PRINCESS "We fly out in two days, you have the photoshoot with Gabriel for the new perfume on Monday." Rachel types away on her laptop. I scroll through my IG feed and take a selfie for my daily update. "I haven't seen Gabriel in a while, ask if he's available for lunch on Sunday." The tabloids have been speculating for months if Gabriel and I are dating. He's hot and single, and I use him exclusively when launching a new product. But we're just friends, I told him a long time ago I'm not interested in more. "On it." Rachel types some more before shutting off the laptop. "We're to meet your father in a few minutes." Today is the day I'm meeting my future husband. I've been bugging my father for months to find out who he's chosen, but he's been tight-lipped about it. Of course if won't be anyone in the entertainment industry. I know the man he chose would be in business. I just hope it's not someone who's too old. Rachel gets up from the couch and looks through the window towards
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SILK My head is pounding and I groan as the sunlight hits me square in the face. Reality crashes down on me and I cover my face with a pillow. I'm an engaged man. Not officially yet, but engaged nonetheless. I lost my most lucrative business. My entire life changed in a matter of hours and now I'm hungover and horny as fuck, and there's nothing I can do about it. If I do, my balls might get cut off and sent to my mother as a Christmas present. Maybe if I refused to meet Luiz I wouldn't have been in this position right now, but I'm not stupid either. I know for a fact that man would have made a plan to get me to do his bidding. For reasons I can't fathom, he chose me out of all the men in the world to marry his daughter and run his company. And his daughter is Olivia fucking Carter. One of the most famous women in the world. Out of everything, that was probably the biggest shock. She is the face of various brands and a little over a year ago she started producing her own beauty
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PRINCESS My mother smoothes my dark locks, kissing me on the cheek. I always wanted to look like her, when I was little I thought she looked like a Disney princess. Blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful. As I grew older, I realized I got the best of both of my parents. I'm tall, but I have just the right amount of curves. My hair is dark, but I inherited my mother's blue eyes. My mother is soft and my father is hard, I can be gentle when I need to be, but I can pull out my gun and shoot if I have to. "Now be nice to the boy." She points her finger at me. I snort. "He's hardly a boy!" I'm still upset my father chose that idiot for me to marry, but at this point it's a done deal. My fate has been sealed and there's not much I can do about it. We're being photographed today, we're supposed to have a fun day out with our friends. Not that I have any friends. My "friends" consists of Rachel, who is more like a sister to me. One of my mother's organizations rescued her from a human traffi
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