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"I…...Supreme Alpha Sheila Mahamanga of all the supernatural world…….hereby send you Eden Rastol back painfully to the abyss…... of eternal pain….., may you never reincarnate again!" Sheila, queen of the supernatural world and the present time is….the Supreme Alpha of all werewolves in existence. She has lived for thousands of years and stopped aging at the age of twenty-eight. She's Ruthless, a female Alpha that portrays danger, evil, and most especially death. She was cursed by the moon goddess to be mateless for the rest of her life, because of her cruel nature, misuse of power, and constant death punishment. Since then her evil has tripled as she becomes unstoppable. She controls the whole pack of the werewolf, she is the Supreme Alpha, other Alpha's crawl to the bare floor at the mention of her name as no one dares utter her judgment except you are ready to die!!! Fate becomes twisted when all of a sudden on the full moon, she finds herself being mated to an Omega. She was angered, as she roars in horror, daring the moon goddess Eden Rastol was a born Omega In Harlet Moon Pack. He was twenty-five years old. He lives with his parents who cherish him so much, regardless of his weak nature, but fate has always had a blow on him. He has been rejected two times by his various mate, but his last rejection left him shattered. He was thrown out of his pack and fate being funny, he found himself in Blackheart, where the Supreme Alpha lives in. Funny enough he was unfortunately mated to Supreme Alpha Sheila for the fourth time.

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16 Chapters
Chapter one ( Cruel Rejection )
Eden Rastol.My hands and my legs are cuff with chains, a collar was clasped around my neck with a roll of chains. I stood before the Betta's daughter with my face down. This is not the first time I'll be facing situations like this. I've never been mated to royalty before. Being a male omega in Harlet moon pack, I've become a laughing stock and a shame to my parents. Every full moon the moon goddess plays with my emotions. Yes! That's what it is, by constantly giving me a mate knowing I'd be rejected. I could hear my mother's whimpers from the back as her heart yearns out for me not knowing what punishment awaits me this time for being mated to the Betta's daughter. It's the night of the full moon when she angrily discovers she's my mate, the celebration has already been put to a stop by the Beta's daughter. She ordered that my hands and legs get chained. She also ordered a collar around my neck. Right now I stood before the whole pack like a slave, I never asked for any of this to
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Chapter two ( Unplanned meeting )
Eden RastolI forced my eyes to open, I was surprised to see myself lying on the bare ground, I stood up in a haste and looked around the environment, I was surprised to see the ocean meters away from me. "How is this possible?" I ask myself, I look down at my boxer to see it's long dry already. I signed.I don't know where to go from here, I could imagine the pain my mother is feeling now. She would probably think I'm dead, but I promise to come back when everything is fine. Surprisingly the collar and chains are now gone, I just have to find the nearest pack and settle in.I stood up and dust my body, I only have my boxers on. I look crazy right now, I pray I find someone soon. This place looks deserted. I started walking to an unknown destination praying for an angel to pop up from somewhere. I was already getting tired because I've been walking for hours. I was about to give up when I sighted a big pack from afar. I was filled with joy, with determination I gathered up strength an
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Chapter three ( Tension )
Eden RastolI swear, I could feel bits of sweat trickle down from my forehead. Her mere presence alone emits thousands of different emotions that are very hard to understand. In all my twenty-five years of leaving I could swear this is the first time I felt like peeing on myself, Yes! I could imagine she isn't the kind of lady I should stumble across, following the series of warning rumors I heard about her before."I can see you're deaf or maybe you've lost your ability to comprehend what I ask, so I will air it out again" She spoke calmly but dangerously. Her gaze pierced into mine like a sharp blade ready to cut me into shreds.My palms already turned sweaty, my whole system is filled up with tension, fear of the unknown engulfed me and clouded my sense of reasoning"What are you doing in my territory, do you have the slightest idea of what I'm capable of doing to you!?....." She snapped and banged her right hand on the walls, I staggered back as the whole place shook in terror, he
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Chapter four ( encounter )
Eden Rastol For the first time in a long time, I wanted to pray. I started muttering some prayers to the moon goddess to shield me and Nana from her right now. I know she's going to punish me once she finds out I'm the intruder but my fear is for old Nana. I don't want anything to happen to her. I watched as she started walking around, looking at everybody's faces, my fist tighten as more sweat trickled down from my forehead, though it wasn't only me because every one of us here looked tense and was almost shaking like a jelly. My breathing pace sped up when she started advancing towards our side, looking so dangerous. The feeling of wanting to pee on myself resurfaced again. I forgot I was chanting a silent prayer, as fear of the unknown took over, she was almost close to us with her gaze focused on my side like she's looking at me when suddenly the blaring sound of her mobile phone stopped her, making her halt on her step. She looks at the screen and faces the guards "Unlock t
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Chapter five ( The Ritual )
Eden RastolA disturbing and deafening knock on my door woke me from sleep"Hey Eden get ready it's almost time" I sighed and sat up on the bed, I already know it's Nana's voice, "Good morning Nana, I will be done in some minutes" "Okay hurry up" She muttered, seconds later I heard her footsteps fade away. I sighed and drew my cotton a little bit open. For some reason, I don't feel too good this morning, but regardless I waved the feeling aside and stood up to advance towards the bathroom when suddenly unknown chills ran down my spine, I staggered back and fell on the bed."Something isn't right" I muttered to myself, my mind flashed back to the event of yesterday, the necklace raced through my mind, I immediately pulled it out from under the pillow where I kept it. For some reason, I didn't feel scared as I wore the necklace, I stood up and walked towards the mirror, looking at the necklace admiringly. It looks simple yet! Gorgeous. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth af
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Chapter six ( She woke up )
Chapter six ( She woke up )Eden RastolIt has been three days now since the supreme Alpha passed out. I still can't believe it, touching the necklace around my neck and a smile crept up to my face. I have already fallen in love with it. I know it's crazy but without this necklace, I would have been dead by now. I sighed, so many things happened in a day. It's been three days and yet Alpha Sheila has not woken up. The doctors said I should stay beside her since I'm her mate, they said it's going to help her to wake up faster. I'm afraid adding that she doesn't like me, I don't know what her reaction will be when she wakes up. For the past three days that I've been with her in her room, I've come to get used to staring at her pale and beautiful face. I know it's crazy, but thinking about it gets my chest to tighten every passing minute. I know there is no way we can get to be one. Not when I'm just an omega and she is the supreme Alpha of the entire supernatural world. I stand no cha
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Chapter seven ( His weakness )
Chapter seven ( My weakness ) Eden Rastol I was given a separate room in the servant quarters since that's what Alpha Sheila ordered. She hasn't called me for some days now and I'm grateful for that. Though I miss her face all the time. I know it's crazy but the urge to see her face for the past few days has been so strong that I feel like I'm craving for some kind of cure. I told Nana about it and she said it's normal since we're mates, she said it's normal for us to feel the need and want for each other and since I'm mated to the supreme Alpha of the whole supernatural, she said the feeling is going to be much stronger. I've been wanting to go and take a sneak peek at her, but then again I'm nothing but a hopeless omega, and even if I made it to her doorstep, Edward won't make it any easier for me since he's always clinging to her like a second skin. I was still in thought when my door flung open and Edward entered startling me "Get your ass up and prepare, the Alpha wants yo
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Chapter eight ( He's in trouble )
Eden RastolI opened my eyes and saw myself laying in a different room. This bed is comfier than mine and this room feels so good on my skin, I look at my right still feeling weak to see an old man in a doctor's garment standing close to me.I wanted to ask what happened when I saw Alpha Sheila standing meters away from me, with Edward by his side.''Must you be a disgrace wherever you go!!!" The Alpha thundered making my heart skip. I looked at the doctor and he waved his head in pity.I felt so out of place, so I sat up on the bed, "What happened?" I ask no one in with my gaze bowled down, tears stream down my eyes. I know I can't remember what happened, each time that happens to me I end up remembering nothing when I wake up, I wonder what I must have done this time."Heck! don't tell me you remember nothing!!" The Alpha screamed at me furiously making me cower back in fear, more tears stream down my eyes, I already hate my pity state, my chest tighten watching my mate glare at me
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Chapter nine ( You're handsome )
It's been a week since I was locked up in this prison, no one checked up on me except Nana that always sneaks in at midnight to bring me food. Alpha Sheila gave her a room in the maid quarters when she learned she was my aunt. I don't know the reason why she did that but Nana told me.This place can only be made for criminals, it's as hot as hell here. I don't know why she's making me regret ever helping her, I wish I never did, but my heart was going against my head. "And now here we are…" Liam growled in my head"Why didn't she believe me? She's the supreme Alpha, she would have known if something happened or not""Mate is bad….." Liam whimpered for the umpteenth time in my head.Each morning, I wake up with the hope that I will finally be set free, but at the end of every day my hopes keep on getting shattered, I don't know for how long I can cope. My body is becoming weak by the day, I only manage to eat once a day and that's if Nana was able to sneak in food for me. I really wa
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Chapter 10 ( You're cheap )
Eden RastolI watched as Alpha Sheila nearly choked on her wine, immediately she heard the other lady call me handsome. I could feel my face turning crimson red, I mean all my life I knew I was handsome but this is the first time someone will tell it to my face apart from my mum. It really felt nice.I watch as the lady stood up from her seat, I must say she's quite beautiful, but maybe not half of my mate"Why am I even comparing….ewww" I gross at myself"I'm Maddison" She stretch forth her hands as she stood before me. I wanted to shake the hand but I was afraid, for my mate "Take this chance, mate doesn't want us at least somebody do" Liam spoke up "Eden" I smile shaking her hands, and gosh her smile was so contagious"Ohhh…my I like your dimples" She gosh looking back at others but only got blank stares in return, she wave them off with her hand and turn her attention back to me.I know it's crazy but for some reason, I feel like I could add a little color to my boring life by b
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