Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate

Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate

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At just nine years old, Kiara Middleton was the star of her school. There was nothing she lacked, whether it be beauty or smartness; she had it all. Her parents adored and loved her, Alpha James and Luna Clarise Middletown. However, she was also the envy of many kids her age, which always led to Kiara being the target of their bullying. The adorable Kiara never let the bullying phase her; well, she tried to. When Kiara escorts her parents and triplet elder brothers to the crowning of the new twin alpha kings in the werewolf multiverse, her family is hit with the most shocking news of their pampered daughter. Having looked for their Luna Queen since they turned eighteen, Kayden and Jaden Wittmoore, the future alpha kings of the entire wolf population in the human and werewolf multiverse, had gradually given up hope of finding her and had decided to ascend the thrown without their soulmate at the age of twenty-nine. Despite having several escapades in the past, they longed for their mate. They didn't expect to finally find her at their coronation, but there was a slight problem: she was just a nine-year-old pup. She couldn't feel the mate bond. The moon goddess had given them the ultimate test: patience. Would they succeed or fail?

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40 Chapters
Chapter One: We're Going To The Kingdom
Chapter One: We're Going To The Kingdom Kiara at age nine Kiara POV: "Won't you look at that? It's our Alpha's little freak princess." I heard someone behind me as they tugged on one of my pigtails. I knew I didn't need to turn around to know it was Janet; she was a bully. And, for some reason, she constantly attacked me explicitly. Turning around, I was right. I saw Janet with her group of friends or possie I should say. Even though I was the Alpha's daughter and my older brothers Kelix, Phoneix and Helix would be the next alphas, all the girls from my grade picked on me. Calling me a spoiled princess or freak since they always said I hog all the boy's and teachers' attention towards me. Which was wrong; I never went out explicitly for their attention; if the boys wanted to play hopscotch or freeze tag with me and not them, despite me telling them to invite the other girls, how was it my fault? Or if the teachers favoured me more because I found school fun. I was called a freak
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Chapter Two: Will There Be Princesses? 
Chapter Two: Will There Be Princesses? Kiara at age nine Kiara's POV: The Wolf Kingdom? Isn't that where the alpha king and luna queen live? "Why are we going there, mommy? I thought unless you've been invited, only then can you meet the alpha king and luna queen?" I asked. "Princess, we're going there for our new kings' coronation. Every alpha around the multiverse and their families along with the beta family are invited." Said daddy, helping me get down from mommy and walking me towards the dining hall. New kings? I didn't know that our king was about to change; they usually mention something about it at school; we usually get a day off to watch the coronation broadcast. Also, the invitees can get maximum time to travel to the palace even though this happens once every one-hundred and fifty to two hundred years, but it's still considered a big day that we get a holiday. From what I learned from the essential werewolf history book I was currently reading in the pack libra
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Chapter Three: Will We Ever Meet Her?
Chapter Three: Will We Ever Meet Her?Kayden POV: "Oh yes, please, alpha, please..." I hear the she-wolf moan under me as I thrust into her without abandon. Her voice was getting annoying; I usually hated when she-wolves made exaggerated sounds during sex, it ruins the whole vibe, but no matter how much I tell her, she doesn't listen.Pulling out and flipping her over on her stomach, I hold your waist, bringing it up in the air. With her ass sticking out, I thrust in one go and muffle her scream by shoving her head into the pillows. Her screams and my wolf's nagging drove me crazy, and I didn't need my dick to flatten out. What would people say if they ever found that, that during sex, I lost my hard-on? Such an embarrassment.I chased my release, concentrating on the plump juicy ass in front of me, giving a few hefty slaps, admiring the handprint on the she-wolf's white skin, while I watched my dick thrust in and out of the she-wolf's pussy. I was over this and wanted this she-wolf
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Chapter Four: Wolf Kingdom Part One
Chapter Four: Wolf Kingdom Part One Jayden's POV: I could see Kayden was worried about something; his stiff shoulders and ridge walk gave it away despite how much he tried hiding it. Plus, we were twins; I unconsciously knew what my brother was feeling and thinking; it was a twin thing, a connection we shared with no other than amongst us. He always felt guilty after sleeping with that she-wolf; I knew he wanted to go back in time and erase that day from existence. Even though I had chosen to move on didn't mean the guilt didn't linger. It was mine and Kayden's promise to our future mate that we would remain loyal to ger till we met her but that all went to shit. What was worse, all the high and mighty talk about remaining faithful went down the drain; we didn't stop once he had slept with those she-wolves. As hypocritical as it was, sex became an outlet to let out our frustration one way or another. It wasn't like we ever forced a she-wolf or were rough to the point where they were
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Chapter Five: Wolf Kingdom Part Two
Chapter Five: Wolf Kingdom Part TwoKiara, at age nineKiara POV:I felt someone shake my arm gently; slowly opening my eyes, I see auntie Meg smiling at me. I gave her a small smile back with my eyes still half-closed. I was really sleepy. Car rides always made me sleepy, and I could have sworn we had been in this metal box that Jacob adores so much for no apparent reason for at least half of the day. "Let's go, princess. We're here." Auntie Meg said. I grumbled! I wanted to sleep some more! "Auntie Meg, five more minutes, please," I said, snuggling back into her lap. I heard her chuckle from above me as she stroked my hair. "Princess, don't you want to see the alpha king's castle. You couldn't stop talking about it the whole way before you fell asleep." Said Auntie Meg. The moment she said castle, my eyes shot open, and I shot up. We were here! I could finally show her that the alpha king's castle wasn't more giant than Cinderella's or prettier than Elsa's. Fixing my hair to m
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Chapter Six: Wolf Kingdom Part Three
Chapter Six: Wolf Kingdom Part ThreeKiara, at age nineKiara POV: Uh-oh! I was supposed to bow first and then introduce myself; I messed up. "I'm sorry, Prince Rex; I shook your hand before I bowed. It was a mistake." I said, sad. I hardly made mistakes, and I can't believe the very few I made were in front of the prince. What if he doesn't want to be friends with me anymore? For some reason, I wanted to be friends with him. I got this happy feeling when I was with my brothers; it was the feeling I was getting from him. I heard the prince laugh, pulling me by the hand and engulfing me in a hug. Huh? Wasn't he supposed to be mad? "Your funny, Kiki. Wanna be friends?" He said I was shocked; I let go of him and smiled and nodded my head with the biggest smile on my face. "But I thought I was your friend." I heard JJ huff from behind me. I turned around and saw his arms crossed over his chest. Huffing like the big bad wolf in little red riding hood. I giggled. "We can all be frie
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Chapter Seven: It's Impossible Part One 
Chapter Seven: It's Impossible Part One Kiara, at age nineJayden POV: "Oh fuck! Harder, Jayden, please fuck me harder." Said Chrissy from under me as I ruthlessly pounded into her. Her voice was starting to get on my nerves, I was already stressed with the coronation tomorrow, so I just needed a rough fuck to let go of some tension, not a she-wolf with her annoying moans under me right now. Having enough of her sounds, I pulled out and flipped the she-wolf on her stomach not before shoving the torn-off red lacy panties in her mouth to gag her, roughly grabbing her hips up, making her sit on all fours with her ass arched. I gave a good spank to her ass, leaving a handprint on her white skin; I roughly shoved my dick in her soaked pussy and pounded her even harder than before, chasing my release. Even though Chrissy's mouth was gagged, you could still hear the gagged noises she was making.On top of that, I could feel Kayden poking at my mind's link wall that I had up. Wanting to be
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Chapter Eight: It's Impossible Part Two 
Chapter Eight: It's Impossible Part Two Kayden POV: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! We had found, we had finally fucking found her, our mate and Luna queen, but she was a pup! Was the goddess playing some cruel trick on us? How could this be? How was this even possible! Her honey and roses scent drove me and my wolf crazy; goddess, she smelt terrific, but the fact remained that she was just a pup, and by the looks of it, she was either nine or ten years old. Fuck! We both were royally fucked! No wonder we had never found her. She probably wasn't even born when we turned eighteen, or maybe she was; I didn't know for sure, but there was no doubt that our pup mate could be older than ten years of age. That meant we would have to go without our mate and Luna queen by our side for more than half a decade because taking a chosen was never in the cards anyway, but now that we know who our mate is, even the thought of taking another she-wolf as our mate and luna had my wolf and me wanting to wage war.
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Chapter Nine: Hello Little One 
Chapter Nine: Hello Little One Jayden POV: Kiki, our mate, had an adorable name just like herself. She was absolutely beautiful; I couldn't even imagine how gorgeous she would be when she was fully matured. She would have wolves salivating after her; her shoulder-length blonde hair, her chubby red cheeks and those turquoise blue eyes had me head over heels just by one look. She was perfect, though it would be a while till she could fully be our mate and Luna, but I was sure the goddess had some reason for it. It was definitely a shock when I first laid eyes on our little one but fuck, if I wasn't already smitten by her. We would have our hands full with her growing up; as selfish as it sounded, I didn't think Kayden or me would be able to see her date other guys; my thought process was broken when I realized something and whipped my head at Kayden's direction, who was putting on the pair of joggers and shirt we found in the tree stump nearby. "Bro, our mate is a pup, a pup..." befo
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Chapter Ten: Let's Go Back
Chapter Ten: Let's Go BackKiara, at age nine. Kayden POV: Kiara was even more perfect for our little mate than Kiki. But Kiki was adorable, too; it suited her right now with her age. Kiki or Kiara, it honestly didn't matter as long as you would smile all the time like she was smiling right now. The mere sight of seeing a smile on our mate's face brought nothing but happiness to me. Goddess! People always talked about when you feel the mate bond, it changes you, that even the littlest smile on your mate's face would make you content. I always thought it was a bunch of crap, but if all those people saw me right now, I would be getting the biggest I told you so. "Which prince are you?" Kiara asked, breaking me out of my thoughts of her. Jayden and I crouched down to her level."I'm prince Kayden, and this is my little brother, prince Jayden," I said, Jayden and me smiling at her. She looked at us confused and bit her lip. I was beginning to think she did that every time she wonde
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