The Lost Luna

The Lost Luna

By:  zcwizza  Ongoing
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Shayana Maeve was raised by mortal despite of having a blood of Gamma. When she reach 18, Shayana's characteristics as a werewolf gradually coming out. Her grown parents send her to an academy that was restricted for werewolves like her. There will be many changes to her because she has reached the right age as a Gamma and she can only learned those changes in that academy. There she will meet the known powerful Alpha, Knight Silvester- a crown alpha. Knight seems to find Shayana bit interesting but for sure he knows that she can't be his Luna because of her ranking. But Knight can't understand what kind of feelings she have towards Shayana. He can feel a huge gap to Shayana. Knight wants to be close to Shayana. Shayana don't want to be involved to Alphas. It was her parents who taught that to her. She was taught not to be friend or if possible, not to interact with Alpha. Knight is determined to be friend with Shayana which was finally happened when they were assigned to be partners. The crown Alpha feels comfortable to Shayana which is rare, Alpha and Gamma is mortal rival long time ago. And there's natural sensation in their body which sense threat from the other Gamma. Knight's desire to be friends with Shayana has led to his liking for the woman. She can't be with Alpha. Knight knew for sure that she can't be his Luna, but he is eager to make Shayana one. Can Knight fight his desire to make Shayana his Luna, even if such a situation is against the law of the Alphas? How can Knight pursue it? Also, will Shayana fall in love to the crown Alpha as well?

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19 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Blue Eye
Shayana's POV"MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!" I immediately run out of my bathroom and look for my mom. I just woke up and I'm supposed to wash my face when I see something in the mirror."Shayana. What's wrong? What's with the panic?" Mom is on the dining preparing for our breakfast.I run over her." Mom look, my eyes turned blue. I swear I didn't do anything. And I'm not even wearing contact lenses. "Dad even approach me and held my face. He's looking firmly to my eyes. My mom and dad look each other.I can see the worried face with my mom." Mom? What's wrong? "" Don't worry honey, we'll figure it out. But first lets have breakfast so you won't be late in school. "Although I'm confuse, I just follow my mom. I ate my breakfast and take a bath." Just remember Shayana. If ever someone ask what's happened to your eyes, just tell them you wear contact lense, okay? "I just nodded. I kissed my mom and went to school.I'm on the school now and I'm trying not to make any eye contact with anybody.
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CHAPTER 2: Troika Academy
Looking at the whole campus, making me think it wasn't an ordinary campus. It was a big campus, bigger than human's campus."Hey. You're a transferee too right?" Some girl approach me."Yes." Wanna come to me? I'm on my way now to the gymnasium for the orientation.For all new comers and transferee, they held an orientation. Good thing someone came over to me and ask me. I don't know where to find the gymnasium."We can sit here. Lets go." We sit in the middle row. Not far from the stage. This gymnasium looks like a soccer field."This is one big gymnasium huh. "The girl giggle. " Well it's not a typical gymnasium. This is where packs practicing shifting. Also this is where will be having our attributes test. So it was needed to be big and wide."Hmmm. Got that."Mic test. Good day new comers. Welcome to Troika Academy."A middle aged man was the one speaking at the stage. His eyes we're red. I remember what mom said. Wolfs are divided into three types; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Red ey
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CHAPTER 3: Friend?
Knight's POVMy day 2 here in Troika. At first I thought it will be a boring season for me. Not until I found this girl. A girl who doesn't care about me.I didn't know there is someone who still doesn't know me. Even on Gamma, I'm quite popular. I am a crown Alpha. I am next in line to rule the packs.And that girl, I'm so interested with her. Not with a feelings involved, its just that, I can be neutral to her. I don't have to forcefully smile. I don't need to be pretentious. I can just simple be me. Because she doesn't care about me. She don't fantasize me. I hate those girl who really throw themselves to me. I'm not being boastful or what. I don't have high standards but I stan right girl.And that Gamma girl, I want to be close to her. I want atleast to be with someone that it is not intimadated with me. Being a crown Alpha is not that easy. Waiting for your turn. You have a title protecting to. You have a name you need to be careful to. I need to be firm and gentle.But in rea
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Shayana's POVWhat a bad day it was for me. To get up early, I set an alarm. On my first day, I don't want to be tardy. I don't know their procedures, therefore I don't want to start off with any negative records.Unfortunately, I'm not sure if my alarm didn't go off or if I was the only one who didn't hear it.Now I'm packing my things. I don't even have time for breakfast. I'll probably go hungry later.I'm here now waiting for a bus. I checked the time and it was 6:40am. My class starts at 7am. There's still time.I was double checking on my things when someone talked to me."Hi. Problem?"I looked at the girl who was talking just to see the girl I'm with at the orientation."Hey. I didn't expect to see you here."She smiled. "Same for me. But somehow, I have the guts that we'll see each other again." I am always looking forward to seeing her again. In my few days of staying here, I realized it's already lonely being here, so why not make friends with one.And then she came to my
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Shayana's POVIt wasn't an exhausting day for me, we haven't started our lessons yet. All our heads just simply orient us on how they want the class runs. Some heads make me bored but there are few that you need to be attentive to.Heads are the same as teachers or professors. They are just called heads."I heard that your head supervisor is Miss Tasha." Kyla is with me. I invited her to my apartment. I invited her for dinner."Yes.""You're lucky. Miss Tasha is so cool." She's right. I found Miss Tasha cool too. I bet Miss Tasha is just in her mid 30's. "Shayana, I'll just go to the bread section okay? Wait for me here. "We are at the supermarket. Kyla insisted on buying food for our dinner. She said she doesn't want to go empty handed. I just let her.While I'm scanning our cart, some girls approach me."Who are you?" There are three of them. And they all looked at me kind of sarcastic and angry."Who are you too?" The girl in the middle with a brown wavy hair smirk. She walked cl
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Shayana's POVToday is the weekend. And just like in humans, weekends are rest days for students. Kyla invited me to her apartment, so I decided to cook something for us to eat.Actually, what I have thought first when learning that I will live here, is how can I eat their food. Like I thought they actually eat animal flesh. But just like humans, they also made recipes from meat. Kinda different on what serves outside but it's not actually bad. And my cooked that Kyla and Knight tasted is probably their first time eating that.After I finished cooking, I prepared myself now. While I was tying my shoelaces, I saw something under my side table. I pick it up and realize it's a watch.I know it's not mine, and probably it won't be Kyla's. It is for men. And there's only one man who's been here. Knight.After realizing it was Knight's watch, I remember what happened the other day. Ever since that encounter, Knight never bothered me anymore. He doesn't talk to me or I don't know if he's ev
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Shayana's POVI woke up with the feeling of someone banging my head. It felt like it was twisted then hardly slammed by a hammer. I didn't drink too much but I don't know why I'm getting a hangover. Maybe I just can't handle their alcohol.I got up and prepared a hot chocolate. At least this can help me ease my headache.While looking like an idiot by staring at my hot chocolate, I realized something. How did I get home? The only thing I remember is I'm talking to Knight and I can't hold my drowsiness anymore. Did Kyla get home safe? While I was digging into what happened last night, suddenly someone rang the doorbell at my door.I opened it. It was Kyla."Hiiiii! Ice cream for us!"I just laugh at her. I let her in.We shared the ice cream she bought. This is so good. It is easing my headache little by little. "Kyla, how did I get home? I don't remember anything.""Knight brought you home. But don't worry, I'm with him. To make sure he doesn't do anything to you. "Oh my! That's
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Someone's POV"Have you seen the kid?"The boy bowed and just shook his head. The man with the cloak closed his eyes."I've sent you there for so long and still no hint for that kid?"The boy was still bent over. He is out of words. The man with the cloak grip his collar."You better find that kid before the alpha knows about it. Don't make me regret adopting you." He ordered with a weak voice, but with full authority.—Shayana's POVBack to normal, I'm in the academy again. I'm just sitting in my chair reading a book when someone puts a chocolate bar on my desk. I looked up to see who had given it. At first I thought it would be Knight, because there is no one who would do it.But, no. It's not him.It's one of my classmates."Hi Shayana. That's for you. Hope you like it."I don't know how to react. I find it weird. "For what?""Nothing. You know, I have a crush on you. And this is just me saying it."I'm speechless. Okay, did someone just confess to me in front of our classmates?
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Shayana's POVWe are now heading back to our classroom. We are done with Ms. Tasha's activity. Good thing I did a great job earlier. My jump was higher than what we practiced.Of course, for the two, it was easier for them. Especially with Knight. Knight has the smoothest jump of all. He really looked cool by that time. He's indeed an alpha next leader."Shayana, will you be with someone this lunch?" "Kyla. ""I see."I asked him why."I thought we could have lunch together. ""Knight, I don't want to have any issues.""What issues? ""Nevermind. I gotta go. "—"Really?! Someone did that? " I tell Kyla about Nilo. And this girl was amazed."Wow a beta just publicly confessed to his crush gamma." " I wonder if someone would make it a big deal. He's not Knight after all. "I don't want an additional issue. So I hope no one would make it a big deal. " But you know what's more amazing? Knight took the chocolate. He's possessive huh. ""Shut up, Kyla. "We were just quietly eating when
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Shayana's POV"Really? You're an only child?""Yes. I don't have a sister or brother."My grown parents didn't have their own child. I don't know if it's their choice or they just can't have the timing. As for my real parents, mom and dad never say I have siblings.Yy"What's the feeling of being an only child.""I was spoiled. I gained everything I wanted. But somehow, it was sad. I don't have someone to talk to in our house, who I can get along with."Good thing that I'tm close with mom. I'm comfortable with my mom. She can be my buddy and my mom at the same time.Anyways, we are now entering our building. I don't know why, but surprisingly, Kyla and I were early today. We bump each other at the entrance. "Kylaa!" Someone has called Kyla. We look behind to see who it was."Carl." I don't know him, but maybe he's Kyla's classmate."Hi. You must be Shayana. I'm Carl, Kyla's classmate."I smiled at him. I accept his hand."Nice to meet you.""You finally meet her Carl. Happy now?""Sh
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