The Vampire's Second Chance

The Vampire's Second Chance

By:  Veronica Fox  Ongoing
Language: English
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Christine comes home early from college to find that her mother shacking up with a vampire. After the initial shock, she is adamant to move to the coven where her new stepdad plans to change her mother into a vampire. Christine is skeptical, she is there to protect her mother from the dangers of a vampire because she doesn't believe in love. No, her love had cheated on her just weeks ago after she walked in on them doing it on their bed. Now Christine is stuck in a vampire coven, with other guys and girls who are experiencing the same thing she is. One of their parents changing into vampires all because the vampires say there is a 'soul bond' that connects them. Sebastian is hunting for his second chance mate after his first mate was killed before he could officially make her his. It has been five hundred years and he's lonely, tired of being alone. He isn't sure if he will find his second chance, but fate has brought him to the Black Raven Coven which looks like it straight out of 1950s America. What will happen when these two quite different individuals meet?

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69 Chapters
Mom's Affair
Christine“I’m just going to become a nun,” I whispered harshly. Banging my hand on my of a car, I winced at the impact. The leather wheel groaned in protest as I used to push myself out of the deep bucket seat.The car I parked beside was a beautiful, black, freshly waxed Maserati. We did have neighbors that had such beautiful cars but why it was parked outside my house was something weird. Maybe dad bought it with all the money he hoards away from mom.I wanted it to be over, this pain in my stomach. I wanted to just scream it all out and just be done with the pain with the yuck. He didn’t’ deserve my pain, he didn’t deserve any of it. He wasn’t worth it; no guy ever was and no other guy will ever make me feel this way.My keys were slung recklessly in my hand, trying to find the correct key. I hadn’t been home in six months. The Christmas lights were gone, and the crisp cool weather had faded now bringing the bright sun of summer. My old plank wood swing swung in the breeze beckoni
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ChristineMom observed me, her lips gently parted. Justin looked about the same, but his eyebrows rose above his head waiting. Not breaking their stares, my lips searched for the bright red straw that hung close to the rim of the glass. My lips finally found the ever fleeting straw, I sucked down the rest of my hard lemonade.The harsh sounds of the glass emptying caught my attention instead. Smacking my lips together, I turned away from the stares only to glance at the pitcher of lemonade. I shrugged my shoulders.Oh, hell. Pouring another glass, they watched me until I began sucking on the straw again. Clearing my throat, I set down the mason jar with a click to the glass coffee table. “I’m sorry what was that?” Leaning back in my chair Justin just blinked his eyes back to Mom who gripped his hands tightly.My hand reached out to grab the mason jar again for mom to tug it away. “That’s enough, Chrissy.” Her voice stayed gentle. Tutting I leaned back in the chair. Rubbing my eyes, s
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SebastianThe worn-out Jeep had seen its better days. The few times I filled up with gas, I had to put oil in it as well. I was surprised it was still running after the hundreds of miles that were already put on the jeep before I received it. The transmission was failing and my lack of knowledge of vehicles in this realm made me cringe to try and fix it if I landed on the side of the road.If all else fails, I’ll just walk. I had continued north, going with my gut as I traveled across the country. The further north I went, the daylight fleeted far quicker than in the south, which was for the best. The sun was different here than in Bergarian, much harsher on a vampire’s skin. I hope that it did matter much, I was old and used to the many hours in the light sources of home.I wasn’t some noble back in the realm of Bergarian, I was nothing but a commoner. I worked hard as a merchant, buying produce from those that farmed the land, small trinkets from humble witches and warlocks. My wa
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Rowan 1
SebastianHoly hell.“T-that’s amazing,” I muttered. Rowan’s grin widened, his arm sleeking around his mate. “It is, it has given us the opportunity to have this coven grow, making it one of the only covens in the world that help specifically with human transformations into their new lives.”I let out a bark of laughter, rubbing my hands up and down my thighs. This was insane, never had I thought this would be possible. The opportunities to mate with another species here on Earth? For humans to become like us? Unreal.There had been rumors, long ago that vampires could force a chosen mate, usually done with humans. It was a practice outlawed before my parents were even born and never thought of again. Now that the Goddess had something to do with the pairing it made it more beautiful.“And they are successful, changing their mate.” Rowan nodded, looking out the enormous windows that let the natural light filter into the room. “There is the bite of bonding and a bite of changing. The b
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Rowan 2
“There was trial and error,” Rowan lifted his hand, waving it about. “He had to learn how to take in her life that she created before him. The children she had, the husband she left, she basically had an affair on the poor bastard, but she knew the bond she felt. It was meant to be.” Rowan smiled, waving at Adaline who blew a kiss his way. Certainly, she was born from a different era, the way she dresses, how she carries herself, and the delicate ways she had placed the tea cups on a sterling silver tray. Single human women, laid out on the lawn, tanning their skin. Not caring if the sun reeked damage on their bodies. Humans, vampires, and children sat on blankets and ate lunches being held by their biological parent. Everyone was happy, at least the younger ones were.“That is why I created this place.” Rowan interrupted. “That poor soul put himself to all that trouble, worried because his mate was to be fragile, not feel a bond, but she was far from it. She was strong.” he humm
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I don't believe 1
Christine:"I'm sorry, Chrissy. You can't come into today." I ground my teeth together, wanting to stomp around like an adolescent child. This was insane. Less than two days after moving here, mom was bitten, and I haven't seen her since.A whole week had gone by, and I could only stare at them through the window if I was lucky. Apparently, my human blood reeked, and it could make her unmanageable. Justin said she was fighting it, that the thought of drinking blood was grotesque. Who can blame her? It sounded gross, but that is who she was now. She had to drink, but the human part of her mind was still there."Can I just give her a hug?" I almost pleaded. He stood at the door, blocking the way for me to catch a glimpse of her. On occasion, she slipped by the window, and I saw changes in her appearance. She looked… good. Her hair had more bounce, her wrinkles had gone, hell, she looked almost just like me. Except I was a darker blonde and had some of my sperm donor's height.My pleadi
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I don't believe 2
"Now, now, I know you are afraid." My head perked up, my heart racing. "Yeah, I know about your problem." "Can you read my mind?" I squinted my eyes at him. He threw his head back and laughed, patting me on the shoulder. I was given a crash course on vampires on the drive up here, and I know Justin couldn't tell me everything. Maybe some could read minds? "Oh no, but I can read people really well." Right, so he doesn't really know about my problem then. "I got these amazing eyes, you see, I can notice when people are in distress. Every time I mention the word, 'blood," he gave the word a creepy ghostly feel like Dracula said it himself, "you wince." "Oh," I shrung my shoulders. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about," Sauron scoffed, leading me into the cafeteria. "Plus, it is kinda my job to help you out. Elder Rowan usually puts me in charge of the kids, but now he has me watching you." Great, a babysitter. "I'm an awesome babysitter," he mentioned. I swear if he can read mind
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Meeting Him 1
ChristineAfter some gentle coaxing, Suron left and went on with his other 'duties.' I had to promise, cross my heart and hope to die, pinky swear, and do some obscene booty shake to let me go on my own. Suron wasn't kidding when he said he was supposed to watch me. Justin wanted me far away from mom, and sitting on the front lawn wasn't even to be tolerated.I guess it was kind of lame that I would sit there, staring at the picturesque light blue 1950's style house, but it wasn't like I had tons of friends to talk to. I uprooted my life because I was worried for my mom, but Justin thought it would be an excellent idea for me to move here. In fact, he insisted. This makes me wonder if this is because mates, soulmates, and beloveds were all genetic.The problem was, I didn't believe in it. I thought Wyatt was my soul mate. I thought he was the one I was to spend my life with. I was head over heels in love with him, or so I thought. It was all one-sided, I painted him to be the perfect
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Meeting Him 2
"You bitch, you're cut off. Don't expect a damn dime from me in your account," he yelled again. I'm sure his phone was swimming in his spittle as he spoke. I never had the balls to talk to dad like this before, and I must say, it was pretty invigorating. Maybe it was because I was surrounded by a bunch of vampires that now hold a picture of my father's face to ensure he would never be let in.Not that he would find us, anyway."You hear me?! Not a damn dime!" I cut the call and tossed the phone on the bed. Little did he know I moved all my money to a new bank account. Justin was pretty savvy in that department. It was like he had everything planned out before I even arrived. He forced mom to not take one single dime from her now ex-husband. Justin was supposedly rich anyway and said he would take care of us.I mean, who ever heard of a poor vampire anyway? They were all rich. If I met a poor vampire, I think I might choke on my own spit. This place was oozing with money. Many of them
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His Beloved 1
SebastianI wasn’t expecting to find her this quickly, far from it. I thought I had a few more decades at least before I saw her but I didn’t. The smell of her O-negative blood had the wind shift around me. If the whisps of Bergarian dared to come to the Earth realm I swear they would have led me to her. My body moved with its own motivation to wander off the gravel path to get closer to the hooded figure that at on the bench by the lake.I had taken it upon myself to go explore on my own. As much as Rowan was being a great host, showing my room, giving me this thing called a cell phone, it was all too much. Too much electronics, televisions all the fancy stuff that humans had come up with since the last time I had been here some one hundred and fifty years ago.That was all behind me, however, as I stared at the dark hooded figure that overlooked the lake. She was in deep thought, her hand going over the screen of bright colors. A picture, a picture of a girl and a boy smashed agains
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