Lethal Games: Seducing My Mafia Don Stepbrother

Lethal Games: Seducing My Mafia Don Stepbrother

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"And if they take me?" His eyes were burning embers of wrath. "Then I will burn the whole damn world to get you back." **** Bianca Fiori has never backed down from a fight. But she faces her toughest opponent yet in the image of her new stepbrother, the don of the entire Italian mafia, who is intent on stoking the fire between them and seems to trigger a burning desire for him in her. Andre DiMarco has never met a single person that pushed his buttons the way his new stepsister does. With a deadly enemy knocking on his door, the last thing he needs is a rebellious airhead to look after and the undeniable desire welling in his stomach at the sight or thought of her is not helping matters. It's not long before they give in to their lust and passion, playing a lethal game where they go at each other's throats in public but tangle in the sheets behind closed doors. With secrets, lies, betrayal and an impending mafia war, things are quickly becoming a bloodbath. When his enemies realize just how soft a spot he has for his new stepsister, they begin to come for her. And Bianca is about to find out just how far her stepbrother will go to protect what's his

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97 Chapters
1: greek god
POV: BiancaI lost my mother the day my father died. The lights seized from her eyes, the cheer died from her voice, and her 'I love yous' became cold and monotonous.I didn't blame her. I was a tough person to love, a feral beast trying to climb out of the hole the goddamn mafia was digging around us. I didn't love her any less, though. Even when she pretended not to notice the scars and bruises my uncle left in places he shouldn't touch. Even when I went hungry for days because she was depressed. Even when she turned a blind eye to the times I needed her, I didn't resent her.But this. This threatens to change everything.As I stood in front of the beautiful gates and brownstone walls that separated the DiMarco mansion from the rest of the world, in my 'fuck you' outfit, I muttered a soft 'merda' under my breath, getting cold feet already. Two giant archangels wielding flaming swords let me know that I was in the right place but I searched the piece of paper to reconfirm that this
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2: Punish you
POV: BiancaHe left and took my attraction, fear and terror with him, leaving only a very annoyed, very insulted, livid twenty one year old.How dare he? Who does he think he is, calling me a whore? I mean, he could end my life with just a raise of an eyebrow but that's not the point. I am the farthest thing from a whore! Ugh!I stamped my feet and walked all the way back to the dining room where everyone was laughing and intermingling, preparing for a meal.I noticed a lean, lithe girl with dark brown hair talking excitedly with my mum and Emilio. She looked up when I stepped into the room, dark eyes brightening."Is that Bianca?" She yelped in an overexcited voice and I looked up just in time to see a her rushing over to me, intent on pulling me into a hug.I braced myself but still stumbled backwards as her tiny body collided with mine."It's so nice to meet you in person!" She shrieked excitedly, chocolate brown eyes shining in glee. "Mio Dio, you're so pretty. Bellissima!"I blu
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3: Push my buttons
Pov: AndreNever, in all my twenty eight years of existence, have I lost my shit the way I did just now. I prided myself on having a good head on my shoulder. I never reacted out of anger, spite, lust or envy. Every move I make is cold and calculated, every plan well thought out before execution. You don't gain the level of power and control I have by letting your emotions control you. Weaker men were slaves to their own emotions. Nothing good came out of acting irrationally.But I have never met anyone that pushed my buttons the way my soon to be stepsister did in a few short minutes.It wasn't my intention to choke the shit out of her but it had felt so fucking good having her rebellious ass smothered into submission.She hadn't even tried to fight back. All her fierceness and feistiness had simply vanished in thin air."Don't do it again," my voice was only a deathly whisper that found its way home to her as she nodded slowly, losing what fight she had in her.Satisfaction purred in
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4: Protection
Double povPov: BIANCAAfter the awkward as hell dinner and the even more awkward goodbye from Andre after he handed me an anti-scarring ointment for my bruises and ordered his guards to take me home later that evening, I was sure as ever that I didn't want to be a part of that crazy family.I had felt bad that Andre got into an argument with his father because of me and that had made me try to behave myself for his sake at least. My outfit hadn't gotten the desired reaction I had wanted from my mother anyway and that affected me more than I was probably letting on She didn't even look my way as I made small talk with Inés, who was only happy to fill me in on what was to be expected of me now that I was about to be tied to the family. I hadn't paid attention to her, only gazing forlornly at my mother as she made sick lovey eyes at Emilio as if they were the only people in the room.Ugh. Looking back at it in hindsight, it had been really fucking stupid of me to even show up like that
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5: Rump in an alley
Pov: AndreThis girl was going to give me a fucking heart attack before my father and Mária even recite their vows.I arrived at the bodega in record time. She was exactly where Alfonso said she'd be, sampling bottles of cheap wine that were on sale. She was wearing a tank top that stopped a few inches below her ribs, exposing her smooth skin and toned abdomen.Her short running shorts stopped just below her firm, well rounded ass and her long lean legs were on display in that skimpy outfit. Her black hair in a ponytail swished around her thin waist. Her hair was so black and long, I imagined it being able to wrap around my fist twice. The thought sent a ball of heat straight to my groin.I got out of my car and slipped into a dark alley in the direction to her apartment and waited for her.Twenty minutes later, I heard the bell of the store ring, her light jogging footsteps and rustle of bags. She was only a few distances away and my heart started racing at the thought of seeing her
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6: lose control
Pov: AndreLeon glanced at me for the umpteenth time, peach pink lips curving up into a smile, dirty blond hair flopping over his face.I usually kept him around because he had always been a good friend to me when we were little. Loyal, protective; especially because he was bigger and stronger, until I learned what was expected of me. Who I needed to be to keep the mafia going again.Leon stuck with me. I trusted him with my life. He was best friend, custodian, consigliere and right hand man.But right now, I wanted to squash him like a pesky fly."What?" I asked, annoyed, not looking up from my laptop, going through the bookkeeping records to make sure my accountant's records were precise and correct."You're happy.""A wonderful observation," I muttered under my breath."You're never happy.""Another brilliant observation.""You're usually a stone cold bastard." He continued."Do you want to lose your tongue, Leon?" I asked quietly, sparing him a glare.His grin only spread wider, i
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7: Post nut clarity
Note: double povPov: BIANCAI watched as he stepped away from me, regret and horror tightening his features.I hated myself for already missing his warmth but I forced myself to meet his eyes, gritting my teeth to stop myself from saying anything stupid, my hands fists tight at my sides."Are... Are we going to talk about this?""Nothing happened that would repeat itself. This was a mistake."A mistake. Right. Got it. Tell it to my beating organ that was tearing to pieces. He wiped a thumb across his lips and looked up at the ceiling, exhaling an exasperated breath. And when he looked back down at me, he was back to being cold and expressionless. "Go in and get dressed," he said stoically, his face, a cold, unreadable mask. "I won't repeat myself."My heart lurched, something like pain decaying in my chest.I gathered whatever modicum of dignity I had left and left his presence, slipping back into my apartment that was thrumming with loud music.Snarling in frustration, I turned of
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8: Wine and Dine
Pov: BiancaSoft classical music was playing by the time we arrived at the stately elegant mansion swarming with beautiful people in more beautiful dresses.The music was beautiful and calming and there was the aroma of good food, wine, exotic perfumes and pastries, and the sound of chatter and cheer all over the place.I looked around, a happy grin on my face, wanting to see everything, hear everything, taste everything. I couldn't remember why I hadn't wanted to come in the first place. Everything I needed was here. Music, good food, company."You like this?" Andre's voice jeered me out of my consciousness.I looked up at him to see his dark eyes already on me, searching my soul in that cold, calculated manner that made me want to hide from him.I ducked my head immediately, afraid he'd see too much. But I couldn't escape him even if I tried. My hand was still held in his tight grasp and the warmth of his palm tethered me to the present in a way that was almost comforting."I love m
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9: Dancing with devils
Pov: AndreJesus fucking Christ, my heart felt like it was going to explode. I held her to me, like that would stop her from crying. And maybe it did. We stayed like that for a few minutes until her sobs turned to dull whimpers.Suddenly she pushed away from me, sniffed and wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break down like that.""You don't want your mum to get married." .She froze. And thawed. "I... It's not that. It's just...""It's just what?"She pried her lips open to speak but the words never quite made it out. "It's nothing." She said finally. "If I say it, I'll just sound like a whiny bitch. You already think I'm a whore, I wouldn't want to add spoiled brat to the list."With that, she stood up and left, walking back into the party, her shimmering dress disappearing into the crowd.I followed after her, my gaze intent on her as I slipped into the shadows, pouring a finger of whiskey out for myself. I sipped from the cup, never allowing her to leave my line of si
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10: Solemn oath
Pov: AndreI realized my predicament immediately, after Bianca slipped her silly soft arms around my neck, her honeycomb scent bursting in my nostrils."Let me guess," she said, after I just stood there, motionless in front of her like a sack of nothing. "You don't know how to dance."I didn't bother to grace her with a response. All my time was spent learning the family trade when I was little. Learning how to run, fight, break bones, set them back, torture, maim and kill. I had no time to learn useless things like dancing.Her hands slid down my arm, frying my thinking process. Her red lips parted into a beautiful smile, glittering white teeth peeking out, lush green eyes piercing into mine, and then she took my hands in hers and placed them on her tiny waist.This close to her and so far from lust, I could appreciate her lithe, slender form more reverently. Her waist was so small that both my hands spanned nearly halfway across her sides.She leaned into me, so close than was deeme
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