The Mafia Brothers

The Mafia Brothers

By:  Aprajita Singh  Completed
Language: English
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Samantha William Successful doctor in Italy, she is an orphan girl in front of the world but she is the daughter of one of the mafia dons. She hates criminalism and the mafia world as she lost her mother in a mafia fight. She comes away from the mafia world leaving her father behind Everything goes well with Samantha until she met the patient, Damon. Damon Salvatore, son of mafia king Aaron Salvatore where the destiny forces her to come back to the mafia world When Aaron came to know about Damon and Samantha's friendship he offers to her to become his family doctor "Congratulations doctor Samantha." He forwards his hand for a Handshake "I hate you, Mr Salvatore." She snatches the agreement copy from his hand instead handshake "From today you only belong to me." He smiled devilishly "Correction, I am not your property which belongs to only you, don't forget I am here for only Damon. I will never come to you, not even in your dreams." She challenged him "Let's see." He raised his eyebrow towards her giving her a naughty smile. • • • Their Desires bring them closer to each other making them lost in darkness. Samantha starts liking Aaron and she realised that he is not much worse. ~ • • • • • • After the disaster • • "I hate you, Samantha just get the hell out of my life and my son's life. We don't need you." Aaron yelled top of his lungs. Aaron throws Samantha out of the house. ___________________ How will destiny brings them together?

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194 Chapters
Chapter 01 : Doctor Samantha.
Everyone is running here to there.The hospital fire alarm sounded, which is a symbol of danger, so everyone ran from the death.But this is a hospital. There are so many patients lying hopelessly on hospital beds. "Doctor, the patient is not responding." One of the nurses screamsA lady doctor runs to the patient, wrapping her stethoscope around her neck. "Shit, miss." "Can you hear me?" The doctor asked to tap on the patient's cheeks. "Damnit, she's not responding." "It's a heart attack, we have to do CPR now." The doctor said this while checking the patient with a stethoscope. "Right now, that's not possible, Doctor Samantha." The nurse argued with Samantha.Samantha looks at her in anger. "Are you crazy?" "If we don't do CPR on the patient now, she will die." "Bring a defibrillator!" Samantha ordered "But ma'am, the fire alarm is ringing. If we stay here, we will die. " The nurse said, she was trying to protect her own life. "Shut up, cut your
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Chapter 02 - Mr CEO Kidnapped ME.
Location: hospitalDamon was sitting alone in the chair. There's not even a single smile on his face. "Looking at this kid, I’m not feeling like a patient but a family member. Why am I feeling this strange connection with him when I don't know who is he? " Samantha yelled inside and checked Damon's information. "Doctor, is everything okay?" Martin asked. "Yes!" Samantha said, coming to her senses. "Yeah, there is a solution for every problem." She looks back at Damon.Samantha stands up straight and walks toward Damon. Martin follows her. "There is a solution to his problem too, but before confirming anything, I want to talk to him."She sits on her knees in front of him. "Hey, this is Doctor Samantha." She extends her hand for a handshake.Damon simply looks at her with a cold expression. "Don't you want to handshake with me? " Damon doesn't reply. "Ouch, that hurts." She acts by placing her hand on her chest. "It’s okay, I’ll take the initiative." She c
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Chapter 03: Meeting In Hell
Samantha comes to her senses. "Why the hell have you kidnapped me, damnit?"Aaron simply stares at her from head to toe. "What the hell, why have you kidnapped me?"Before he replies to her, she again continues her lecture. "Now I understand you are for sure a gangster. That's why you are earning the best CEO for years." He looks at her"You cheated and on the other hand, my friend is mad about you. She doesn't know that she's in with a gangster. " "Shut up." He ordered"Oh, wait! Where is Damon? Tell me what you did to him. You are not ashamed to earn money by kidnapping others like this. You know this is a big crime. If the police come to know about your work, you will be punished for the rest of your life. " She screamed loudly.He crashes his lips on hers while pushing her close and clutching her hair with his fist. Her eyes widened as her heart started pounding.Holy shit, it's Aaron Salvatore. The dream boy of every girl is kissing her right now. It's shocking to her.H
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Chapter 04 : Mr Arrogant and Miss Nuisance.
"Damon." Aaron's eyes travel to the door, which makes him stop to clutch her hair in his fist. Samantha looks at the door, listening to his name. "Is it true that Damon is Aaron's son?" She thought about turning towards Aaron. "If Aaron Salvatore is his dad, then who is his mother?" Samantha looks back at Damon. "Ahh, cut the crap, Samantha. Right now Damon is important to you." Samantha yelled inside her mind. "Damon." Samantha runs ahead while hugging Damon and sits on her knees. Aaron grabs his fist in anger. He doesn't like her concern for his son. "Baby, are you okay?" She asked while hugging him tightly. "You didn't get hurt, did you?" Breaking the hug, she checks on him. He shakes his head "No" while giving her confirmation that he's fine. "Get off your bloody hands off my son." Aaron warned her while showing his angry eyes. "Who is she?" Peter asked Martin. Peter is the bodyguard and personal assistant to Aaron. He's like a brother to Aar
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Chapter 05 - I Hate You!
Location - At Salvatore Mansion. "Aaron! Why did you kill him?" Martin's eyes widened "He knows who sent him to kidnap Damon. We should find out about his boss." Martin panicked.Aaron shoots the kidnapper again, but this time in his heart. "Ahh!!" Bleeding starts from the kidnapper's chest; he falls and closes his eyes. "Aaron!" Martin screamed in frustration. "Relax!! If he knows who sent him to kill Damon, then even his man also knows about their boss. " Aaron looks at the rest of the kidnappers while smiling devilishly. "This is your last chance to protect yourself, tell me who is your boss?" Aaron asked them for the last time, but the kidnappers remain silent. "Kill all of them." Aaron ordered when kidnappers don’t open their mouths. "Yes, boss." The bodyguards respond to him in a heavy voice, and they point their guns toward the kidnappers. "I’ll count up to three! If you tell me the truth, I can save your lives otherwise, your dead bodies will go ou
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Chapter 06: Two worlds.
Next Morning.Aaron is wearing a coat while standing in front of the mirror. The white and black combination colours suit him so well.He looks professional and handsome as well. "Aaron." Peter knocks on the door. "Come in," Aaron said while fixing his tie. "Doctors have arrived. It's time to start the interview." Peter said. "Where is Damon?" Aaron turns to Peter. "He is in the room." Peter replied. "Okay, let them wait for some time." Aaron said fixing his buttons "Are you sure?" Peter questioned him back. "Yes, today I’ll not take a CEO-style interview; rather I will take the interview as a father of my son." He looks at himself in the mirror "I want to choose the best doctor for my son. So, I don't want to take any risk, you got me?" Aaron winks at peter and puts on goggles. "Hmm ok, I'll go and tell the doctors to wait." "Hey, while coming back, bring my breakfast, don't forget my cold drink." "You made me a servant, didn't you?" Peter gritted
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Chapter 07 - Bring Her Back.
Location - At Salvatore Mansion "What the heck?" Aaron ran into the room. "Damon?" Aaron screams his name, and his eyes widen. Damon is throwing things here and there.Damon's babysitter and Martin are trying to stop him. "What are you doing?" Aaron askedHowever, Damon finds Aaron in the room, he throws the car toy toward him. But Aaron is so smart, that he bends down quickly and the toy hits on doctor Hardik's forehead. "Ahh, my head." Hardik rubs his forehead with his thumb. "Hey, are you fine?" Aaron asked in concern. "I guess." "Stay out until I call you in." Aaron ordered him and walked inside. "Damon, stop it." Aaron screams while trying to stop him.But Damon is Damon, and he's the son of Aaron Salvatore. He throws another toy, but it hits Damon's babysitter's head directly. "Ahh!"She rolls her eyes.Aaron grabs her from behind when she falls unconsciously. "Hey!" "Ava, are you okay?" Martin asks.Peter enters the room. "What happened?" Is
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Chapter 08 - Fun And Frustration.
"Aaron, stop, I’m not going. Don't push me." Peter screamed while hugging the car with both hands. "You punk!" Aaron screams in frustration "Go and convince her." Aaron tried to pull, Peter from the car. "Hey, your son has ordered you to convince her. Why are you pushing me?" Peter flushed. "I don’t know how to convince anyone, but you know very well how to talk to girls." He chuckled "So go and talk to her.” He trapped him "No way, it's your matter, go and sort it out." "Let go, bastard, this is my car. Don't hug it like it's your girlfriend." Aaron shouted at him "This is also my car. I’m your employee, and damnit, I’m your best friend, bastard." Peter said, grabbing the car tighter. "The best friend never refuses to help, so go." Aaron hit his leg on Peter's butt. As a result, Peter's unstable body slips ahead. "I’m sorry, Peter. I’ll send you to the car with a driver, but please go and talk to her and bring her back. "Peter turns back at
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Chapter 09 - We Met Again.
Location: Salvatore Mansion "Who is the boss?" Aaron asked with a lot of curiosity. After all, someone tried to mess up with his son. “Kevin Knight." Aaron's eyes widen as he listens to Kevin's name. "Kevin." He echoes the name again to confirm it.Martin shook his head "Yes" "The bastard." He yelled at top of his lungs while taking his gun from the pocket "I'm not leaving Kevin, bastard today." Aaron is furious with anger and turns his legs to go out. "Aaron, wait." Martin immediately comes to a halt. "Leave me. I won't leave that Kevin alive today." Aaron jerks him with very less force while giving respect to him and his age. "How dare he try to kidnap my son when I've already warned him twice?"Aaron is furious with anger. "I never give a second chance to a person, but I have given it to him to change himself but he misused my chance." He gritted his teeth with a lot rage in his body "He has tested my patience now, If I don't burn him alive, then m
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Chapter 10: I reject your offer
"You are here, welcome." He smiles politely "We don't want to see each other's faces, but destiny brings us together, again and again, right?"Aaron and Samantha look at each other. "I don't believe in destiny, Mr Salvatore." Samantha replied to him face-to-face. "I don't trust either." He steps ahead of her. "Just because of my son, I’m meeting you again and again." He looks into her eyes "I'm also meeting you only sake of Damon, Mr Salvatore. Otherwise, I will never see your face again in my life." "Ouch! It seems that you still remember our conversation from before." He smiled devilishly "Of course, how can I forget that you are the first person who talked rudely to me and insulted me " She gritted her teeth while looking at him in anger. "Hey, I didn't mean anything." He chuckled while avoiding the piece of embarrassment. "Someone has said that I never asked for help. If the time comes for my help, I will die rather than take it." She used his d
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