The Substitute Bride

The Substitute Bride

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So, before that happened, I got up from squatting in front of him and went near my working table and... "Now you have time to listen to my proposal," I told him seriously. And then I took the paper I put on the working table a while ago. I raised it in front of him and even though he was right, kidnapping him is a very desperate move. I got a more desperate proposal for him in the line. "You just have to sign this marriage contract so we can be married. Then I can get my inheritance and my problem will be sold, then we'll release you." "What's in it for me? I can't get anything in return so why should I allow what you want to happen?" He teasingly told me. Urgh! He's getting on my nerves! Damn you Travis Forger! "You are my hostage! Your freedom depends on me and you have no choice but to consent to what I want!" I said in my most demanding tone. However, I immediately regretted being demanding, I acted again like a kid throwing my tantrums at him and when I looked at him again, I saw in his eyes how he was disappointed in my actions. "I already have a Fiancé, Kourtney and we're getting married. I can't marry you." He told me emphatically. I'm aware of that! I am updated on everything he does! But the reason why I am updated is that I need him! I swallowed hard, even though I did not eat anything. I feel weak in what I am doing right now but as I said before, I had no choice! "I love her and if I ever get married, it's the woman I love and it's Kim." I bit my lower lip.

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48 Chapters
The Substitute Bride
The Substitute BrideKourtney's POV I'm so nervous that I feel like my heart is going to come out of my rib cage, while it's beating so damn fast. "Why are they taking so long ?!" Irritated, I asked one of my guards. "They are on their way back here, Miss." He answered me without any emotion visible in his voice. "Are you sure ?! Because it feels like they're on their way here, since forever!" Due to great frustration, I couldn't stop myself from drinking another shot of whiskey, this time I didn't bother to transfer the alcohol to my glass. I drank it straight from the bottle. I immediately felt the heat of the whiskey in my throat as well as the bitter taste but I was very nervous that my plan would fail, I immediately forgot the unpleasant taste of this damn whiskey. Until I heard someone talking from one of the walky talkys of my guards, someone informed him that they had just arrived with Travis. My eyes widened and the more I felt nervous, my body started shaking as wel
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 I heard two consecutive knocks from outside my room then I heard one of our helpers say"Miss Kourt, Madam wants you to her office now." Mom? I curiously asked myself. My forehead frowned and at the same time, I had an idea why. In the end, I just sighed and stood up in my seat."All right, tell her I'll be there in a few minutes..." Before finally leaving my room, I looked at the full-size mirror to check what I look like in my new dress. I immediately smiled when I saw my reflection. Perfect! I said happily to myself.I am wearing a white backless dress with cherry blossoms print and was above the knee-high.The truth is, I just bought this dress earlier from Dior with my friends. We were outside the Dior store when I immediately saw this dress worn by one of their mannequins that was displayed in the middle of the store, it was so beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off the dress.And my interest in the dress became even more intense when the clerk said that they o
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – I Remember It All Too WellKourtney’s POVI remember that day as if everything happened only yesterday, I was nine years old back then..."Mommy, where are we going?" I asked Mom as I watched her in the mirror fixing my hair. She smiled at me before she answered me."Forger's mansion, Baby..." Mommy gave me a soft answer and then she finished fixing my hair.I frowned at Mom's answer, trying to remember who the Forgers she was talking about.Maybe Mom and Dad's new business partners. I said to myself."We're going on vacation there, I'm very sure you'll enjoy their place and also the mansion is close to the sea." My eyes widened at what she said feeling very excited. I don't know what's in the sea but I love it when we go to the beaches. It makes me so happy just by seeing the waves touch the sand. Wearing the sound of the waves.It didn't take long and Mom and I left my room followed by our helpers who were carrying the luggage we were going to take for vacation.We spent
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - I Bet You Think About Me Kourtney’s POVRush took my hand so we could walk together to where we were supposed to eat breakfast. As we got closer and closer I could hear the noise of women from somewhere. Someone was talking loudly and another one was laughing. They sound so happy. I wonder what is happening in that part of the house?Until we entered my dining area of ​​the Forgers, there I saw that they had three women with them and Travis was already there with the women.I immediately felt disappointed seeing Travis here with this girl who obviously likes him! I just don't understand why I have to feel disappointed seeing this. He was sitting there on the left side of the table and had a blonde -haired woman next to him. One of his hands was spread on the back of the chair of the woman next to him. I also watched how the woman tried to pour toasted bread on his lips but he didn't want to open his mouth. Good thing! I yell inside my head. I don't know but I suddenly
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Kourtney's POV "Oh why are you still here? Are you not going to the beach as well?" Travis didn't answer but he looked at where I was sitting, and our parents followed where he was looking. Our gaze met immediately and this time I had the strength to avert my gaze. It looks like Mom immediately understands what Travis means so she's the one who spoke on my behalf. "Oh, did Kourtney tell you she wanted to join you going to the seashore?" And then Mom started combing my hair. I bit my lower lip, and I didn't tell Travis that I wanted to go to the sea, but if he's going to base it on the behavior I showed him earlier, I'm sure he knew that I really wanted to go to the beach. The more I couldn't look at Travis out of embarrassment. That's why I was so shocked when he said, "If it's okay with you Tito and Tita I'll take Kourtney with me so she can go for a walk on the beach with me while the weather isn't hot yet." I thought it was the first and last summer that I would be
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Kourtney's POV:"It's okay Miss Kourt-" said one of them but before she could continue what she was going to say I preceded her to speak."I am trying to practice doing it on my own because that's a basic thing to do, I want to get to used fixing my things and that is also what my Mom taught me." Then I smiled at them.But in the back of my mind, "I'm sorry Lord if I lied, I just heard that story from Anya one of my friends at school."They both smiled and look amazed at what I had said and they were happy to know things like this about me. Finally, they asked permission to come down to help prepare my dinner and will be back to call me once my dinner is ready.I thanked them and as soon as they left my room, I went near my luggage and continued to open it and choose a nice dress to wear before I showed up to the Forgers and their friends.I brought out my five favourite dresses that our personal shopper bought for me. From luxury brands, there is one dress from Dior, three
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Instead of being rude to Travis, I just ignored him and decided that I would just keep walking until I passed on where he was standing. That was my plan and I was able to do it, well that's what I thought. Because I only took three steps away from him when I was forced to stop walking.I even tried to get away from his grip on my left arm but he was stronger than me. I shouldn't have bothered in the place, what am I against twenty year old Travis? In the end, I sighed as I gave up trying to get my left arm back.I frowned at him and said,"What do you need from me?" Well, no matter how hard I try to calm my voice since I'm annoyed with him because he's a d amn playboy! I just can't! He's very annoying right now. Like how can he do it?! Like every summer he got a different girlfriend that he brings here to their mansion. Does he even care about what his parents or the people around will say about him being a playboy?And before he could answer my first question, I asked him a
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7Based on what I am seeing now, the woman started crying. I nodded to answer my question, then I thought that apart from being a playboy, Travis seems like good at making women cry. Another red flag, then shake my head in disappointment.This is the second summer that he wanted his woman out of their premises before the day of their thanksgiving party. Now, I wonder if this happens every summer even before I started going here."Rush, Noah please let me stay." Travis' girlfriend's voice cracked as she cried and pleaded with them."Travis has the decision," Noah said coldly. This is the first time I am seeing Noah this cold to someone. His aura is often sweet and friendly. I never thought he could be like this.What if it got to the point that Travis would do the same thing to me? I shake my head one after another to remove that thought from my mind."The van outside is ready to take you to the port." That was Noah's answer to Travis' girlfriend's request."But--" Travis inter
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8"I don't know if the news is true but Kim is the one who is promised to Travis." Who is Kim? I asked myself.“I'm sure it's just gossip! If it's true that the Forgers have promised their sons then why Rush isn't married yet? What I know is that he's twenty-nine or twenty-eight! He should be married at that age!""What I heard is that he had an issue with his fiancée. The girl said she already has a boyfriend so she rejected Rush." Girl number 1"Wow! Is she that pretty to say now to Rush for marriage? What the hell! She's f stupid for what she did!" One of them said again. Girl number 2"Because she didn't know before that Rush was the one who was promised to her!"These girls are full of gossip! They were talking about Travis and now it was easily shifted to Rush.But only now did I find out that apart from the luxury life, the Forgers are also in favour of marriage for convenience.Even though I'm only thirteen years old, I know what that marriage for convenience is. What
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Until it reached my thirteen roses dance because Dad was my escort, he was also my thirteenth rose, so that's how I was surprised when the twelve roses dance came and then the emcee announced Dad's name."Dad, why are you my twelve dance?" I asked him in astonishment while we were dancing, he smiled at me as I waited for an answer but the three minutes of song and dance we have are almost done and I still haven't got an answer from him, he was about to let go of my when he looked at me in my eyes and said. "I'll just do everything to make you happy, honey." I am confused and happy at the same time but I love Dad so, so much."I love you Dad." Then I hug him super tight before he leaves me alone here on the dance floor.Until,"And now for the thirteenth rose dance..." The emcee said and then the main light in the event hall turned off and the only lights left were the mini ones, I was also left alone in the middle of the dance floor for a while as I was holding my twelve ro
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