To Love A Brother. (BL)

To Love A Brother. (BL)

By:  Alpha Kelly  Completed
Language: English
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Stefan's eyes shot up in time to see Sky standing at the foot of the stairs. Stefan's lips fell apart at the sight before him. Standing in all his glory was the beautiful, flawless, shirtless and sexy as all fuck, Sky. His eyes a perfect baby blue, the sparkles all gone yet they held Stefan captive. Sky was bigger, his toned chest flex with well-defined muscles, his lips a full sexy red color, his long honey brown hair gliding down smoothly to his shoulders. God, he was breath taken beautiful. Stefan was on his feet before he knew it, he was walking towards his price, the pull too strong to ignore like a magnet attracted to the other one. ****

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18 Chapters
Chapter: 1.***DATE -: DECEMBER 16, 1986.TIME -: 10:00pm.******Six years old Stefan laid outstretched on his mother's tender legs. They were in the hospital lobby, on a long uncomfortable chair. He couldn't get his little mind to fall asleep. Different emotions darting through his mind as he waited with the rest of the Fernández family, while they await the birth of the newest member of their family. He blinked his little eyes towards his Aunt Gina who was sitting opposite them, her head rested loosely on her husband's shoulder while long curly hair ran down her delicate breast to rest on where her hand ran smoothly on her round belly. His Aunt Gina has been the last child of his Grandparents and the only girl his father and uncle Jared had. Stefan's eyes lingered on her until she caught him staring and gave him a sweet smile, Stefan smiled back while blinking his eyes away from her to have them fixed on his Grandparents who were two seats away from him, both of them sound asleep,
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Chapter 2. ***DATE -: DECEMBER 17, 1986.TIME -: 9:30 am.********The soft buzzing of the fluorescent light along with the gentle breeze coming through the open window blinds awoke the sleeping boy to the sound of birds chirping on a nearby tree right outside of his window. Stefan opened his eyes, adjusting to the light and trying to remember where he was. He sat up straight looking at the closed door and around him. He was alone. Where are his mother and father? Stefan wondered, why was he alone? This isn't his bedroom. Stefan's heart was hammering in his chest.He was scared.A cry for help was about falling off his lips when the door burst open and his mother walked in. "Mamá!" He cried jumping off the bed and running into his mother's open embrace. Vivian's smiles disappeared at the sound of her son sniffling. "What is it, baby? Why are you crying?" She held his chubby cheeks as Stefan blinked tears off his eyes. "I thought you left me, I was scared." He hiccupped. "Honey,
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Chapter 3. ***The sixteen years old boy had just rounded the mall for the millionth time that day, his silky honey-colored hair wet with sweat from the walking he had been doing. Like a man on a mission, he was desperate to find the best gift for the birthday boy. Stefan couldn't believe it has been ten years since the birth of the boy in question. He has grown so fond of Sky that he practically lives for him. Seeking him at every given time. The desire to Touch. To hold. To protect and to love was extremely strong, so intense that Stefan needs him like he did the air he breathes in every giving day. Stefan knew from when he was fourteen what he truly felt for the younger boy, but he had nothing to do about it. Stefan had tried to be the best big brother, he hated seeing Sky cry, not when he had something to say or do about it. So he took it upon himself to teach Sky how to be stronger, to stand his ground, to never let anyone intimidate him, never to cry no matter what because it s
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Chapter 4.****Stefan clutched the box to his chest, he would pull the hearts apart and watch as they sought each other out and then click back together, it was beautiful and very expensive, but he was glad he saved up for it and he could afford it. He couldn't wait to get home and have the jewelry around Sky's neck."If I didn't know any better, I would say you're looking for a gift fit to give a lover." A sweet voice broke into his thoughts, Stefan turned around so fast his head spun. When he caught sight of the girl behind him, he let out a growl. "Seriously, you people need to stop doing that! You almost gave me a heart attack." Stefan seethed, his dark eyebrows furrowed as he bent down to pick up the box he had knocked over in shock. He hates it when people sneak upon him. "I'm so sorry." Maya apologized, she has been his best friend since grade one and he loved her to no end."It's OK, I guess I was too occupied." Stefan placed the box back in its place and turned to face the
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Chapter 5.***The soft music sung by the birds was something Sky would never get used to. He laid comfortably on his bed, blinking and trying to remember what day it is again. He hates birthdays, especially his own. The only reason he leaves his room on his birthdays was because of certain green eyes. Sky has always been drawn to the older boy, all he's ever wanted to do was please Stefan, be with him, talk to him and touch him whenever he could. Sky has no idea why he feels and wants those things from his big brother, but deep down he knew he craved the older boy in more ways than his innocent mind could put together. One time Stefan's family and his were at Grandma's having a tea party. Their mothers and Grandma had baked so many pastries which seems to be Bella's favorite too, they had eaten too much sugar that day, that they were all on a sugar high. Sky always remembered sitting with Stefan in a small armchair their Grandma sits on whenever she wanted to knit and since he Sky w
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Chapter 6.****His Fanny. Sky couldn't help his feelings, they were rushing through him, making him weak in the knees. He blinked at his reflection in the mirror and teardrops glided down his cheeks, as soon as they came down a single slick finger caught them. Sky opened his eyes wider to be sure he was seeing the beautiful boy behind him. Stefan smirked and pink-tinted the cheeks of the younger boy."I have always told you never to cry, Sky," Stefan turned the delicate boy around to face him, their eyes met and unspoken love, devotion, respect, and warmth flowed through them, filling their hearts, drifting deep down into their very souls. "When the sky Cries, the earth weakens," Stefan caught another stray teardrop, his eyes not leaving that of the younger boy's. "You're my Sky," Stefan hushed, so softly that it made Sky dizzy. "What happens when you cry?" He asked and Sky smiled a shy smile, making his face more beautiful than they already were.Who knew a boy would have such a pe
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Chapter: 7.****Sky sought the one face that gave him comfort and warmth but was disappointed when he didn't find those sets of greens in the crowds. It was bad enough that Stefan was upset earlier, but now it's even worse that he had to leave. Has he done something to anger the older boy? Maybe he shouldn't have tried to kiss him.Stefan is never the type who gets angry, not with Sky at least. Sky stood up and ran the entire building around, seeking the only boy he ever wanted to see but found him not. Tired and dehydrated, he sat on the front porch awaiting Stefan's return. He would beg if he had to. He would promise never to feel that way anymore.Never wanting his cousin to kiss him. Sky cried into his hands, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get his Fanny off his mind. "I-I'm sorry." He cried.His party is long forgotten.******Stefan sat slumped on a park bench, the cold air gave him the shivers. He took a quick look at his watch and saw it was past 10:30 pm. H
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Chapter: 8****The house was bustling with life, everyone oblivious to the emotional battle that had just gone on with the boys right in front of the house. Stefan passes a weak smile to everyone as he goes to sit on a chair. He needed to go home.After what he's done, the last person he wanted to see was Sky. The fact that he had stood his ground and had said those words while watching Sky cry that hard, was a miracle. Stefan thought he would die. But he didn't.Maybe he had done the right thing. "Hey, kiddo! Are you good?" An older man's hand tapped on his shoulders. Stefan smiled knowingly at the voice. He has always loved his grandfather, the man was strong and had taught him almost everything he knew, from fishing, to boxing and to basically everything that he needed to know."Yes, papa Jo," Stefan told the old man, he loved the man and he sure knows how to keep a secret or two."What's eating ya up?" The old man's concerned voice hovered over the younger boy. A weak smile pa
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Chapter 9.*****Stefan's throat was dust dried, he couldn't breathe. Sky looked like he was ready for murder, the sparkles in his once shiny blue eyes gone completely. What has he done? How would he fix this? Fix them.Stefan wasn't sure how long Sky stood there just staring at him, the worst part of this situation was that Stefan could not read the younger boy's expressions. He was straight out blank.The more he stood there, the scared Stefan got. He needed to say something. "Sk-" Stefan's words were muffled as he felt a very harsh sting on his right cheek. The onslaught of that slap had his eyes watering in seconds. Sky stood unfazed by his action. If Stefan could hurt him and not blink an eye, why should he? The room quieted down, everyone staring at the angry-looking boy. None were able to recognize the boy they saw."Sk-" Stefan tried again but another slap graced his left cheek. The tears came down finally and fast. He had taught the boy well. Sky was strong even for his ag
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Chapter 10.*****The twenty-four years old sat on his bed, fumbling with the half-heart shape on his neck, keeping him warm. Giving him a reason to live.It's been six years since he last saw the boy. What is he up to now?Does he have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend?Is he happy?That last thought constricted his heart, tying it into painful knots making it unbearable for him to breathe. Stefan knew Sky would never be happy. He took that away from him. It didn’t help that he ran away the first chance he got. How had he managed to get through all these years? He ruined both their childhood. The one thing he was afraid of. He had ended up doing. He stole Sky’s childhood, wracked the boy and who knows how he’s handling growing up without him? Stefan hissed at the thoughts. Could life get any more unfair?The hatred the younger boy had for him had gone on for too long. Stefan had tried to beg his forgiveness countless times, but Sky kept shutting him down, pushing him away. He is t
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