Steamy Fairytales Collection: An 18+ Dark Fairytales Series

Steamy Fairytales Collection: An 18+ Dark Fairytales Series

By:  Joy Apens  Completed
Language: English
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A retelling of several of the most famous fairy tales with a kinky, dirty twist. Each story is about 30,000 words so sit back, grab some holy water and relax! It's time to sink in 10 deliciously dark and twisted fairytales! Highly erotic and brimming with dark desires, don't say I didn't warn ya! 18+ Dark Fairytale Series Rumpled (Retelling of Rumplestiltskin) Sinderella (Retelling of Cinderella) Allissa in Wankerland (Retelling of Alice In Wonderland) Friends With Sexy Benefits (Retelling of Hansel and Gretel) Snow White and the Seven Hunks (Retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) Red (Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood) Tangled (Retelling of Rapunzel) Bella and the Beast (Beauty and The Beast) Maid For Pleasure (The Ugly Duckling) Goldilocks and the 3 Were-bears (Goldilocks)

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203 Chapters
Rumpled 1
Rumpled- Book 1 of The Steamy Fairytale Collection Eighteen years ago, when Rian, the greatest elf lender, was banished for asking for his payment—the young princess promised to him, he sought shelter in an old, dank castle. Filled with hate and resentment, his heart darkened with malice. But when a simple maiden, Ciara, asks for a warm bed and a hot meal, his once dark heart and other unmentionables twitch in desire once he realizes that she is his promised princess. As punishment for the kingdom’s ostracizing, Rian imprisons her, his only drive, to satisfy Ciara beyond her imaginations till she desires him… in return. An erotic retelling of Rumplestiltskin. CIARA When my parents insisted that I join them at the dining table, I already had a pretty good idea what it was all about. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't just leave me alone. I was sick and tired of putting up this perfect princess role for them. I wanted to live my life freely like a normal person and not a puppet
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Rumpled 2
CIARA I'd be joking if I said I was comfortable. I was anything but comfortable. I mean, I guess you're not really supposed to feel comfortable in a stranger's home but this was more than that. Let's look at the fact this Rian guy is living in this mansion all alone! Asides that, I felt like I'd walked into a set for a historical movie. I could bet my dad's kidney that most of the furniture was older than I was. But it really didn't matter if I was uncomfortable or not. I only had one night to spend in this place. Rian was kind enough to let me stay here though and I was grateful for his hospitality but I just couldn't give him my real name. I'd made the decision that wasn't going to let anyone know who I was. A lot of people might even recognize me instantly as the princess so giving out my real name would be even more risky, I could find myself back at the palace in a blink of an eye and that was the last thing I wanted. I'd rather die than go back to my parents. All I needed to d
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Rumpled 3
CIARA "What have I gotten myself into?" I kept asking myself as I screamed and banged on the door. He had locked me in this godforsaken room and through the window I could already see that it was morning, or afternoon, I couldn't tell. I banged harder on the door and wondered why l hadn't left when I had the chance. Why did I even walk in here in the first place? I should have known that the guy was a psychopath. He did look crazy but I still stayed. I should have run for my life the moment he opened the door looking like a millennial. After I realized he had drugged me, I honestly thought that was the end. I thought I was going to die. Waking up was actually a relief only to find out to find out that I was locked in here. "Let me out of here!" I yelled, kicking the door this time around because my hands were already hurting from banging for over an hour. I was this close to crying and calling out for my mum. But speaking of my mum, if I was to believe what Rian had said then sh
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Rumpled 4
RIAN Ciara seemed to be in shock as she watched me suck off those fingers that had been inside her just a few seconds ago. I could see the awe in those brown eyes of hers and I smiled. That was the reaction I'd wanted to get out of her. I pulled the fingers out of my mouth with a loud pop after which I licked my lips. "Amazing," I remarked, looking at the fingers I'd just sucked dry before turning back to look at her. "Wanna have a taste?" I asked her just for the sake of it. She was going to have a taste whether she liked it or not. And with that thought, I brought my fingers to her small, soft lips, pressing hard against them and coating them with my saliva. I made her part her lips and my fingers slipped into her mouth. Again, the warmth and sensation was maddening. "Suck it, princess. Soon, you'll have something much bigger in that mouth of yours," I told her with a smirk. Slowly, I began moving my fingers in her mouth—in and out—until I felt the grape I'd given her earlier.
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Rumpled 5
CIARA I was truly amazed. He never really seized to amaze me. He'd managed to make the conversation about his cock so effortlessly. Why did I not see his perverted side earlier? And his cocky side as well? But asides that, he said he could grant wishes. I wasn't really in a position to doubt that because I'd seen him make things appear and disappear, on and off, open and close… paralyze. But I was yet to see more than that. And to be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to see more than that. But if he could truly grant wishes, then I could just wish to be out of here. "You can't wish to leave," he said with a smirk, just as I was about to open my mouth and speak. Don't tell me mind reading was part of his powers as well. "At least not at first," he added. "That could be your last wish. If you will get to a last wish, that is," he said, "It all just depends on how good you are. So the sooner you're able to please me, the sooner you get to leave and carry on with your boring life." He sm
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Rumpled 6
RIANSoft ass. Very soft ass was all I thought about as we kissed and resorted to using both hands to caress her soft backside. Our kiss was sweetened by the cherry we shared and made it even more sensual. If there was one thing I loved about Ciara, it was the way she seemed so innocent yet so fierce at times. She was like a delicate flower that required care and I knew just how to take care of her. By the time I would be done with her, she wouldn't want to go anywhere. I could give her whatever she wanted. I could show her what true happiness was. I knew her heart desires and I was ready to make them reality. I would show her that age could trust me. My crotch hardened in my briefs and I hoped she could feel my budge on her tighs. I wanted her to know exactly how much I wanted her. And I wanted her to want me just as much. I needed her to long for me. I would do anything to hear her scream my name in pure pleasure. Ciara surprised me when her hands trailed down my body and stopped
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Rumpled 7
CIARA I don't think I would ever get used to being naked at just the snap of Rian's fingers. But me being naked was the least of my worries on noticing the fact that Rian was naked as well. But I couldn't see him properly because he was on top of me and the lights were a little dim. But I could feel his length on my tighs. And damn, he was huge. In fact, huge would be an understatement. Rian smirked and I went red at the feeling that he knew what I was thinking. He reconnected lips and began grinding against me and we were skin on skin. I could hear him moaning slowly as rubbed his length on me. The sensation must have been impeccable. He took a hold of his cock and rubbed its head against my clit without penetrating. And as he did that, I wished he would just enter me already but he looked like he had other plans. Rian stood on his knees and now I could see his cock. It was all up in my face, huge and erected. My eyes went wide a little at the sight of it right in my face and I th
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Rumpled 8
CIARA I woke up with the banana next to my face on my pillow. Now looking at it and remembering the things I'd done with, or rather, done to it, made me cringe. I would never have thought that I would be practicing how to give a blowjob. Or that I would ever even need practice in the first place. A part of me found the whole thing embarrassing but I had no choice. And somehow, I was slowly getting invested and dedicated to satisfying Rian. It didn't make sense. Besides the fact that I wanted him to grant my wishes, I just felt the urge to actually please him. My life had changed in the past forty eight hours and I wasn't just a princess anymore. I mean, what sort of princess rehearsed giving blowjobs with a banana of all things. I couldn't even begin to imagine what my parents would think if they had seen me with the banana. Or worse still, with Rian's cock in my mouth. The looks on their faces would have been priceless. I'd always somehow enjoyed pissing my parents off because I'd
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Rumpled 9
RIAN I don't think Ciara knew the effect her body had on me. I doubt she knew how beautiful she was and how her body was a masterpiece that belonged in a museum so the whole of humanity could see the definition of perfection. I just stood there for a while, admiring the sight. My gaze must have made her feel awkward because it looked like she was suddenly feeling stupid and thought what she'd done was a bad idea so she bent over to pick up her robe but I couldn't let her do that, not while I was already getting hard. "No, no, no, princess," I said, walking towards her, "what do you think you're doing?" I asked, staring into her eyes. I took the robe from her hand and tossed it across the room. I put my hand around waist and pulled her closer to me and I loved the way her breath had hitched when I'd done that. I smirked, now staring down at her lips as her breath softly fanned against mine. "I'm glad you came, princess," I said, slowly trailing my hands down her smooth skin until the
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Rumpled 10
CIARAI could still taste Rian in my mouth. When he'd shot his load into my mouth, directly hitting my throat, I'd nearly gone crazy. I never thought it was possible to choke on sperm and I'd never even imagined it but it happened. To me. And to be honest, even though I thought I was going to choke to death for just a second, I kind of liked it and I was extremely happy that I'd made Rian cum. That meant I'd achieved my goal. Who knew bananas were such good teachers? Rian was really gentle with me as she sucked on my neck and did an incredible handjob as always. I found myself curling my toes and literally screaming and breathing out in pleasure as he fastened his pace. I shut my eyes, enjoying every second of it. This was heaven. "Do you like that, princess?" Rian asked, probably now staring at me. I nodded with my eyes shut. I dug my fingers into his skin. I was breathless and my body felt so relaxed and tense at the same time. How was he doing that with just his fingers? How was
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