A Deal With The Billionaire

A Deal With The Billionaire

By:  Ebunoluwa Ademide  Completed
Language: English
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Can second chance ever have a chance? Christopher Crawford is the perfect combination of good looks and wealth. He is the rightful heir to Crawford Corporation but to claim his possession, he had to do one thing — Get married. It was easy, he had a girlfriend. The love of his life, so he thought. But she turned his proposal down thus crushing his soul. He vowed not to love again, but still needs to get married in order to get the company. Desperate and eager, he heeded an advise from a friend. A simple and easy contract marriage. Raven McKenna is a smart, hardworking, ambitious and kind single mother of one. She loves two people more than herself — her mother and seven years old son. She loves them and can go any extent for them. So what could a poor twenty six years old single mother offer to a thirty years old corporate heir? Raven has to get married to a stranger because she needed money. She sold herself to a rich heir to save her son’s life. She signed six months of her life to help him claim his possession. Raven never knew a deal with a billionaire would change her life forever. Can he bring himself to love her after being burned so badly by his ex girlfriend? Can a marriage based on contract ever survive or last forever? And what happens when they have to battle rivals from their past? Will their love become what is worth fighting for? Find out in this story about love, heartbreak, betrayal, misunderstandings and drama.

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117 Chapters
Campaign manager
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE ONETheme: Campaign Manager IN CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATE. CHRISTOPHER CRAWFORD’S HOMEAfter a long night of love making filled with confessions of love and promises, Christopher and Jessica went to be bed cuddling each other. At 3:00 a.m just few hours into their sleep, Jessica phone rang and she turned away from Christopher to reach out for the cellphone on the bedside drawer. An incoming call from Sir Antonio displayed on the screen of her cellphone.Jessica got out of bed to answer the call, the sharp turns she made got Christopher half woken. It was strange for a lady to be called at that hour for work but it was surprising how Christopher wasn’t moved. He seemed unbothered that his girlfriend was being called that late by a man. It wasn’t the first time and it might also not stop anytime soon.“Hello Jessica, sorry for calling you at this time of the night.” Mr Antonio apologized.Jessica yawned. “It’s alright. You
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A condition
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE TWO THEME: A Condition IN CONNECTICUT: VALLEY HOSPITAL TWO WEEKS LATERChristopher Crawford is a perfect combination of good looks and wealth. A handsome thirty years old young looking man. And he is a managing director at Crawford Corporation.On a Saturday afternoon, Christopher received a call from his mom that his father collapsed at work and has been taken to the hospital. He rushed down to valley hospital where he met his mom, elder sister, her husband and his younger sister sitting in the hallway as they waited for the doctor to come out from the private ward to give feedback about Mr Crawford’s condition.“Mom, how is dad doing?” Christopher asked as he got closer to his family members.“We are yet to hear from the doctor.” Mrs Ashley King, the first child of Mr Crawford, a wife to Mr Matthew King and a mother of three children responded to her brother’s question.“I hope he is fine.” Mrs Hope Crawford mumb
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She is not ready
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE THREETHEME: She is not ready IN CONNECTICUT CHRISTOPHER’S APARTMENTChristopher rushed to the door when the bell jangled. He unlocked the door and was greeted by a grin from the slender looking man standing on the porch.“Hey buddy,” Benjamin Williams raised his hand up in a bid to give his best friend a high five.“Come in.” Christopher slapped his hand and stepped aside for Benjamin Williams to walk into the apartment.“How are you doing?” Benjamin asked.“Do I look okay to you?” Christopher furrowed his eyebrows and pointed to himself.“You look like a starved puppy.” Benjamin laughed as he sat on the comfy couch and crossed his legs. “Get me water.” He said.“Are you trying to take advantage of me because I asked you to help me out?” Christopher frowned.“Is that how you see it?” Benjamin smirked.“Don’t give me that look.” Christopher pointed at him.“Tsk tsk I don’t even know what help I am about to render.
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Suspected unfaithful girlfriend
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE FOURTHEME: Suspected unfaithful girlfriend IN CONNECTICUT CHRISTOPHER’S APARTMENTChristopher recounted the words his Jessica had said to him on phone.“Unbelievable.” Benjamin chuckled.“I didn’t have a problem with her. We were good the last time she visited me. So I don’t expect her to say no to me just like that.” Christopher was still shocked from the rejection.“So what do you intend to do?” Benjamin asked.“I want Jessica to be my wife. It’s her or no one else.” Christopher stopped pacing.Benjamin stood up with a screwed up face. “Don’t you get it? Jessica chose her job over you! She doesn’t want you! That’s what she’s trying to tell you!” He grimaced trying to control his anger.Well Benjamin never liked Jessica so he is not surprised by the rejection.Christopher shook his head in disagreement although surprised by his friend’s sudden outburst. “No...Jessica loves me and I love her too. But—““But what? B
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Time starts now
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE (A CONTRACT MARRIAGE) EPISODE FIVE THEME: Time starts now FEW DAYS LATER “Hey buddy. I am about to board the plane to Idaho right now. I will definitely call you when I touch down. So wish me luck, best friend.” Christopher texted after completing his check-ins at the counter. He was texting Benjamin so he would finalize the whole proposal plans. He dragged his box and motioned towards the plane together with the other passengers. Christopher waited for his turn to claim the few stairs and he also went in search of his seat number in the plane. After he found it, Christopher settled on the chair and plugged in his AirPod. He took out his cellphone and connected the Bluetooth device. He turned on a song title ‘Ghost by Justin Bieber.’ This song has been a source of inspiration to him since the proposal plans started. It was the perfect song to set him into the proposal mood. The cellphone beeped. It was an I*******m message from Benjamin
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Deep thrusts
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A CONTRACT MARRIAGE)EPISODE SIXTHEME: Deep thrusts IDAHO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICAFinally, Christopher reached Jessica’s apartment in seven minutes. He pressed the horn to alert her as he drove into the private driveway.Christopher slide out of the car in a hurry and rushed to the porch. But before he could pressed the doorbell, the door opened up revealing Jessica at the entrance with a surprised look on her face.“I made it down here in seven minutes.” He drew her in for an embrace.Jessica withdrew from the embrace and her fist made a hit on his chest.“Ouch! Why did you hit me?”“That serves you right for not telling me you were on the plane.” She folded her arms with a feigned annoyed look on her face.“I just wanted to surprise you!” Christopher tried to hold her hand but she avoided making a contact with him. “Are you mad at me?” He pouted“Of course! If I had known I would have prepared so much for you. But I don’t even have—“He caged her to
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Passionate Moments
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE SEVENTHEME: Passionate moments IDAHO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AT JESSICA CAMPBELL APARTMENTJessica snuggled closer to Christopher while he pressed a kiss in her hair. He hasn’t been able to fall asleep due to the excitement stirring up inside him. He had stayed awake for over an hour now just watching his girlfriend and listening to her mumbling incoherently in her sleep.“Babe, are you awake?” He asked in a tight whisper.“Hm...you didn’t get any sleep?” Jessica mumbled.Christopher hummed a positive response. He couldn’t dare to close his eyes due to the fact that his subconscious was was at alert because of the proposal plans. He tried to detach from the embrace but Jessica held on to him tightly and she wouldn’t let go.“How long are you staying in Idaho?” Jessica asked. She enjoyed what they had shared and still wanted his warmth and more of him.Christopher knew what was at stake. He can’t afford to mess up the wh
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The Proposal
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE (A Contract Marriage) EPISODE EIGHT THEME: The Proposal IDAHO, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA AT THE SERVICE APARTMENT Christopher had the best and brightest smile on his face. He cleared his throat to utter the words he had prepared to say to her. “Jessica, I didn’t expect that we would grow so fond of each other. Right? It all started as us being friends and along the line I fell in love with you. No lies, you are the reason behind my laughter and smile. Four years of dating you made me realize one thing, it is that I’ll always want you. I am certain that I can never get tired of you. I am deeply in love with you and I want you in my life forever. I have had many dreams but the greatest one remains to make you my wife. So make my fondest dream a reality. Will you marry me, Jessica Campbell?” Christopher smiled as he uttered those words. Slowly Jessica shook her head as tears formed in her eyes. He shouldn’t have put up such a surprise for her. A
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She said...No.
A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE(A Contract Marriage)EPISODE NINETHEME: She said...NoCONNECTICUT, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA BELL RUSH PUBAfter a few minutes of driving around, Christopher found a spot and he parked the car in the driveway. He entered the pub, his eyes scanning the area lightened by colorful lights. His intention was to have good shots of tequila several times until he gets drunk.At least getting drunk would stop him from thinking about Jessica’s rejection and how to deal with his family and the outcome of not being able to meet his father’s condition just to claim his possession.“A bottle of tequila.” Christopher requested when the pub attendant turned to face him.The music booming through the speakers was a bit loud.“A shot of tequila?” The bar man asked just to be sure of the order.Christopher got angry by this question. So out of frustration, he repeated his order louder than the usual tone and taking a break after each word.“I. WANT. A. FUCKING. BO
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A DEAL WITH THE BILLIONAIRE (A Contract Marriage) EPISODE TEN THEME: Bride—Doom CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA BELL RUSH PUB Benjamin heaved a sigh as he moved closer to him. He placed his right hand on Christopher’s shoulder. He knew he had to comfort his best friend. He already prepared to hear the worst concerning the proposal plans. “She said...No.” Christopher laughed. Benjamin watched as tear slipped down his cheek again. He didn’t know what to say to comfort his best friend. He has never seen Christopher act this way ever since they became friends for more than two decades now. “Come on...” Christopher removed the hand on his shoulder and he stood up. Benjamin was quick to hold him when he lost his balance. “I am fine. Come on...don’t feel bad for me!” Christopher laughed. “Chris—“ “Watch this! Watch me, Ben!” Christopher stood straight before holding the table and he threw one leg over it until he was standing on it. Benjamin tried to stop him but it
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