My Guardian Knights

My Guardian Knights

By:  Lacy C  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Ellie, my child, the world will need your strength to save it from a great evil but do not be afraid. You will be sent great warriors to protect you during your journey. Remember to trust yourself, trust your mates and to follow your heart. You have been chosen by the Moon Goddess; do not despair for she will always be with you.” The same dream haunts Ellie every night. She knows nothing of who her parents were, only being told they were killed in a rogue attack. Fate was kind to her when she ended up in the loving hands of the Locke family but what happens when Ellie starts to have strong feelings towards the triplet sons of the Locke family? In a surprise twist in Ellie's "run of the mill" life, the entire supernatural world lands in her hands as the "end of days" approaches from the Great Evil. Will she survive what the Moon Goddess plans for her? Can the Locke triplets' love for her fill the hole in her soul she has felt for most of her life and help her to finally believe in herself? Will she allow herself to love her mates freely or allow the dark forces at work to rip them apart?

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17 Chapters
“Ellie, my child, the world will need your strength to save it from a great evil but do not be afraid. You will be sent great warriors to protect you during your journey. Remember to trust yourself, trust your mates and to follow your heart. You have been chosen by the Moon Goddess; do not despair for she will always be with you.” It is the same dream I’ve had for years. The same ridiculous statement made by a woman I have never met but for some reason feels familiar and comforting despite the majority of her face being blurry in my dream. With her long, shiny silver hair and piercing blue eyes similar to mine, I used to pretend that she was a long lost relative to fill the void of what I’ve lost. But those were the thoughts and dream of a child desperate to belong. My parents were murdered by rogues when I was only a baby. I was told I was the last of my family’s line with no living relatives. I don’t even have an official last name. I don’t know much about them and my adoptive pare
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Chapter 2: The Challenge, Ellie and Bronx's POV
“Ellie, you ready to go to training?” Bradley yelled from the hallway at me. Shaking myself from my own thoughts, I replied “Ready whenever you are, Beta B! Let me just go grab my bag. Meet you outside?” Without waiting for a reply, I ran back to the room while powering up my new phone. I grabbed my bag quickly, checking to make sure I didn’t have my shirt on backwards from this morning’s sleepy wake up (yes, I was known for that). I went to the messages on my phone and sent a quick text to Cailee. Me: Yo chickadee…guess who got her phone back?! Bestie: YAS girl, YAS! Bestie: Have you been going through withdrawals? Me: You can say that again! Me: Got to run to training but maybe catch up with you later? Bestie: Sounds good! Just shoot me a text when you’re done! Me: Oh crap, it will have to be after Alpha Mason talks to me. I don’t know what he wants. Any ideas? (Cailee seemed to know EVERYTHING that happens in the pack and gave me the ‘tea’ often). Bestie: Ummm
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Chapter 1: It's Time to Wake Up, Ellie's POV
“Ellie darling, wake up! Breakfast has been ready for over 20 minutes now!” my adopted mother, Bella, yelled through my door. Stretching my 5’5” frame out on the bed with a groan, I rolled myself off, standing on wobbly legs from lack of sleep and the intense training sessions I have every day. The dreams have not stopped and every night I wake up completely drenched in sweat, wishing I had someone to talk to. I wanted to talk to the triplets but it was forbidden for anyone to talk to them during their training so that was a no go. When I tried to talk to my adopted dad, Bradley, about it the only thing he would say is it was just a dream and not to worry about it too much. I attempted to shake away my tiredness, running my fingers across my sweaty brow to pull my unique, long silver hair back into a pony tail. I quickly moved to get dressed so Bella wouldn’t have to come back up the stairs to get my ass into gear. With all of the training I have been doing, I am constantly hungry an
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Chapter 3: The Fight, Ellie and Baylor's POV
“Ellie, I should tell you that Bronx and the boys called. They will be home soon,” Bradley whispered to me while Alpha Mason was getting ready to come into the ring. While that thought made me want to jump for joy, I couldn’t focus on it and went to channel all of my energy on what was about to happen. “Ellie, did you hear me?” probed Bradley, “You’re scaring me a bit here, short fry.” Now that got my attention. I hated it when he called me short fry. I knew I was short, the entire world could see this. Why was he…oh, wait, he was stopping me from getting too worked up over the challenge I was about to step into…duh, get your head right, Ellie. As I watched Alpha Mason joking with his friends, he looked over at me and started to peel off his shirt. When he saw I was looking, he managed one of his more creepier smiles (if that was possible) at me and paired it with a wink for good measure which made my blood start to boil. I guess he was expecting his little str
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Chapter 4: The Mates Reunite, Ellie’s POV
I opened my phone with shaky hands in anticipation of finally getting to talk to the triplets. I don’t know why I was so nervous yet excited at the same time but it had been so long since I last spoke with them. My eyes immediately zeroed in on the “unread” message notification on my phone and I quickly opened our group chat.Bronx: Take care of yourself, baby girl. We will be home soon. Me: I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed all of you! Why are you coming home? I watched with anticipation as my message was marked as “read,” and my heart suddenly jumped into double time, anxiously waiting for those three little magical dots to appear indicating they were responding. Staring at my screen, I tempered down my irrational emotions at not receiving an immediate response, while also trying to calm my raging hormones cursing through my body. Just seeing Bronx call me “baby girl” had me throbbing in pleasure, causing me to subconsciously clench my thighs together to
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Chapter 5: The Truth Revealed, Ellie and Bradley's POVs
Chapter 5: The Truth Revealed, Ellie and Bradley's POVs Ellie POV I don’t know if it was from the excitement of the triplets finally home or from the goose-egg that was on the side of my head but suddenly I felt the room start to tilt and whirl; I felt nauseated and ready to pass out. The triplets immediately wrapped their arms around me tightly, making me wince from too much pressure on my cracked ribs. Whispering words of apology and support, Benji lifted me into his arms and took me back to my king-sized bed. I think the emotional toil of the last few days was finally getting to me, along with my concussion, compliments of the man who wanted to be my mate. Lucky me… I laid back and closed my eyes while the triplets rushed around the room trying to find me something to drink, calling out for their mom and dad to come to my room, their voices filled with fear and worry. Bella and Bradley rushed in, taking in the scene and immediately told us all he had already contacted our doctor.
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Chapter 6: The Truth Revealed (Con’t), Ellie POV
Ellie POVAm I still dreaming? What did I just hear? My entire life has been a lie… My head was swimming with so many thoughts and emotions. I started to feel like I couldn’t breathe. My head felt like it was in a vice; combined with the pounding of something seemingly trying to break through. Every nerve in my body told me to just run away, to not face what Bradley just told me. I had finally started to come to grips with my past, just for life to throw me a curve ball. I was hurt, angry, confused, and frankly I wondered if the witch, Natasha, had slipped me a crazy pill. That thought alone was more believable than me being a white wolf, charged with saving the freaking world! Trying to get a grip on my emotions and to stop the thoughts that were running a million miles a minute in my head, I sat up from my comfy “triplet couch” and walked to the window. I couldn’t be touched right now. I sensed their anguish, seeing me walk away from them but if they tried to comfort me, I knew I wou
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Chapter 7: Waterfall, Benji and Ellie's POVs
Benji POVWhen our little mate sprang away from us towards the waterfall, my wolf Blaze howled in my head with excitement. How many times over the last three years had we dreamt of this very thing? There is nothing more pleasurable to a wolf than the thrill of the hunt, well, I take that back…Sex with mate will be best, Blaze growled out, correcting my thought process. Laughing to myself, I couldn’t help but agree with him but that would have to wait. As I watched her run away, she was so beautiful…the sun shining down on her silver hair almost making her look like she had a halo, an angel who had come to earth as a blessing to me and my brothers.Glancing at Bronx and Baylor, I noticed they were just as excited. My blood pumped hard in my chest, not because of running but because of all of the thoughts of what would happen when we caught her. I wished there was some way we could get around this whole, “don’t tell her she’s your mate,” crap. I wanted to worship her body in every possib
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Chapter 8: Alpha Mason’s Visit, Ellie’s POV
Ellie POVAs we got to my room, I tried to get myself into the right mentality so I gave nothing away. Natasha did a quick incantation and I was shocked to see my injuries had appeared back on my face and body, minus the pain. How was I going to play my part when everything about this man made me want to run away from him?“Alpha Bradley, what should I do or say if he brings up me being his mate?” I asked quietly while everyone prepped to put on the show of our lifetimes.“If you can get away with not answering the question directly, do it,” he said with a scowl on his face.“Great…maybe Nat can just knock me to sleep so I won’t have to interact with him in the first place,” I half-heartedly joked with a smirk.“I’m still trying to figure out how we can get you out of the pack before your shift and I think I may have come up with an idea but will need you make it happen,” he said, causing my face to light up with excitement.“What do I need to do?” I questioned.“I think the best thing
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Chapter 9: New Mates? Cailee, Vince and Ellie’s POVs
Cailee POVThe Alpha had just mindlinked me to come to Ellie’s house. I dreaded seeing him. There was just something about him and the way he looked at my best friend that I didn’t like. Ellie…now that girl had a lot of explaining to do but it would have to wait until Alpha Mason was gone. Even I wasn’t that dense to speak about it around her. I hadn’t had any time to tell her everything I had found out. His obsession with her was getting out of control and I feared the worst for my best friend.As I approached her room, I smelt the slightest scent of s’mores over a fire, and my mouth started to water. Oh Goddess, please tell me I’m not a mate to one of the triplets! I mean, as hot as they were, I saw what I saw and I knew my best friend was in absolute lust, moving quickly to love, with the three of them.I opened the door, taking in a deep breath, and was relieved to not see any of the triplets in there. “What can I do for you, Alpha?” I asked and then froze when that delicious scent
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