The Heart's Rhythm

The Heart's Rhythm

By:  Celestial_Tine  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alena Sabine Florence, now an aspiring drummer, was originally inspired by the young prodigy of a guitarist boy when she was a kid. Driven by the desire to play music with him someday, she chose to take on the path of a complex lifestyle and thrived hard to be as good as she could with the drums. She had never stopped hoping to meet the boy again. She thought, that as long as she kept working hard to make a name for herself, they will eventually meet again. So, when an opportunity has risen; a way to challenge her skills came, she joined her friend’s indie band. However, fate seemed to work way more twisted than she expected, because when her greatest wish came true, it didn’t bring her joy as she imagined. The boy she considered an unreachable star, was stuck in a nameless local indie band. Furthermore, his sound doesn’t resonate the joy of making music, or love for music anymore. He just sounded bland, flat, and boring. Just another typical story of a bright, hopeful girl, and the lackluster, musical genius boy. Except, it ain’t typical. Hear thy heart’s rhythm; a search for a melodious love.

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6 Chapters
“Ayen, here!”I immediately turned my head to look for the owner of the voice. It was crowded, and the auditorium is packed with students, that’s why it was hard to look for my friend who reserved me a seat. College orientations sure are tough, not to mention today was the last day. I was so excited until I saw the massive crowd. “Girl, our promised meeting time was like twenty minutes ago,” she snarks. “Sorry, Ali. I got stranded at the entrance,” I smiled apologetically at her, and sat down on the chair, wiping the dripping sweat off my forehead.Thank goodness, the venue is air-conditioned. “For the whole twenty minutes?” Alison asked, making sure to check facts, and I can’t help but roll my eyes at her detail-orientedness. “Fine,” I give up, “I woke up late” “Fix that habit! We are not in high school anymore.”Alison and I enrolled in different courses, so we had to split up after the meeting at the auditorium. I took Social Science, BS Psychology. Alison
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“Hey, are you sure you’re okay? You’re still pale, how many days has it been?” I spaced out in front of me, not hearing anything at the moment. Until I felt something cold on my cheek, I jumped from my seat and slightly trembled. I looked at Alison in horror, and she eyed me curiously, baffled by my reaction. “Don’t do that again,” I huffed a breath, and took the water bottle in her hands. “What is wrong with you? You’ve been like that for a week. Did something happen back on the last day of the orientation?” “No. Nothing happened” “Then, are you not feeling well? You looked paler than usual these days,” she says.God, I wish I could tell her. I wish I could tell someone and ask for help, but I’m getting paranoid with each passing day. The scene from that night at the park is still fresh in my mind, not wanting to be forgotten like it was a living threat.His words in an eerie voice keeps ringing in my ear, and I kept getting anxious.The rumors of the mass c
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“Shh!”He covered my mouth using his hand to silence my scream, like what he did the first time I caught him. I was ready to fight him off, I even tried removing his hands off me, but he didn’t even budge. He was too big for me, so I just screamed for help at the top of my lungs. It came out inaudible and muffled though, damn. “Stop screaming, you’re scaring the cats!”You’re screaming too! “Calm down, miss. Stop flailing around”I took a deep breath when he retracted his hand, but still nervous, “What can you get by killing those innocent cats, huh?” I say. “I just thought you were rude, but you were actually crazy. How can you hurt those animals?” “What the heck are you talking about?” “Yeah, you’re damn great at feigning ignorance. You’re the mass cat killer everyone is talking about. You threatened me the night after the orientation when I caught you!” “Wait, that was you?” “It was me!” I yelled at him.He’s crazy. He totally is. One m
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“Again! Yen, mind the tempo, please.” Ugh, damn. I groaned in frustration, dropping the drumsticks on the monobloc chair near me. We’ve been trying to sync sounds for the past two hours and we haven’t achieved anything at all. Even with the aircon blasting inside the room, I was still dripping in sweat, and my wrists are already starting to hurt. “Hiro, let’s take a break. We can’t keep going on like this,” Lev suggested calmly, standing up from his seat in front of his keyboard. I can’t believe it is this hard to sync in with everyone during actual practice with a band. I keep losing my rhythm, messing up the tempo, and out-sounding the melody carrier. This is embarrassing. I was so confident that I will do well! “Ah, my fingers hurt.” I heard Boaz mumble before putting his guitar down. Seon also removed the sling from his shoulder and put his guitar down. Hiro was wiping his sweat while drinking water from his tumbler. Lev proceeded to review the piece arrangement. I, on the
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BEFORE “Alena Sabine, guess what?”I immediately opened my eyes in surprise and clutched my blanket tight. Alisa looks down at me, grinning. She was on top of my bed, waiting for me to wake up. Jesus, it hasn’t even been five o’clock in the morning and she’s already in my house, blasting my room with her high-pitched voice.I lazily go up from lying and rubbed my eyes. When I yawned on her face, she made a disgusted expression and backed off. I snickered.She deserves that. “What are you here for? The sun hasn’t even replaced the moon yet,” I say as I opened the blinds on my window. It looks cold outside, especially since winter is close. “Ta-dah!” She waved two pieces of paper in front of me. She looks so excited, it’s concerning. “What’s that? Homework?” I ask. My eyes were still half open and I’m still sleepy as heck, so I couldn’t see what the paper says. Our classes start at nine, so I usually wake up at seven or so to prepare, but this is too early for me to be up. I wis
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“Yo, that was dope! Nice one, Yen.”Seriously, that was below average kind of performance, but it was the first time that I didn’t mess up. It’s making me feel giddy inside. Although I didn’t get to hear how we sound all together because I was so focused on my own shit. But I didn’t mess up! That’s a good thing.I shook Bo’s hand happily, as he reciprocated the energy I showed. He grabs Lev on the circle, and the three of us jumped around like kids. Until Hiro decided to join, and now we look like a bunch of adults who never moved on from being a child.After we felt like throwing up from jumping around in a circling motion, we stopped and laughs at each other. For some reason, my eyes trail to the man who helped me realize my own error to thank him, but he was just there. Minding his own business, cleaning his guitar in silence.I guess he is back to his usual grumpy and aloof self now. “Hey, you guys want to celebrate?” Hiro chimes after we’re done cleaning kinds of stuff inside th
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