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Sin | Love And Lust |

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She was asked to start a new life. A completely new life of living as a mafia mistress. Follow the tale of Kyla Jagan whom was sold by her parents, to Pearce Lopez, a mafia master. What happens when desire turns to lust. And obsession turns to Love. What happens when Twist of fate make them sin against the world!

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18 Chapters
"Back off bitch!" Charlotte cussed using her leg to push the lady tummy. She grab her best friend hand. "What the fuck have she done so far to you? " She asked fiercely, ready to beat anyone who has hurts her best friend, Kyla so far.The students began multiplying as they gathered in the school compound to watch more of what is about happening, they gathered forming circle, making the about to fight girls stay in the middle."Bitch " Natasha spat out glaring deadly at Charlotte"Let's just go." Kyla mutters, her head bowed, Charlotte still holding her hand.She doesn't want more of Natasha's hatred towards her."Not until I teach this piece, a lesson she never forgets. " Charlotte say determined, clenching her fists, ready to fight with Natasha.The students started chanting Charlotte's name.They know Charlotte to be this kick off kid, who go rogue at anyone who rebelled against her or any of her loved ones.Kyla been Charlotte best friend since childhood, is the type who goes aroun
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"What do you mean." Kyla ask as her dad glance at her. She could see regret, pain, all written invisibly in his face."I know, I know I'm meant to be a good dad, I should take all burden and make you my kids, happy. But I am failing" Her dad, Mr Jagan, began. His voice shaky as if he was about crying, making Kyla emotional."Dad what's it!" Kyla half yell, worried already. She has never seen her dad feeling so dejected and meltdown like this before. She was beginning to feel curious of what's happeningHer dad placed his palm on her hand, as he stare at her so deeply."You saw the woman." Mr Jagan rhetorically ask.Kyla look confused at first, before recollecting that it could be the strange woman she saw, The woman whom was escorted by cars.She wonders why a powerful person would come into her house and make her family wistful and heartbroken.She glance at her elder brother who have an unpredictable look."Yes I saw her." She decided to talk.Her dad cleared his throat. " I owe he
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"Hey..." Kyla called as she drag Charlotte back."What's wrong with you." Charlotte sneer.They just alighted from a cab, and after Charlotte paying the cabman. They stood mesmerizing about the huge Mansion, standing at their front.After a long look and all, they decided to enter, before Kyla drag Charlotte back."Okay, I think I can't do this." Kyla say breathing fast."Hey. What's wrong with you. She's not gonna bite us.Take a chill pill. " Charlotte say, frustrated already how about how Kyla is beginning to behave." Don't you have another idea." Kyla ask,"Oh, yeah. I have, and that idea is to, go in there and clear all debts. " Charlotte say, confidently.Kyla sigh.Okay, she has to do this for her family."C'mon." Kyla say as Charlotte walk to the gate. "Ready?" Charlotte asked and Kyla nod, feigning a brave look.Charlotte pressed the gate bell switch multiple times, before Kyla stop her."What do you want " The voice ask.They look around to see a CCTV camera mainly fix on t
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."I was told Mr Jagan daughter was here." The woman, Mrs Wallow say." And what business do you have for that." the guy fired, as he puff out the smoke." Pearce. " Mrs Wallow began, calling his name."You do know this was all planned up, to make me own Mr Jagan daughter, why would you go ruin the plan. " She asked keeping her voice low.The guy, Pearce, shot her a small glare."You realize you're my secretary." Pearce say with a harsh smirk "And I am your mum Pearce. " Mrs Wallow said. "You do know I need a trusted girl who would be my head of sluts, and you---" she pause, seeing the deadly look her son, her boss, is giving her."Go look for other trusted girl. And do not dare interfer. " Pearce warns as he put the half smoked cigarettes to the small tray." May I ask what you need her for?" Mrs Wallow question."What if I decide for her to warm my bed" Pearce say scornfully, he grin widely as he sip the alcohol in his hand."Pearce!" Mrs Wallow exclaims. "You know she is still a h
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Mrs Jagan stretch out the phone for her husband to collect. "It's Mrs Wallow." She tell as he collect the ringing phone from her."Hi. " Mr Jagan say immediately he picked up." What are you up to. " Mrs Wallow, asked with a harsh voice." What do you mean. " Mr Jagan ask back. "I can't rush her yet. " He say." Not that fool, " Mrs Wallow whisper yell. " Why do you send you daughter in! why are you making her go against our deal! " She half yell." What do you mean? " Mr Jagan asked confused of what Mrs Wallow was saying.He glance at his wife, whom was beginning to get nervous.He pressed the speaker icon, for her to hear their conversation. "You don't know what I mean?. You really feigning ignorance for me, right now. " She say her voice began rising." Just go straight to the point than beating around." Mr Jagan said, his voice not different from hers." Your daughter, Kyla or whatever came to my mansion to put a deal with my son, " She explained and Kyla parents gasp, surprised
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Walking home, and the usual greetings of any familiar or known persons.Kyla smiled, on reaching closer to her home.She would make her family happy once again, and the thought of how beaming and questioning her family will be, she is ready for it.All she cares right now, is her family would be happy again.It's become usual since yesterday how the house look so boring and quiet.She breathed in as she smile, assuring herself that, she did good.She walk to the small stairs at the front of the door as she twist the door knob opening it.She peep, before entering and shutting back the door."Mummy.." Kyla called. "Daddy." She calls again,It's was unusual, her family are always seen in the sitting room especially whenever they are yet to be complete, that is; If no one has arrived home yet.Kyla decided to walk to the kitchen.Walking to the kitchen, which was at the left side of the sitting room, so as the dining. She entered it.The kitchen was dark and there was no sign of someone
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Waking up, to face a new day. Kyla lye on her bed, unable to get up or do anything special.She had been brooding about how her life can become since last night.Though that she got some good rest, but every now and then. she is always waking up, sobbing and cussing at her parents..She is a young naive girl who thinks she doesn't deserve this.Her life must be becoming a hell if she start her work there, with no assurance that she will leave there soon, would she become uneducated? Would her dreams of been a medical doctor, having kids to call her parents granny would it be shattered?!Would her dreams of becoming a reputable one in the future shatter!.Kyla sniff as a tear slid out of her left eye down to her nose.She was still confused if her parents truly did this to her, all she what was the best and now that she is failing, or has failed.Kyla swallowed as she imagined the mockery she would be about facing in school, maybe she becomes the Mrs Wallow son's slave, maid or what l
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"No one." He say as the noisy place went quite "No one should high the tax levy, anyone who is ready to object. Should first bring his head to be chop off by me. " He added making the influential men in the room scared "Theodore." He called and the man opposite him barely answer, seeming to know what his offence was."Withdraw from the contact with the Europeans, you don't want to be a traitor do you. " He say calmly and the Theodore nod." Yes or No, was what I expected." He snarl "Ye... Yes sir. " Theodore says."Can we meet later." He say dismissing everyone, as the stood bowing walking out of his office all,moody."Roman stop, you and I haven't settled." He called and the man, Roman stop on his track as he glance at him.The meeting was about taking the tax levy of the drug dealers in London higher.But he refusedHe put them to be governors, chairman, and whatever he says is what they do. But now, they want to stylishly high the tax levy so no drugs can come into the country a
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"Gosh." Margarita gritted as she hear the programmed voice, saying the call was unreachable.She hang up as she dialed again, still it's turns out nothing."Shits." She grunts throwing the phone to the bed.She is tired and fed up already.Of living with someone who seem not to consider her, as living as a goddamn housewife. Been stuck as a mother in a mansion lonely.Margarita cussed under her breath for letting herself be this way.Her dream was to have him completely, have him to love and care for her but it seems impossible with the way he behaves and treated her, like some dirty old stinky rag.He lives with her under same roof, but it doesn't gives her the joy. It takes three days in a week to see him and when she does it takes only ten minutes of the twenty four hours of a day to have conversation with him.She was bound from going anywhere without his permission. She walk out of her room, as usual the mansion was as quiet as no one is living in whereas she is in."Ma... Ma N
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"You wanna hear, Pearce want me traveling out of the country with immediate effect." Mrs Wallow blurted." Oh my, my my. " That's was ma Nicole exclaiming remarks." Why?" Margarita asked furrowing her brows."How am I to know." Mrs Wallow say rather rudely."I am seeing him tonight, he--"."Please don't." Mrs Wallow interrupted ma Nicole." He doesn't want me to inform anyone about this." She added "You sure you didn't annoy him. " Ma Nicole asked" C'mon ma. You do know that no one annoy Pearce. He is the annoying god himself. " Margarita said" Compliment or a curse." Ma Nicole snarled "I should be packing now, Ma Nicole would you help with. Please." Mrs Wallow say." Oh, sure sure. Let me quickly drop this, I will be behind you." Ma Nicole say as she walk to the kitchen " And about the mistress stuffs?" Margarita ask after seeing Ma Nicole walk away."What. You do heard clearly I'm wanted out of the country, I can't do anything right now. " Mrs Wallow say with a smirk" I'm pret
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