Entrapped In A Toxic Relationship

Entrapped In A Toxic Relationship

By:  Queen J  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vivian, an 18 year old final year student, graduated from university and got entangled in a love situation. Growing up, Vivian had always dreamed of becoming a top model and working with top models. But what happens when her crush in the university asked her out and she got too attached in the newly found relationship, forgetting that she had dreams to fulfill?. And what happens when she found out that her longtime crush turned out to be the kind of boy she doesn't want to be with? Her mother died when she was just two, she didn't have much memory of her, but she was blessed with a caring father that Carried out both the mother and father role. Life of course has its own way of giving you a beautiful thing but taking it in an unexpected way. This story will make you cry, laugh and even hate some of the characters at some point, but most important, learn that all that glitters are not gold.

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6 Chapters
Last Day
The scorching sun of Los Angeles penetrate right into the room of a young girl through the little openings in the window. Vivian rolled over her small sized bed for the umpteenth time, she was so exhausted cause of yesterday's event and all she needed now was to sleep on her soft bed and don't give a damn about the world but not until something hit the back of her head"Christ!" She flung the duvet to the other side of the room and got down from the bed. "Vivy, no, not again!" she screamed while rushing straight to her bathroom. She took hold of her toothbrush and added some paste on it, she looked at her reflection while brushing her teeth in a swift motion like she will brush off her gums. She made some bubbling bubbling sound and pulled off her clothes, got under the shower. She didn't care where she discarded her clothes all she wanted was to get to her classroom before 10:00.After some minutes, 18 year old Vivian stepped out of her dorm, struggling with the keys on her hand and
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Home Sweet Home
She had always wanted to talk to Romeo since the first day she met him in a combined class, she was restless, not like she's always like this to every handsome boy but the name 'Romeo' always makes her heart to race.Vivian grabbed all the confidence in the world to approach Romeo, Just getting near she felt drained and wanted to go back. Romeo turned to look around and caught sight of Vivian but that wasn't his interest, he turned to continue his discussion. Vivian bit her lip and finally stood beside him, she fidgeted with her fingers not knowing what to say to him. "h-hi" her little voice said beside Romeo. Romeo turned to see the girl beside him "hey". His clique smirked on seeing the girl standing next to Romeo, they knew this one was also aching for Romeo because who wouldn't, Romeo is their dream and they suddenly picked interest in the little drama. The trio smirked at the girl."Um-mm, I don't know, mm, you care for a drink?" Vivian asked trying to avoid the gaze of the othe
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Shopping Spree
The day following to her school party day, Vivian and her cousins went to the museum and some fun places, Joshua and Fifi left before Vivy and Mansi.They went to a boutique shop to get some clothes for the final year party. Vivian caught sight of a glittering silver gown that hung inside a glass wardrobe."Wow. Mansi, check this out" she turned over to Mansi with the dress in her front , showcasing its beauty. "I like it, and it will look nice on me" said Vivian. she remembered something and the smile on her face faltered."How did I forget my daddy, he will never approve of this dress, it is too transparent"Mansi sighed, looking at her dramatic cousin and friend. "You like the dress, then go for it and what if you add something to it, like a stirrup tight that corresponds with your skin tone" Mansi suggested. Looking at the dress, it will definitely look good on Vivian but the transparent flay style below doesn't look decent."I really want this Mansi and I'm gonna cry if I don't g
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Glares and murmurs
“Dad, a boy in my school asked me to walk on the red carpet with him.” Mr. Patrick, who didn't know what to do or say, ended up chuckling. He knew that she must have been petrified to utter it not like he would do anything, even though he always warns her to not think about boys and focus on her education that doesn't mean that she wouldn't think about them forever, in the future she will marry a noble man and caging his daughter and protecting her from an already corrupted world wouldn't help in getting to know more, make many advances in relationship. He had actually thought about it, he knew there would come a day when his beloved daughter would bring up a subject about a man in their conversation and he was glad she had done so at the right time. He took his daughter's hand that was resting beside her, he brought it close to his lips and kissed her, he stared deep into her eyes and this made Vivian suddenly uncomfortable at the thought that he might not approve of it.Mr. Patri
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Two discourteous girls sitting among the celebrants caught sight of Romeo leaving the photo booth. They had been watching the whole thing and also saw when Romeo and Vivian walked down the red carpet.They knew that Romeo never had an eye for any girl in Knowles, some of them already pushed the wrong narrative that Romeo is a gay. Though that had never affected Romeo, he knew his reasons for not being acquainted with any girl, and that he's deeply grateful, he really doesn't want any of them pestering his life. Some of them were so desperate to have Romeo, and Romeo giving them the rejection energy, that made them envious when they saw him with another girl, of course they were so jealous and wanted to squish the girl's hand away from Romeo's.The first girl expression was so dark, “Where is the stupid girl?” She gritted her teeth in anger. Romeo and the girl were in the photo booth for some minutes and that had them imagining if something happened between them.“She must still be in
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Unforeseen circumstances
A man who had his face covered with black nose mask, and was in black clothes, he held a gun and hid behind a palm tree beside a house. He peeped out slowly so no one would notice him.“Vivian” Mr. Patrick called his daughter who was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for him, “Forget about my breakfast, I will be leaving soon” he said going to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.“Why? The breakfast will be done soon, just give it some minutes” Vivian insisted.He looked at the watch on his wrist, “I can't wait, I have no time to sit and eat”“Okay then, I will make something delicious for you when you come back”“Ohh…what a lovely daughter and I can't wait” he said taking his office bag.Vivian smiled at his father's compliments“I will be on my way now” he said, leaving the kitchen“Bye daddy” “Bye uncle” Fifi waved at him from the couch, making him to smile.Mr. Patrick left the door and entered his car, their gate man opened the gate. He made a turn and was about to follow the
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