Mate Of The Nosy CEO

Mate Of The Nosy CEO

By:  May1st  Ongoing
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Nima's is a fallen archdemon that had once put humanity at brink of ruin, out of revenge for what the human did to her mate. They used her mate as an experiment, causing him an earlier death. She was later reincarnated, but fate has another plan for her, because her mate reincarnated as a human, whom she loathed so much. A nosy CEO, who entered her life as a naughty stranger that wanted to explore her. Coming to the human realm has been challenging for Nima, but meeting her mate once more, despite not having the memory of her past had proved a stronger challenge, as they have to grow to love each other in humans ways, not out of instinct and pull being a demon ignited. A love story between a sex coach on YouTube and a Nosy CEO. A dark past that would came hunting their relationship. A dreadful memory that mustn't be triggered. Love. Hate. Sex. Read and enjoy

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18 Chapters
Dressed in a sexy blue lacy lingerie that does no justice in hiding her beautiful, well-defined body, Nima walked in style towards the camera set up for her shooting. She sat on the white sofa in her half-lit apartment, with her legs crossed in a dramatic fashion. Nima gave her signature smile before opening her mouth to start."Hi beautiful people, it's your girl Nima. Welcome to my YouTube channel, and like I would always say, thank you for streaming with me, and I hope it impacts your sex life.Welcome new beauties and kiss kisses to you that stick to your baby girl. Don't forget to click the like button and subscribe to my channel to get updates on how to do it right to keep your man." Nima finished her welcome speech and blew a kiss at the camera.She was more motivated in the opening speech, thanks to her audience's comment on how they just couldn't get enough of her cuteness in those introductions. "Okay, guys." She clap her hand and look seriously at the camera. "In our last
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Nosy CEO
The morning Nima's video was released. Inside a 5 storey company building with the word, JOEL'S ELECTRONICS, PLUMBING AND GENERAL MAINTENANCE CORPORATION. Joel, being a playful man that one just couldn't bare to hate, got to work with his suitcase held by his assistance. Their company had been given the opportunity to collaborate in building one of the 2nd tallest building to Burj Khalifa located in the city of Dubai. The company have over 250 staff, divided into those working at the main branch in America, those in charge of the few branches they had in a few countries to provide minimal services and then the men that expertise in various skills the company represented and their supervisors. Carey is young woman, the age of 26 with jet black hair tied in a messy bun. She seems to be distracted and would constantly checked her wristwatch. Joel has noticed her absent-minded attitude since she arrived at his house that morning. Joel was clad in a black suit, tall and handsom
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Want to be your reality
*Fifty shades of Grey. The scene Christian had f*ked and played with his wife as punishment for rolling her eyes at him.* Joel sends the message with a smirk plastered on his face. Nima was near losing her mind at this moment. What kind of man is this? Right now she's regretting the fact that she had replied to his message in the first place. ….. She was resting on her bed with melancholy written all over her expression. She doesn't understand why she always felt empty. It was like she had a purpose, but somehow she couldn't remember it, making her feel empty. She tried and tries to remember something, but nothing came. She only has memories from 3 years ago. She had read stories and watched movies. She wondered why no one searched for her. If she lost her memories, she should at least have someone who will claim she's her family, yet no one has appeared with such a claim. Emily has just been there. She felt some pull towards her like they've always known each other and sh
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Confused Nima
Joel's hand slipped through his hair, as he awaited Nima's reply. He had been going through thousands of emotions with the chat session alone. Sometimes, he would massage his temple and chide himself for what he sent that the lady could see as an insult. He knew she wasn't innocent, cause he watched her videos and dear lord… he couldn't believe his eyes at how good she was teaching them the use of sex toys. Those are the only parts he could imagine someone teaching it to her, or she had actually had those experiences or she was naturally gifted and accomplished it by watching adult rated movies as such. All of the above is a blessing, from Joel's point of view. Joel decided to push his luck further and that was when he sent her a message that made her blocked him. He had been prepared for that part since the beginning. In fact, Joel was in his study with two laptops in front of him. One was the one he was chatting with, while the other displayed the font of another person's W
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Back at Joel's home. He was expressing himself freely because she was a bold lady, courtesy of her work. He doesn't feel like she was the type of woman that would need a man that beats around the bush. He wasn't this type of man…. To be precise, he hadn't gone through stress to get women he wanted. He was aware of how some women in her field like to have fun with men that could make their head spin. He could make a woman lose herself completely. Joel believed this mature women don't want a man who would be shy to handle them like they wanted. He was also aware that he could get sued for harassment if Nima isn't that type of woman. He just didn't know what came over him, but he felt like he should say and do anything to get her. He was currently drying his hair with a towel. The extent he would go to entice….. He was well dressed before the idea of a video struck him and to make it more erotic, he shamelessly went under the shower and recorded himself having light shower wi
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(The Demon world)
(Demon World) "Inflicting pain on others wasn't as fun as it used to be. Your smile made it enjoyable. I fought wars with tears. Despite winning, I felt like a loser. Your high spirit kept everything worth it. I miss you Nimalaya. I'm going crazy here. Why did you leave me? Did you leave, or did the enemies get to you? Nimalaya, I've killed, tortured and abducted. I've interrogated countless, but still couldn't find you. It was as if…. As if..." The last sentence was unable to be spoken out of his mouth. He could only say it in his mind that it was as if she left their world. But how? Nimalaya had always been there. She was happy with him. Yes, she had changed a week after they were ambushed by a demon, whom her mate was killed by his men. She had rambled on about how the demon could be brave enough to attempt killing them, despite how she had feared them before her mate's death. He had told her he would do the same for her, but no one would dare hurt her under his
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Master of illusion
(Demon world)"Isth hata bentham….."Gasp"Maybe her trick could work on me, but trust me that I will rip your head off if you whisper one more nonsense." Gama threatened the witch he had been holding onto her neck.Hundreds of his minions were doing the same thing.They had chosen a good setting. An empty land that was the location of their scuffle with enemies.It was the unclaimed boundary that had been turned to battlefield, as it is the space that defined all territories. After the ancient witch disappeared, she hadn't been seen and as the woman had predicted, he hunted down the witches that felt they were invisible. He searched every corner, choked then out with his unique smoke ability. They weren't simple either and put up a good fight.He lost so many men, due to being at a disadvantage. If he killed any of them, the old witch wouldn't forgive him and might become a headache. She doesn't get involved in demons scuffles but could side with an enemy to fight against him an
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Ruin of humanity
Gama had his guards up as the witch made them appeared inside a cave.It was dark and disturbingly quiet with two dark eyes with silver lines of creatures Gama guessed to be birds, stared at him from different angles in the dark space.With a few whispers from the witch's mouth, the place had lit up and looking around the space, he sneered.If not for the power the witch held and the help he needed, Gama would have killed her for making him step foot in a place like this, but if he would kill her, he must not miss, or he would have a vengeful witch on his tail and the thought of it was unpleasant. There were five raven at each corner of the space, looking like a statue, as they gave intently at him. Those were the eyes he saw in the dark.A few items similar to what he had seen at the other witches' hideout were displayed everywhere. A shelf with odd looking scrolls and Grimoires, jars with creatures like snakes lizards and other reptiles were enclosed in them.He was getting impati
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Human mate
Gama frowned at the witch. The thought that she had possibly deceived his woman annoyed him, either past or present. She gave her false hope. How dare this witch!But knowing that he might probably not meet Nimalaya if that didn't happen, he calmed himself. The witch continued her tale, ignoring the killing intent radiating from Gama. She had prepared beforehand and not even a surprise attack would work on her.She would be a fool to think this devil wouldn't lost his temper."Nimalaya moved from one house to another, setting everything ablaze out of anger. Her blue flame looking beautiful as the sun reflects its bright hue.The cries of humans and demons burning wouldn't make one marvel the beauty of the flame. It looked beautiful but dangerous. It was nothing but a death sentence. The cries of mercy resounded in the air that carried the stench of burning flesh.Her face was the last thing people were seeing before her fire burns them to crisps. Summoning demonic spirits, she woul
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A chat with Joel
Nima looked into Emily's eyes, seeking an explanation for her sudden outburst.Emily mentally groaned. She had acted out of line…. Damn it!She suddenly shut her eyes and reopened them. Taking a side glance at the still perplexed Nima, she turned to face her and cupped her face in her palms.Nima's tension eased, seeing her friend back to her former self. "You scared me." Nima said before Emily could talk."I'm sorry I shouted, but it was out of frustration that you weren't seeing what I could see." Emily said, taking a different approach in getting Nima and Joel to click.Nima looked at her, confused and Emily chuckled softly."My dumb friend." She said and Nima pouted."To put it simply, I felt bad I couldn't help you solve your problem yesterday and then today you are pushing away some hot guy that seems to be deeply interested in you." Emily said and saw Nima about to interject with a displeased expression, so she explained further."I understand you. His approach was too bold for
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