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[ The Fiction Awards 2019 Winner ••• Best Of Lgbt ] Steven turned back around and was headed to his room, he unlocked the door and went inside, just as he was about closing the door, he felt a push and David stepped into the room and clicked the door locked. Eyes back on Steven's like a predator about to pounce on its prey, one painful yet slow step and another he took, while the other stepped back until he was pressed against the wall. With no place to run to, Steven stopped. Eyes on David as he took his last step forward. "W-what are you doing?" "God, you're beautiful." "W-what." "I want to kiss you so badly that my heart burns from just the thoughts of it." "D-David." "Kiss me, Steven, please!" And kiss him he did... DAVID+STEVEN=BEST-FRIEND'S. DAVID IS MARRIED. STEVEN IS SINGLE. #BOY ROMANCE. WARNING: SAD ENDING.

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34 Chapters
Chapter: 1*******“Steven!""Steven!!""My goodness, where is that boy?" The woman paused, pushing a stay lock of hair behind her ear. "Steven!""Yes! What is it, mother?""What! Don't tell me you've been in there all this time and I've been shouting on top of my lungs." Mrs. Mebel scolded."I'm sorry mum, I was lost in my own thoughts.""What is bothering you son? You're not the type to look dead and mostly to be lost in thoughts. Something's changed in you and I want to know what that is. What is it, son? You know you can tell me anything.""Yes mother I know, but I'm not so sure about this one. I don't want to share it with anyone."I might even die with it, gladly die with it."That's nonsense son, you've to share it with me. They say a problem shared is a problem half solved. If you don't tell me or anyone else, it keeps hurting you." Mrs. Mebel tried talking her son into telling her."Mum.""Yes, what is it? Trust your mother and tell her.""OK mum, but maybe later we could tal
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Chapter: 2.******Steven was dancing to his favorite music when he got a call on his cell phone. First, he loves dancing and he wouldn't stop even if it were his mother on the line, but when he saw the caller he stopped, paused his music and went to answer it."Hello!""Hey! My main village man. How are you?" Said the melody's voice from the other end and Steven found himself smiling. Steven loves David and they have been friends since forever, in fact, they were both born in the same hospital, the same day and they were both laid in a bed beside each other. Their mothers were in the same room on a bed beside each other when the babies were brought to them. It was as if fate had brought them together. The parents bonded after that ordeal and they had grown to be inseparable, almost brothers. When their fathers had crashed on a plane 10 years ago. They had been each other's backbones and the reason their mothers are still alive. He has missed his best friend and was so happy to hear f
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Chapter: 3.*****What is wrong with me? Let's just pretend none of that happened earlier and I wish Raya wasn't married to David. "What!" Where did that come from? I can't stay here and certainly can't feel something for my best-friend’s wife, it's wrong and a sin.Nothing seems to be working the way Steven wanted it right now. He stayed up turning and tossing around making a mess of the king-sized bed. He never knew when he eventually fell asleep. Steven wished it never happened but David came right in and bounced on him waking him up with a jolt. Now that was a really cruel way to wake someone up and being so angry David did that, Steven threw David off of him and had him pinned down on the bed. When he eventually let go of his hand they both had a good pillow fight that got the pillows open and flying all around the place. For two grown men like his mother used to say, they sure know how to play like kids. He guesses it's part of them, something that makes them special, something
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Chapter: 4. *****"I am sorry David but I can't stay, I've got some packing to do." Even if Steven hasn't unpacked yet, he has a flight to book for tomorrow. Just as he walked into the living room Steven saw Raya, she stood there looking into his wet blue eyes then she ran into his arms and went on her knees.What is wrong with this woman?She cried begging Steven not to leave. Obviously, she was eavesdropping on them all along."You know it's bad eavesdropping on other people's conversations and please get up.""What is going on?""I won't answer a woman on her knees." She got on her feet and pleaded for Steven to look at her in the eyes, just this once. She was right although Steven would never forget her, he still needed just one last gaze of her. Steven looked into her eyes and he froze."Tell me, what is going on?""Raya I'm leaving tomorrow and I am glad you're in David's life now, don't forget he loves you very much, so take good care of him for me. I love him so much." Steven
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Chapter: 5.*****The airport taxi was already waiting for Steven by the time he got out. The drive to the airport made him wish he'd never travel again. The taxi sucks. The air was so fucking hard to breathe in. Eventually, they made it to the airport and once Steven was ready to go on board, the sight of the plane made him want to throw up the little of what's left from last night. Steven might never board a plane for the rest of his life again.I think I'm going to be sick.That is if I made it home alive.What did I ever do wrong? Why did my sick heart have to love someone else's wife? David hates his guts, he would never speak to him again, his face this morning told Steven more than enough.? How would he go on living knowing too well that David is no longer part of his life?It's no longer D&S.It's just him.What could be worse? His life right before his eyes is fading away, there would be no one to talk to, no one to share his pain and worries with. Never had he ever thought a
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Chapter: 6. *****"Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.""As you can see, I'm getting my favorite fruit. What do you want?""To see your beautiful eyes.""Yeah right! Think I don't know sarcasm when I hear it. Seriously though, what do you want?""Have you seen Raya? Can't find her anywhere.""I think she went off to get some things.""Just tell her I'm off to a meeting. Not sure when I will be back, tell her not to hold lunch for me.""Mmm." Steven moaned as he took a big bite of his apple. "So good!""Go easy on that apple, you're a grown man.""Quit sounding like my mother, you're no different, Mr grown man."David smacked him hard on the head and ran off while Steven chased after him but he was faster and was already in his car pulling off by the time Steven got out."I'd reserve that slap for you when you get back, you egghead!" Steven yelled and saw David flip him the finger.A few minutes later Raya walked into the kitchen, carrying bags in both hands."Nee
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Chapter: 7.*****Steven's mother came into the room again, this time she needs her answers and Steven can't tell her he needed more time. She has given him quite enough time."Steven.""Yes, mother.""I am back.""I can see that.""So mind telling me what has gotten into you since you got back from David's.""Mum, D hates me now, he would never forgive me. He told me but I never believed it would happen eventually.""What! How could he? After all these years of successful friendship, he is willing to throw everything down the drain. He has no right to hate you.""Mum relax it's not his fault.""I don't care whose fault it is, you two have no right to hate each other.""Maybe you're right mother, but this is all my fault.""What do you mean your fault?""Mother David invited me over to make up for missing his wedding and I went to his house to fall in love with his wife. How fantastic is that?""You did what?""Yes mother I did and I don't want Raya to get the wrong impressions or fee
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Chapter: 8****Back in David's mansion, he was devastated and so sad. He had never been able to do anything useful with his life since Steven left. Even his marriage was threatened. Everyone in the house could hear his footsteps as he kept pacing back and forth in the huge living room. Even though the living room was big enough it seems small to take David's pacing. He needed more space. He felt hot and sweaty.What have I done? He asked himself for the millionth time that day. I can't live without him, I shouldn't have said those things to him. I can't possibly hate Steven, I'm losing my mind!"Fuck!"Steven had tried calling David but he guessed he was as foolish as Steven was not to have answered his calls. What a fool he's been, thinking he'd ever been happy without Steven, Raya is getting worried. David can't give her the attention she needs, he hasn't even touched her since Steven left. What is wrong with me? David needed more space, he needs to get out of here, maybe a walk in
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Chapter 9.******Just like every other morning, your head is up, your eyes are opened but you just can't find yourself getting out of bed. With all that has been running through Steven's mind lately, he feels numb so he simply just sat back on the floor. His heart still aches and his body seems to have a mind of its own. Thankfully Lily hasn't called to knock him off about David and whether or not he had called him.Well guess today wasn't his lucky day because he was getting a call and it was from none other than the precious Lee."Hello, uncle Steven!" She sang into the receiver and Steven found himself smiling, she has this aura around her that brightens everything she touched or in his case, speak to."Hey, there sweetie! How are you?""Fine thank you, how are you?""Never been better darling.""Did you speak to David yet?""I'm afraid not, he hasn't taken any of my calls either, I've tried.""I am so sorry uncle Steve, don't be sad I'm sure he'd come around.""Yeah! I hope so too
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Chapter: 10.****"You're going back with me."Steven wasn't expecting David to say that, Steven sat up and threw him a glance, with that eyes begging him not to go, David knew that face, but he wouldn't change his mind, having to deal with David almost took his life and now going back there to face Raya could kill him."Don't tell me you wouldn't come to my house again, even when I have your little niece and nephews?" David asked."Hey! I- I didn't say that, David.""But you looked that way.""Well, maybe a little, I just thought if it was the right thing to do at this point, knowing what I just told you.""You can't love my wife Steven, you have to come back home with me, that is the only way we can solve this problem.""P-problem? I don't have a problem.""Yes, you do Steven, a big big problem, that we need to take care of.""Fine! Whatever floats your boat." Steven whispered that last part."What did you just say?""N-nothing, I didn't say anything."David was hovering above Steve
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