The CEOs Rejected Bride.

The CEOs Rejected Bride.

By:  Danielle IJE.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Being in love as they say is just as easy as breathing but for Hera and Zach, it was the opposite. It felt like choosing between life and death especially for Hera whose hope had once been shattered. " You don't understand what I mean, Zach. I am...I am the one bearing the pain and humiliation the most. Was everything my fault? " Hera asked as her eyes started getting wet. " You know what? Let's end this relationship. " She turned to go but he pulled her back and kissed her. Her feet became numb and all her questions were rendered powerless as tears gushed out of her eyes. She couldn't control any of her emotions and it hurts. Zach released her lips and kissed her forehead before gazing into her eyes. " I understand your pain because we are in this together and I love you for being able to stand up for yourself and your son. I love you no matter what but please, just don't mention anything about leaving me. " He replied and hugged her. Hera held until him tightly for more confort. The cover was from an app: Pinterest. I appreciate the owner for the cover and for such a beautiful idea.

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18 Chapters
Hera was running in the rain but not at a fast pace. It was quite dark due to nature's course of events. Even though it was cold, she had hot burning tears streaming down her now pale skin. That night was the darkest and most unforgettable night of her life as she was forced to experience a second death to her recovering heart that was filled with injuries that were scarcely bandaged. Why did this happen to her? Was it bad to ask for just one time a chance to be happy and to forget her sorrow?... Just one time to try to live in her world of fantasies?Someone who appeared to be a man ran up to her and grabbed her right hand, forcefully turning her around. He was breathing heavily as the rain reduced its power of pouring. " He...Hera, you've got to listen to me, okay? Don't jump to any conclusion yet, I need to explain what you saw earlier and it's not what you think. " " What did you say? It's not what I think? How could you have done this to me? She is my stepsister! Even if yo
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" But that does not serve as an excuse to have betrayed me just like that. You could have told me about it. " Hera replied. The rain wasn't pouring much anymore as it had now turned to a drizzle but the thunder still rumbled in the sky occasionally. James chuckled unrepentantly. " Yes, you are right. That isn't supposed to be an excuse. To be frank, I hate you, I really do. " He declared. The thunder struck again, a bit louder at James's words giving it a dramatic entrance. " You...You ha...hate me, James? " " Yes, with everything in me. " He answered. Hera could not react again as she kept on facing rejection after rejection so she could only stare at him with hopelessness in her tired eyes. " The first day I met you, I knew we wouldn't last long. Your family wanted to give you away to me by any means because you're a pain in their lives as they told me. I wasn't interested in you but your sister. She has that beautiful face, big and round ass, plump breasts, straigh
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In City A's famous airport, two men could be seen walking hastily out of the area. It had started to rain so everyone was finding a good spot to keep their heads and body from the rain but the two men weren't unfazed by what was going on as they had their umbrellas. One was the driver and assistant while the other was the boss. He was dressed formally in a business suit and had a powerful personality. The assistant quickly carried his luggage into the car and opened the door for him. He entered and the car's door was shut. The assistant got into the driver's seat, brought the engine back to life, reversed a little, and zoomed off out of the airport at high speed.The car's heater was soon turned on to keep his boss and probably himself warm as he drove. The man's phone rang and he answered the call at the first ring. " Hello, mother. " " Zacharias, where are you? " The woman asked her son. Zach obviously knew that whenever his mum called his name in full then she was impatient
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Ben drove into the Young mansion and parked the car where it was expected to be. He got out of it and locked the car before moving to the car's trunk to carry Zach's luggage. He walked into the mansion where he saw the rest of the family waiting for both him and his boss. He dropped the luggage beside him and waved. " I am back, everyone. " He greeted.The Madam of the house walked towards him and tried to look outside for any traces of her son but there was nothing. She looked at Ben confusingly. " Where is Zach? Where is my son? " She asked. Ben stared at his boss's mother before giving her and the family the reply he was told to give. " Something urgent came up so he went to his penthouse. " He replied. " He will be back tomorrow morning. " He assured them as he looked from one member to another.Madam Young gritted her teeth at her son's behavior. " That liar! Does he not know he ought to be here for family dinner? What is it that came up urgently that he had t
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The night soon gave way to the brightness of the day. Hera's bright blue eyes fluttered open. She blinked them severally as she looked around her. She had no idea where she was but judging from the monitor, she got to know that she was in a hospital. Then it suddenly dawned on her what happened last night as the memories flooded back like a river and clashed against each other like swords on a battlefield. She felt a headache coming and she hissed.Her son. He must have been scared when she didn't come home last night and her nightmare wasn't good because it was all about him so she lifted her stressed body from the bed and looked around her only to meet a strange pair of light brown eyes staring at her. She seemed confused at first but because of the motherly instinct in her, she just wanted to go home. " Good morning. Here, have a cup of water. " Zach gave her a warm glass of water which she collected and drank at a go. Zach was about to start explaining why she was in the hospi
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Hera paid the cab driver out of the money she had stolen from Zach's pocket and the driver left. She had calculated everything, she had no money with her, and not even her purse was with her so Zach was the available option. From his looks, he was the rich one... stealing a little cash was definitely nothing to him. She stared at the gate of her home...pft, her mind cracked into miserable laughter. Home? This was no longer the home she was born into. This was just a house...a building meant to shelter her and her son.She moved closer and the gateman opened the gate for her to enter. She walked into the small mansion eagerly. The first thing she noticed was her so-called family having breakfast while her son just sat at a corner with a piece of bread watching them eat. There were no words to describe how she felt about this. She ran towards her son whose face was now lifted a little bit after seeing his mum. " Mom? " He spoke, getting the attention of the family members. " Aus
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Zach met the family having breakfast when he arrived. Delilah stood up to welcome him with a hug and a huge smile on her face. " Welcome home, Zach. " She greeted. " Thanks. Good morning, everyone. " He greeted. " Morning. " They chorused. " So, are you done with the business now? " Jennie asked as she puts a piece of meat into her mouth using a fork. " I am not done with business and I will never be as long as I am alive. You didn't let me enjoy my stay and meeting there as if I was gone for a year, mum. " Zach spoke as he pulled out a chair and sat on it. He wasn't going to eat breakfast in his state, he just wanted to have a chat with the family. " I am your mother of course, what do you expect? " Jennie glared at him and Zach chuckled. " How was the business trip? " Ezekiel asked his son. " It went well. The contract was sealed and they proposed to invest more in the business. " Zach replied with a smile. Everyone was happy at the news and made a t
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Delilah climbed each of the stairs with care so she wouldn't slip and fall. She got to Zach's room and knocked, when there wasn't any reply she opened the door and entered. The sound of rushing water could be heard from the bathroom which meant that he was taking his bath. She placed the tray containing his morning meal on one of the side tables and took her time looking at the room.Zach's bedroom wasn't just any bedroom, it had a mini sitting room, mini library, and kitchen. His closet was quite wide and just from standing in the room, one could view the beautiful lawn that added beauty to the Young Mansion. The room had several portraits of art and decorations. There were only a few pictures of his family and friends. Even though he was a male, he was the type who strongly believed that both genders should have the mindset to be clean and to keep their surroundings neat.While Delilah was still admiring the room, Zach came out of the bathroom and this got her attention. She turned
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Hera was walking down the busy street with Austin. Her eyes were red and all swollen up. It was already afternoon and they still had no place to stay but Hera's hand never released Austin's. " Mum, where exactly are we going? " Austin asked. He was starting to get tired of walking to nowhere. Hera looked at home, trying to find the right words to say. " Don't... Don't worry, Austin. I will figure out something. " She assured him. She stood at a spot and looked around for any sign of a phonebooth which she found nearby. " Hi. " She greeted the aged woman who was attending to the customers at the booth. " Good afternoon, ma'am. You're here to make a call? " The attendant asked. " Yes. " Hera replied and gave her the fee. She was directed to where the telephone was fixed to the wall and pressed the number keys before placing the phone in her ear. It rang for a while and it was picked up from the other end. " Hello. " Anna, her best friend said immediately after the call connec
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The tides of the day soon changed and it was dusk. Hera's eyes were now wide open and she glanced at the wall clock. It was 7 pm already. She was surprised she did sleep that late but concluded that it was normal since her body needed the rest. Austin was no longer in her arms. He sat opposite her while watching an ongoing cartoon, he looked relaxed and was even singing along with the cartoon characters. The doorbell rang and Hera stood up to open it. There was Anna, carrying a huge load of shopping bags. She was excited to see Hera but sad to also see the terrible state that she was in and this saddened her a lot. She entered and closed the door with her right leg. Anna dropped the bags and pulled her into a tight hug. " Hera...oh Hera, I missed you a lot. " Anna's eyes were beginning to weaken with tears as she held onto Hera firmly. " I also missed you, Anna. " She replied. They released each other and smiled. Austin used this opportunity to get in between them. " Godmo
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