Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies

Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies

By:  sprachi12  Completed
Language: English
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Sophia Weasley decided to end her life after losing everything in her life, and she almost had said HELLO to the god when her sister-in-law saved her life by taking her to the hospital in time, and there, she found a new reason to live when the doctor told her about her pregnancy. Recalling all the pain that she suffered from her Ex-husband and also knowing that he had to do nothing with her or her babies, she decided to raise her babies on her own. Every time when her babies asked about their father, she made up a story because they were too small to understand the word ‘DIVORCE.’ It worked in the beginning, but as years went by, her white lies seemed to be playing out. Until one day, her babies decided to find their father on their own. * Book 1: Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch

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163 chapters
Author Note
Dear Readers,Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.The following are my books; if interested, do give a look over them:Can't help falling in love (Book 1)-CompletedPurchased by the Mafia (Book 2)-CompletedHer Mysterious Lover (Book 3)-CompletedMy Girlfriend is Mafia Queen (Book 4)-CompletedLoving you is a Losing game: Upcoming*****Her Unloved Mate (Book 1)- CompletedMy Bride is not a human (Book 2)-CompletedHer Chosen Mate (Book 3)- CompletedBillionaire’s Ex-Wife (Book 4): Ongoing (on Daily update)*****1) Chosen By An Alpha: Completed2) Purchased A Werewolf: On Hold3) The Luna's Pretended Love Interest: Completed4) Alpha's Last Minute Bride: Completed5) Deceiving the Beta: Completed*All the characters and the incidences in the story are created by me. In case it matched even
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Chapter 1
Sophia’s POV . I was standing on the edge of the bridge to end my life. This was the place where everything had started more than ago, and this would be the place where everything would end. I wish I would have killed myself on the very same night before meeting him. Only if I would never meet him all these things would have been with my family members or with me. I sobbed and looked down at the river. I didn’t know how to swim, so I was hopeful that I would definitely die by drowning in it. “Sophia.” I heard my name being called, and I already knew the person who was calling me. Well, that’s my brother, Oliver's girlfriend, Rebecca V. Cornell, and I’m … Nevermind. Soon, going to be a dead person, I guess. Shit! How did she find me? That reminded me that I didn’t have much time with me. I wasted not a single second more and jumped from there. “Sophiaaa,” She yelled my name again, but by that time, I was already in the air, and after waiting for a while, I landed in the river
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Chapter 2
Sophia’s POV . Two months later! . “Wow! Congratulation.”, I congratulated Rebecca. “Now, three newborn babies are going to join our family.”, I added with a big smile. If you guys have guessed it right, then it is well and good. If not, then let me share one of the most fantastic news of my life, i.e., ‘I’m pregnant with twins.’ ‘I’m so nervous, Sophia. I mean, this pregnancy is totally unplanned, and I don’t know when Oliver will keep this child or not because he is busy making his career.’ “I know my brother. He will be the happiest man in the world after knowing that you’re pregnant. Planned or Not.” “Let’s see. I’m going to inform him. Hopefully, I’m expecting a positive response. By the way, how are you doing? And your babies?” “They are doing great till now, but I could sigh in relief only after everything their birth.” “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Just let me know if you need anything, okay?” “Sure. But thankfully, you have already arranged everything, so I
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Chapter 3
Two years ago***Ethan Weasley's POV (Sophia's Father)*I watched the photos of Sophia standing on the edge of the bridge and then sitting on the bridge, and then I threw them on the table. I got them with Levi's dead body, whose heart was out of the body."That dog. That dog has returned, which we thought had died, six years back.", Asher said."Not just that, he is also keeping an eye on our princess.", Theo, my other son, said."I wondered how he found Sophia and connected the link between us?" Lucia, my wife, asked in a panic. "I told you multiple times to leave all this. Now, he will wipe out our family in the same way just like you did to him.", Saying this, she started crying."Lucia, I didn't do anything that I shouldn't have done. I was the leader of the hunter and killed all types of supernatural creatures, capturing them and many more. I'm born as a hunter, and that all was in my blood. And stop crying as if I have done something recently." I couldn't help but snap at my
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Chapter 4
Sophia's POV . I stirred in my sleep, and as usual, my hands went on my belly and quickly opened my eyes when I felt that my baby bump was gone. I panicked and opened my eyes, only to find myself in the hospital, and my babies were out of the system. Where are they? I looked around and found them in cradles behind me. “Finally! You’re awake.”, Said Arya, and she reached near me. I didn’t need to ask her what I wanted to do next because she already sensed my intention. She raised the head of the bed by pressing the ‘Head up’ button, knowing that I would have a hard time sitting or doing anything because of which the pressure on the stitches would increase, and I would feel pain. That was a different thing that I was ready to bear any pain to see the faces of my babies. Arya helped me to hold both babies in my arms, and I looked at their sleeping figures with a big smile on my face. They were completely packed with warm clothes and caps so that I could see any other part of their b
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Chapter 5
Sophia’s POV . “These gifts are from dad?” Colton asked when I showed him his birthday surprises that we had packed last night. “Yes!” “Yeeee!!!! It means that you will send a gift for me too.”, Calvin said, getting excited. “I hope he will get me a Kids Scooter and Kids Selfie Camera.”, he added in a dreamy tone. Thankfully, I knew what he wanted, so I had already bought his birthday gifts when I had purchased them for Colton. I had observed that Calvin had an interest in taking pictures and exploring new things because he always sat beside me to learn how I upload online training on knitting over all the social networks or whenever I edit those videos. I was sure that he barely understood how all these things work, but he watched them with total interest. While Colton was like his father, more into reading comics and technology. I saw Colton opening his gifts that he was assuming from his dad and found Kindle Oasis 10th Generation. A small smile appeared on his lips when he s
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Chapter 6
Third Person’s POV . “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Dear Calvin, Happy Birthday to you!!”, Everyone clapped their hand when Calvin and Colton cut the cake together in the morning..!! Well, until now, both the brothers had a habit of cake on each other’s Birthday together. So that they could get a chance to enjoy the cake cutting for two days straight. “I’m going to check my gifts.”, Calvin asked, running into the guest room where the gifts for Colton were kept yesterday, but to his surprise, it wasn’t there. He looked around the whole room twice but didn’t find a thing and then he looked at everyone. “No one brought a gift for me?”, He asked so cutely that it could melt anyone’s heart. If anyone would have joked at that time that they had picked him from the roadside, and that’s why no one brought a gift for him, then he would have believed it for sure. “That’s in my room, champ.”, Eden said with a smile, and in no time, Calvin ran toward Eden and
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Chapter 7
Third Person’s POV . Colton had now one option in with him to leave both card and the toys and run quickly out of there before the shop owner called the Police. He was praying to God to do some miracle because he could get a chance to meet his father, but instead, he punished him for stealing the card and for lying to his elders. And now, because of all these things, his mother could land in a problem or he himself. He started to regret all the things he had done. He shouldn’t have stolen the card in the first place. “Is something wrong, Colton?”, He heard Aunt Eden’s voice and looked at her in fear. What more could be worst than this. ‘Now even she will get to know about everything and then scold me and worst tell everything to Mom.’, he thought. “Is something wrong with the card?”, She asked, looking at him on which the shop owner spoke. “Is this kid with you?” “Yes! I’m his aunt.”, Eden answered, picking Colton in his arms. “What happened? Is there any problem?” “Yes! He h
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Chapter 8
Third Person’s POV . “Mom, This is Panda,” Calvin cheered happily, clapping his hand. Arya controlled herself from laughing loud after hearing Calvin’s response. While Sophia was frustrated at Eden so spending so much money. Calvin was more than happy or said he was over the room. He ran toward Eden and hugged her legs. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much, Aunt Eden.”, He said happily. Eden picked him up and kissed his cheek. “No matter how much I want to take credit for this, this is your brother’s choice. He said that you would love this giant Panda.”, Saying this, she put him down, and he ran toward Colton and hugged him. “Thank you!!” While Arya was capturing their moment together. “What is this, Eden?” Sophia asked in a low tone, not spoiling her kid’s moment. “Panda.”, She joked and laughed. “Seriously? Do I need to laugh at that joke?” Sophia asked, crossing her hand around the chest. “Let it be, Sophia. See how happy Calvin is before this gift!!” Arya commented,
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Chapter 9
Third Person’s POV . Brandon snatched the cotton from his father’s hand and started applying it to his injury on his own. “Brandon, I need your phone because customer care will share the detail of that transaction only if we will call them with the registered number.”, Bruce said, on which Brandon rubbed his forehead, not knowing where his phone was. And wherever it would be, it would be switched off for sure. “Do you think that he will have any idea where his phone can be?” Brandon’s father asked. “We will have to search his phone on our own,” he added. “Brandon, don’t you dare leave from here and a for a while, just for a while, use your mind instead of drinking whiskey, okay?” he asked Brandon, on which he didn’t say anything. Logan sighed, and both of them walked toward Brandon's room in search of his phone. And the moment they left, Brandon stood on his feet again and started walking toward the bar. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey again, and after trying to open it for a while
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