Burning Rage

Burning Rage

By:  Etherealczeslawa  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sawyer Zane Samiz, a man who called perfect by many ... famous and professional. You don't have to look for anything else because he already has what women are looking for. They said he's perfect? But no, Sawyer Zane is not perfect that everyone think. He has a strict and controlling parent. They always want to know what he was doing to do. They holds his neck, so Saywer Zane decided to stay in his friend island for a week. Sawyer wants to be away from his parents even for a moment. But when he went to the island of his friend he did not expect what will happen. The chopper crashed because of heavy rain. He have no choice but to jump in the sea. When he jumped, he thought it was finally okay, he even thanked God for saving him but that was just the beginning of his calvary. Can Saywer Zane survive in that incident? Or would he rather choose to close his eyes forever?

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1
THE smell of smoke from the vehicle, the hot weather and the confusion of the reporters welcomed to Sawyer Zane when he went out to the airport.Many guards were stopping the reporters from trying to approach him. Sawyer slowly took his eyeglasses and went straight to the car that was waiting for him. Surely, his parents sent it to pick him up. What else was he expecting. He knows what they want, they sent someone to fetch him for a nonsense reason.“Straight to my own house,” he coldly said to his mother's driver.The driver looked at him and slightly bowed his head. "Sir, Ma'am Juliana told me that I will be going to accompany you to the Mansion of Samiz.”Sawyer was running out of patience. So he sighed heavily and firmly closed his eyes. "I'm so fucking tired. I want to have a fucking rest now. Can you just listen to me and fucking drive?" He's not ready to face them yet. He's tired listening to his parents rant again. For the past years, he didn't hear anything from them but non
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Chapter 2
PHOEBE MADEENA was happy to take her towel and went out of her home. The sweet smile plastered on her lips when the beautiful and tall trees appeard on her sight. The wind blown making her long and straight brown hair danced with it. She pushed aside her hair.“Are you going to swim in the sea again?” An old man asked her when he saw her outside her house. Everyone that live in the island called him Tata Olly. He is an healer. He passes through her house to pick up some herbs on the other side of the Island. He's using it to cure the people who's sick.Phoebe nodded at him. “Good morning to you, Tata! Yes I will, the other day I didn't go there because I went to my friend's house. I overnight in there, well she have a fever so I need to take care of her.” she sighed. “Did you run out of the herbal medicine you took the other day?” she asked Tata Olly when she saw him carrying a small basket, she accompanied him on the walk.They were going down to head to the sea. Phoebe's house was
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Chapter 3
PHOEBE scratched her head. She was really upset with the man because he seemed to be talking to himself like crazy. She came closer to him to search something that will help him but he quickly grabbed her hand so tightly that make her frowned.“Ouch!” Biting the lower lip she looked at her wrist. "I-It's hurt," she said frighted but the man didn't listen. He tightened the grip on her hand even more.“What did you do to me? And what are you going to do? ” He angrily asked.Phoebe's eyes widened. She felt even more frightened when he saw the anger in the man's eyes, it was sharp as if he wanted to hurt her. She knew nothing of what he said.She snorted and couldn't help but to cry because of the intense fear to the man. In addition, her wrist was starting to ache. His grip was too tight. “S-Sorry! I just want to help you, I tried to search at your pocket because I might find something that can help you find out who you are. Don't hurt me please,” she sobbed and tried to get away.He's
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Chapter 4
WHEN they reached Phoebe's house Sawyer look the whole place. The house is small but the cleanliness can be seen. She took good care of the plants outside, it's colorful and fattle."Come in."He followed Phoebe as she entered the house. Sawyer stop from walking when the first time he get in he saw the surrounding. The whole place is very clean, it's calming thought. He could not believe that this house was something than he thought.If the outside is clean, then if you go inside you will not see any clutter or dirt at all. Each furniture is arranged properly and placed in the right place. It's so beautiful inside.Sawyer notices something inside Phoebe's house. He look around until his gaze stop at her ceiling, every corner of her house he looked through. A small smirk plastered at his lips. Phoebe seems to love flowers. When he first came inside, you could know it immediately. It's too obvious actually because of its design.Outside of her house is full of colorful flowers as well a
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Chapter 5
PHOEBE knows that she blushed even more. She turned her back on him to hide the redness of her face. Why does he even need to smirk? It's really embarrassing."Go back to the living room," she while pouting.When he didn't move from his position she faced him but that was probably her wrong decision. As she faced him their noses touched. His face was too close to her. They were both stunned, Phoebe can't move quickly especially Sawyer.They're staring each other for a minute. No one wants to blink, no one wants to move as well. As Sawyer's face slowly come close Phoebe's eyes widened. As their lips were about to meet she suddenly woke up on his dreamland. Phoebe pushed him away and step back that make him growl.Phoebe didn't know what to feel. Her whole face was red from what had happened. Why did she push him? That's so close! She could have tasted his lips.Her eyes almost went out of the widened because of what she thought.What the hell is she thinking? What the hell is she sayin
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Chapter 6
PHOEBE was just shocked to see Sawyer's face suddenly darken while frowning and stared at her lips.“Tsk! No thanks! ” He stood up and without saying something he came out of the kitchen.What happened to him again? He just always walks out. Is he a walk out king?Phoebe just scratched her head. Why did she seem so comfortable talking to him? Really? How many hours have they only know each other? She shook her head and just continued what she was doing.By night come Phoebe's face could no longer be painted. She used to be happy to help Sawyer but now she regrets that she helped him. She couldn't cope at his attitude. She is having a hard time handling him. He's arrogant and jerk.“Get off at my bed Sawyer! You will sleep on the couch. Agh! I'm sleepy!" she said that for several times but as if he heard nothing, he hugged her pillow and closed his damn eyes.She didn't care if he had a wound but she really didn't want to sleep next to him. She didn't want anyone to share with her bed.
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Chapter 7
Phoebe was walking happily in their town the next morning. After preparing Sawyer's breakfast she already left. She didn't waited him to wake up but she left a simple message for him."Good morning to all of you!" she greeted back to those who passed by her with a wide smile.“You look happy, Phoebe. Did something happened hmm? Your face is so bright,” said of a fat woman while carrying her cute baby girl.She smiled and approached them. She happily touched the child's cheek and gently squeezed it. She giggled when the baby pouted her lips because of what she did.“I am? Nothing happened Auntie, I'm just happy because the weather is so beautiful. Hello Shenay, did you eat already? You missed Pretty Phoeb? ” she spoke softly but still showing a wide smile on her lips.The children in Isla Berde called her Pretty Phoeb. And many young women on their Island, Phoebe was very different or special from them, that is what the elders of the Island have said.With just the color of her skin no
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Chapter 8
Caldwell approached her while rubbing his head. She motioned her others friend to go first. But before they left she warned them first.“You can only buy vegetables, fruits and fish, just like before. If you overdo it, I'll spank all of you. Do you get it?”The five snorted at once. They love to add to her purchases. They keep her away when she is in the market to add others merchandise or stock so Phoebe never try to leave them again. Sometimes she was late or just walks ahead, she was shock because they has already bought all their wants, their hands was very quick. They are so stubborn."I'm telling you," she threatened them.Suddenly they walked away from them while pouting. Phoebe confronted Caldwell. She sighed and adjusted Shenay's lift."Can I ..." She was embarrassed. She bite her lower lip then she bowed momentarily. When she looked up she stared him in the eyes. This was Caldwell’s weakness and all their friends knew it. “Can I borrow your clothes? Even if it's just a few,
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Chapter 9
UNTIL the three released Ziegler they were still laughing. Phoebe shake her head and picked up Shenay again. She walked away with them.She even had to go to Sawyer and tell him not to leave the room first. She also know that her friends were shameless when they suddenly entered her house without her permission. Like that as if it's their house protection.“I will just get dressed before I cook for you. I'm ashamed of you. You look like crazy for suspecting me. If you're just not my friends I will slap you 360°I swear guys,” she muttered and then she walk fast.When they reached the gate, Caldwell quickly opened it. She smiled. Yeah, this is one of a reason why she have a crush on him. He's a gentleman and everyone knows it. Even though his an abnormal, it does not lose his gentlemanliness."Thank you!"She pointed first the hut near her house. It's just in her garden, beside of the basketball ring.“You will stay there first. I will get dressed. ” Then she quickly left in front of th
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Chapter 10
A FEW minutes later, the three of them finished their cooking. Phoebe thankful that she cooked fast because of their helped.And she was just thankful that Sawyer didn't come out of her room. Maybe he could also hear the three of them talking in the kitchen so that he choose not to clamoured."Shall I call them?" Ziegler asked as he picked up the plates.She was momentarily stunned. She thought of something. If they ate here in the kitchen she would have a hard time getting to Sawyer. She know they'll watch her every move and she's sure that they will evesdrop. They putting her in the hard situation. Phoebe shook her head and pointed the plates.“No, you'll eat at the hut. Take it.”“Why not here?” Dewey asked confusedly.She rolled her eyes, “Shenay will wake up to your noises,” she stated.The two laugh while picking up the plates and other utensils. They are abnormal. They still seem proud of their noises."Wait, I think I heard something like we're noisy? Who's little bunny who
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