Falling for the Mafia Boss

Falling for the Mafia Boss

By:  Hadlee Zircon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Charles Dominique Williams, Mr. "Falling in love with your best friend is unacceptable," deals with his ex-best friend 3 years after he rejected him. A messed-up destiny plays with them one more time. But this time, Charles' ex-best friend would not accept no for an answer. Hopefully, at this moment, Charles might finally give them a chance, only if it is not too late for them.

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39 Chapters
Back Story: One
CHARLES was wondering why his parents let him live in a dorm now that he's a second-year college student. At least they let me...Charles always wanted to experience being in a dorm. He wanted to be somehow independent. I just wish that my roommate will be as quiet as a mute, so he won’t mind my business."Hey, I'm Angelo Gabrielle Cortez. Second-year, IT Student." The guy in front of him offered his hand.Charles stared at the guy's face then his hand then at his face again. So much for wishing for a quiet roommate."Williams," Charles said before he turned his back and fixed his things again."So much for the first meeting." Angelo chuckled before he went to his bed and started unboxing. Minutes passed and lunch came. "Yow, I have packed lunch and I can't finish it all by myself."Who packs lunch for two if only one person is eating it? Charles thought to himself."Yeah yeah, I get ya. It was my little sister who prepared my lunch. She actually told me to get along with my roommate
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Back Story: Two
“SO, what can you say about Thailand?” Angelo asked Charles who was currently busy eating Satay for the first time. “Hmm… Not bad.” Angelo laughed. “Not bad but you already ate six sticks of Satay.” Angelo laughed even harder.Charles immediately glared at the man, which immediately stopped laughing. “Anyways, where are we going next?” Finally, Charles was able to finish his last Satay stick and noticed Angelo staring at him. “What?”Angelo's hand reached for Charles' chin and wiped something off. “You’re a messy eater. Lindo.”Charles knew what that word means, because of his best friend but he didn't bother giving a deeper meaning to it. When Angelo was done wiping the sauce off, he finally answered Charles. “We can wander here until nightfall. Thailand's Night Market is one of the best.”Charles nodded. “You look like you've been here for a long time.”“Nah. I just love traveling and reading articles and magazines about different places. Es divertido—I mean it's fun. Sorry for t
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Back Story: Three
DAYS passed and soon turned to months, then to years. What they thought was just a year of being roommates lasted until they graduated. They even became best friends.Charles was comfortable calling his best friend Gab, short for Gabrielle. Similar to Angelo who calls him Nick, short for Dominique.But that friendship was ruined by that single phrase."I love you, Nick."Charles can see the sincerity and pure love in Angelo's eyes. But damn! That's their rule number one! No falling in love with each other."I... I can't... You're mistaken, Gab. That's breaking rule number one—we're not allowed to even like each other—""Fvck the rules! I don't give a hell about them, Nick. You are the only one who set that rule even though I never said yes.”“No, Gab. Don’t do this—”“Don’t do this? Does it seem like it was my choice to fall for you? How many times have you pointed out that you don't want to like a friend? How many times have you slapped me with the fact that you can’t love me?” Angel
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Chapter One
CHARLES thought that it would be the last time he gets to see and talk to his ex-best friend, Angelo Gabrielle, but fate was actually playing with them. ‘Cause three years later, Dominique found himself staring at his ex-best friend."Well, Dom, An, and Nar meet my half-brother, Dad's side, the one I'm talking about, Hermano Gabriel. But I call him either Hermano or Gabby, and did you know? He's the same age as you, Dom!" Wynter was cheerfully introducing her older brother to her friends. Not noticing the shocked look on Dominique. "And my brother here is bored, so he asked me if he could somehow work in our club. Ooh! Did I mention that he studied bartending in the States? He fits perfectly, don't you think?""Of course! As for your older brother, he is more likely to be one of the reasons why our customers keep coming back." Narae, being the seducer that she is, seductively wrapped her arms around Angelo's. "Are you, by chance, single and free tonight?"Wynter laughed, "Be careful,
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Chapter Two
"SAY cheers!""Cheers!"As usual, they're at the LUST DAWN, and by they, it means Dom, Nar, and An. Wynter can't come due to studies. She said she was not satisfied with the BS in Psychology, she wanted to be a psychiatrist."I miss Wyn," Narae blabbed."Yeah, me too. She should've just studied here, just like you." Anurak poured another wine into his glass."She still has a family business to take care of. We can't really blame her," Dominique defended his best friend."She should've at least built a branch of Heaven Taste here in Thailand," Anurak pointed out."Hay! We know her reason why she won't approve of that idea," Narae ended the topic, leaving them all in silence. But a minute or two later, Narae stood up. "At least, even though sister Wynter left earlier..." She walked towards the railings and stared at something… or someone. "She left entertainment."Dom stared at the guy, who was mixing drinks, smiling, and flirting with their customers."Hey, you okay?" An asked him. He
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Chapter Three
"UMM... Why are we here again?" Angelo asked Narae who was comfortably sitting on the bed adjacent to him."Simple, I wanna make it look like we're having s-x." Angelo was even more confused by the woman's answer. When they entered one of the VIP rooms, Narae just made him sit on the single sofa, and the woman sat on the bed while drinking wine from the mini-refrigerator in the room."And why do we have to look like we have s-x even if we don't?""To make someone jealous." The woman smiled brightly. "Besides, I don't want to have s-x with someone who’s already taken." Angelo frowned. Taken? Me? Since when?Narae looked at her watch before looking at him. "We gotta wait for at least an hour, that's how long I take when having s-x. If we get back there right away, he won't believe it."He? Angelo was even more confused. "Are you… somehow taken?"Nar laughed at his question. "Me? Taken? Hell no! I’m following Wyn's footsteps. I wanna be an independent woman. Not someone tied to a partne
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Chapter Four
ANGELO couldn’t remember how many times Charles tried to avoid his ways and conversations. Charles wouldn’t even stay for a minute in front or beside him, that's how much he wanted to avoid him. But do I give up? Nah.Laughing at his thoughts, Angelo continued to serve his customers. After he woke up this morning, he tried pissing Charles first before he decided to go to Wynter’s condo unit, take a bath, and change clothes. When nightfall came, he went back to LUST DAWN and wore his uniform.“Hey, Oppa.” Angelo shook his head and turned to see Narae leaning on the bar counter. “Hey, miss seducer.” Narae slightly chuckled. “How was last night? Did something great happen?” Angelo suddenly remembered his dream, and he smiled. “Yep! It was surreal.” Narae looked at the person in confusion. “What exactly happened?”“Too private to share.” Angelo winked at her.Narae just laughed at his answer before saying goodbye to look for victims again. Angelo continued serving drinks to his custom
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Chapter Five
IT has been a week since Charles went MIA in LUST DAWN. Angelo also asked Narae and Anurak several times about him but the answers stayed the same. They do not know.Now, Angelo isn't sure if he should worry about the condition of the man he likes or if he should calm down first because maybe he's just really busy at work. Whatever it is, I still want to know where he is.Angelo was about to call his sister to ask a question when his phone suddenly rang. Wynter was the caller so he answered immediately.“Hola, hermanita.”(Buenos dias, hermano. How are you at LD? Are you busy?)“Estas bien, hermanita. We get so busy sometimes, especially since you guys have a lot of potential members.”(Mmm-hmm. That's good but at the same time disappointing.)“Why is that?”(I was gonna ask a favor. About handling Heaven Taste in the meantime? My schedule got busy—)“Sure, I'll fly there tomorrow morning.”(Oh god! Thank you so much! I'm really sorry for disturbing you—)Angelo chuckled. “Hey, it's f
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Chapter Six
CHARLES walked towards their living room before he dialed Wynter’s number. He left his friends in the dining room, finishing their breakfast and most likely talking about him. Charles became impatient after failing to reach Wynter for the second time. “Where is he?” Charles asked his best friend right after she picked up.  (Am I a lost and found officer?) Wynter sounded sarcastic. Charles let out a sigh. “Come on, Wyn. Tell me where he is,” Charles pleaded. (No.) Just one word and Charles became even more pissed. He calmed himself, he knows Wynter’s reason but
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Chapter Seven
“UNNIE!” Narae shouted and waved her hand when they saw Wynter walking out of the hospital building.Wynter turned in their direction and saw them standing against a red Ferrari Portofino. At the same time, the three removed their shades. Wynter shook her head and smiled as she walked closer to them. “Show-offs,” she said. Narae automatically wrapped her arms around Wynter’s body to give her a warm hug. “We missed you so much!”“I missed you, too. How are you?” Wynter softly tapped Narae’s back to loosen the hug and faced Anurak and Charles. “How are you two?” she asked but first gave Charles a knowing look.“We’re great. As usual, still trying to find victims,” Anurak answered.“And I’m leading.” Narae grinned. Anurak frowned. “No one’s leading. We have the same score.” Narae just made faces again before she quickly went to Anurak’s side and gave him a side hug. “By the way, A. I’m driving, okay?” Narae's hand was quick and immediately grabbed the car key from Anurak.Anurak immed
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