The CEO Is My Brother

The CEO Is My Brother

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Sophia. Meaning: wisdom. Sophia Syde, a young, nineteen-year-old who grew up in the shadow of her elder siblings now has to step into the world that provides her an experience out of her comfort zone. With initial hesitation and doubts, Sophia finds her new life fascinating to the point where she takes extreme measures to contain the position in the company. The company that is run by her older brother that is too sensitive about her wellbeing. Sophia has to take decisions, ones that shifts her life to an undiscovered territory of not only living but also personality. A personality she moulds herself into for adaptation in her newfound, chosen life. A life where she has to hurt someone, and trust other. Where she gets hurt by a foe but also adored by a lover. A life where family matters, but they're also the one to hurt her. Welcome to Sophia's happening life.

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30 Chapters
Sophia always looked up to her older siblings growing up. Whether it be Miles’ mannerism or Pearl’s soundness, she found herself getting inspired. Before she could realise, the slow vibrations of insecurities started emergent within her. Was it her father who prominently praised his older children? Or was it her mother, her siblings’ stepmother, who never failed to remind her of her let-downs?Her breathes were shallow as she paced back and forth in her room that made her feel claustrophobic regardless of its large size. Her movements were anxious enough to make her stumble over her foot; twice. Hot tears started forming in the corner of her eyes. She craned her neck upwards and closed her eyes, exhaling deeply from her mouth.Her head snapped towards her phone laying somewhere between the layers of the sheets when she heard it ring. She sprint towards it, finding her device, though not before making a mess of blankets on the floor. She took a seat on the floor beside her bed, resting
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When things don’t go your way, a frown makes an appearance. And when the frown is jinxed with persistent misfortune, you cannot help but feel frustrated, mentally and spiritually. The fact that Sophia’s parents were unhappy with her grades at college, and the internship she’d been forced into, both crushed her plans and dreams of submitting her photography portfolio to her favourite Photographer in hopes that she might hire her in her company for a small job. It took her a lot of courage to think about it and plan it out without her parents knowing. But she knew that this new schedule she had out of blue would not allow her to as much as dream about it. And no matter how uncertain she felt about this internship at her brother’s company, the one because of which she had to abandon her plans, made her feel an unexplained curiosity. She never realised when her curiosity evolved into excitement until she found herself smiling at her very professional-looking figure. A light blue shirt tu
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CHAPTER 3 For Sophia, her camera served her a purpose. That was to make sure she doesn’t go insane, which is why she treated it like a child, felt overprotection and adoration towards it like any mother would to their child. Violating her personal place and touching her dear camera was the first mistake Troy made. The second one being his ever so annoying try to seem goofy and not like someone likely to steal her camera face. Taking slow, steady steps, Sophia walked towards Troy. She made sure he didn’t realise her presence and continued to observe him how he looked at every small details of her device. She stood right behind him like a shadow, surprised that he was still oblivious of her presence. She made a sound from the back of her throat, making him jump out of his skin and clumsily settle the camera back in its original place. He turned back and looked at Sophia with wide and terrified eyes like some deer caught in headlights. He pulled his hand up and waved at her, ''H-Hey,''
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CHAPTER 4By the time the Syde siblings drove back, it had become completely dark, the full moon guiding them back home. With Miles sat behind the wheels, Pearl found herself asleep on the seat beside him. The youngest of them had also dozed off in the back. The same squinted her eyes when her shoulder was lightly patted repeatedly until she finally woke up. Without acknowledging her sister, she securitized the parking she soon recognised as his brother’s property. Being too tired to question her thoughts, she let her sister guide her way out of the car. Pearl looked at her baby sister with a tender smile and brushed her unruly hair down the side of her face, ‘’God your hair,’’ she snorted‘’hate me,’’ she yawned, emphasising at how Pearl’s words should have ended.It gained a chuckle from Pearl, ‘’It’s adorable to me.’’ she muttered, pursing a smile when Sophia smiled through her tiredness, ’’You sure had a long first day of work, huh?’’‘’I’ll get used to it,’’ Sophia shrugged and
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CHAPTER 5 This is what she wanted. This is what Lana Syde has always wanted. For Sophia to make a positive change within herself. For Sophia to bring achievements into their house so that she could be proud of her daughter. This was finally happening and Sophia was over the moon. All she wanted was to make her mother proud. Lana had always been dissatisfied with Sophia, no matter what she did. Nothing was enough. Maybe now, maybe this job which she'd earned with her hard work was her way to make her mother proud. She couldn't wait for her to know. Couldn't wait for Lana to give her a proud smile and a small pat on her shoulder. Maybe a hug too. Sophia had forgiven her mother, as she recalled the conversation where Lana accused Miles and Pearl that they didn't want Sophia's wellbeing. Yes, it was wrong and it felt wrong, but how long can two family members stay mad at each other. At the end of the day, someone has to break their walls taking the initiative, and in this case, Sophia w
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CHAPTER 6 Sophia lowered her glaze as she sat on the couch beside her brother and in front of their father who sat on the coffee table, also dressed, just like her brother. She wasn’t sure if it were her anxiety or the gut feeling which kept whispering in her ear that there's going to be an argument. The cool conversation between the men made her feel at ease and made her feel apprehensive at the same time. She still had to reckon if her father knew about Lana’s denials with the job offer. Figuring out her father wasn’t productive because the Syde men knew well to hide their emotions. Her father once told her that having control over your reaction can help you avoid unsolicited problems. True to his words, Miles had to discuss work with their father. As she realised that her presence was no longer needed, she quietly pushed herself off the couch, but froze when Miles’s hand circled her wrist as he mutely asked her not to leave. His gesture reassured her that the issue with her job w
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CHAPTER 7 "Listen to me, Sophia," He said in a growling voice. "That man you just met, he’s a sexual predator. All women of this office had been a victim of him. And I’m afraid that you might be his next victim,’’ Sophia's breath hitched and she looked at Troy with unsure gaze. That man, who just treated Sophia with so much respect. Could he be a sexual predator? Was it possible? It was unbelievable. Sophia didn't believe Troy. "I don't believe you," Sophia managed to whisper, not trusting her own words. Troy's lips which were in a thin, pursed line. He raised his hand and tuck a loose strand of hair which'd fallen upon her eye behind her ear gently with two of his fingers. She found her eyes fidgeting between his. She felt her hands shake and her body freeze. "That's the truth. You've no other option but to believe me, believe us," He said in a low voice. ''He's right, Sophia,'' Tara said standing beside her. ''I'm one of his victims,'' she said in a sad voice. Sophia looked at
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CHAPTER 8 The silence in the room was deafening. Rushes of several kinds of emotions voyaged through both their veins. Emotions like nervousness, tiredness as well as ire belonged to Sophia at the moment. Miles? All he felt was Anger and betrayal. Rage was boiling inside of him as he heard his sister tell him stories. Stories which belonged to his office. Happened here without any of his consent or knowledge. By the time Sophia had finished, she had unshed tears in her eyes. It wasn't her fault, none of it were. But she still felt sorry. She absurdly rubbed her eyes to dry them with her knuckles. One look at her brother and she knew he was beyond livid. The softness in his eyes were long gone. Fury, rage and anger taking over. His eyes were dark and scary. She was glad that she wasn't on his bad side. ‘‘Did he touch you?'' Miles growled. His voice cold and emotionless yet so frightening. Sophia shook her head. ‘‘No. he was smart. He-he knew I'm your sister. He never took chances,'
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CHAPTER 9‘’You know, I’m surprised you don’t know how dope S-group’s vacations are given you’re literally the boss’s sister,’’ Josh exclaimed as he chewed on his chocolate cookies. Its crumble falling upon his white, plus size t-shirt that he did not care about nor the mess he was making.Sophia lifted one shoulder in a lazy shrug. ‘’It wasn’t a dad’s thing. Only started when Miles became the in charge. And I hadn’t been involved into S-groups nor visited it since until now,’’ she defended herself. Josh rolled his eyes at her making her giggle. The next second she shrunk into her seat as the wind blew into her face from the roof top where they say at a café. She smiled at the sun that was slowly settling down, a hint of orange being visible as it shrank into the ocean bed. Even though the days were pretty warm, the twilight always carried a breeze of cold air that no one complained about.‘’How do you guys go about it really?'' Sophia asked sharing a glance with Josh above the coffee
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Chapter 10A quiver ran down her spine when she felt the blanket slid away from her body, no longer providing her any warmth to her body. A small whine escaped from her lips with the discomfort. Sophia could never sleep without a blanket, just like her mother. Eventually, she squinted her eyes open and realised that she was no longer leaning onto her brother but was laying on both the seats, legs curled up and hands tucked under the chin. Miles had shifted away when she fell asleep and took another seat to sit on, all without waking her up. Which was pretty surprising because she believed she was a light sleeper. And if Miles had moved or carried Sophia in her sleep without waking her up, then that should be considered as a real talent.Sophia was about to bend her hand down to pick the blanket that fell but a hand appeared and picked it up before she could. She thought it must be Miles. The blanket was spread upon the length of her body again. When she looked up to thank him, she was
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