Luna Rising

Luna Rising

By:  M.S. Devera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Abandoned as a child, I was brought back into the Blue Moon pack as their adopted daughter. I was called a spoiled princess and looked down on others because of my status as their new Luna with my mate, Alpha Dominic. I love him, but he doesn't share the same feelings and ignores me. One day everything changed when they accused me of murdering one of the pack members. The rule applies to all, including being a Luna sentenced to death. Wanting to undo this fate, undo the things I have done to the pack as they loathe and wish for my death. I desperately wanted to make a change. Turn over a new leaf. I pray to the Moon Goddess for a second chance as I close my eyes before the man I love executes me. I open my eyes to see that I have returned one year before my end. Given this second chance, I decided to make things right. I annulled my mate's bond with Dominic and left the pack to live with other species, who were also abandoned. Soon, I learned things I never had in my previous life. I'm wolfless so that I can't shift into a wolf. I'm not a wolf. I'm someone not from this world.

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48 Chapters
One year ago...I could hear the clock ticking; its tick echoes in this silent and awkward room as another thirty minutes had passed to the point of boredom.I was the one to invite him here, and all he could do was say nothing.It seems nothing has changed.We don't see eye to eye all the time, and I know he doesn't like being here, especially since I'm present. Being here alone with him makes him very uncomfortable.Of course, when you hate someone, you want to get the fuck out, and that is what I'm going to do.I invite him here to end this loveless relationship. I can't believe I had a thing for this fucker. Since we started dating when we were young teens, not once did he takes the initiative to hold my hand or kiss me. I have to demand those requests. On Valentine, he never gave me flowers. On our anniversary, he doesn't take me on dates; on my birthday, he says happy birthday and leaves.I mean, am I that repulsive to look at?Was I born ugly?No, I considered myself beautiful.
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Present-day..."Lippy? Lippy!"I open my eyes wide to see his glistening pale blue eyes, Camila, seeing face to face.Pushing my head back from her surprise, I sigh and brush a strain of my raven hair back. I fold my arms over the table and rest my head on it. "What is it, Camila?""Are you okay?" She asks."Yeah, I'm just a bit tired," rubbing my face and yawned. "Why?""Just making sure because you didn't answer my call ten minutes ago?"I lift my head and rub my face again."You've been dozing off lately," she sat on the chair across from me. "Last night, did something happen during the patrol?"Squeezing my face between my arms, I let out another sigh.Last night was the demon twins patrolling the forest, hunting down ferals and me.Ferals are monsters that lurk in the forest and come out at night. They are victims of those who get close to the mysterious miasma that appeared two months after leaving the pack.Glad I won't turn that way, knowing I'm wolfless and I broke up with th
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I step outside the house while I put on my leather gloves. I look up to see Camila and the others waiting for me.I grin."You should stay inside," I say."We wanted to see you off," Camila explained.I reach and pat her head this time without messing up her hair."Takkar come with Lippy?" The gentle ogre, Takkar says.I smile brightly at him. "No, Takkar, stay and protect home and the family while I'm away, okay."Takkar's ears fell and his face into sadness. "Takkar is scared you will leave me."It breaks my heart to hear him say that. Takkar may be significant in size, but his brain hasn't functioned since birth. His family abandoned him because of his slowness.The first time I meant Takkar was about two weeks ago when he stole bread and milk from inside the house. Thinking some thugs were stealing food, I caught him living in a handmade homemade out of sticks and twigs. Takkar has been alone in the woods for two years. Feeling sorry for the guy and knowing how gentle he was, I br
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"Master, I don't think he will come," this was coming from Arlo, who is throwing small rocks at the river."You want me to kidnap him, Master?" Saye chirps as if that is something someone should do, but she's a demon. They don't care what they do, but since I'm their Master, they must listen to me."Don't even think about it, Saye," I warn."It's just a suggestion." She shrugs, then says, "but Master, I never knew you lived in a werewolf pack. You aren't a werewolf.""Yeah, I was shocked as well," Arlo said and threw the last rock."I guess I'll tell you the short version of it," I cross my arms. "That pack's retired alpha found me. I was raised by them and fell in love with their son. I learned I'm wolfless. But because unfortunate events occur that involve me, everyone hates me." I don't particularly appreciate talking about my past. Now that I'm reborn, I don't want to mention primary outcomes when it involves me being accused of murder and dying at the hands of the man I love."So
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"Saye, what is that you want me to see-" I say as I enter but pause with wide eyes and back hitting against the wall, shocked. "What the hell is that?" One of the boys, the youngest, has some one-eye creature. It's like a dark gooey substance paste, and someone just glued those plastic eyes for arts and crafts. Its round yellow eyes look around frantically. I feel a chill running down my spine, seeing how disgusting it is. "In the Demon Realm, these are called Carcurus; they are low-level creatures that find a victim and stick themself on a host sucking the life force out of them." "So, they are like you and Arlo?" "Sort of, but once the host loses its life energy, the carcurus will use it as its body like a puppet." That's fucking creepy. "How the hell did this happen?" "My guess, even though these boys only took a whiff of the miasma, it didn't have the chance to turn the boys into ferals. Those hunks got there on time." When Saye says hunks, she is referring to Dominic and M
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Once night emerges, I stand in the middle with my arms crossed and eyes closed, waiting for my package. I had Saye and Arlo return to the farmhouse since Camila and the others would be coming by.A wolf no older than us rushes past me from where the entrance gate is and approaches Dominic."What is it?""T-there...there..." the teen pup stuttered and seemed surprised."What?" Dominic asks with a demanding tone making the boy flinch."There is a huge monster at the gates."I hear everyone gasps and talk among themselves about the monster on the other side of the gates. I know who it is judging by the reaction of that wolf."He's here probably for me," I say with a smile. "Open the gates."Dominic wanted to ask but didn't. "Open the gates.""But alpha-""Open the gates."Without questioning his alpha, the young pup ran to the gates, and with another guard there, they opened the two large doors. Takkar enters the pack base pulling a wheeled cage meant for a large animal; beside him are K
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It has been four days since I left the Blue Moon pack. A lot has happened and my intervening with them wasn't part of my survival plan. I should have left them to deal with the ferals. But my heart told me I should act as I did in my past life. I didn't want to get involved with them again, especially with Dominic.That day, he looked at me as if he didn't hate me; instead, he had some doubts. I mean, we did date, and I was somewhat overly in love with him that I would do something crazy to be with him.I was stupid back then, and dying from my past life gave me a wake-up call.Now I need to find the primary source of the miasma and get rid of it for good. I had the twins scout the area, hoping to find anything to give us a chance to destroy it. I know it came from the demon world, but who would place something like that in the forest.I look through all my notes and sources from where I've been and where the miasma had spread. So far, the miasma has appeared in Brazil, Japan, Scotlan
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As I learned when I lived in the Blue Moon pack, before the war ended 500 years ago, when the Elders had run out of luck and lost a lot of their people in an ocean of blood and corpses when all hope was about to be lost, a mysterious woman in white appeared. In one move of her power, she wiped out a whole army of demons in just a night. The adults had said that the woman in white was none other than the Moon Goddess.No one has seen the Moon Goddess except the Elders and the people from 500 years ago. The Moon Goddess is who they called and worshiped because she wore and blended with the moon like a beautiful maiden from the moon.I sigh."Alpha, it would be inconvenient for me to go," I tell him calmly. "Firstly, I'm not a wolf; it's not my place to say something to the Elders. I'm a demon, and they won't listen to me. They will kill me the moment I step foot in their territory. Secondly, only leaders of their clan, along with their mates and two commanders, can only attend. You are
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Feno's arrival had me wondering why a wood elf came by and introduced himself. And how does he know where I live?I don't think anyone knows me apart from the Blue Moon Pack. I didn't have many friends when I traveled back. The only friend I wanted was...Now, why am I thinking about Dominic? Since our earlier encounter, I don't think it's the right thing to have him back in my life. I promised myself to avoid the guy at all cost, but somehow fate wanted to be a pain in the ass. I should hate him. I want him to die after he killed me that night for being framed by that bitch Leah. I know she killed that young wolf to have the whole pack, especially Dominic, loathe me more.But I couldn't have the heart to do so. Hating Dominic and getting revenge on the pack I grew up with isn't what I wanted. I didn't have the heart, and instead of being a public enemy to the werewolf community, I left.I return my sense to the tiny creature sitting in the middle of my couch. I never expected a guest
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Once the door shuts behind me, I feel a little dizzy and almost drop, but I use the wall as support. "Lippy?""I must be cruel, right?" I ask Camila, who stays silent as warm tears run down my cheeks. "I must be born a villain to be cruel to innocent people like Feno. After all, I'm a demon. Demons are meant to be evil and merciful. But..." I clench my fist on my chest as if a sharp pain stabs me in the heart. "I couldn't bear to show any cruelty. I wanted to help him. He came here for my help, and I made him lose hope."I exhale a shaky breath. "I don't know what to do. I'm so useless."I let my insecurities get the best of me as I put myself down with all the major flaws of being weak. The thought of someone asking for my help always makes me happy. But dealing with miasma, I know the results. Everyone like me wants to survive and be strong. I practice my powers every day, I do my best to solve the miasma problem, and I won't quit when I do. My old self would've given up, but I'm no
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