The Heartless CEO

The Heartless CEO

By:  Yeiron Jee  Completed
Language: English
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Nothing is more painful than being rejected by her own parents because they trust the person she considered a true friend more than her. Nicole thought her life would improve with Danica’s help, but the opposite happened. Danica used Nicole to fulfill her ambition — to marry an arrogant and hard-hearted Steven. Nicole could see why a friend had betrayed her because of this man. Aside from being a billionaire, he also possessed the traits that drive women crazy over a man. After six years, Nicole will return to take back everything from Danica, including the man who said she didn’t deserve to be the mother of his child.

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    "Do I really need to dress up like this?" Nicole complained to Danica while looking at her own reflection in the big mirror in front of them.Danica nodded at her best friend with a wide smile. "You look perfect!" Her eyes are shining as she complimented her.Nicole pouted and she was not satisfied with what she was wearing. Her healthy breasts were almost bulging out. Aside from the long slit on the side of it that reveals her smooth and long leg with each step of the feet, it is also very fitted to her body."Oh, c'mon! You should get used to wearing this kind of dress. Remember, you're now working in a big company. Expect that there will be gatherings like the one we're going to." Danica has a point, she also can't say no to her now because she is so indebted to her. She helped her get into a famous company. She does not know how her friend met the CEO of such a company. And up to this day, she is afraid to meet the man's sharp eyes.In her whole life, it was the first time that h
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    WHEN Nicole returned to the hall, her friend was busy talking to others. She's happy with her friend's achievement. In the two years of her absence, she can say that her image has changed a lot. But her attitude was still the same that she liked. Still humble and friendly, she knows how to look back at where she came from.Nicole distracted herself by watching around while Danica was busy. She was grateful and Xander did not approach her again. She saw Rita with him, they are talking with the other guests."Hi, are you alone?" A man greeted Nicole.Nicole smiled a little and accepted the hand of the man who wanted to be her acquaintance."My name is Ralph, the manager of this hotel." He introduced himself.Nicole's small mouth rounded and she was impressed by his elegance. "Nicole." She introduced herself to him before smiling."Are you sure you don't have a partner with you here?" Ralph seemed doubtful."Is it not allowed?" She replied jokingly to the young man. She quickly became co
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    DANICA can't force herself to sleep. Rita, who was next to her, was already asleep while she was still bothered by worries. She has sacrificed a lot and will not let all her hard work go away. She suddenly remembered the agreement between her and Steven's grandmother."You have a year to give what I want. Before that time is over, you have to give me a grandchild from Steven. Once you're pregnant, it's easy to arrange your marriage.""Fuck that old woman!" she cursed in her mind. Her closeness to Rita was not enough for everything she wanted to happen. The old woman is cunning and Steven inherited it."Ah!" Danica wanted to scream loudly, but it got stuck in her throat because she didn't want to make any noise that might wake Rita. She pulled her own hair out of frustration.Just a month ago, she found out that her ovary had a problem so she could not get pregnant. Aside from the fact that she still has to get Steven drunk before he can touch her, her chance of getting pregnant is low
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    Chapter 4: Agreement
    Nicole's mind is a mess, she took a taxi to go to her parent's house. She doesn't know how and where to start to make all the things that happened in the hotel clearly. She's also a victim, but no one believes it. She herself can't explain how she got into Steven's room. Particularly, the thing that happened between them.Her heart wants to explode now because of the stirred emotions. She's the biggest loser, actually, because she lost her virginity that way. To make matters worse, the person who took her first was not her husband nor boyfriend.She buried her face in her palms. She's thankful because the driver was kind. He even lent her a jacket when he noticed she was getting cold."We're already here, Ma'am." The driver said to his passenger when they arrived at the address she gave."Thank you." She handed the money to the driver and did not make the change.After getting out of the car, she entered the gate of their house with heavy steps. She thought she would be able to rest h
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    Chapter 5: Kidnap
    More than a month passed and Nicole's life has become quiet. She became the secretary of Kanor who she now calls Father. He also stopped driving the taxi because he had already accomplished his mission, to save someone whose life is almost ruined. She was that person, and he also considered her as his daughter. She kept nothing secret from him except who she slept with."You look pale, haven't you had breakfast?" Kanor asked Nicole worriedly.Nicole was unable to answer the gentleman because she felt cold in her hands and feet. She was sweating even though it wasn't hot."I should bring you to the hospital to have your condition checked."When Kanor approached her, Nicole suddenly felt nauseous. She didn't like the perfume he used even though she's been smelling it even before. Covering her own mouth, she ran into the bathroom.Kanor watched her with a worried expression. He was sure why she was acting like that. His wife was like that when she became pregnant with their first child.
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    Chapter 6: Excuses
    "I KNOW you're looking for my friend." Danica's voice sounded both calm and angry as she talked to Steven.Steven stared at his girlfriend intently. Somehow, he felt a conscience for her as her boyfriend. She did nothing but love him and his sister. He didn't have time for her too, and now she even finds out that he is looking for that woman.He felt guilty, she stayed by his side despite what happened between him and her best friend. She was right, he was searching for Nicole. He just wanted to make sure she didn’t get pregnant. If she gets pregnant, he will not be able to allow the child to be a bastard and grow up without knowing him as the father."I know you didn't like what happened between you two because she confessed to me." Danica referred to Nicole."Where is she?" Steven asked quickly. According to his assistant, the woman has not entered the company since the day something happened between them."She didn't want to let me know and her parents had kicked her out of their h
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    A bitter smile flashed on Nicole's lips upon hearing the conversation between her parents and Danica. She, then, laughed out loud, which surprised Soledad. She thought she was losing her mind."Are you like that with your own child?" Nicole asked Soledad sarcastically."I don't have children so don't ask me." Soledad replied, annoyed.Nicole laughed at her again. "That's why you and Danica got along. Maybe you also stole someone else's child so you lost your job?" she continued to tease the lady.Nicole feels anger and dissapointment to her parents. They did not even worry about her, or even for their future grandchild. They do not value her feelings. They pity Danica more than they worry about her and didn’t think she might need them as well in her current situation.Instead of getting angry, Soledad smiled teasingly at the pitiful woman. She was offended by what she said, but she would not fight back. Danica strictly instructed not to hurt her because it might cause harm to the baby
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    Chapter 8: Ask for help
    "WHAT the hell? You're really old and you've become forgetful!" Gardo scorned. "Why don't you just shut your mouth and help me find it?" Soledad glared at him and looked around for the cell phone. She can't remember where she placed it because she was panicking earlier. "Look for it later, use this!" Gardo handed his cellphone to his companion. Nicole kept her eyes closed, but she knew that Soledad was taking a video of her. "Please, take good care of my children. I know I won't last longer…" Soledad quickly cut off the video recording before Nicole could say everything she wanted. "But I hope you let my three children live." Nicole continued to plead with the two while crying. But she got no response from them. "I'll take the child, you don't know how to drive anyway. Find your phone and call Ma'am Danica to let her know that the child is not well." Gardo hurriedly took the baby from Soledad. After Gardo left, Soledad left Nicole without a care. She felt a tingling sensation in
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    Chapter 9: Sorrow
    Danica hurriedly got changed and called Gardo again when she remembered something."The babies, how are they?" Danica asked as she prepared to leave."The baby is in the incubator, Ma'am. The other one is being taken care of by Soledad. Both of them are girls." Gardo replied to her."Why didn't she answer my call last night?" Danica was still intrigued by this."Oh, Ma'am. Please be patient, Soledad is already old, that's why she is prone to nervousness. She was panicking last night and can't remember where her phone was placed. Plus, she chased after Nicole, so she didn't have time to think of calling you."Danica believed Gardo's story. Soledad allegedly became confident that Nicole could no longer stand because she was so weak after giving birth. She used the bathroom and after that, Nicole was gone. Danica smirked, she admired Nicole's courage. She was able to fight until her last breath."After you bury her, clean the house there. I'm giving you that house. Also, expect someone w
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    Chapter 10: Pain
    "They're heartless!" Kanor gritted his teeth when he heard the news from Tony. He instructed him to find out what Nicole's real family is doing."All they know is that it was Nicole's ash that they sprinkled into the sea. A powerful person must be behind all this, Sir. I saw Mr. Steven Scout and his grandmother.""If that's it, it's just right to hide Nicole from them. Whoever is the real culprit in what happened to her, only she can tell." Kanor's feelings were replaced by sadness when his attention returned to the sleeping young lady. Her skin color has returned to normal. But she hasn't woken up since they found her."I heard the woman with Mr. Scout is called Danica." Tony continued the story.Kanor's eyes narrowed and his fists clenched when he heard the name of the person Nicole last mentioned. "Don't leave my children in Danica's hands.""Children?" Kanor said softly, remembering the last word she said when they were talking on the cell phone."Maybe the child that Danica was c
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