Saved By the Alpha

Saved By the Alpha

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Penelope Fox was raised in the Supernatural Academy and thought that she would be the next superstar celebrity. She didn't realize she was getting groomed to be sold as a breeder. Gamma Black of the Moon Stone Pack purchases Penelope intending to put her in his strip club/brothel. Thrusted into a world that only wants her for her body, Penelope has to navigate how to survive when she's still a virgin and has an innocent mind so she doesn't know how to do the things expected of her. No one anticipated that Alpha Stone would want her too.

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96 Chapters
Chapter 1 | Sold
Penelope "And next up we have-!" Every time the door opens for someone else to get in line, I can hear the loud voice of the announcer. My hands shake in nervousness knowing what's going on just outside of my dressing room. I take a deep breath as I try to let go of my nerves and I look in the mirror at the reflection of my stylist as she does my hair. She puts it in perfect curls framing my face. She tells me, “Penelope, there’s no reason for you to worry. Look at you! Trust me, you’re going to have a great life. The Academy has trained you to be prepared for this.” She’s right, they have trained me for this. My whole life I’ve lived at a supernatural boarding school, and they have told me that with my natural beauty, I’m sure to become a star after graduation. I look in the mirror and stare at my reflection. My teachers often compared me to Snow White. I have a creamy white complexion with no blemishes, my eyes were a bright blue, my nose wasn’t too big or too small, and my lip
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Chapter 2 | Instructions
Penelope The man took me back to a room where several girls were getting their outfits changed. Most of the girls are crying, some seem fearful, only a couple seem happy. I want to cry, but I don’t. It would ruin the perfect image that I’m supposed to have. I'm scared to mess up right now. I don't know who I just got sold to, and that announcer seemed angry with me when I tried to say that they might have the wrong girl. It's weird, I've never been scared of the Academy before, but today, I'm downright terrified. I get put on a small podium and different women rush over to me with different outfit options. But they aren’t asking for my opinion. They just speak to each other in a language I don’t know, as they decide what they think is best for me. They have me wear this silver one piece that reminds me of a swimsuit, but it is not made from swimsuit material. It is sheer and leaves nothing to the imagination. I look at myself in the mirror with wide eyes as I realize you can even
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Chapter 3 | High Standards
Penelope I sat uncomfortably and stared at my feet while I waited for Mr. Black. It was uncomfortable listening to the woman cry out, sometimes in ecstasy and sometimes in pain. The dirty things the men said to them were disturbing and I swear, the sound of balls slapping against skin is forever engrained in my head. It took a while before Mr. Black walked back in and when he did, his eyes roamed over me as he called my name, “Ms. Fox.”I walk to him, and he takes my arm and leads me out of the room and brings me into an office room where another well-dressed man sits. The man had sandy brown hair that looked disheveled like he had run his hand through it a thousand times, his dark eyes looked tired, and he didn't even really look at me. Instead, he glances towards Mr. Black and Mr. Black huffs and says, “Penelope, this is Beta Stevens. He proposed an interesting idea and is going to take care of you from here on out.”My eyebrows furrowed, and Beta Stevens stands up and nods his hea
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Chapter 4 | For You
Donovan The pack house is quiet today. This only happens once a year, so I've learned to enjoy the day of peace I get. My Beta and Gamma went out to the auction today. The auction happens every year with werewolves from the Supernatural Academy. The whole academy is made up of children who were orphans, were sold to the academy, or if their parents owed the academy a debt and took too long to repay it. I used to go to the auction, but after a while I felt like it was downright depressing. Most of the supernatural creatures being sold are 17-18 years old, some of them haven’t even shifted for the first time. Most of them get sold during their first auction, but occasionally there will be some 20-year-olds in the mix that have never been chosen and at that point their value is insanely low. My Gamma, Xavier Black, enjoys going there so that he can find some new playthings. He likes to try his girls out first before putting them in the strip club that he owns. Although, I suspect th
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Chapter 5 | Different
Penelope The day is awkward and uncomfortable.Alpha Stone hasn't paid too much attention to me since earlier when I made my first attempt at seducing him. My cheeks still redden in embarrassment over the whole situation. When the Alpha was done with his workday, he led me to a bedroom that he said would be mine. I thanked him before I walked in there and took a deep breath. The day has been exhausting and unnerving. I lie down on the bed and take a deep breath, enjoying the moment I finally get to have to myself. But I don’t even have time to exhale before there’s a knock on my door. I try not to groan as I force myself off the bed and drag my feet to the door and open it. I jump back, startled, as I see Mr. Black leaning against the door frame with a small smirk on his lips. I didn't realize Mr. Black would be back so soon and I'm surprised I never heard him or the other girls come to the pack house. He walks into my room like he owned it as he said, “Well, well, Ms. Penelope.
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Chapter 6 | Make An Opinion
Donovan It's hard to sleep when I know that my mate is in the same house as me and I feel like she is off limits. She's not. If I really wanted her, I could have her, but... she's my kryptonite and I have to keep her at arms length. Since I couldn't sleep I decided to go ahead and start my morning early. I get my mug of black coffee and walk back to the office so I can look through the files about our newcomers on my desk. Beta Stevens always does a great job when picking out new warriors and from the files I’m seeing, he’s done a great job again. These are all strong and talented men that are sure to fit in well with our current team and do well with our rigorous training. The girls that Gamma Black bought are… well… nothing special. It’s his typical purchase. Girls that are low ranked but have beautiful bodies and know how to use them and have been taught how to be perfect with seduction. The only surprise purchase was… Penelope Fox. Penelope was definitely stunning, but it’s
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Chapter 7 | No Place for a Lady
Penelope It’s been a week since I came to the Moon Stone Pack. All day, every day, I spend my time with Alpha Stone in his office. He’s easy to talk to and nice to look at. But I’m not sure how he feels about me. He never makes a move to touch me, and he seems like he’s just being polite. The way he acts makes me nervous. I can't tell if he's enjoying my presence or not and I'm scared that one day he'll decide he doesn't want me around anymore. If I’m ever by myself, Gamma Black seems to always be there. He winks at me and tells me how he can’t wait for me to be his again. His confidence scares me. Why is he so certain that the Alpha won’t want to keep me around? How many girls have tried and failed at winning the Alpha’s affections? How long do girls normally stay with him? Am I doing better or worse than the ones that came before me? Beta Stevens is quiet whenever he sees me and the Alpha together. His eyes always flicker between the two of us, like he’s trying to examine our in
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Chapter 8 | White Wolf?
Donovan I’m growing tired of dealing with these rogues. This happens every year, after getting new recruits from the academy we get a bunch of rogue attacks. The reason why they seemed to attack then is that they thought we would be weak because we had new recruits and we had to train them to get on our schedule. Normally, the rogues quit after a couple of days, but it’s been a week now. I don’t understand what’s different this time, but it’s obnoxious. Walking down into the cells, I notice their putrid scent and it makes me want to just kill them and be done with it. But something in my gut tells me that there’s something else going on here. I get to the cells they’re in and see that they’re still in their wolf forms. My face scrunches up in confusion and Jack walks in and says, “They won’t shift.”“Get the wolfsbane. I bet that will do it.”Jack nods and walks back to the front of the cells to find our stash. I look at the three wolves, unamused as they snap towards me and lung
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Chapter 9 | Seduction
Penelope I'm practically shaking after dealing with Xavier. I feel dirty and used. It was such a small thing that he forced me to do, but it made me realize that if I was under his rule, then I will be treated like an object and not a person. I never want to be just an object again. It's hard to be alone after that, yet I'm grateful it gives me time to figure out my next steps. I have to try harder than ever before to make Alpha Stone want me. I need to know without a doubt that I won't be sent back to Xavier Black. It was over an hour before Alpha Stone came back into his office. When he came back in, he looked at me and just stared at me for a while, as if trying to decide whether he should talk to me. I smile softly and wave my hand at him. He rolls his lips into his mouth before walking over to his desk. I feel like I’ve done something to upset him, so I look over at him and ask, “Is everything okay?”He shakes his head as he murmurs, “Everything is fine, Penelope.”I’m hesit
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Chapter 10 | Shatter Me
Donovan My wolf is on edge and furious that our moment had been ruined. He was ready to sink his teeth into Penelope and make her be ours forever, but Jack had to ruin that! Me, on the other hand, I'm grateful for the interruption. I mean, of course I'm a little annoyed, but I'm mostly grateful because I didn’t want to go too far with her. Not without her knowing what it means. If we had sex, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist marking her and as soon as I mark her she would become Luna of this pack. She needs to know this information before jumping into this. But do I want her jumping into this? My own thoughts surprise me. I have been adamant that I didn't want her as my Luna, that I didn't want anyone as my Luna! But now I can't think of anything else. I long for her, she seems perfect, too good to be true. But… the scary reality is knowing that she could shatter me. I could turn into a shell of a man and make my pack weak, just like my father did. I don't want to be like my
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