By:  Lady Moon  Ongoing
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Do you believe in vampires? What if I tell you that they are not just a myths? What if a vampire fall in love with a human? What will happen if the world is against them?

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My existence. Living normally is one of the things I can’t do as an immortal. Every day, I try not to mix with the chaos of the people. Trying to live alone in different parts of the world, for time passes so fast. These people are way too weak to have short life, how poor they are. Imagine all the achievements I had over 900 years ... You would think that a girl like me, graduated in different fancy universities all over the entire world? I memorized all languages ​​in this planet including dead and extinct languages. I lived in different countries, France, US, Spain, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Thailand, China and so on ... Imagine how many people I met before ... Thousands! And I witnessed how they died. It's hurt to lose each of them while I keep on living in this world. Well I never get old. You wanna know my secret? I'm a vampire. Now I'm restarting my life as a writer, with all the things I've done in the past, why don't I make that inspiration to become a writer right? I hope tha
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Week passed by but still I have no idea what should I do next. I need to have a job, not Because I need money, but Because I need a reason why I have a lot of money. For now, I think I need to go for a chill. Should I try a bar? Beach? Or mountain? Just bar first, closer less tired. Tonight I'm wearing a red glittering dress, with a red big bow clip in my hair. Looks so elegant. As I enter the bar lot of people were already dancing and drinking, talking with their allied and making out with strangers, all of my life ... I haven't kiss someone, too afraid that my fangs go out for losing control. I was about to sit down when I smelled something familiar. I tried to walk but it was too late. It was "Dos". Wait are they following me? "Did you get your rating and you're leaving?" It says. "No, actually I need to go to the bathroom." I apologize here. He calmly left the obstruction and his gaze followed me. What the hell? Am I already suspicious of them?In the bathroom, any hole I will def
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Dos, a long haired man with pointed nose, strenched his arms and introduced me to Aphrodite, his cat. Aphrodite is a maine coon, which makes her looks fluffy and a big size cat. Its eye is the same structure that you can see at Uno's eye, both of them looks so serious and quite tricky. You can't tell if you are welcomed or not. I was surprised when it comes closer to me and she wanted me to pat her head like a pet. I half expected this cat called Aphrodite, might bite me. I had to constantly steer the conversation back. "So ... You are saying that I need to contact you if you feel that someone is following me?" I asked. "Yes, please call us, so that we can save you." Dos answered. As Uno brings his phone into the table and he offered me to put my phone number into his, I laughed like a lost gorilla. What kind of phone is that? 2022 and yet you are still using an old keypad phone? It looks like a phone from stone age. "Seriously? Keypad? The generation is high tech now but it looks lik
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Wow! This place is sooo huge! It looks like a grand museum, or a Palace maybe. Floor shines in neat. I gotta live in here If there is a chance, just kidding. The fragrance of the air is sweet as candy. It is the exactly idea and theme of my dream house! I've never seen paintings like those before, its amazing! It has a unique style. I wonder who is the artist behind. Anyway a flower dome caught my attention. Those flowers bloomed beautifully. Wait, is that fireflies that gives light to it? This place is unpredictable! It's like I'm in another world! This is what I have in mind! I don't know that it is already existing, I still thought my idea was unique. "Having fun?" this man asked. "Hell yeah! Dude I like your sense of fashion! I love the style! It's very fantastic and magical as paradise, I am obsessed with the idea! I can't imagine a man like you actually can build this kind of ... Home. " I answered. I saw him gently smile. He sat down in a chair and he lets me keep on wandering.
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"Well I guess this is my cue to escort you outside?" he said with a very husky voice. "Yes indeed! I'm hoping ... We can still be friends." I answer it while wearing the dress the wife says it does. "Just friends? I wanted us to be more than that ... Fuck bodies maybe" he chuckled. Seriously? Man this is too awkward, we almost make love then do you still have the courage to say that? "Thank you for the escort! See ya around!" I say goodbye here. Well I guess I need to get away, I need to go to a place where no one knows me. I feel like I’m living in shame. I almost let my vigirn hole wrecked! I feel so sorry to my self! On the way home, still can't forget about Ethero's wife. We really look like each other. I can see her innocent face full of sadness in that painting. I can imagine how tragic their love story is. A human fall in love with vampire. Though even if the woman is not used against Ethero, destiny will still keep them apart, time will stop the two of them. One has a limited
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Time passed by when they finally done saving that girl, Mayora. Still unconscious but pretty sure she is far from danger. "Is she safe now?" Tangerine asked. "Yes she is ... Sadly she won't have a normal life now ..." Dos replied. Uno came out as if it was just a wind outside, Tangerine followed because there were questions she wanted to be answered. "You can remove your mask now." Uno murmured. "thank you by the way, hear." handing the goods to the young man. "You should keep that." when the young man refuses. "I ... Just want to ask, why you let me used this stuff?" Its a startling question. "You already know that I'm a va ..." "I'd let you used that because her blood sting like hell, moron!" when Uno interrupted what Tangerine would have said. It was close, she was about to confess what she really is. His feeling eased when he found out that the young man was not suspicious. He almost dropped himself. "Thank you ..." Tangerine only answered. "She is going to be one of them right?"
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"W-where am I?" The woman on the sofa spoke softly. "What is this l-let me go!" It was trying to break free from being tied to him. They can see how its skin burns. It won't cause a big wound because it's not a pure vampire, it's only bitten by a small silver thread so it can't use its true strength. "Chill, we're just trying to help you... That's it" Dos murmured. Tangerine handed the girl a glass of blood, from the one Uno gave her earlier. You can see on the young woman's face the thirst and hunger for the blood that is being handed to her. "Can we untie her? It looks like she won't disappear like expected." Tangerine said to the young man. The young man removed the silver that was tied to her hand but left the one on her foot, maybe the girl couldn't untie herself. "I know you're wondering why you're hungry for blood," Dos said here. "No I'm not... I know it will happen." He answered while tasting the last drop of blood in the glass. "Wait what? You knew?" Dos asked in surprise. E
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Week passed and Tangerine was very thankful that she hasn't seen the siblings yet. Somehow he felt relieved and the fear that he might have a good character disappeared from his mind. She was simply and slowly sipping blood with her fancy curved glass, enjoying every drop of it. It's not a human blood, it's a pig's blood. She hasn't bought human blood because she's so nervous that her siblings might see it. He needs to be more careful with his actions because he is no longer like before when only normal people get along, Uno and Dos? They are vampire hunters so that she can't be silly neither fooled if she doesn't want to rot in the book. Why was he born as a vampire? He will carry it all his life. He will no longer experience living normally like other people. Tangerine packed her things in her small bag, put her two piece bikini, sunscreen and other stuff. She was planning for a relaxing treatment for herself. She will go to a private resort, she wants to enjoy the wind as well as t
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