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Prince charming by day and the devil himself by night. Trevor Saint Williamson. A hybrid who didn't know his lineage or the cause of his inhumane abilities got into trouble with the authorities when he unknowingly feasted on the governor's only daughter. On the other hand, Kira Blue Miron, who was meant to be a queen in another land, as prophecy says, went out to find the man that would make her prophecy come to fulfilment. On unusually encountering Trevor feasting on a human, Kira felt the telltale signs in her move, as said by prophecy, when she met the man that would make her a queen.   At one point, it all got confusing because she realised he wasn't a king but an orphan with a supernatural ability. How could he be the man fate had for her? Find out how Trevor's captivity by the authorities exposed his identity and began the fulfilment of Kira becoming the queen in an unknown land.

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26 Chapters
The attack
SANDWESTMORR VILLAGE 25 YEARS AGO Selina gazed at the alarm clock on the nightstand; she noticed it was getting to thirty minutes had George left in search of what was going on.She was aware it might be nothing, or maybe it was the natural resources the village boasted of the intruders, as George had said, were in search of.Even though she had not seen it, rumours had it that Sandwestmorr was filled with various natural resources.However, it was hidden from human sight, and it was said only the person found worthy would be able to see it and use it.Selina was jarred out of her thoughts as the door went ajar.Startled, she gazed at her husband, George, who had a wild look on his angular face."Take him and get out of here!" He barked before she could say a word.He snatched their son, Trevor, from the small mat he was still sleeping on and dumped him roughly in Selina's arms, then shoved her out of the hut."What is going on?!" Selina asked, gazing at George with rounded leafy gre
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Please be safe
George clutched Selina's hand and darted around the forest as the sound of feet got closer.His heart palpitated, and his ears rang as if he had been punched several times while looking for a haven for his wife and child.He was a bit unlucky as they got to the riverside, where the only canoe often used to travel across was absent.He grunted and clenched his hands; he punched a nearby rock, venting his frustration.Despite the bruise and throbbing of his hand, he continued searching for another escape route."We can't keep running!" Selina shouted. She tugged her hand off his and scowled."We've been running around the forest for ten minutes now, yet we come to the same spot we had left." She pointed out.Her eyes strayed to the water, which seemed relatively calm; it was usually chaotic when it sensed danger. That was the myth she grew up with.Selina hadn't seen it personally, but she believed it since many people had witnessed it. Again, the river was connected to the moon goddess,
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~~18 years old~~Trevor alighted from the old beat-up truck he often drove and sprinted inside the clinic. He halted by the reception desk and puffed out a breath whilst holding his side.The blonde sitting in the tiny cubicle tilted her slender brows as she stared at him."I am Trevor Williamson. My mom is here."The receptionist, whose name on her badge reads Charity nodded. She fixed the glasses she had slid down her nose to assess the boy who looked to be in his late teenage years back to her face."Very well." She mumbled. "Go straight down and take the right corner. You'll see a room with the sign 04."Trevor nodded and grabbed the card she gave to him before sprinting in the direction she had given to him.Despite the disapproving glare from the other nurses and patients, he didn't stop. Instead, he only slowed down a bit.As soon as he got to the door, he nudged it open and walked straight towards the bed.His heart palpitated as he gazed at his mother's fragile frame. The last
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Triggered curse
For a while, Trevor stayed in the doctor's embrace without moving because he was sure if he did, he might do something rash."She is in a better place now." The doctor assured.Trevor grimaced as he refrained from the hug. What about him? How was he going to cope without anyone in the world? His biological parents were nowhere to be found, whilst his foster mom had died, leaving him all alone.The tears that he had pushed back many times gathered around his eyes. He didn't bother to conceal it any longer as they began falling off.He cried until he couldn't anymore. After a while, he picked up his things and left the hospital. .."Arggg!" Trevor growled, kicking the brown coffee table in the middle of the modest living room.He clenched the note with him, tossing it across the room. He didn't care for any inheritance, as she had stated in the note he had read; he didn't care about where he had come from or who his parents were; he just wanted her back, hale and hearty.The word the d
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Should have warned you
~~23 years~~A wide smile graced Trevor Williamson's face as he stepped towards the bar.His blue-green eyes assessed the two women in front of the counter, eyeing him.As he strode toward them, he could hear what they were saying about him, and he shook his head slightly.They weren't particularly loud, but it was due to his ability to hear things from a far distance. Also, he could read anyone's thoughts if he wanted, but he believed it was a privacy invasion, and he only did it when necessary.Right now, he had tried his best not to, but he couldn't help himself as several women in the club had his name in their thoughts."Hello, beauties," Trevor mumbled. He nodded toward the bartender, who had a huge grin and was about to take his order."Dirty martini." He husked, and the bartender, whose name on his badge reads Timmy nodded."I'll take sex on the beach." The redhead in the two women winked, then turned to Trevor.Her pink tongue peeked out to moisten her lips, and she bit down o
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I saw what you did
After stepping out of the pub, his eyes wandered around the darkened lot which was illuminated by only the lamp post some distance away.The night air was frigid and the hair at the back of his skin tingled, not entirely because of the weather, but because he sensed something, rather someone following him.He sniffed the air and he caught a whiff of vanilla which was familiar to him and another odd fragrance.Despite how odd the other fragrance was, his body reacted to it.Trevor cussed as his groin tingled, he clenched his teeth and glared at no one in particular.He had never reacted to someone's fragrance, he liked seeing his women, and most of the time, he goes for a pretty face rather than the curves.However, the particular fragrance which he identified as mint mixed with strawberry didn't only make him feel dizzy as it became stronger, it made him feel a strange sensation all over.His heart palpitated and he gritted his teeth.He pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to th
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Come out, Liar!
Kira assessed the man that slept on the bed, the strange vibe that came from him before intensified.She frowned as she stared at him more. He was no doubt good-looking, but it confused her since there was no sign of him being anywhere royal.Although the suit he donned says he could be one of the high-class men, she assumed he must have cleaned up as they always do for an important event.He, in particular, had cleaned up to go for his mission, which was to kill.As soon as he collapsed, she had wanted to leave him on the floor to bleed to death, but she couldn't, she hadn't.Something had stopped her from leaving him alone in the cold.She assumed it was the strange feelings she got from him.The more she thought of it, the more it confused her.The man before her was a nobody, a bloody nobody!However, the sign from the prophecy had moved inside of her.How could she be queen if the person before her wasn't even a royal? She mused, eyeing the room she was in.He wasn't even close t
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That nobody can't make me a queen!
"This is a sacred place and not where you can come in to destroy things!" Fuji, the guard with a buzz cut said.Kira sized him up, he was huge. Both were huger than her as well as muscular. There was no way she could take them out in battle since they were seasoned warriors and she believed one of their thighs would crush her since they were practically a giant.But then, she wasn't trying to combat them with her hands."Listen to him, little girl." Eugene, the other guard, with crooked teeth and bushy beard, asserted.He narrowed his eyes as Kira stepped forward with her hands raised."I can take you both." She mumbled, gazing around.Her eyes zeroed on the large club at the corner of the room, then at the guard.A chuckle slipped out of Fuji's mouth before it turned into full-blown laughter."Don't tell me you are thinking of hitting me with that…"Before he could complete his statement, Kira flipped into the air, plucked out the knife in the cargo pants she donned and thrust it int
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I'm sorry
Grimacing, Trevor tossed the controller in his hands across the room after switching off the large TV on the wall.He rose from where he sat and stepped to the middle of the room.Tilting his head, he thought back to what was said by the reporter. Several more bodies had been found dead at the elite clubhouse and Trevor knew who they were even before the names were revealed.He wondered how long it had taken for them to get to see the now decomposing bodies of Tricia and Lauren.Recalling the pleas from both ladies, he shook his head frantically and glared.He didn't want to kill them. In fact, he had no intentions to do such, but sometimes, he couldn't control himself.It was as if he was a different person entirely and self-control was always far from him whenever it happens.Since he came to terms with what he was, he had never gone to sleep without his hand being soiled with blood.And he had never hunted the innocent until now. He believed he was driven by lust and hunger since i
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What brought a damsel...
"Dad!" Leila yelled, "That isn't fair.""I think I am the fairest with you, darling."Leila stomped her feet on the floor and stalked out of the room after the unsuccessful attempt to get him to grant her the permission she needed.It was just like always, her father refusing to let her do what she wanted.He wouldn't let her even walk the distance from the entrance door to the huge gate without having Anthony, his loyal bodyguard and chief security officer follow her.She detested it. All she had ever wanted was her freedom. Yet, it seemed it wouldn't come anytime soon.Her father had freaking confined her in the house and didn't care about anything she wanted.Although he provided all that she wanted, he assumed that giving her everything was what she only needed.She wanted more.She wanted his attention. She wanted a father and daughter moment and she wanted her freedom as well.Leila wondered if she was being selfish to have wanted her freedom as her father always did what he was
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