falling for the mafia king

falling for the mafia king

By:  nerdypink  Ongoing
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Anna got a job to work for one of the biggest companies in New York without knowing that she will be working with one of the most dangerous men in New York. Without knowing about this ,Anna slowly fell for her boss and found herself in a world full of danger. Anna you belong to me and no else christiano said . say you belong to me ,i want to hear you say you are mine , but I refuse to talk which made him choke me , I wrapped my hands on his struggling while I felt air leave my body . i-i-i am y-y-yours i croaked out and he released me. what have I gotten myself ?into I thought

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14 Chapters
chapter 1
"Anna, Anna wake up", I heard my roommate Emily calling my name but i was to deep in dream land in the arms of the most handsome man and I didn't want to wake up and spoil my dream,until she said "wake up or you are going to be late for your interview" . I quickly stood up from my bed and checked the time it was 7am in the morning and my interview starts at 8am.shit I am going to be late ,I breezed passed Emily into the toilet thinking about how I was going manage thirty minutes to get ready and thirty minutes to get to Damnatio corporation.I managed to get ready in thirty minutes settling for my favorite blouse paired with a blazer and a skirt which reached just alittle below the knee and applied a little make up while I left my auburn hair down .I quickly rushed into the kitchen and saw a bowl of cereal made by emily for me.I swear i have the best roommate ever.I quickly ate the cereal . I left the house at 7:34 am not before sending a quick message to Emily thanking her . I do
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chapter 2
ANNA'S POVAfter working at my mom's restaurant throughout the week ,I was glad that was weekend already.I got up from my bed and went to the where I met Emily already up and was able to start making breakfast .."Good morning my lovely Emily" I greeted her . "Good morning lazy princess "she greeted back "come on I am not lazy "you know I said "says the lady that doesn't wake up early" she replied . you see I am a person who waking up early is chore to .I find it hard to wake up early in the morning unlike my bestie here, who wakes up early to exercise and meditate.well I can't understand why people wake up early in the morning though." so, what are having for breakfast" I asked her. "we will be making some scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast miss" she replied in a mock British tone ."but miss can you get our mails from the mailbox" she asked. ok I replied. I went out to get the mails , I grabbed them from the mailbox box and I was going through the mails when an envelop
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chapter 3
Christian's POV I was sitting in my club and watching bodies swaying to music while drinking and still thinking about her .I still can't get her out of my mind since the day I set my eyes on her .I kept thinking about her eyes which held innocence in it ,her plump lips and get scent. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice my second in command Dominic sitting next to me ." Boss! Boss!" he called before I noticed him.The shipment has arrived he told me.And Richard? I asked . He is sorting out the weapons boss he replied. I took my drink and finished it in one drink." Boss what's on your mind ?" he asked is it that girl Anna Johnson? just fuck her and get her out of your system and forget her. I mean there is no woman who can say no to you , she will be starting at the company tomorrow .so just fuck her pay her and fire her .they are all after money anyway, she can't be any different he said . Dominic ,as your friend I am warning you to stay out business I replied him coldly.
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chapter 4
Anna'spovummmm,give me more more i said as the person trail kisses from my cleavage to my breast ,he gently massage my right breast and it felt so good .give me more i said panting , he trail kiss down my body and I felt his hand between my thighs, he slip a finger in me ummm more i said he added another finger and stated thrusting in and out of me.I raise my hips from the me trying to meet his thrust and I felt the beginning of an orgasm and there i got the best orgasm .the person lifted his head from my breasts and I was shocked to see christiano.'s handsome face . I jerked up from my bed breathing heavily, what was that about I thought . I checked my clock and It was five o'clock in the morning. I lay back on the bed, but I couldn't get any sleep because I was thinking about the dream I had.I got up and decided to get ready for work .I showered and rubbed lotion on my skin ,I still couldn't get his image out of my head. I pulled out the clothes i will be wearing for the day
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chapter 5
chris's pov After i dropped Anna home, I drove to the mansion . I showered and had my dinner sent to my room. I finished my dinner and decided to sleep before I tend to my other business. I climbed the bed but I couldn't sleep ,images of Anna 's angelic face kept popping up in my mind. I can't believe I did the most stupid thing today I kissed her on the lips while she was sleeping. I got up and went to the gym in a bid to try and clear my head , but unfortunately I met Dominic already there. What a pain in the ass I thought. "Hi there boss he said immediately "he sighted me. I brush passed him and went to on to start exercising. " ouch my heart is hurt boss" he said as he came over to me. "so, how far ? have you fucked her hmmm "he asked smiling micheviously but is still ignored him.Come on boss tell me he said. "Dont you have anything better to do than to disturb me" i asked him clearly annoyed. "sorry boss ,I am single right now and you are the closest I can actually
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chapter 6
After the successful opening of the club, i went up to my office to relax a little before i get back to dealing with those rats that thought they could steal from me .I am enjoying torturing them and their screams are just music to my ears.i went to my window and stood there watching every single person and all my employees as they interacted in the bar and on the dancefloor.I saw different people groping each other on the dancefloor and rolled my eyes, when suddenly I saw Anna dancing and she was wearing a skimpy set of clothes that covers bearly anything on her .I could definitely see her breast hanging out of that outfit and her skirt bearly covers anything i am sure if she bends a little you could see her panties.I felt my blood boiling seeing all the guys that were gwaking at her .I saw a guy making his way to her ,I left my office before I could have a second thought.Alla that was on my mind was if he lays even a single finger on her I will kill him.I made my way to danc
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chapter 7
Anna's POVI gently opened my eyes because of the bad headache i was feeling and the light coming from the curtains did not help.I swear I will never ever drink again ,i feel like my head is going to split Into two.I can't even remember all the details of what happened yesterday. I just remember bit from the club and I think the I thought was chris brought me home.Ah this headache is killing me.I gently left my bed and went out of my room to go get something to eat first then take drugs for this headache.I heard voices coming from the kitchen, I went in and found my mom cooking and Emily sitting on a kitchen stool."Good morning " i greeted . "Look who decided to grace us with her presence " mom said while pouring some chilly in whatever it is she was cooking."i heard you went out yesterday and you had alot to drink and you even came home with a man" mom said turning to look at me .I was shocked and turned to glare at Emily " And how did you know I came home with a man ?" I ra
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chapter 8
i got a message from chris last night asking me to bring the documents for the subsidiary project to his house and now I am on my way to his house with his driver to deliver the documents."we are here miss" the driver said when we arrived. I was in awe of the grand mansion in front of me , I have only ever seen this tut of mansion in movies." miss, miss " the driver called pulling me of my thoughts." lets go I will show you mr .Damnatio's office " he said .we entered the house and i thought i was in a palace , expensive chandelier hang in the middle of the room and the whole room seem to be sparkling , we left the room which i think was a ballroom and we passed a few lobbies before we reached a different part of the mansion .This part was styled in a way that says a king lives here. we stop in front the door to what seems to be a home office and the driver asked me to knock on the door while he left me there.I knocked on the door."come in " I heard a gruff voice say I enter
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chapter 9
it has been three whole days that i have been locked up in this room but there was no sign of Chris anywhere which I guess that is good, because I wonder if I will live a second if I see him, as I have come to know that he is the leader of this said mafia group. caitlyn ,the girl who bring me food told me little about the mafia and I can't help but fear for my life .Though she didn't tell me exactly what it is they do but she definitely did tell me ,nobody saw what happens in the mafia live to tel the tale. I am currently pacing the room thinking of how to escape .it would have been easier of I still had my phone with me but then , if I did manage to open the door ,how will I deal the guard outside the room?Thinking about all this, I didn't notice that someone has entered the room ."OH MY GOD ! "I turned to see Ella ."so it was true" she said rushing towards me.she gave me a tight hug , "I am glad you are OK "she said But I just stood there looking at her feeling different
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chapter 9
Anna's POVI slowly peeled my eyes up, groaning I sat up holding my head. All a the events of last night came back to me. panicking, I checked my surroundings,I was in a different room with everything in black color making the room even darker."I see you are awake" I heard a voice say , I looked to the direction I heard the and saw chris sitting down leisurely sipping coffee.This was also first time I saw him wearing something casual not a suit which is surprising and also the first I noticed his tattoos, he has a full sleeve on his right hand and the one on his left hand stop at his elbow and to be sincere he still looks very handsome , it also seems like being handsome is his second nature.I came back to my senses and decided to try my luck out again ." please let me go " I begged"I promise I won't say anything,I swear "I said shaking with fear."you see love , that is the problem I can't let you go because I have come to like your presence around me" Chris said with a smirkh
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