Closer to Living

Closer to Living

By:  xKittax11  Ongoing
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"What is bliss- ...fear ...sorrow?" -Just a few things I yearn to feel but can't." "Who am I , really?" *** Artemis Sanders, living a life through a foggy lens she would never be able to wipe clean. Living life in black and white while in the world's background , wishing one day her world explodes in colour. Orson Villin finds peace , solace- a safe haven in Artemis. He wishes to escape the vivid blee infested life he's only ever known that brought him nothing but raw suffering. She was his escape. He was the only fractured beam of colour from the vibrant world she wished to be a part of but never could -but he gave her the next best thing. Polar opposite desires should have signalled an inevitable demise. A demise they couldn't escape. Will their burning desire for each other be enough to incinerate their terrible fate? A fate that will unbeknownst to them have many becoming part of the earth. Doomed from the start.

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1
Today I started my usual routine a little late and the way I chose to transport myself did not help the situation at all, though my school did not appreciate tardiness I still kept my pace slow and lazy dodging the few puddles of water from the midnight downpour, the sky was still dark and promising rain in just a few moments.My parents didn't like me walking to school , something about avoiding situations that we all see on television shows where someone may try to take advantage of me because of my family background especially at these moments without any form of security. I had days were I'd take my car but today an early morning walk felt like the best idea. When I round the corner I feel a vibration deep within my blazer pocket , I pull out my red cased phone and answer the call."It's about to rain." "I am aware" "I'm coming to get you." he says"I didn't say I was coming ""You would never miss a day of school."" I'm skipping now."I was like this on a daily basis, a lot o
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2"Watch the space Sanders ....""good."I pass the ball into the less crowded section of the field and Kate rushes forward to collect and cross it over to Ellen our left winger , she tries to deflect it into the goal but the ball bounces off her stick in another direction.Coach Fin growls in dismay and turns away from the team and Ellen sighs tiredly , she'd already tried more than five times but still couldn't get it right."Ellen!" once her eyes meet mine I whirl my index finger in circular motion "one more, you'll get it."Ellen repositions herself by the post and we repeat the drill. Coach stops in his tracks at the sound of the ball hitting the inside of the goal . The deflected ball lands in the corner of the goal , barely making it in perfectly but still a goal none the less, lying there unmoving as if mocking the coach for ever doubting it.He clears his throat and makes his way back onto the blue turf " Good work Ellen , more practice still needed though." He says.
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Chapter 3
Munching away on my third chewy sour worm I finish editing my notes courtesy of Kira's notebook , how did she even manage to work out her own easier methods during the lesson , I barely have enough writing time as it is.The lunch bell rings and people begin making their way out of the library as quickly as possible , I don't blame them for rushing out ,after all the food served was one of the best things about this place anyway .I take my time closing all the books scattered around me and place them in my bag before standing and tucking the chair in. The librarian eyes me as I walk past her , her eyes zeroing in on my lips .Guess all the sugar got caught in my lipgloss.My determined strides lead me to my locker in less than five minutes , I unlock it and replace the books in my bag with ones for my upcoming lesson after lunch. I catch sight of some commotion down the hall and I begin walking that way , I'm not one for drama .Why are you walking there then?The cafeteria happe
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Chapter 4
The weekend was finally here and I could be nothing but grateful for it , who didn't like the weekend?Reasons for loving the weekend ?well there's the flexible wake up times , dress code and a whole lot of other reasons .The feeling you get when you step into your room on a Friday afternoon after school and just drop on your bed knowing for the next two days you'll get to relax a little, just me? Alright .I gently place my bag on my desk to prepare for my weekend homework in a little bit after I change into my casual wear. Wiggling into the first piece of clothing my hands land on I start on my English essay.Halfway through , which was roughly about thirty minutes later two knocks sound on my door . Not waiting for a response Sirr strolls in like the duchess he is ."What brings you here princess?" I ask nonchalantlyGood thing my mom was still at work, she doesn't like me having anyone over.School had ended only about an hour ago , he'd obviously gotten home his clothes bein
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Chapter 5
"Sanders " "Sanders "" Miss Sanders!! " The voice seemed so far away in the beginning but now the last one dragged me right out of my thoughts and dumped me back in my seat.In my English lessonwith Mrs Steele "I don't appreciate you spacing out in my lesson Sanders ." She says." I'm assigning a task for you , you are each going to pick a student in this room and write a descriptive paragraph about them,"All ears perk up at this statement and Zedd meets my bored gaze with his excited one ."Pick people you've had little to no interaction with , I know you and your friends so I can't be fooled easily ." He physically deflates in his seat "Once you have all picked eachother come upfront and put your names on the sheet by my desk."The atmosphere in the room shifts drastically from excited to down right bummed in a matter of seconds , I didn't think a bunch of eighteen year olds still cared about working with friends I thought they'd focused more on getting the tasks done regardl
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Chapter 6
Back at it again , me nibbling on sour worms in the most secluded section of the library on the second floor, I was so far out back where no one ever dared to come , no one but me that is. I could tell from the amount of dust that had collected on the book covers, the layer getting thicker the deeper one wandered to this side of the library.I found a comfortable looking corner and settled there with three books in hand , upon reading the titles and summaries on the back I decide on which to read first occasionally tossing a sour worm in my mouth. Three chapters in and my snacks runs out and I unzip my bag and begin digging deep into it looking for another packet , my eyes still attached to the page with my other hand trying to keep the book open with one hand.After a while I stand and open a nearby window ,with all the dust particles flying about my nose would be weeping in the next twenty minutes. A while later I had forgotten about the snack I was eating earlier as my hand now re
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Chapter 7
Class ended and to say Mr Waters was horrified by what I managed to hand in at the end of it would be an understatement.Honestly I think that man just exaggerates sometimes, I mean it wasn't an awful painting . It just failed to meet his non violent standards , a body collides with mine as I make my way to the cafeteria for lunch .I sway and almost hit the lockers , while regaining my composure I glimpse at a familiar bright orange bag ."Sorry , I didn't mean to come at you hard ." He chuckles and casts a glance at his giggling girlfriend , she sends a smile at me and a brief wave to Zedd then proceeds walking down the hall to the cafeteria, her thick black hair up in a high pony swishes past her hips as she walked."The others?" I ask"They're probably there already , I had to wait for Maye that's why I'm a little late."I straighten any forming creases on my skirt . We walk together, being the few students that still hadn't made it to the cafeteria in time . We push the doors ope
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Chapter 8
The bell rings , signalling the end of the school week .My chemistry teacher , Mr Oliver's mustache twitches in annoyance when students begin packing their books preparing to leave the room . No one was paying attention to what he was saying anymore and it was seriously bothering him and so the short man walked leisurely to the door and locked it while everybody focused more on packing rather than their teacher .I watched silently from my seat which was a few seats from the front by the window , I didn't care about leaving the classroom first unlike the other kids . I preferred walking out the door with all the space I could get rather than being swallowed by a bunch of rowdy kids that can't simply leave in an orderly manner .The majority of the class stood slinging their bags over their shoulders ." Sit back down ! , If I remember correctly no one dismissed you.""The bell did." One guy says."This isn't one of those movies were y'all just get up and go , sit!" Annnnd they did ,
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Chapter 9
"where are we going mommy?" I timidly asked .She briefly glanced at me over her shoulder as she walked ahead leading the way.I struggled to fall into step with her , her strides were wide and elegant accompanied by the heels it seemed impossible to catch up.Even in my comfiest pair of crocs my level of mobility would never match that of Zara , my mother. A few minutes ago , before we left she made sure to make me carry a beanie which she made me wear taking extra care of the little strands that peeked out of the hat , she gently tucked them in.Whenever I had to go out , which I almost never did due to mom's paranoia I always had a hat on and contacts , the contacts had only recently become optional because they irritated my eyes, I guess they didn't appreciate the feel of having something foreign.Ditching contacts meant I had to walk around with my eyes down cast depending on my mom's eyes and hand that always held mine.The docks were almost deserted and mom located our yacht ,
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Chapter 10
"If I don't find anyone in ten minutes I'm leaving ..." I mumble to myself .Having let myself fall into my dark pit of thoughts had decreased my willingness to go out from a fifty to a depressing fifteen.all those who manage to pull themselves out of a dark place mentally need recognition, it's not easy.Honestly no one in my shoes would want to be around bright faces and not be able to share the same amount of brightness, I didn't know who to take it out on, my mother or the world. I didn't ask for this why am I to suffer.I check the time .12:05 I slurp on air through the straw from a smoothie I picked along the way here , it finished far too soon. I lean on my Dodge while my eyes sifted through the parking lot of this huge Mall, a few people giving me weird looks .I did look psychotic ...The insanely large dark circles I didn't bother hiding... Plus I tilted my head downward in order to sip the beverage and had only raised my eyes, my hair just sat on top of my head in
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