The licensed murderer

The licensed murderer

By:  Lucky succy  Ongoing
Language: English
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What happens when people suddenly starts to die? A new case has just began. Nessa is your average detective in New York city, and her Number 1 goal is to bring all criminals to book. He is just recently transferred and he is made her new assistant . He is Ezekiel . The question is who is the killer?

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42 Chapters
Nessa"Karen!!! Hurry up I'm late for work and so are you, we can't both be late for our first day of work." "I'm on my way Nessa" Karen yelled "Urghh I'm gonna drive without you " I threatened as she ran quickly down the stairs. You wanna know who I am? Well I'll tell you. I am Vanessa Morris a detective, just got a job at the FBI station and am running late for work. Great all thanks to Karen. Back in the days, every kid had this dream of being a doctor, scientist or any science related course. But I was always different, I had this dream of being a detective and fight crime because when I lost both parents no one took up the case. Well Karen is the daughter of Mrs kay a woman who was kind enough to take me in. Enough of talk and all that let's get back to present . Karen finally got her bag a d we zoomed off.KAREN Nessa is such a freak I hope she doesn't chop my head off before I even get to my work place. Oops forgive my manners I didn't introduce my self. I am Karen Smith ,
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THE STORY BEGINS ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆KAREN☆ ☆ ☆ ☆"Grrrgh" the alarm rings argh am waking up with a headache, how worse is this day gonna get . I sluggishly walk to the bathroom I'm going to make sure that I be the one to wait for Nessa today not the other way round. Soon I was ready and I walk down the stairs happily to see my greatest disappointment she was already eating breakfast 'great!!' "Looking for me ?"she said with a smirk "urghh Nessa !!! Any ways hope there is still extra pancake for me " I asked "yeah you can have some "she offered. I went to the kitchen and put some on plate and added syrup so yummy Nessa always know the key to my heart. Yesterday work was quit alright I didn't do much just did full make up on a lady took pictures and showed it to my boss and she found it alright. I met a few persons molly the girl that smiles alot, adrian the flirt and Barbra the bitch . Hmm I like the sound of that B for B .lol After breakfast she dropped me off at the company and
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SECRET ADMIRER ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ NESSA ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ We rode in silence and I was comfortably enjoying the silence " so van hope you are okay?"he asked "first of all did you have to break the silence, secondly, my name is Nessa not Van and thirdly, I'm okay not like you care "I said with enough venom to kill a snake and that shut him up and we rode in silence. Getting there, some police men and journalists were already there. So I made my way toward the area showing my ID card to the as well as Zeke. Wait why I'm I calling him Zeke . We both made our way into the building with Zeke holding his camera to take pictures. And there I go again with the Zeke name. At a point we splitted and I went to the kitchen area to inspect, I found that there was no blood trace anywhere just weird bites on each one of them and there were looking pale like all the blood have been drain out of them. I picked up my walkie talkie " Zeke are you there?" I yelled " hmm I like that name Ze
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♤ ♤ ♤ ♤ KAREN ♤ ♤ ♤ ♤ I had been watching Tiktok on my phone when Nessa walked in looking like a zombie I greeted her and she said she's going up stairs , I thought she would be back soon so i waited d for some few minutes and then decided to check up on her only to find her asleep. I had wanted to tell her about the contract I had to go to San Francisco to attend a wedding and be the makeup artist and I'm expected to be there three days to the wedding which is next Tomorrow and I'll be leaving tomorrow. I tapped her but she seemed too engrossed in her sleep to listen to me so I decided to go sleep and will let her know the next day. NEXT DAYI woke up packed my bag , took my bathe and came down stairs suprised cause I didn't see Nessa so I went to her room and she wasn't there.So I decided to call her "Hey K sorry but I had to go to work early "she said abruptly ending the callHow I'm I going to tell her about me travelling, I think I'll just leave her a note.
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° ° ° °NESSA° ° ° ° We got to work and I went to my office." hey Nessa how you doing " MK said as soon as he saw me " I'm good just tired" I replied as I went in and sat down . I'm confused that bite mark is obviously not humans ohh the bodies were sent for autopsy . I think I need to call them soon. I brought out the printed picture of the bite Mark's and continued to observe it huh it's not like I have magical eyes to see whatever or whoever bit them.But I keep wondering how the receptionist managed to escape I really need to question her .My phone rang pulling me out of my thoughts " Detective Vanessa speaking how may I help you?" I said as I answered the call " hello detective I'm calling from the autopsy centre, we conducted the autopsy on the bodies and have gotten the result if you don't mind I'll like you to stop by whenever you srw free to see the result if your self." The lady at the other end of the phone said. ◇ ◇ ◇KAREN◇ ◇
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♧ ♧ ♧NESSA♧ ♧ ♧Immediately I got the call I shut my office and walked quickly to my car in the parking lot , I turned and saw Zeke " Nessa where the hell are you rushing to ?" He asked " don't worry about it I'll be back" I said " oh common I'm your assistant so I'm suppose to go with you to anything relating to the case " he stated " and what if I tell you its personal do you still have to go with me?" I asked " no but …." he said before I interrupted him saying " so its personal I'll see you when I see you" . With that I left him staring speechless I zoomed off to the hospital where the autopsy is being held.I got there and as soon as I entered, I showed the lady at the desk my ID and she walked me to an office. " hello I'm detective Nessa you called me earlier right?" I said showing her my ID " yes I did we did the autopsy and found the same thing in all the bodies " she said as she gave me a sheet of paper . The paper stated that no amount of blood was
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■ ■ ■KAREN■ ■ ■Due to light Ray's entering my eyes I rubbed it as I woke up and started looking round the room its strange its different from mine ohhh I remember now I'm not home infact am on New Zealand. To day, there would be a party in the evening for the wedding next tomorrow I don't think there would be anything to be done tomorrow, just the party today and the wedding next Tomorrow. I was still in bed when my phone rang it was my mum" hey mum how are you doing?" I said into the phone " oh my baby I'm good why haven't you called me it's been days now I haven't heard from you, how is Nessa I haven't also heard from her you guys totally forgot about me" she kept on rambling oh my God I'm not gonna hear the end of it today " I'm so sorry mum we've been busy with work right now I'm not even in LA with Nessa I'm in New Zealand for a job. I haven't heard from Nessa but I'll call her now immediately you hang up " I said " ok dear please take good care of yo
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♤ ■ ♤KAREN ♤ ■ ♤ I woke up as I heard a voice talking I stood up and met Macy " aunty I heard about what happened to you how are you feeling now?" She said pouting " I'm better now no worries how was your class" I asked her " it was okay " she said suddenly smiling I checked the time on my phone and it was past 3 Oh I forgot about the party to be held this evening " Macy where is the party being held ? " I asked her " oh it's in our house , it's starting by 7 they have started doing the decorations " she said cheerfully " alright I think I'll start getting aunty caroline ready then when I'm done I'll get you ready is that okay by you" I asked " yes and oh I want to still learn how to paint a face" she said grinning " alright let's go see aunt caroline ." I said as we both exit the room on our way to Caroline's room. I knocked on the door and she asked us to come In so we went in she had just finished taking her bathe " hey Karen how are you doing? " she asked "I'm
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☆ ☆ ●NESSA ● ☆ ☆The next day, I got dressed for work made breakfast and after eating I went to work. I got to my office and started going through my files and documents when my phone rang." Detective Vanessa I'm calling from the hospital to let you know that the receptionist from the inn had been discharged yesterday " she said " ok alright thanks" I replied as I ended the callOn my way to look for Zeke my phone rang again " hello detective Vanessa I'm calling from the autopsy centre about the bodies that were brought in yesterday noticed some things I'll like to to stop by " she said "Ok thanks I'll definitely do that. I locked my office and walked out to find Zeke ." hey Nessa how you doing it's been long we sat together and talked " MK said pouting " I'm so sorry MK its because of this case am really stressed out, I promise to make it up to you " I said " alright Nessa no problem " he said" have you seen Zeke?" I asked " he went to the coffee m
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¤ ¤KAREN¤ ¤Ahh my head is pounding I hate hangovers I turned to check time , and then I saw advil and a glass of water .with a card that read I know you are probably having headaches so I got this for you , you have today to relax so just remain j bed P.s : you looked hot yesterday 😉 ♡Adrian Wait what going on why is Adrian suddenly nice And then it struck me like a thunder storm what happened yesterday we kissed how the hell I'm I going to face him today. Gosh this is so frustrating right now. I think I'll just avoid him for the rest of the day. I took the pills and drank water . I scrolled through my Instagram page as I watched some videos and oh I forgot to upload the make up video I did with my colleague the day I resumed working so I searched for it on my phone and I uploaded it. In a minute Macy poked her head through the door ." Aunty you awake yet " she asked "yes I a
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